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  • Schumer's Amnesty Trojan Horse

    Ruben Navarrette has a thoughtful op-ed in today’s USA Today that tries to dissect the problem with immigration and border security reform. What we are likely to engage in, he forecasts, is “not a debate. It’s a distraction.”

    The bill being drafted by Sen. Schumer with the administration is incomprehensible. On the one hand, Schumer tries to buy off both labor unions and “the right” with tough talk about enforcement and discouraging immigrant labor. On the other, the bill guarantees amnesty. That’s likely to fail for two reasons.

    First, the experience of the failed reforms of 1986 clearly show that a general massive “amnesty” will overwhelm any enforcement effort. In addition, many on the right have no problem with temporary workers (something Schumer’s bill would discourage). In fact, many conservatives would prefer them to forcing illegal immigrants to become US citizens.

    In addition, what honest American employers want is the right “legal” worker at the right time so they can make their business work…healthy businesses grow jobs, and they grow them much faster than an command economy directed from Washington.

    The Schumer “compromise” is no compromise at all. It is Trojan Horse that will not only add border insecurity and grow the unlawful population, it will give Washington even more power over how the economy runs. With such a bill as the “start” point for negotiations, it is not surprising that Navarrette predicts a tough time ahead for the President’s plan.

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    5 Responses to Schumer's Amnesty Trojan Horse

    1. Terry Adams, Georgia says:

      The issue of illegal immigration is a dead end. Until such time that the individual States can enact the necessary measures to protect their borders, all the Congressional bills aren't worth the paper…

      Our nation is being invaded by the third-world. We are way beyond the issue being one of "illegal immigration"…as if we're dealing with stow-aways in need of spankings and being sent home.

      Federal laws are providing protections to invaders of our nation and have completely tied the hands of the States in dealing with the problems. We need a "bill" that fixes THAT — then we can proceed further. Without it, we'd just as well watch paint dry. Or invaders crossing the borders.

    2. Mike Hammerlund says:

      I am tired of paying for Illegal health care they are takeing concrete labors jobs in Illinois and no one will do anything about it The City of CHICAGO GIVES THEM A SAFE HAVEN. I am fed up they will not do any thing because they want votes from the legal ones.

    3. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Of course the liberals want to grow the illegal immigrant population. If you then grant amnesty and include family members, that translates to 10s of millions of people who will more than likely vote Democrat through the prodding of ACORN, union "volunteers" and other groups.

      It keeps coming back to power at the expense of national security.

      Of course, they will not "describe" it in this way and will be offended at this suggestion. But the net affect is the same.

      And, in another 15 years, we will undoubtedly give amnesty to another 10+ million illegal immigrants.

      This madness alone proves that Government or Central or Public Option (whatever you wish to call it) health care cannot possibly be sustained.

      Any future health care "estimates" are nonsense until illegal immigration is addressed, fixed, and enforced once and for all.

      The administration and congress knew better than to address this hot button topic before health care.

      Legal immigrants who have no criminal past in their place of origin are welcome. But, come here LEGALLY as there are hundreds of thousands of people globally who, in some cases, wait 10 years or more to gain LEGAL entry.

      What arrogance our officials show by not even asking whether a person is a US Citizen on the upcoming census, yet, the list of personal information we are required to give is pure invasion of privacy.

    4. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Safe Haven?

      From what? From ourselves?

      I guess we get to pick and choose which immigration laws we have to obey?

      This is not civil disobedience. It is tantamount to giving aid to felons who entered this country in violation of federal statutes.

      This is a nation of immigrants. All we ask is come here legally!

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