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  • Heritage Foundation Mourns Loss of Sen. Edward Kennedy

    WASHINGTON, AUG. 26, 2009—Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner today issued the following statement on the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy:

    Even in Washington, it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable. We should keep that in mind as America mourns the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

    Sen. Kennedy’s career was marked by the passion he brought to his work, his dedication to serving this great country, his respect for the institution of the Senate and his pursuit of bipartisan compromise. Washington will certainly be less vibrant without him.

    This is a time to celebrate Kennedy’s lifetime of public service and to pray that his family can find comfort in their time of loss.

    I disagreed with Sen. Kennedy on virtually every major issue, but this sad occasion is not a time to try to score political points. Unfortunately, many are already using his passing to promote a political agenda, insisting that the United States must honor him by pushing universal health care. It is wrong, and tactless, to use Sen. Kennedy’s death — or anyone’s — simply to advance a particular policy agenda. This is a time for genuine tribute, not crass politics.

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    6 Responses to Heritage Foundation Mourns Loss of Sen. Edward Kennedy

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      No family should have to go through what Joe & Rose Kennedy did with their children. Now, there last chil is dead.

      A agree that it is not the time to score political points on Kennedy's death. However, it is happening already and it is virtually all from the left. They just cannot help themselves. I wonder if they realize how ignorant they appear?

      America is greater than any one person. Before we build statues, name streets, and canonize an all-too imperfect human being, with numerous faults,let's remember that "responsible" health care "reform" is what we need. For all the good things that Senator Kennedy accomplished, nothing is worth going down the road to economic destruction, especially in light of the recent estimates that were only off by more than 2 trillion dollars.

      His dream of universal health care is unsustainable by any analysis. Before we add anymore spending, it would take 36,000 years to payoff what we owe at $1,000,000 PER DAY. And, remember, the "government" does not have any money except the paper notes they print. . .

      I disagreed with Kennedy on many things but he was an American and loved his country. As nasty and ruthless as Kennedy could be, I cannot imagine him calling his dissenting Amercians "un-American". That is, perhaps, what I admired about him the most.

    2. Tom Degan says:

      In a life that is littered with ironies, here's the biggest one of all: His three older brothers – Joe, Jack and Bobby – are eternally frozen in our imagination as the personifications of youth and vigor (or "vigah"). How poignant that our final image of the baby of that family will be as an old man, frail and mortally ill.

      His was the most impressive evolution in American political history. Let's be honest; in 1962 the guy was a lightweight. He ran for the Democratic nomination against another young man, Edward McCormick, whose uncle was the speaker of the House of Representatives. During a debate McCormick told him that were it not for his name, his candidacy would be viewed as a joke. It was a point well made. It is obvious when looking at film of that campaign that our boy Ted is in way over his head.

      Who would have dared dream all those years ago that this punk kid would one day evolve into the greatest senator ever to walk those halls?

      An incredible realization just came to me: Teddy represented the state of Massachusetts for forty-six years, eight months and nineteen days. That is nearly three months longer than all the years his older brother Jack lived on earth. Forgive the cliche that is so overused it has become trite through repetition, but this really is the end of an era.


      Tom Degan

      Goshen, NY

    3. Cathy, San Antonio, says:

      Jean Kennedy Smith is still living. She was the eigth out of the nine children of Joe and Rose and the youngest girl.

    4. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      My apologies. I had forgotten about young Rose Kennedy. But, my point remains.

      I respected Kennedy for not resorting to calling people who disagreed with him "Un-American." As a 20+ year Marine veteran – that, means alot to me as it should to ALL Americans. I was called worse than that in the early 70s from the Saul Alinsky disciples who are now "re-inventing" America.

      But, I have a real concern with the economic destruction of this country through unsustainable spending and unpayable debt. No household or business could function like this. And, remember, the "government" does not have any money. If people want to end up paying 80% of their income to pay off an unsustainable debt, than I say, fine – keep voting these people in.

      A Senator Kennedy plan for Government running the ENTIRE health care system will "become" a one-payer system and further erode our economy. Why is it that none of our politicians will commit (as a sign of good faith) to enrolling in the "public option"?

      In short, REFORM it but do not DESTROY it.

      Senator Kennedy wanted this type of system his entire life. At any time this would be economically dangerous to implement, but during THIS economy, with THIS unemployment?

      This is not change we want but change we may end up believing in.

    5. Jim Wilson, Lincoln, says:

      I am saddened by the death of Senator Kennedy. I would like to know to what organizations memorials are to be designated in honor and memory of him.

      Thank you,

      Jim Wilson

    6. Iodideiodic says:

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