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  • Fact Checking the White House: $150 Billion To Be Cut From Medicare Advantage

    “Nobody is talking about reducing Medicare benefits,” says President Obama…except the lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have proposed to cut roughly $150 billion from the highly popular Medicare Advantage program.  One in five seniors enjoy richer and more varied benefits with Medicare Advantage than those in traditional Medicare.

    Spending needs to be reigned in. But any savings need to go toward lowering Medicare’s long-term cost — not creating a new government-run health care program.

    The video below is Heritage’s response to the White House’s video dealing with proposed health reform’s effects on Medicare.

    We encourage you to go visit their site. You’ll find a stark difference between their videos and ours. To say their videos “debunking” each “myth” are low on facts is an understatement.


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    21 Responses to Fact Checking the White House: $150 Billion To Be Cut From Medicare Advantage

    1. Jon, Minneapolis, MN says:

      Thanks! You encourage us to go visit their site and compare their mythbusting with ours, but I didn't see any links to their sites and videos.

      - Jon

    2. Patricia C. Johnson says:

      there is more than "one way to skin a cat" and our government uses any and all to achieve their purposes.

      Medicare is being taken away (rather than being fixed) in order for Obama & gang to insure that U.S. citizens use the health care plan they are REQUIRING

      Patricia C. Johnson

    3. Garry, Phoenix says:

      38 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt? Bankrupt our country? These numbers are totally beyond my comprehension….. As I see it there is no way in Hell this country will ever be able to eliminate the debt. We only make minimum payments and like a credit card balance it never decreases… Do we think at some point the creditors will not step in and demand payment? What will we offer them?…. our National Parks, Smithsonian, Washington D.C.? Even those assets would not be enough…. And we have people demonstrating in our streets who firmly believe that medical care is a RIGHT! I have spent my life avoiding certain situations because I could not afford the medical bills that may arise as a consequence. Now I have people telling me medical care is a basic RIGHT? More and more nonsense all the time…. will it never stop? Woe is US…

    4. Glen says:

      "Scary Barry", You leave my Medicare Advantage plan alone! I have paid into Medicare since it was started, and I deserve its benefits!!

    5. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      It seems to me that next time we vote we have to make sure they don't just have an education, and aren't tied to some radical organization, but that they have COMMON SENSE! We need to vote out all the people on the left of what the American People believe in! This has been a feel good Congress, to get votes, and to line their pockets, this has to change!

    6. Bill, Malta, Oh says:

      Obama and his ilk are short on candor and long on subterfusion. In plain language, obama and his supporters on healthcare are lying about the contents of the current proposals. In a nutshell, the proposals contain funding for aborttions, illegal aliens, significant reductions to Medicate and Medicare Advantage benefits, increased taxes, increased deductibles, fewer doctors, long wait times in medical provider offices, "death panels", euthanasia for the elderly, ad infinitum. No intelligent person in this country can reasonably be expected to believe anything good will come of the proposals before congress. Those supporting these onerous are simply lying to the American public, and believe that we will accept their lies as truth. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric – they are just not telling us the truth!

    7. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Let's just fire them all, and hire new ones. If their anwsers to everything is more taxes, fire them too! Keep on firing people until we get some creative thinkers in DC who can actually do what it is that they are suppose to do, and that is follow the Constitution of the United States of America!


    8. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Let's just fire them all, and hire new ones. If their answers to everything is more taxes, fire them too! Keep on firing people until we get some creative thinkers in DC who can actually do what it is that they are suppose to do, and that is follow the Constitution of the United States of America!


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    10. john dineen, bryan, says:

      I attended a town hall last night with Congressman Chet Edwards who stated that the Medicare Advantage program would be cut because it cost each of us an extra 12oo.oo whatever that means. Iwas shocked that no one but me reacted.I am a firm supporter of the Advantage program. Obama wants to eliminate private companies from participating in Medicare as a prelude to slashing Medicare or healthcare for the elderly and the disabled,part of Dr. Emmanuel's plan to ration healthcare based on your 'CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY".This program is a success and seniors and those disabled like me need to know of Obama's plan.

    11. Vivian Brumfield, Ma says:

      If AARP wasn't in Obama's pockets, they would be screaming bloody murder about this. But, like the old story goes, follow the money…. I am not now, nor ever have been, a member of AARP because of their extremely liberal views and the contributions they make to support them. I am an 80-year-old senior who has been quite satisfied with the Medicare Advantage program, and I do no wish to change. A message to all seniors: "Get in the fight and stand up for what's right!"

    12. Duane - Waukesha, WI says:

      Health reform should put Tort Reform first, second should be reduction of public $ going into health research, third is to put a net under the most unfortunate 10% of the population, forth is to provide stability to the medical community which will result in savings and finally, stay private and balance the existing Federal Budget through spending reductions and agency/Fed staff reductions. Stop the madness of adding to the deficit!

    13. Psolaras, Kansas Cit says:

      All I have to say is, just copy the medical systems most European countries have, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Britain the 4 Scandinavian Countries and the Swiss, even the ex est block countries have a better system that US has.

      A civilized country must not tolerate this political BS and lies as it happens in the US. Every one must have medical coverage!

      I have spent 34 years in Europe and never ever had to worry about my medical care and have to file bankruptcies due to medical bills.

      If the Congress, The Senate and this administration will achieve the 100% Medical Coverage for all US Citizens, then I am sure that USA is an undeveloped nation, and all of us must stop saying that USA is the best country.

      Same to all USA people if this issue will not be resolve by the end of this year. For the future, we may have consider voting for some new political parties with young folks and new ideas. All European nations have at list 5 and more political parties in their Parliaments.

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    15. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Psolaras in K.C. — Were you ever treated for cancer, heart disease, an organ transplant or a pacemaker in Europe during those 34 years? How old were you when you received treatments for those things while in Europe?

      I presume that after having been in Europe for those 34 years, you must be at least in your 50s,or possible even 60s by now. And I see you are back here in the USA. I wonder why, if it's so much better there.

    16. Javacat, Rochester, says:

      If an individual loses Medicare Advantage and must return to basic Medicare, he may well lose his current doctor(s), something Obama promised will not happen. Many doctors who will not take Medicare do take Medicare Advantage patients.

    17. Jan DeLorme,RN says:

      All the hype about Advantage plans doesn't match what we see or what our patients and families experience. Owning and operating 2 small, rural, skilled nursing facilities we deal with "Advantage" plans on a weekly basis. For a more realistic overview of these plans see Matt Sedensky's AP article at web address listed below. It accurately describes the reality of Advantage plans flaws.

      Advantage plans and Obamacare have different motivations but equal negative outcomes for Seniors.


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    19. dessertgirl santa fe says:

      Eliminating Medicare Advantage Plans will put seniors at an unfair advantage. Once you hit 65 you are required to be in some form of Medicare. If they do away with the Advantage Plan, doctors will not see us. If they do away with the AP, we will have to purchase an additional prescription plan at an additional $40 a month. The advantage plans come with an additional premium so those of us who pay it should be able to have a CHOICE and KEEP IT.

      Obama and current members of the senate and congress we SURELY LOSE IF THEY TAKE THIS BENEFIT FROM US. We SENIORS VOTE and WE VOTE IN HUGE NUMBERS.

      I can't wait for '10 and '12 to make a clean sweep.

      In ADDITION, the GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE PLAN for government workers should be abolished when health care changes take place and they should be REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PLANS THAT THEY HAVE VOTED ON FOR US.

    20. Samoys says:

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