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  • Watch Barack Obama Destroy Our Country's Wealth

    Yesterday we linked to analysis from Naval Postgraduate School Associate Professor David Henderson detailing how the Obama administration’s Cash for Clunkers program destroys, on average, $3,450 of our country’s wealth every time a car is destroyed through the program. Today, Capital University Law School professor Brad Smith brings us videos of seven perfectly good cars all being sacrificed in the name of Obama’s “stimulus.” Watch:








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    14 Responses to Watch Barack Obama Destroy Our Country's Wealth

    1. Randy, NV says:

      Personally, I'm glad to have these things off the road.

      Your post is misleading. These cars aren't just being thrown into a compacter. The good parts are being reused as spare parts for other vehicles.

    2. Joe Berman, San Dieg says:

      Randy's post is misleading – nothing that you say or write will change his liberal mind

    3. Mia says:

      No they aren't, because they don't want the "polluting gas-guzzlers" on the road anymore. Pretty soon, those will low incomes won't be able to buy a used car or maintain one for a reasonable price. Just silliness.

    4. Roger S., Ma. says:

      –"Never before in the history of mankind have so few visited so much stupidity on so many."

      –Anyone do an accounting of alone the "environmental impact cost" of 1) destroying the resulting junk before its time, 2) destruction of the remainder of the manufacturing energy inherent in the clunker, and 3) the impact of creating the new vehicle to replace it, plus 4) the time-value opportunity cost of using up the new vehicle sooner than it would be used up had it been bought later? That's just the environmental impact, since that's what the left is so crap&fade'ed about.

      –My suggestion: On the premise that the real clunkers, aka "clunkerheads", reside in D.C., let's create a new program: They each get a blank check from the Government to fill in any amount they wish based on the only stipulation that once they cash it they must go away forever. Doesn't matter what amount they insert. Anything is cheaper than having them there.

    5. srdancer, danville, says:

      What a total waste of perfectly good cars and parts…and tax payers money, since we are the ones funding this idiotic project.

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    7. Deborah Hawaii says:

      Obama is just a puppet. Find out about the NWO. Research infowars.com. Watch the movies Terror Storm, The Obama Deception and End Game. The Zeitgeist Movie and Addendum has good information.

      Join the Movement before its too late.

      God Bless America

    8. Mike, DC says:

      This is moronic. For someone who had their vehicle stolen this is nauseating, I've spent 4 months looking for something and not able to afford much at all and here thanks to altruistic greenie non-sense and inefficient government spending of taxpayer money get to watch perfectly good autos die. I'd take one, and in this economy many other working young professionals would. Good job Washington, maybe next we can start throwing out any food that doesn't meet your HHS criteria.

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    11. David Sherrod says:

      Like Mike from D.C. I'd take one of these throw always as most are better vehicles than I've ever owned. I've been shopping at wrecking yards for years to keep my clunkers on the road and my take on the salvage industry is they leave these junked cars in the yards sometimes for years (to be picked over) before they do the final crush. But what do I know I'm a very well educated free lance artist that has refused to specialize due to the creative death implied in the act. In that refusal I've been forced to take the vow of poverty. God bless the generalist that see life itself as an art form. Just to think about all the resources not to mention technologies crushed with each car makes me cringe

    12. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Good comments. Please forgive me for being cynical.

      You've got to love the "brass" the supporters of this program have! Puts a used-car (no offense to used-car) salesperson to shame. Let's analyize.

      1. The program's been a great success.

      2. It's really stimulating the economy.

      3. Look at the smog we will prevent.

      4. It will help make us more energy efficient.

      In realty.

      1. Yes, anytime, you give a substantial credit/money to someone, most will take it. Forget that we all have to pay for this borrowed money.

      And, forget that many people, now have a nice car payment, with an uncertain national and local economic future ahead.

      2. Yes, if the dealers can ever get their money back it will stimulate their business. And, it will take some form of job and energy to crush the cars. And, someone will benefit from the final disposal process. But, once the program ends how many people are going to rush to the showroom? Of course, maybe it won't end. I heard that a green (no other color is an option)program for washers and dryers may be next.

      3. I would hate to mathematically figure out what the pollution reduction nation-wide will be for the absence of 250,000 vehicles. And, since the air we breath is global, my guess is that China or India will nullify any benefit in about 10 minutes of manufacturing production.

      4. The energy efficiency will be dramatic. Instead of a vehicle using 14 mi per gal, now you can own a new one getting 19 mi per gal.

      Instead of drilling for huge (known) oil and gas reserves right off the coast(s) of the US of A – let's give a few billion to help Brazil drill in a huge newly-found deposit (off-shore).

      Funny how Brazil, the much bally-hooed environmentally-sound beacon of responsible green nations, sure wants to get at the nasty fossil fuel. Money tends to do that – ask Mr. S.

      Well folks, don't despair. We really did not spend much on the clunker program. 3 billion divided by 300 million comes out to only $10 per person plus interest.

    13. Connie, Michigan says:

      This is so sad. How many people now have a vehicle with the much advertised On Star program? How much simpler for someone to intervene and interrupt the starter for non-payment? Or to know where you drive? Or how fast you got there?

      Just another way we Americans are being quietly observed!

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