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  • Video: Fact Checking the White House: Medicaid Rations Care

    Rather than debate the substance, the White House is in full campaign mode in order to label any opposition to its government-heavy health reform agenda as “misinformation” or “myths you’ve heard.” Case in point: The White House now has a taxpayer-funded Web site to “reality check” credible criticisms and arguments.

    We encourage you to go visit their site. You’ll find a stark difference between their videos and ours. To say their videos “debunking” each “myth” are low on facts is an understatement.

    Dennis Smith, a Senior Fellow for health care reform at Heritage: “We have 40 years of experience in the Medicaid program that government restricts access to care by controlling the networks of providers and reducing the amount of money that providers will be paid. Medicaid typically pays 20-25% less than what a private health plan will pay. The result of that is Medicaid recipients often find their access to care is restricted. Medicaid recipients see specialists at half the rate of those who have private insurance.”[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nUGkEfTtsw[/youtube]

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    15 Responses to Video: Fact Checking the White House: Medicaid Rations Care

    1. Grace, Florida says:

      I would not trust one word that comes from this president or his administration. They have no credibility with the American people. The real misinformation is the junk they are pushing.

    2. Jules Gordon Methuen says:

      I appose This health care bill strictly on the basis of what is will do to our Constitutional Republic and free market place economy (or what's left of it)

      Another problem that people are unwilling to listen too, is that once enacted it WILL NEVER GO AWAY. There will no one to complain to and there will inevidable be alternative, NO MATTER WHAT IS PROMISED.

      Jules Gordon

    3. Jules Gordon Methuen says:

      I appose This health care bill strictly on the basis of what it will do to our Constitutional Republic and free market place economy (or what’s left of it)

      Another problem that people are unwilling to listen too, is that once enacted it WILL NEVER GO AWAY. There will be no one to complain to and there will inevitably be no alternative, NO MATTER WHAT IS PROMISED.

      Jules Gordon

    4. Medina, Fl. says:

      What we have in this administration is a bunch of liars, who just want to push down our throats their will no matter how bad the programs are. Mr. Obama himself had NOT read the legislation, depending on the bureaucrats he has around him to informed him with their ideas not what is good for us citizen. No wonder he want to shoved this Health Care plan down our throats. He has No idea what he is doing. He is destroying our country by taking us to the Stone Age Era. He and his cronies want to control everything in our lives. Have you look the type of people he elected to his cabinet and the czars who are unconstitutional appointed, not elected by the voters? Wake up and see the danger coming toward all of us! This is not party's issue is everyone in this great country who will be affected if not stopped before it's too late! Please!, get informed before making decisions

      which will affect everyone and you will regret later!

    5. Elaine Schiff, West says:

      I was asked by a young lady-"you have medicare?-Yes I do and I've been paying into the system for 44years(ever since it started) and I apid the emplyee part and the employer part-none of which was my idea-so now that I need it -you want to change the rules-for shame

    6. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Again, most are not conscious of what they are doing as these suggestions come naturally to them. Only those interested in tearing down this country, lurking from their mansions will be happy with what is happening. We have to work to awaken most about what is really going on. When one stick on a non working idea there is more than his belief.Wake Up.

    7. Marshall Hill says:

      JUST WORDS from Thieves!!!

    8. Carol, AZ says:

      Yes : it will be rationed.

      We have a acute shortage of Genral Pract. since specialization is the money maker.

      Just look at MA as an example of the only State with an "insure all system."

      MA is broke! but Obama will not discuss this in his "tell all " about the proposed plan.

      Secondly, the wait time for general health issues is in the months.( lack of G.P's.)for preventive care


      go to the emergency rm and once again the same problem for decades ("the burden on the E.R.for non- E.R. cases")

      Times that by the reported 43 million uninsured , $36 trillion dollars of debt currently for the current system, (6 million are illgel's on the system) that they think they know about, and just wait for the costs of all of this passed- on to your gross income statement which is shinking by the seconds.

      We need reform within the current sytem!

      You do not pass a Gov't mandated program and start negotiating with the INS and Drug CO after the fact,two of the most powerful lobby's in D.C. who have been dictating health care policy for decades.

      Ya know what happens whe you spit into the wind.

    9. M. Le Beau, Michigan says:

      I watched c-span when the amendment was brought to the floor to admit all the democrats and republicans to sign on to the Obama Health Care Plan. Senator Fleming said" Put your money where your mouth is, if its good enough for them it should be good enough for us"! I'll sign on first he said. All but two of them voted "NO", and so, they were excluded from the plan. They didn't know what was in it, so they didn't want it. But, it was good enough for us, and it must be signed right away. Because Obama said so.

    10. joan, connecticut says:

      If the social security, had been put into a trust, as was intended, when it was started, there would have ample to fund today's needs. The interest, if left alone would have grown. But, our greedy lawmakers could not help dipping into the idle fund, and they used it for their favorite projects. All things are running normal in DC lobby lover land and they are now dipping their noses into our health care needs. No citizen, in their right mind, wants the Government to run any programs that affects their lives! They can't even control our borders, nor do they know who has overstayed their visa. I don't trust any one of them, and hope that we can find a few good people to run for the seats that will be lost in the next election by Reid , Pelosi,et al

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    12. Klimilda Muhammad says:

      They are saying that the will reduce our Social Security Check how could they do that, that is our money that is deduct from our pay check when we we retired,

      something is wrong with this Govenment.

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I find it easier to trust a 'Carny' at a State Fair, in a rigged game, than I do the President and his staff to tell me that it is raining outside.


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