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  • Morning Bell: Myths and Facts about Obamacare

    Last week NBC News released a poll showing that while 36% of Americans believed President Barack Obama’s health care plan was a “good idea,” 42% of Americans believed it was a “bad idea.” NBC’s explanation for this inconvenient truth? “[M]isperceptions about the president’s plans for reform … that nonpartisan fact-checkers say are untrue.” Specifically NBC found that 55% of Americans believed Obamacare “will give health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants,” 54% believed it “will lead to a government takeover of the health care system,” 50% believed it “will use taxpayer dollars to pay for women to have abortions,” and 45% believed it “will allow the government to make decisions about when to stop providing medical care to the elderly.”

    The President has since copied NBC’s diagnosis, devoting his Saturday Weekly Address to debunking these “phony claims.” The problem for NBC News, and the White House, is that every one of these concerns has rock solid foundation in fact.

    Obamacare Will Provide Health Benefits to Illegal Immigrants: The President is correct when he says that the idea to provide illegal immigrants with health insurance “has never been on the table.” The problem is that the American people also know that despite the fact that our immigration laws did not intend it, there are 12 million persons illegally in the United States. The issue is enforcement and the provisions in H.R. 3200 are completely inadequate to ensure that illegal immigrants do not illegally obtain health care through the bill. In the House Ways and Means mark up of H.R. 3200, Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced an amendment that would use two citizenship status verification systems, the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) and Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) programs, to establish an individual’s eligibility to obtain the bill’s proposed affordability credits or enroll in the public insurance option. Both programs are currently used to determine citizenship status and eligibility for other public assistance programs. Safeguards to guarantee that only citizens can access federal health care benefits are necessary, considering that the US Census Bureau currently estimates that 9.6 million of the uninsured are not US citizens. The Heller amendment failed on a straight party-line vote.

    Obamacare Will Lead to a Government Takeover of The Health Care System: Whether it’s a “public option”, individual mandate, employer mandate, the expansion and federalization of Medicaid, or the creation of a new health czar, the provisions in the health bills being pushed by the Obama administration call for more government regulation and intrusion in the American health care system. The nonpartisan, independent Lewin Group found that an estimated 56 percent of Americans would lose their current insurance under the House bill.

    Obamacare Will Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay For Women to Have Abortions: In all four mark-ups of health care legislation (three in the House and one in the Senate), Conservatives have offered amendments that would specifically prohibit federal funds from being used to cover abortion. None of them passed. Instead, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed an amendment by Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) that actually requires at least one insurance plan to cover abortion in every geographical region and requires the newly-created public plan to cover all abortion services. How can the President and NBC News possibly claim that Obamacare will not direct taxpayer money to pay for abortions? They’ve employed a complete accounting fiction, claiming that beneficiary premiums will pay for abortions, not federal subsidies. Since neither the federal government nor any insurance company will be required to create separate “abortion” and “non-abortion” general funds (and since the President explicitly promise Planned Parenthood his health care plan would cover “reproductive services“), Americans have every right to believe that the existing legislation will funnel their tax dollars to abortion.

    Obamacare Will Allow Government to Ration Health Care: Both the House and Senate bills call for an increased role for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) to determine which medical procedures are most effective at treating specific ailments. Although this provision is based on perfectly sound policy, many Americans are concerned that federal officials could use CER to make treatment, coverage, or payment decisions. Three Senators offered amendments that would have prohibited the use of CER to mandate coverage, deny care, or ration. CER, if used as a rationing tool, would obviously interfere with the traditional doctor-patient relationship. All three amendments failed on straight party-line votes.

    These are just some of the very real fears Americans have about Obamacare. And as we have decisively demonstrated, all have sound basis in fact. But they do not even touch on another very real fear Americans have about Obamacare: the cost. This Friday, the Obama administration leaked news that they will be forced to raise their 10-year budget deficit forecast to about nine trillion dollars, up about two trillion from the previous forecast. Considering that all best estimates point to at least a $1 trillion price tag for Obamacare, it is a wonder just 42% of Americans believe Obamacare is a “bad idea.”

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    107 Responses to Morning Bell: Myths and Facts about Obamacare

    1. Dan Thomas says:

      The President states that 47 million "citizens" are without health insurance. Are 12 of the 47 million actually "illegal imigrants"?

    2. Candy Wicks says:


      Thank you for being there and working so hard.

      Please I have one question: How can a man get away with all he is doing? For instance, all the Czars, the not following the Constitution and so much more!!!!

      I can't believe all these awful things have been going on and the country is not more in an uproar.

      Thank you

      Candy Wicks

    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      OK, HF – TELL us what the Myths and FACT ARE.


      AND TOLD – Don't come back

      we won't treat you further.

      For that to work we NEED A National ID Card.


    4. Grace, Florida says:

      Here's what I find funny now. Yesterday I was watchin Chris Wallace and Spector was on debating healthcare reform with Paul Ryan. Spector was saying there is no bill – he can't understand what all the fuss is about. Of course Ryan pointed out the bill in question is HR3200 and of course Spector changed the subject. Pathetic.

    5. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      The more I read, the more I feel that this has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with controlling everyones life. They obviously are going to do this regardless of what we all think.

    6. Jack Lohman says:

      >>> "The nonpartisan, independent Lewin Group found that an estimated 56 percent of Americans would lose their current insurance under the House bill."

      The Lewin Group is owned by UnitedHealth Group. What would you expect them to say?

      Besides, who cares what logo is on the check? These people will get the same physician care as before, the physician will just get paid from the government entity (in my case, that dreaded Medicare contractor). The government (taxpayers) may finance the system, they will not practice medicine.

    7. Mike Morrissette, Ha says:

      REgarding Myths and facts about OBAMACARE…good article. It all boils down to the fact that (in non-policically correct language) Obama is a liar, which many of us have known for quite some time now. Goes all the way back to some of his campaign promises.

    8. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Keep up the pressure, Everybody Remember, in order to regain control of the run away government, we Must CHANGE at least 50% of our Elected Officials in 2010 so, "NEVER RE-ELECT AN INCUMBENT" Regardless of Party.

    9. NADIA CALDERON - TEX says:



    10. Catriona Dempster says:



    11. Pamela Colorado says:

      I am so sick of Obama and his lies and the lies of all the career politicians we now have in WASHINGTON D.C.

      Sad thing is that the AMERICAN public have spoken time and time again and these people in politics DON'T CARE.

      Send back ALL the illegals. Here's another thing. When are the true American/Mexicans that came here legally and are here trying to do good and make something out of their lives like everyone else going to speak up and speak out again these idiots in Washington….. I've heard them call into radio shows and other people on their behalf as to how upset they are, well, speak up and speak out.

      Obama and all his croney's are destroying this country evey chance they get and other politicians are letting them.


      This morning I read where Obama and cohorts are going after Bush administration AGAIN. WHY? To distract people from the truth of healthcare so they can just go ahead and pass it. Isn't the governments true job to protect this country and the people in it? We need term limits.

      We need people in there that want to help make this country a safe and secure place to live when families can do well for themselves etc. We need welfare GONE—you have one year to get a JOB and then you're on your own. Teach women they don't have to have a bunch of kids to make money, instead a free education and knowledge for themselves and to creat a future for them and their children that will benefit them far more than some guy floating in and out of their lives that will never support them and that drugs aren't the answer for anyone. LIFE AND LIVING are the answer. And NO MORE LAWYERS BEING POLITICANS.

      I'm 64 and I can't believe the mess these people have made of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….

      YOU DON'T LIKE IT—-leave and live somewhere else.

      Tired of people like Pelosi being in office because she continually takes money for pet projects and people that don't need to have other than doing their own fundraisers and groups like Acorn even being allowed to exist………..

      Obama is in office because he got in with people that had money and power to get him where he got and the tugs that helped put him there………not because he believed in this country or the people of this country–but for POWER and MONEY…

      Tired of Kennedy still trying to run everything. Like his wanting a law changed so HE can make sure someone gets his seat that he wants in…come on……when does dirty politics stop!!!

      And another thing—put a cap on running for offices so that no one can give more than a $1000. and no companies can get the pockets of these people because as we are seeing now—-that's the demise of this country…….

      I get where I don't even want to listen or look at the news .

      No one in Washington listens anyway…

    12. lorna osborne, Washi says:

      Thank you for your continual commitment to reporting the facts in their truth and honesty.

      I went to the AARP web site to cancel our membership the other night- I was shocked at all the spin and dishonesty. What a disservice to the people of this great nation.

      God help us!

      Thank you for your Morning Bell updates.



    13. Mary Brown Clevelan says:

      I pray we find a way to stop this insanity of Obama's "health care reform". I don't want someone in the government telling me what kind of medical care I'm entitled to, that is the business of me,my family and my doctor—not some bureaucrat who doesn't eve know me. I'm content with the health coverage I currently have and don't want that taken away

      I don't want the citizens of the U.S.A.'s money paying for abortions either. This is a human life growing inside the Mother. If she didn't want a child at this particulat time, she shouldn't have done the deed to create one.

      I also don't want taxpayer money paying healthcare for illegal aliens either. They should be sent back to their countries. If they want to live here apply the legal proper way.


      Mary Brown

    14. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      This article just proves to me what I've suspected for a long time. All of the Republican amendments to HR 3200 to dispel and clearly prevent the main four fears of the public, were voted down. — go figure —

      Obama and several Congressional leaders have the long term plan for the government to control us completely.

      Call it Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Facism, Communism or Progressivism, they all end with the same result. Government Control (and complete control).

    15. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This entire matter of "Obamacare" is a complete farce. We all know Obama is an astonishing lier. We all also know almost every news media outlet (wheather print or broadcast, local or national),

      have been corrupted and are in the pockets of the

      left socialist. They take instruction from the Obama camp and vomit out his distorted lies without shame of fear of conquences. We all must realize that whatever Obama, his lackeys, and most of what this media is saying, is NOT THE TRUTH. How many times must we here these same lies over and over again, from the same sorces, before we dismiss out of hand, ALL of what they preach, without consideration or thought that any of it MIGHT be true. This is a absolute battle against the destruction of our way of life.

    16. Jean High, Gaffney, says:

      Who can stop the President and Congress from breaking Constitutional Rule of Law? Americans are discouraged that honest informed people with power are doing nothing to stop this. Never has an administration been so successful in causing division and civil unrest in the population.

      Thank you for keeping the public informed, but until the 2010 election, we can do nothing to change the downward spiral of American freedom.

    17. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a hypocrite and liar without equal, as are all those in Washington who support him! He is not a good man as so many want to force themselves to believe. Washington is running amok. The Constitution and our Rights are being trashed! He needs to be impeached as a start.

      There needs to be TERM LIMITS and somehow this must be done over the politicians' heads, because they wont do it. Spector says: "we already have them via voting". The trouble is there are too many people who don't know diddly-squat about what or for whom they vote. How else can you explain an OBAMA,a PELOSI,a REID, or the likes of a BARNEY FRANK?! They are arrogant beyond description.

      All I can say is Liberals and their followers have just about ruined this Country, especially with the help of the left leaning Press. But the final responsibility belongs to the Public for their ignorance in voting. They just don't get it!

      They should all go to ….!

    18. Lourdeen Robson-Wisc says:

      Everyone keeps talking about what is true or false. Let me make it VERY SIMPLE. Obama said he wanted to CHANGE America!(TRUE-HE IS) HE TOLD US WHAT HE WAS ABOUT WAAAAAY BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT. He said Rev. Wright was a good man and he would stand by him, THEN, the following week he threw Rev. Wright under the bus UNTIL after he became President(TRUE). Obama WILL change his "loyalties" to ADJUST to HIS agenda. He told us what he believes when he told Joe the Plumber, "Don't you want to spread the wealth around?" This President cannot be TRUSTED to tell us the WHOLE TRUTH. Please keep reporting as you have.The Truth will seep out if we all stay vigilant.

    19. Jim, San Diego says:

      1. The reason conservative messages are not winning is the lack of focus on fiscal conservatisism rather than right wing morality issues. Separate the two – Republicans used to be fiscal conservatives – the party needs to get back to that. The social issues like gay marraige and abortion are issues that split the party and the country – a lot of people are socially tolerant and fiscally conservative – which should be the republican party. The issues about the deficit and taxes get ignored while people yell and scream about these religious doctrine based issues. Bad strategy.

      2. Term limits – end the concept of career congress.

      3. Force ALL government employees to accept the same penion (401K) schemes and healthcare (while working only) scheme as the rest of America. No lifetime healthcare, no pension after 20 years – see how quickly reform comes into play.

      4. Deficit – mandate government cuts of 50% – end the Dept of housing and urban development. End the department of african development (or if we have one, any department of xxx development where xxx is not the USA). And by the way, stop the idiots in congress from taking "fact finding vacations".

    20. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Anyone who still buys into the Obama healthcare plan either sees only what they think might benefit themselves and not the big, over all picture….or they have succumbed under mass hypnosis.

      The change that Obama continues to bleat about needs to happen in the White House and with congress. Vote them out.

    21. Judith of The Great says:

      Mr. O is deadly serious about what he is doing to the United States.

      He is aware of the disasterous effects of the health care bill he is trying to push through.

      He is aware that "cap and trade" will destroy our economy, industries, and kill our energy production in this country, making us completely reliant on foreign oil.

      He is aware that he will destroy the US'S capabilities at missle/national defense.

      He knows, I'm sure, that he will be pressured to abandon Afghanistan and Iraq. Does he agree and will he? My guess is "Yes".

      He knows that he hasn't filled the vacant spots in his administration. I contend that he doesn't care, since his "czars" seem to be in place instead, control everything, and are not answerable to anyone but him. And, anyway, just about all of his filled posts are by the most blatantly corrupt people he could possibly have found. Do we need MORE criminals in this administration?

      Yes, he is very aware of all of this. He has his agenda. You don't need to be a "Einstein" to figure it out.

      Very dangerous, indeed.

    22. paul collins.the vil says:

      Let's be realistic,Obama doesn't care what we think.Allhe is interested in is how fast he can destroy this country and become a dictator.If isn't stopped before 2012 and is reelected,then by 2016 he will have figured a way to bypass the constitution to be declared president for life. He is already placing people in place to inforce his dicisions.ACORN,an illegal organization,czars,pelosi,reid.Aan who is going to handel the census,Acorn,under the white house direction.

    23. JP WA says:

      In paragraph 1 of this post on aliens receiving medical aid at tax payers expense.Page 170 Sec.59B, states any nonresident alien is exempt from individual taxes.

      (Paragraph 6) Health care rationing Sec.203,Page 85,line 7.Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your HC plan and has the ability to ration your health care. The public needs download HR 3200 and read it. This will dispel any claims of what the Administration is calling myths or misinformation of the Bill.

    24. Reagan Reep says:

      Obama's programs and czars scream so loudly as to what he is trying to do to this country I can't believe the opposition in Washington is sitting there on their thumbs letting him get away with it. Are they struck dumb or intimidated? Speak up you who supposedly represent over 50% of this country!

    25. Reagan Reep says:

      Obama's programs and czars scream so loudly as to what he is trying to do to this country I can't believe the opposition in Washington is sitting there allowing him to get away with it.

      Are they struck dumb or intimidated? Speak up YOU who supposedly represent over 50% of this country! Save and back our constituion!

    26. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      There are liberal groups pressuring advertisers to abandon sponsoring ads on the Glenn Beck Show! Glenn's is the only host to have the courage to tell it like he sees it. He does his research and what he comes up with are sound conclusions.

      In this Country, today, TRUTH is an inconvenience! The propaganda of Socialist "SPIN" is all that matters.

      All that is free and good in this Country is being smashed under the "jackboots" of the hypocritical thugs who disdain our heritage, waste our wealth, sneer at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and tax us to death so they can continue their destructive and traitorous ways. What evil motivates them?

      I cannot understand how anyone can support the likes of these hooligans. Ignorance runs rampant; people cannot see or think beyond the immediacy of the moment, let alone their noses.

    27. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      Perhaps everyone needs to produce identification similar to what the DMV requires (photo I.D., birth certificate, utility bills, property tax statement, etc.). Passports or enhanced drivers licenses would suffice for identification by themselves.

    28. Reagan Reep, Jackson says:

      Are the Republicans, Libertarians, and the rest of the opposition going to sit quietly while Obama ignors our Constitution? Speak Up! Over

      50% of the public will support you. This is our country not Obama's plaything. Do not let him destroy this country.

    29. Czarrina says:

      I agree with so many people that post I, feel we don't need another post spouting almost the same worries.

      However, I wanted to be counted!!

      If all of us do not speak up, even though everyone does such a good job of protesting,

      we must voice our opinions so that we have demostrated that we have the numbers behind us in trying to defeat what ever Govt. bill they are pushing.

      The problem I see is exactly with the GOP trying to change some of the elements of the bill ie: illegal coverage; abortion on demand; restricted delivery of health options ie; "not pulling the plug on Grandma, but pain killers until no care is equivilant to waiting to die"

      The GOP finds they can not be assured that these items will be restricted from the Govt. plan;

      However, we should not have ANY GOVT> plan.

      Because once anything is started they can always change it incrementaly.

      In addition I would like to point out that it is amazing that we never had full knowledge of the people that are surrounding and helping this POTUS in changing our America.

      For instance we got a glimmer of J Wright his pastor that he sat in church for 20 yrs. spouting hate for "GOD DAMM AMERICA", we knew about Bill Ayers {the cop killer during civil unrest} but did you know about his chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel who was born is Israel {and still keeps his citzenship with Israel}and his brother Ezekeil Emanuel a doctor, whose writing's support RESTRICTING HEALTH CARE FOR THE GOOD OF THE MASSES!

      In other words both the young and older people who are deamed as not being productive, will have restricted health care to save the money for the younger more productive masses!!!

      When you are surrounded by people that are anti American and perhaps have an agender that is more worldly than our immediate concerns for American families, you HAVE to question WHERE POTUS IS GETTING HIS advice from. These people, perhaps were not "Americanized" as other immigrants and have loftier ideas of what AMERICA should become.

      YES, I am stating that in the few months that these PEOPLE have been in power, our USA has been placed in unrelenting debt and spending that is revolutionizing our society. AND I have come to believe as some of you, that this is NOT about HEALTH care but about controlling the USA and CHANGING our position in the WORLD!!

      That's the explanation for talking to our enemies; that's the explanation for appologizing to foreign countries for our "misbehaviour" for defending our interests;


      Too bad he didn't stay in INdonesia, and rise up in that country and saved them!

      We have become by POTUS declaration that we are no longer a society that is based on Judeo-CHRISTIAN law, but a country that has more MUSLIMS and therefore forces us to change our prospective on freedom and our laws and how we live.

      OUR GOVERNMENT OUR PRESIDENT and congress have sworn to up hold the constitution, but the constitution does not defend it self.




      The health care has just opened our eyes to WHAT ARE WE DOING WHERE ARE WE GOING!!

      Health care is only one thing,how about no moral clarity about killing babies, way after you can keep calling it "IT"S ONLY TISSUE: IT"S ONLY ZYGOTES" WE are KILLING REAL LIVE BABIES"


      And AMERICAN WOMEN that are so "inconvenienced", that they know not what they are doing.

      WE ARE AT WAR!

      But we don't know it yet! POTUS and his group are tearing this country DOWN;

      Until they take the right to vote away from us, don't let the people that want the GOVT. to support them, win in this coutry. We should have been fighting for fairness in our tax laws, in our justice system,in our schools,in our corporations; for all these years.

      But I know what I was doing! I was born to a poor AMERICAN family, but I put myself through College, put my children through college,and saved to buy a home and did my duty as an American; our men went into the military;

      we were very busy and believed the lies the politicians told us.

      The socialization of this coutry into Venezuala or Cuba;or Russia;is not acceptable to me and I gather, to you here also.

      Okay that's my speech "on the corner". Reviewers chop it up as you please!

    30. ary Branco, Hondo,TX says:

      Health care probably could use some reforming . I think the elderly should be taken care of. I don't think illegal immigrants should get health care. Our military deserves what they are in need of. Americans need jobs.I believe our citizens are our main concern. I hope and pray the government will work on this in our best interest.

    31. Mary Branco, Hondo,T says:

      Yes the M didn't come up when I registered my name,

    32. David, Greenville, S says:

      I'm a new reader and wonder if anyone has take a look at how much time the President has actually worked as President VS the time he spent continuing to campaign after the election, travel with his family, and vacation. I believe he has spend less than 50% of his time actually being presidential.

    33. Mary Branco, Hondo,T says:

      I have the same comment I sent that undergoing moderation.

    34. Dana Napa says:

      A war – make no mistake about it – has been declared by Obama and his thugs. We're talking about our liberty, our American way of life.

      Their concept is simple. Tax us to death, eliminate conservative radio, confiscate our guns, control whether we live or die, instill FEAR and MISTRUST among us (it divides people) and forget about our NATIONAL DEFENSE.

      It's an obvious concoction that ties in with Hitler/Stalin and Alinsky, just to name a few who belong on the garbage heap of history.

      Obama's arrogance shows that the needs to read how the French Revolution ended.

      Do not be distracted!!! The assault on our Liberty, our Constitution, our Freedom is fully underway.

      Stand up! Get involved! Be heard! Make a difference! YES, WE CAN catapult (upcoming elections) them out of office and back into the gutter where they belong. You are looking at BETRAYAL, nothing else!

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    36. Desiree says:

      The war is on! Obama and his Chicago thugs want to take our weapons, our money (taxes), our national defense, conservative radio and control who lives, who dies.

      Do not be distracted. I repeat: DO NOT BE DISTRACTED!

      This president is not even making an attempt to conceal his contempt for the American people. He should be impeached.


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    39. Aric, UT says:

      I'll admit that the Obama plan is not the ideal way to reform health care (or even health insurance) in America. But for all the criticisms I'm hearing, what I'm not hearing is a feasible Republican plan to drive down the costs of health care and cover more Americans (and yes, I understand the components of the famous number of 46-47 million uninsured). Although I would love to see more tort reform, health economists have long noted that it has little or no effect on what doctors and hospitals charge. The solution needs to involve much more than that. American health care is the least cost-effective health care in the world. Since conservatives are generally big on return on investment, they should be well qualified to offer up a realistic plan to drive down the cost of American health care and allow more Americans to be covered. Criticism is fine, but it would be much better to give America an attractive, truly viable alternative to Democratic plans currently on the table.

    40. Del says:

      I have not seen much press coverage of the term "Quality adjusted life years." It appears that the term is related to the cost-benefit analysis of health care options and/or the possible rationing of health care. Have any members of Congress discussed this issue?

    41. Czarrina says:

      Aric; I made a lot of criticism and I can give you ways that the government can sponsor with out taking over everything related to health care.

      It seems that you bought into OBAMA"S claim that there is NO OTHER WAAAAAY!!

      Health care is an INDUSTRY and it needs to be privately owned and legislated properly to succeed;

      {just like agriculture;etc}

      #1.Take some of the &%* billions that was not spent YET and create a foundation to send talented PEOPLE to medical school; nurses to nursing school; and other people talented enough to do mammograms; ultra sounds;etc. Flood the states with talented professsionals have them agree to social payback ;

      #2. Set up not for profit clinics in places that space could be carved out, for clinics to service the poor, with medicines, xrays; cultures;and professional advice.

      #3.and no matter what you read, tort reform will have to bring down the cost of doctors and professionals insurance to protect them from liabilty. Some doctors especially OBGYN have exceptional insurance costs because, a baby that finally makes it {before the Abortionists get it}

      are subject to claims unheard of in other specialties. Tort Lawyers become rich rich and richer by getting huge settlements, [that even if

      the doctor made a mistake] are disgustingly out of proportion.

      Plus having our POTUS say several times that doctors cut out children's tonsils because they can make money instead of treatment; or that a doctor will amputate a patient's leg for a huge sum is also criminal and injust to our doctors.

      {and FYI a late term abortionist can make 5K,6K or more for that procedure; because he knows that no reasonable person would not call that a legal KILLING}

      #4.and people must PAY something according to their means so that the facilities are not abused by every blister, cough or stubbed toe that happens to them.

      #5. Have a civillian board commandered by a lottery much like the jury system [but not quite that many stupid people] to over see the inspections of the facilities etc. It can be done.

      #6, Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines to compete for private insurance policies for the rest of the public, including the almighty federal employees and those in congress etc.

      #6.Have an independent board of each state oversee that insurance companies do not exclude people with any previous condition like a football injury, birth defect;etc. Install a RISK POOL the way we have for drivers that had previous accidents or traffic tickets.

      #7.Investigate why with everyone insured, we have to have tagged on health premiums on Car insurance; house insurance etc. No body talks about the millions that are paid to insurance companies in those health premiums. {because you have a cottage industry specifically for those types of claims}

      So stop your whinning. And this should be a developement put together by our hospitals,churches; Doctors and professionals not poorly trained POLITICAL HACKS!

      and by the way I dare the moderators to print this!

    42. B J.Hobson,Fayettevi says:

      It makes me ill that the healthcare reform is so messed up but we who complain are called natzees, unamerican,etc. Today I watched Beck as he identified the czar for green appointrf by Obama. A comunist for 10 years, activist been in jail 2 times.His idea was the clunkers one, who is writing all of these bills, stimulus,energy,healthcare??Then to have our congressmen too lazy to read them or have any backbone to say no to the president until we read the bills and discuss. I can hardly wait til voting time.

    43. Laura Flower Mound, says:

      There are 2 things I can't get past. One is on page 5 of the bill and states that there should be a "shared responsibility among workers, employers, and the government; so that all Americans have coverage of essential health benefits" and I really struggle with the tone of that statement. Where is our individual responsibility to provide for ourselves and our families? The second, and most important is that WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. That is a "brutal fact of our current reality" and it is all we really need to know.

    44. DrRGP, Sparks, Nevad says:

      An array of evidence that I believe to be credible suggests that the number of illegal aliens is closer to 20,000,000 than to 12,000,000. Historically, the tendency has almost always been to under-estimate, not over-estimate, the number of illegal aliens in the United States.

    45. Bobbie Jay says:

      The second amendment is a right. Obama should be supplying everyone with arms!

      His transparency has become his lies, cheats and steals. And his agenda, taking over this country. Helping himself to all the power and control of the people he wants. We don't deserve someone this WEAK leading this country.

    46. Ron, Derry NH says:

      More and more I am convinced Obama is good for America. His radical Leninist/Marxist overtones have given the rest of the socialist/Marxist for the communist party a chance to expose their thinly veiled disguises as well intentioned Democrats and revealed to use how they will lie, cheat and steal to insure they get corporate welfare enacted upon every inch of American business.

      I thank the madman for accepting the role as lunatic extraordinare to the Marxist propaganda machine and allowing us a glimpse of the totalitarian principles of fascism that Democrats hold so dear.

      Thank you to the blind naive worshipers of well sated falsehoods, and dis-ingenuous victims to the slaughter of freedom, liberty and free choice as we spiral into the depravity of accepting this rubbish of equality by bureaucratic implementation and the dictation of false rhetoric to cloak that lie in to make it more acceptable to swallow.

      Thank you Obama; you reveal so much about your contempt for Americans and their earned worth and value, as you hijack languages honored roll for truthful communications, in exchange for your servitude to Leninistic virtues of deceit.

    47. BP, South Carolina says:

      Why is some of your information, such as the 3 billion paid to Brazile for off shore drillin not aired on Fox or another news service? I told this to friends and were quite upset over this information.

    48. Daniel, formerly of says:

      The "Lewin Group" is a joke. It is a "research group" owned by United HealthCare. Your employer decides what insurance you get, you don't get to choose. Your current insurance MOST LIKELY pays for abortions, with your premiums. If you don't like your money being used, then give up your insurance!! And how is access to quality affordable health care with insurance NOT a "Pro-Life" issue? We have the best health care system in the world… for those who can afford it!!! CHRIST COMMANDED us to take care of the have-nots, (that was Sodom and Gomorrah's true sin by the way!) they deserve quality health care as well. Stop being a one issue Christian!

    49. K. C. says:

      Conservative solutions: Read Newt Gingrich's book "Real Change" and http://www.healthtransformation.net.

      Here is a summary:

      1. Stop Paying the Crooks. First, we must dramatically reduce healthcare fraud within our current healthcare system. Outright fraud — criminal activity — accounts for as much as 10 percent of all healthcare spending. That is more than $200 billion every year. Medicare alone could account for as much as $40 billion a year. (Read about our latest CHT Press book, Stop Paying the Crooks, edited by Jim Frogue.)

      2. Move from a Paper-based to an Electronic Health System. As it stands now, it is simply impossible to keep up with fraud in a paper-based system. An electronic system would free tens of billions of dollars to be spent on investing on the kind of modern system that will transform healthcare. In addition, it would dramatically increase our ability to eliminate costly medical errors and to accelerate the adoption of new solutions and breakthroughs.

      3. Tax Reform. The savings realized through very deliberately and very systematically eliminating fraud could be used to provide tax incentives and vouchers that would help cover those Americans who currently can’t afford coverage. In addition, we need to expand tax incentives for insurance provided by small employers and the self-employed. Finally, elimination of capital gains taxes for investments in health-solution companies can greatly impact the creation advancement of new solutions that create better health at lower cost.

      4. Create a Health-Based Health System. In essence, we must create a system that focuses on improving individual health. The best way to accomplish this is to find out what solutions are actually working today that save lives and save money and then design public policy to encourage their widespread adoption. For example, according to the Dartmouth Health Atlas, if the 6,000 hospitals in the country provided the same standard of care of the Intermountain or Mayo health clinics, Medicare alone would save 30 percent of total spending every year. We need to make best practices the minimum practice. We need the federal government and other healthcare stakeholders to consistently migrate to best practices that ensure quality, safety and better outcomes.

      5. Reform Our Health Justice System. Currently, the U.S. civil justice system is the most expensive in the world — about double the average cost in virtually every other industrialized nation. But for all of the money spent, our civil justice system neither effectively compensates persons injured from medical negligence nor encourages the elimination of medical errors. Because physicians fear malpractice suits, defensive medicine (redundant, wasteful treatment designed to avoid lawsuits, not treat the patient) has become pervasive. CHT is developing a number of bold health-justice reforms including a “safe harbor” for physicians who followed clinical best practices in the treatment of a patient.

      6. Invest in Scientific Research and Breakthroughs. We must accelerate and focus national efforts, re-engineer care delivery, and ultimately prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes which are financially crippling our healthcare system.

    50. George Gallman says:

      Come on folks, Obama is just trying to put in place the American dream.

      "From each according to his abilities.

      To each according to his needs."

      Now that is family.

      We will all be just one big happy, national yea even global family. Equal outcomes for all!


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    53. sara gonzales, calif says:

      What ever happened to a government, by the people, for the people, of the people. I think our elected officials seemed to have forgotten that. you have a rep. on tape saying "IF I THINKS IT WILL BENEFIT MY CONSTIUATES, I WILL VOTE AGAINTS WHAT THEY WANT". When did we get to this point, when politicians do what they want and not what the people want. I guess that's one way to represent the people, is to ignore them.

    54. Pingback: Taken from – The Heritage Foundation Website « Dawn0834’s Blog

    55. Jackie Dallas Texas says:

      How could any sane person believe that the government could run a healthcare program when they can't even order enough swine flue vaccine to be made? The vacinations will now have to be rationed! Can you imagine what would happen if they have complete control over your health? They can't even estimate how much it will cost!. They've made a mess of medicare, veteran's healthcare, and now they want to add to their list? Just say NO to government intrusion. We can cover the truly unsurable Americans which is nothing like 46 million, but leave out the illegals, and those who can afford coverage but just don't want to buy it. I see nowhere in the HR bill where illegals would be eliminated since there would not be any check for citizenship before treatment!

      This is nothing more than a blatent attempt to control Americans and create dependency upon the government for basic necessities.

      Term limits by our votes should solve much of this problem created by the elite governing class.

    56. Pat, New Jersey says:

      I am angry when I hear of another dead member of our armed forces is accompanied home by a comrade, then I read how his bravery is being undermined by an investigation into how we interrogate our enemy. When will the so-called people in charge stop beating up this country???

    57. Steve New York says:

      I vote to impeach this Narsicistic,Neo-Socialist President. In every business if a person is not performing his or her Job function in accordance with company policy, ( what happens ? )

    58. Steve New York says:

      Think about it,this Government is supposed to be OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE ,Where did all that go? if the President does not do the Job that WE THE PEOPLE want done the way WE want it done,then the next logical conclusion is IMPEACHMENT ( Fire the guy )

    59. David, Boston says:

      BHO does not care what you think!

      I'm so tired of this hand-wringing over the current President's actions.

      You all voted for him – or by your lack of action, allowed him to become POTUS.

      The 'horse is out of the barn', so to speak.

      If you want to do something constructive, get organized, go to civil action meetings, and donate to organizations that fight these actions.

      David – Boston

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    62. Virginia D. Chastain says:

      I've just learned this morning that there are sweeping tax laws in the HR3200 bill that allow the IRS to penalize severly anyone who makes a mistake on their income tax return, especially if the error is on purpose. Is this true and will it apply retroactively to the biggest tax cheat in the cabinet?

    63. Roger S., Ma. says:

      –There's this guy, a Democrat, newly seated in the Senate, who once wrote the book about this: "Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them", I believe was its title. Perhaps he should consider a revision, adding a new chapter on "Health Care Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them"? A great friend of his, now residing in the WH, should figure prominently. Now, I'm aware of the old saw to: "Tell the news, but tell it slant." This guy's perfected, however, a new way for "telling the truth, but telling it slant", then making it news. (see WH press releases, videos about "misinformation")

      –Congress, on the other hand, has perfected ways to write bills so slant that nobody knows anymore what's really in them, themselves included. This goes for a lot of things: Defense bills, "Crap&Fade", Stimulating Stymuli, Missile Defense, "Car Sales" bills, you name it.

      –Now, we could impeach them all, but I think here's a better suggestion: Let's introduce a new bill (another? you all groan; yes, bear with me) to be called the HDRSP "Home District Representative Support Pact" bill: Each one of these "geniuses" gets a cool Million bucks, tax-free of course, to take an extended vacation until year's end. Think about it: for less than 600 Million (less than 1/10th of 1 pct of the stimulus) "we the people" could get relief from further bill-making and passing, and they'd all have plenty of time to 1) study the bills, 2) consider their madness as well as their own, and 3) maybe come up with some alternative life-goals and plans.

      –Those who chose never to return get an additional cool Million "severance pay". (Motto: 'Don't vote me out, buy me out, Ha Ha'!) Now, I think this might even find true "Bi-Partisan" support. Moreover, they could get the cash printed and disbursed in one afternoon, and the rebounding economy could pay it back in a week. To me, that would seem like a "win-win" deal. Plenty "stimulating", cheaper by trillions, and the rest of us would have our freedoms back!

    64. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Oh, Virginia….TX: No idea if HR3200 contains the IRS provision you mentioned, but I wouldn't put it past any of them to "sneak in" something nasty like that. (One of the reasons these bills get so big and unreadable. Here's an idea: amend the Constitution to require single-topic bills.) On a lighter note: No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. Even if they can get it passed, the "ex-post-facto" rule would preclude applying it to the latest Cabinet tax-cheat. Sorry.

    65. Carole,Dallas says:

      I agree with so many that have said that this a control issue. Obama doesn't give a rat's — for health or the other issues as the sooner that everything implodes(economy,health care, another terrorist attack due to weakened security defenses, etc.), the sooner he has a socialist country that he can do with as he chooses. He does not care about America; if he did, he wouldn't be apologizing to everyone about how bad we are. My biggest concern is that he will do irrepreable damage and harm that will be unable to be changed or undone. We can only hope and pray that this stuff can be stopped.

    66. THOMAS N. says:


    67. Jacque-Oklahoma says:

      In regard to the illegal aliens benefiting from the proposed Health Care Reform:

      For several years they keep giving the same number '12 million illegal aliens'-I realize this is an estimate but the majority that I see have several children and/or are pregnant with more. I would think the number of illegal aliens is much greater than just 12 million.

      Citizenship should not be automatic-both parents need to be citizens. This only encourages them to come across the border to have more children here in the USA at the taxpayer's expense.

    68. THOMAS N. VIRGINIA says:





    69. Terry Gillham, Taylo says:

      Govt never spends less than $10 to do $1 of good and often does much, much worse. Projections of cost for Obama-dont-care should be multiplied by at least 10 to arrive at true spending levels.

      Did you know that income tax was proposed as only applicable to those making over $100K (in World War One) and would always be limited to one percent?

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    71. Jim, Victorville, CA says:

      One of the reasons for a health care insurance system overhaul is that Medicare will soon become too expensive to continue. So I'm having trouble figuring out how adding 40 or 50 million more people to the list of the fully insured will cut costs.

    72. DAN MOFFATT says:

      The time has come for some honesty in this country.I believe the president has been intellectually dishonest.It does not take a seeing eye dog to see the corrupt administration in all its glory,saying one thing today,something else tomorrow.Let me tell you mr.president your flexibility in lying to Americans is extremely distasteful.The streets of Chicago have taught you well.The history you have created,is flawed.You will not be treated kindly.You have surrounded yourself with the dregs of society.

    73. George Rice says:

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.

    74. M.L.Tharp/PA says:

      the more I read/hear about our "so called president" it just makes my blood run cold! The government has taken our Declaration of Independence and flushed it down the toliet!

      The health problem will never work, and where does BHO get off traveling around the country with his family when the rest of us are wondering where our next loaf of bread is coming from – recession – not for him! Ordering lobster for his group while in Montana – beef wasn't good enough for him (Montana is noted for their great beef)

      99% of his cabinet is so dishonest it curls your hair, and yet they want to go after the regular people for forgetting to report 20.00 extra on their income tax reports??

      This country has to unite and the word I'm using to encourage this is IMPEACH – the whole bunch of them! Congress and better stand on their own 2 feet and take back this country – let's hope 2010 will make huge changes in the great country-

      The last I knew, this was a Christain thinking country, but that's not what he's telling the world – God is first in my home, and no one will change that! God Bless the USA

    75. Joseph C, Moore, Cpo says:

      I feel sorry for the approximately 50% of the registered democrats who were duped by the very leftist Obama and party into endorsing him for change that they can now hardly believe. The government has gone from liberal to leftist toward facism. God help us!

    76. Sally Miller says:

      I am 72. Retired taxpaying senor citizen who pays $1200.00 a month for medications/healthcare that I do not want to give up.

      I agree with the people who have said Obama has an agenda of making this country into a dictatorship with him in control. Also with Pelosi,Reid,Frank and Biden in all the "MOST IMPORTANT OFFICES" so they can "control all the government issues". Most importantly "Health Reform" "Higher Taxes" "Cap And Trade"so we citizens must "Step In Line" and obey them to the letter.Can you imagine Lock Stepping in the streets with him and his cronies standing on the white house balcony smiling and applauding us as we stomp by???

      I DON'T THINK SO…!!!!!


      Tell them.. no more taxes, cap and trade, health reform, bailouts, etc. Enough Already!!

      If the Liberals think it's ok for them to disrupt the townhall meetings, then Conservatives have just as much right to do the same to their meetings. Just heard that on the news the Liberals plan to do just that…is that right?? Yeah for the Liberals. BUT NOT the Conservatives.

      There does not seem to be any cooperation left in the Conserative party to get things done…WHY!!! What happened?? Where are they???

      What are they thinking?? GET UP AND DO SOMETHING.

      It's time for them to wake up and get this mess cleaned up before the Liberals put all of us in the poorhouse and deeper in debt than we have ever known!!!

      Thank you

    77. Keith White Gillett says:

      k0white@msn.com I can't believe all the things Obama is doing to this country. We are going down a road to fascism and all the seeple in our country are to busy watching football or car raceing,and think the country is ok and that Obama is going to take care of everyone. I would like to know who all the czars are and why we need so many in Obama,s Admin. Some of these people are self proclaimed communists and convicts or with ties to Aries and the Chicago thug rule. Obama has ties to all of them and has ties to some of the most radical in the US.

      I think the people in America need to wake up and see what is happening to our country with Obama, Reed and Pelosi.We can not have the never ending spending and saddleing our kids and grand kids with debt that can never be paid. We have gooten into the car business, banking and setting the salaries for private company executives.

      We need to get back to the constitution and hold anyone not following it or breaking any laws accountable. Half of Washington probably needs to be in jail now.

      We have an election in 2010 and we need to have a very hard look at all our congressmen and Senators and do a bunch of replacing. These people are working for us or are supposed to. We need to get them to work for us or vote them out.

      God help our country because or polititions are not.

    78. Ed Loftus, Seattle says:

      One insight-challenged individual, (maybe there were many, but I grew bored), wanted to know the alternative plan proposed by Republicans and other opponents of Obama’s machinations. The answer is simple. There is no alternative "plan." Such a request shows the complete lack of understanding that informs the questioner.

      Harken and be edified. "Individual freedom" and the notion of a "plan" by a powerful centralized government are mutually exclusive concepts. The thing that has half of the people riled is that they understand this at least at some sub-conscious level. One cannot both create a powerful central government and maintain individual liberty, like oil and water, they will not remain mixed.

      There are some Republican and other alternative proposals; interstate sales of plans, torte reform, etc. But none of these is or ought to be a “PLAN”.

      Thank our Dear Lord for the wisdom of our Brethren!

    79. A.J. Skiptunas III , says:

      How is it that the people on the front lines of health care (like myself for 23 years), aren't asked for their opinions on how to make the system better? I have some GREAT ideas…no one has asked.

      The reality is, we as physicians have been REDUCED (or "devalued") to NON-PLAYERS in this argument by waring factions of bueraucrats on one side and health insurance companies on the other. And YES TORT REFORM won't make the agenda as the demos (and some repubs) are in the trial lawyers back pocket.

      You can really learn a LOT you did not know about the current state of healthcare in the US by asking those who provide it. Knowing what's happening MAY then lead to fixes that may really WORK and make sense!


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    81. Rick Gilbert, Washin says:

      So far, I see nothing that looks like health care reform. Democrats have no coherent plan or strategy, and the Republicans are too focused on making Obama fail at anything they can to pay any attention to the needs of the country and its citizens.

      At this point, the legislative wording is so squishy that any fool could twist excerpts from it to say pretty much what he/she wants others to think it means.

      So Canada has some waiting lines for some procedures some of the time. What's the incidence of health care related bankruptcy in Canada? They spend about half(55%) as much per person on health care as we do.(1) How many of those lines could we eliminate here by continuing to spending twice as much per person as they do, eliminating the tangle of insurance administration our providers face, and actually offering care to the 47 million of our people are basically waiting in one endless line. Those currently uninsured here either get no care, or they get stupidly expensive E.R. care that the "insured" get to pay for through hospital upcharges and taxes.

      In the legislative process, both parties are too beholden to their for-profit-health-care donors to dare to make a change that would help ordinary citizens. Until we make it a federal crime for anyone but an ordinary citizen to contribute $$ to a candidate/elected official and equally criminal for said candidate/elected official to accept donations/gifts from anyone but a citizen, we're stuck with the mess we have, regardless of whether or not any "bill" passes this year. By the way, no company is a citizen. Somewhere along the way we forgot that, and we have given companies, including insurers and health care corporations, the status of "super-citizen." We pay for this grievous error every day with our individual blood and treasure.

      1) 2006 US Spending US$6714/person, CA Spending US$3678/person, source: Medical News Today, 14 Nov 2008


    82. Sam Michigan says:

      All we need is competition across state lines, tort reform, and removal of all the mandated covered services (ie government interference) to improve the health care system in this country, which is by the way the best in the world.

      Most people who are uninsured are illegal immigrants or choose not to be insured because of the high costs associated with all the mandates.

    83. Dr. Francis Kendrick says:

      Health care insurance is unique in that every doctor visit generates a claim. Payment of a claim covers cost of the service, cost of administering the claim, cost of fraud detection, cost of enforcing penalties for fraud, cost of appealing denial of claims, profit for the insurer, and the cost of demands for unnecessary service. The outcome is that traditional health care insurance premiums are often unaffordable. When you receive a utility bill of say $100, would you give a third party $125 to pay it for you? That is what we are doing with traditional health care insurance.

      A primary care physician told me that 30% of his practice consists of overutilization. With consumer driven health care, patients have incentive to use the health care system prudently because they are spending their own money. When the patient and doctor participate in a transaction without a third party payer, the cost of health care will decline and health care insurance will become affordable because insurance will be relegated to its proper role of protecting ones assets rather than being a prepayment for usual and routine services. In the absence of third party payment, fraud will become rare or non existent. It is axiomatic that health care is rationed by whoever pays for it, hence avoid third party payment if possible.

      Consumer driven health care is here now. It needs no new legislation and no bureaucracy. It is growing rapidly to the benefit of individuals, families, and businesses that provide employee health care benefits. Current proposals for health care reform will snuff out consumer driven health care and deprive us of our best chance to preserve the quality of the best health care system in the world as well as prevent us from reducing the cost of both health care and health care insurance.

    84. Vern Florida says:

      Rather than complaining and griping about the healthcare reform and immigrants gaining healthcare and rationing of healthcare, we should go back to what this country was built on; let us pray and ask for God's guidance and direction. We need healthcare reform and everyone knows it; so let us stop the complaining and narrow mindness and think of others and what the bigger need is. Through all these comments, I do not read and see any compassion for anyone. If everyone would learn to speak the truth and stop trying to demean others, we would not have these problems. Again, I say pray, pray, pray.

    85. Thom Moses, Collegev says:

      Has anyone asked the 45 million uninsured if they want Health Insurance. I'm one that does not. How many Christian Science followers want to pay for healthcare. Even Scientologist have problems with the pharmas. What about the Holistics? Will accu-puncture be covered? My guess is many illegals won't want it either if it means signing up.

    86. Carl Rosenbush Sa says:

      Federal health care should be rejected in full. First it is unconstitutional. Second, people do get first rate health care. Doctors are usually willing to reduce rates for the poor and drug companies have help plans. Also there are free clinics in places maned by volunteer health care professionals.

    87. Claude J. Cox says:

      The Federal Gov't will not just try to pay for insurance coverage for only those who are not currently covered by any health insurance.

      The Gov't instead wants control of all citizen's health care instead. That translates into having direct control over your life.

    88. jeff, washington dc says:

      if aric from UT actually believes that law suits don't affect the cost of medicine, i have a bridge i'd like to sell her/him. if she/he doesn't understand that the gop has offered a viable plan(tax deductions for premiums and the ability to buy across state lines) then she/he is stupid or uninformed or both. aric, stop drinking the cool aid and educate yourself. a public option is simply a way to take over everyone's lives by our president and his empireal congress. i find it unbearably sad that there are so many americans willing to give up their most treasured asset: LIBERTY!!!!!!!!

    89. Joyce Ford St. Charl says:

      It's time for us to show washington that free interprise is what makes this country great, and in this will doctors be allowed to keep their private pratices or will there be a czar to regulate what they can do or what the doctor can do after a diagnosis. We need to infaltrate as they did the community organizer will run this country and our freedoms in the ground I say you don't care of your body why should I pay. But I should have the right to give charity to whom I choose and not pay taxes for abortions puttings my parents down like a sick animal and for all you people that don't realize what this is really leading to better wake your freedoms are about ready to be in prisoned by a smooth talking socialist who may look good but the agenda is far more hidden from your sight they you believe.

    90. Rebecca Roberts Hous says:

      We all need to pray for our leaders. This is who this nation supposedly elected so we must live with that for a time. God says if my people who are called by My name would humble themselves and pray,I will hear from heaven and heal their land.(paraphrased) so let's get praying!!!

      In response to Daniel, formerly of MI, Yes God does want us to help the poor, except the mandate was to the church, not to the government. I suppose that it was because of the church's failure to help the poor that the government stepped in. (They are just stepping in way too far and are crossing a fine line) However, We can begin today to change this by inviting the Lord, through prayer, to turn things around.

      In Christ, RR

    91. Charlie Mitchell, WV says:

      This is for Roger S., Ma. — You're the man. The idea of HDRSP (Home District Representative Support Pact) is the best idea of all. I would be happy to contribute to it!! We need to clean house and get rid of all of them and them demand term limits.

    92. Erich Wisconsin says:

      No one wants to go without health care if they need it. The problem is the government getting their fingers in the pot and bankrupting it. If it does what will we have then. Also, they will have a database about the private medical records we have now.

      The 3 (Trillion) $3,000,000,000.00 Cash for Clunkers program is a good example of Goverment misguidance. A lot of dealers are cash strapped because they have not been reinbursed yet. Until they do it will make it hard to make their business run as it should. $3,000,000,000.00 divided by $4500.00 is 666,667 cars. It was

      sated recently that about 700,000 were sold. That's a great thing, but let's see if some dealers get shafted for the money.

      We need the economy on track. Only about 10% of the stimulus money has been spent. Please do some research and see how it has been spent so far. We ALL need to wake up and see what is happening in OUR Great Nation. Question, Investigate & Ask Questions. Don't just get information from the biased media and bad actors.

      Let's all get together and become what our Founding Fathers wanted us to be.

    93. Philip Inwood says:

      We already pay for illegal immigrants, as a NYC resident I can vouch that anyone who needs health care is getting it already. And we already ration health care – my late step-father was denied an experimental treatment for pancreatic cancer by his very expensive health insurance. Even as a conservative it's hard to get behind the ridiculousness of our current health care system, its arbitrary nature, its and upwardly spiraling costs, while profits continue to soar for the health care industry.

      I'd like to know why no one is simply asking the insurance companies to require taking on individual coverage to increase competition, and why we don't require insurance companies to take on individuals with pre-existing conditions. Insurance is all about risk pools, surely this is possible without rewriting the entire system or making even larger government. Then, let's limit malpractice settlements to discourage our litigious nature…

    94. Daniel, formerly of says:

      To Rebecca in Houston.. YES.. it is the church's mandate.. and when the church FULLY does it's job, the government won't have any room to step in! I would prefer the church to the government, but I would prefer the government to abdicating Christ's command!

      To Rebecca and Philip Inwood. BRAVO.. KUDOS!!! It is nice to see someone who reads this an posts with perspective and clear mindedness. It seems that most others have fallen to the fear mongering and obfuscation of Rev. Limbaugh.

      History will judge this President far better than the last, especially when your unfounded fears are forgotten but his changes are not.

    95. M. Le Beau, Michigan says:

      I agree with all the comments mentioned above. Obama needs to be impeached, and the sooner the better. Congress can go with him, since they all seem to be in the same bed. Write and call your congressman/congresswoman and tell them we don't want cap and trade, Health Care Reform, and the gun bill. Put the money back from the stimulus bill that has not been spent. Fund the Medicare and Medicaid programs so the uninsured can have health care until they get back to work and can get insurence on their own. Take the government out of the health care thats already interfering with the insurance companies, and negotiate with them on the other matters concerning health care issues. This way the elderly and the poor will be helped. Our taxes already pay for most of these programs and the elderly pay a monthly premium for Medicare. It comes out of their monthly check. I know, because I am 73d years old and it comes out of mine. After they do all that, they can pay back the trillion or so dollars they raided out of the SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND for the last 30 or 40 years. Every time they had a bill to pay or something they wanted funded, they tapped the SOCIAL SECURITY LOCK BOX. wE won't hear that on the local news, WILL WE? However, in spite of our devastated economy congress gave themselves a nice $4800 raise at the beginning of the year. Next year they will take another raise. I on the other hand and many more on Social Security will not get a raise for another two YEARS. Yes, people, they must be OUTED, and the sooner the better. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL GOD BLESS AMERICA LETS ALL GET TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS !!!!

    96. L. Merendino, Pennsy says:

      Those who claim that the Republicans do not have a plan for health care are simply not paying attention. Anyone who receives information from the Heritage Foundation should know that is not true. Americans need to send a messsage to Obama and his Marxist cohorts that they will pay with their jobs in 2010 should they pass Obamacare against the people's will. It is time for us to stand up for America when our politicians will not.

    97. Dee Humpherys, Utah says:

      Obama Health Care advocates are attempting to get Senator Ted Kennedy sympathy support by asking, "What would Teddy do?" in the health care debate. They miss the point entirely. The question really is, "What DID Teddy do?" As the sponsor of the Senate bill, he approved the introduction of the "Comparative Effectiveness Research" notion into this country that compares treatment costs of users and the approval of procedures to be done, by defining a yardstick number based on how old the potential patient is and how long he is expected to live, thus stacking the deck against older patients. However, in his 78th year, and with an expected life of less than one year, Mr. Kennedy, true to his fighting spirit and will to live, was able to take advantage of the most expensive operations and treatments available in modern medicine. This would be impossible for anyone else under Mr. Kennedy's own bill(except those sacrosanct members of Congress and Mr Obama, who can exempt themselves). Is this irony or hypocrisy? The American people should be made aware of this, so they may judge. The intrusive, coercive, and regimented actions he proscribes for the American people in this bill will stand in judgement against his legacy.

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    101. connie says:

      Autistic persons with severe challenges will most likely be adversely affected by massive government run healthcare……see youtube video under "kgaccount"

      Apparently, with a 1 trillion dollar cost of implementing obama style healthcare….government will be forced to CUT costs of certain people and it's not hard to discern who that will be….it's anyone who a select few will deem "unworthy" or "intraccable." Scary. Doctors need more control of what they can do, not more government telling them what to do. Have some respect.

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    103. Mary Kirves , Georgi says:

      I sent this artice from Heritage to someone in my email list and they sent this article back to me as if Heritage does not know what is going on, but FactCheck does. Please comment on this Factcheck information and email back to me so I can show them that Heritage is the most reliable.

      Here is the link: Please paste this in your browser.

    104. Jon, American Teache says:

      "The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish."

      Do you really? I know this post is rather dated, but I am a teacher and I was seeking various fact-check sources for my students and I must say yours is about the poorest of all the sites I have found. You have selected only a couple of the many rumors and myths floating about to discuss and your reasons for basically supporting those myths are really not any more substantive than what is provided by unreliable people like Rush and Beck, et. al. I grew up thinking your foundation was a worthy entity of serious research. Maybe you have something better out there somewhere else on your website about health care that I didn't find, but I am not impressed by this post.

      I also think it is quite revealing that while say you moderate and approve comments, you allow name-calling and ALL CAPS among your conservative comment makers. Are you simply another agent of conservative misinformation? Have you given up on serious research effort? I am a moderate, not the classic liberal that your readers like to bash. I am not eager for bigger government but I must confess that I am far more concerned about solving problems than spouting ideology. Current Republican behavior appears to be about nothing more than bashing Obama. It has nothing to do with trying to figure out what needs to be done.

      Was Bush's Medicare expansion an evil liberal move? It seems counter to normal conservative principles yet I trust that he and the Republican congress at that time carefully determined that it was a necessary move. No Tea Party radicals cried foul on that one – maybe because most of them are old enough to benefit from the changes. Nevertheless, I suspect that had it been Obama proposing such a thing, they would have been calling for his head. Is that reasonable? Are you truly trying to encourage reasonable discussion or just out to provide fuel for the radicals? Please think about that carefully.


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    106. Charles, Tennessee says:

      Someone needs to wake Obama up and show him what he is shoveling! He is drunk with power and determined to prove he can do whatever by passing this bill. Even tho he admits as it is, it isnt effective and what the people want. It's like inventing a new car that doesnt run or have wheels and saying "here push this down the road till we figure it out."

    107. Troy of Highland says:

      Daniel, formerly of Michigan said:

      CHRIST COMMANDED us to take care of the have-nots, (that was Sodom and Gomorrah’s true sin by the way!) they deserve quality health care as well. Stop being a one issue Christian!

      The idea that healthcare is something we "deserve" is exactly the problem. We should look after each other, but not through a federal mandate. Charity is between people, not through government taxing. The gift without the giver is bare. Charity cannot be exercised through compulsion, or else it is slavery.

      As for Soddom & Gomorrah, the men asked Lot to "bring them out unto us, that we may know them." They didn't want to make friends with the angels. Read it again.

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