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  • Immigration: In Case You Are Wondering, Nobody Asked

    According to press reports, last week about 130 “reform” advocates and leaders were asked to come over to the White House and pow-pow on the way forward on immigration reform. “Today’s meeting on comprehensive immigration reform was an important opportunity to hear from stakeholders…” [Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano] said. “I look forward to working with President Obama, my colleagues in Congress and representatives from law enforcement, business, labor organizations, the interfaith community, advocacy groups and others as we work on this important issue.”

    So in case you were wondering…no one from the Heritage Foundation was asked to be at the table. It is not clear why Heritage did not rate an invitation.

    No think tank in Washington has written more comprehensively on immigration and border security reform issues. Heritage studies and statistics are frequently cited by Congressional members during floor debates. When the Bush administration tried to push through comprehensive reform in 2007, a senior team from the White House made a special trip to Heritage to discuss the bill with Distinguished Heritage Fellow, Former Attorney General Edwin Meese (who was a key player in the last major reform debate in 1986) and other Heritage scholars. After the bill crashed and burned, senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security came to Heritage to meet with conservative groups and assess how they had gotten it wrong.

    Nor are Heritage scholars estranged from the current administration. They sit on various high level advisory groups for the Department of Homeland Security. Heritage scholars were even asked to brief the White House on the proposal to merge the National Security and Homeland Security Councils.

    Nor is Heritage opposed to immigration reform. After the 2007 bill, Heritage analysts were quick to outline an alternative solution, an “honest plan” that was practical and compassionate, respected the rule of law, and did not require a mass “amnesty.”

    By doing little more than holding a cheerleading session for a failed approach to immigration reform, the White House has done little to engage the American people in discussing real and honest solutions. Instead, they have only further polarized an already divisive issue.

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    34 Responses to Immigration: In Case You Are Wondering, Nobody Asked

    1. setnaffa says:

      Not surprising since they only want voices that echo the lefty open-borders policy of the administration…

    2. ibid, New Mexico says:


      not "taxpayers"?

      not "citizens" ?

      not "voters" ?


    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      It is not clear why Heritage did not rate an invitation?

      Are you kidding me? They (the Liberals) don't want us involved! That is as obvious as the "Stars & Bars" flying on the pole, my friends…. they just don't want us there!

    4. Norski, MN says:

      Stakeholders in the Illegal Immigration debate are apparently defined as those people who stand to loose power of our Immigration laws are enforced.

    5. Norski, MN says:

      Moderator – Could you please correct my post as follows?

      Stakeholders in the Illegal Immigration debate are apparently defined as those people who stand to loose power if our Immigration laws are enforced.

    6. Wanda Berger says:

      "Stakeholders" or "Slaveholders"

      "Who will pick the strawberries?" or "Who will pick the cotton?"

      The Great Nightmare is amnesty followed by the inexorable petition of by newly minted "Americans" to bring in a 100 million relatives, aka "family reunification."

    7. matthew, queens ny says:

      so much for bipartisanship. besides clear thinking logic is not something this administration wants. emotion emotion emotion. pull the heartstrings or scare the people that is how they function. oh and attack the opposition

    8. New York says:


    9. Susanr says:

      The biggest haha on immigration reform in the idea that these illegals will get in the back of the line for citizenship.

      Which line? The one in their home countries where thousands wait legally in line or one in another country…..

      How is any of this fair to those who do it the legal way? It tells everyone that our laws mean squat for Hispanics but the rest of us must obey.

    10. Bobbie Jay says:

      Of course they didn't invite Heritage. They don't stand to reason, they don't accept sensible solutions, they don't appreciate logic! They are intolerant of fairness, equality and law enforcement. They're accomplices to the destruction of this country, and the people (with bias) in it, not the success.

    11. Ron, Illinois says:

      Well, why are you so quick to make a conclusion…….The Heritage…does not have to be present in all meetings…..this is a complex issue to be resolved and agreed upon it……so perhaps at this time they wnat to gind the middle ground regarding whether or not what they will include in the bill such us legalization with a penalty and then after they might contact you!!!!no need to get too sentimental or hurt about it!!!

    12. Ron, Illinois says:

      Going through your articles regarding Comprenhensive Immigration Reform, it is clear you are against legalization. You ought to know that there are several thousands or even a great number or illegals in the population that have higher degrees than you and myself and Jena McNeill…..amongst other things……so you don't make a good point….yes in the past the bill was killed and now they know better how to come up with something stronger and more solid so that it works…..you need to get people that can right with a good sense of reality and critical thinking and address these issues in a mature manner and just not mention what your think but what you think as per the reality and its implications!!!

    13. John shaw says:

      Really so everybody thinks it's not fair I'm a U.S citizen attending college and I know couple of illegal immigrant student and to what they go through everyday I don't think this is a free pass they very well deserve it because their parents or whoever brought them to this country were trying to make a better future for them and the students I know they came here legally but just got screwed over by our immigration system and now after 2 years college these students don't have a future. And I know you someone is gonna argue why don't they go back well why should they? They have spend almost all their lives here in the U.S why should we kick them out when they came here legally but I'm againt people who come here illegally that I oppose

    14. James Carafano James Jay Carafano says:

      I would like to ask "New York," why It would not be appropriate for Heritage to be represented at the White House meeting?

    15. NADIA CALDERON - TEX says:

      Are you kidding me…. these guys are crooks… they have to secretly plan how to steal… this just what they are doing… stealing the country blind! Immigration is Obama's way to guaranteeing his next term… and what is worse the idiots believe it~!

    16. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Well on the way to the union of Canada, Mexico and the USA. It only remains what name we will all go by. SO GOES THE WAY OF OBAMA AND THE DEMS!!!!!

    17. Matthew Malachi, Suw says:

      Author Mark Levin in Liberty & Tyranny covered the issue of immigration very well. First,borders needs to be secured, regardless of any security ( ie. 9/11) issues. What other nation in the world would allow people to cross back and forth without any check points? Germany, France, Italy, etc. don't. Argentina, Brazil and Columbia don't. New Zealand and Australia, although island nations still check who comes in and have their own version of the Coast Guard. Even Canada has border security before Americans can enter their nation. The idea that any sovereign nation would not have border security is ludicrous. Add in the fact that we are in a post 9/11 world and the need for border security is even more appropriate.

      Second, Americans need to decide how many immigrants we want to absorb each year, what skills we need for our nation and what percentage from each continent. In the current economic climate you could make the case for zero immigration. And the way this Administration is headed we won't be seeing any rebound for a long, long time. Right now Americans would jump at the chance to do any of the physical labor jobs. Isn't our responsibility to our fellow American citizens first?

      Third, I want immigrants who want to become Americans. People who cut the ties to the past and embrace the future, here in America. People who learn the English language and want to assimilate into the American experiment of a free people with unlimited dreams and aspirations. I don't want to hear how you did it back in the home country. If the home country is so wonderful, then without malice, I say, stay there. Bring your best efforts, bring the best from your home country, but merge it into our American society to make America stronger and better. Help build us up, not tear us apart.

    18. Lebo, florida says:

      Heritage should be pleased and proud they were not asked to the table.

      That way the stench of the coming legislation will not be on their hands.

      Nuff Said.


    19. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      You just do NOT get it, do you? There is a scene in, Independence Day when the waffling nice US President asks a captured alien what THEY wanted. "We want you to just die!" That quickly set the President into a clearer state of mind.

      Heritage is that befuddled President. You represent what THEY are trying to replace. There will be NO, ah, diversity, NO accommodation, NO middle ground, just eventual termination.

      The country that my Father grew up in and risked his life for in WWII is no more. You see bits and fragments of it and if you are lucky, live in regions that are not resettled but my Father's America has been replaced greatly and will recede further with each passing day. I asked Dad before he died, if with his perspective from what he could see of the Nation what he thought of the Greatest Generation and all the bloody effort given by it. He said that "His generation had gradually thrown away the country that it fought for." "Was it worth it?" I asked. He just stared off into the traffic.

      Our nation has been playing a game of Russian Roulette. Illegal immigration and "reform" are but two bullets in the chamber. Health care reform, another bullet. Trillions of dollars deficit spent, another. Government take over of banks and companies, another. At some point we should play the game with an automatic as it will be quicker for the correct, intended results. This is the gathering you will be invited to, American Heritage.

    20. Ross writes, Brade says:

      I thought the "stakeholders" were the American people; the ones who pays the bills(through taxation) and hire the help(elected officals)… (Didn't we fight for independence based on taxation without representation?).

      Illegal immigration is still illegal. Why aren't the laws now on the books being enforced. Obvious, Homeland Security is not up to it nor Justice Department.

    21. Metalchemist, Califo says:

      By pushing the agenda based amnesty plan, American's will see more that the agenda is actually a VENDETTA against the American Citizens. The non sheeple citizens know that this "new" voter base is the ONLY WAY these political imbeciles can remain in power. In ALL ACTUALITY it is a POWER GRAB, and NOT that of a free willed society. More that of a controlled misled herd.

      We all know that the massive influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is a surreptitious hostile takeover that is being assisted by the federal government. This can only lead to resentment of the American Citizens and quite possibly to revolt.

      With this illegal influx the organized gangs and the drug cartels are being welcomed to set up shop in America by the very same government that is sworn to eradicate them.

      In ALL MY LIFE I have never known a government entity to do their job so well that they would put them selves out of a job.


      But this government is allowing the influx into our cities and schools to addict more Americans so these dealers will have more LIFETIME customers, Causing more and more crime and pain amongst the American Citizens families.

      The second Mexican American war is WELL on it's way, and it CAN NOT be avoided, simply because the politicians have (in their usual fashion ) politicized it and circumvented the laws on the books as well as manipulated them to suit their nefarious political goals.

      DO NOT forget Pelosi benefits from the illegals, She owns a winery in the Napa Valley California, and benefits from the cheep labor, as does many other politicians.

      They ALL need to be PUT OUT TO PASTURE, stripped of their benefits and IMPRISONED.

      The sooner the better for the American Citizenry.

      For as soon as you attempt to give up the Soverignity of America, you WILL CAUSE civil war as well as Revolution.

    22. John Roane Sarasota says:

      When will you all learn that this is not your country? It belongs to world not those who fought and died for it, not those who built it with their tax dollars and obeyed its laws.

      Our government now feels we owe everything to those who care more about what belongs to you and want to share it with you. If Americans would only look to the shining examples of other countries, how they live under the complete control of government and they think it’s so great they all are coming here to share it with us.

      Open all the borders and let everyone in so we can all be alike.

    23. Geraldine Hannan, Wo says:

      I want The Heritage Foundation to be involved in the important issue of immigration reform.

      I don't want amnesty for illegal aliens or a petition to bring in l00 million relatives, also

      known as "family reuification".

      Obama obviously wants the union of Canada, Mexico

      and the USA and liberals want to have a secret

      plan to steal our country blind! Laws for illegal immigration of Mexicans to our country is the way Obama want to guaratee his next term.

    24. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Once it was if you were an immigant you had to register at the P.O> every year, if you were illigal and got caught in the INS raids on businesses you were deported ASAP. I worked in a Mexican Rest. in the early '70's and frequently INS would "stop by" and check green cards, no card off you went. Now UCLA says it's not kosher to do this, cops should not ask for propwer ID and we are flooded with illegals who tax our ER's, schools and use every free thing they can get, plus have anchor babies that we pay for. We are the only country where you are a citizen just becauseyou are born here. Most countries you are a citizen of the country your mother is from. Plus English is our language NOT SPANISH

    25. Tim Az says:

      I wouldn't expect any invitations to anything in DC for the remainder of Mao-Bama's stay in the White House. You'll be needing another way to get your imformation from here on. Internal spys I guess.

    26. Prevailer76AZ says:

      When Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano was governor of Arizona, she often passed border security and illegal immigration off as a Federal mandate. Now that she is in charge on the Federal level, it's time she took that mandate seriously, as she knows first hand the problems and the financial burden of illegal impositions, especially on the border states. Could it be she is part of the problem?

    27. Jerry from Chicago says:

      What part of ILLEGAL don't people understand?

      ILLEGAL ALIENS do not belong here, period. We don't owe them a thing other than deportation. YOu want to be a citizen of this country? Do it the right way, the legal way.

      Over and over again, administrations from both parties have granted blanket amnesty to illegal aliens. Now, for twelve million or so of them, we legal citizens are supposed to provide for their health care, their welfare, their children's education, their housing subsidies and the incarceration of their criminal element. And why?

      To buy themselves votes with our tax money.

    28. Mike Mancuso, San Jo says:

      In California, loaded with left wingers in our governments, we get a good view of what Obama has in store for the country. Starting here to throw the bums out would be a shot across the bow of this ship of socialists. We will start with Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein.

    29. C Wood, Montana says:

      This CIA business is just a smoke screen for Obamas healthcare push. Don't get side tracked.

      They could fix this healthcare problem by letting us all deduct 100 percent of our healthcare costs on the Schedule A of your 1040 each year. They would also need to remove the 7.5% of AGI that currently reduces your allowable medical deductions. This would allow us to deduct 100% of the premiums, out-of-pocket,co-pays, mileage, deductible, etc. for medical, vision, and dental.

      This would give everybody their own choices.

      I've written my senators and Reps., please write your senators and reps. This would also save us trillions in future debt. Make them also responsible for guaranteeing the funding of Medicare and Social Security…. we've all paid plenty into it. Make them vote with the constitution as THEY SWORE IN THEIR OATH OF OFFICE.

    30. Carol, AZ says:

      Write letters in the thousands to Janet Napolitano's office, appointed to Homeland Securtiy for stricked reform for the enforcement of all Federal laws regrading Illegal entitlements.

      Force the Federal Gov't to stop the illegal process of gifting trillions in kick-backs to Sanctuary cities which is against the Federal Law to begin with.

      Be aware that anyone who is telling you that in this [propsoed health care plan) "that non-legals will not be ellible for, is a crock.

      A law passed in the 1980's states clearly that any non-legal living here, is entiltled to emergency rm care by any public hospital in the USA.

      Too the young student who feels sorry for his (2) illegal friends havinga a hard time….I would ask him who is paying for their tuition?

      They would certinly work toward citizenship if they were serious about living here but they won't . They will loose all the entitlement programs pay for by your parents who are paying fo your next tuition bill, medicaid and medicare for the under-insured and uninsured which is currently 36 trillion dollars in debt.

      So if you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for your mom and dad.

    31. Marshall Hill says:

      NO Amnesty!!!

    32. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Heritage was not invited because Heritage uses logic. The Obama Administration and Congress are afraid that their ideas and logic do not mix well together, like oil and water.

      You end up with answers from DC like,"Can't do that, to simple!"


    33. Steve, Oregon says:

      It's pathetic. A total loss of our national

      sovereignty is at stake. As previously stated,

      the progressives (Dems & Rinos, etc.) want

      amnesty and family reconciliation. This gives

      them another 30 to 40 million voters who will

      sheepishly vote for the leftist entitlement

      political class. It's the primary reason I wouldn't vote for McCain. I'm a lifelong conservative, history/poly sci/education major.

      Let me educate you; serious upheaval and potentially civil war is coming. Get ready !

    34. Don in Little Elm says:

      The Trojan horse has entered Troy. Know thy enemy. Read "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky and "Culture of Corruption" by Michelle Malkin to understand a little about comrade Obama and his league of drones and minions.

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