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  • Video: Do You Know Your Obama Czars?

    We’ve poked fun at the proliferation of czars under the Obama administration, but we lost track of how many he’s actually created. Now PJTV has put together a helpful video detailing all 36 of Obama’s czars and czarinas:


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    41 Responses to Video: Do You Know Your Obama Czars?

    1. Dianna Sells, Ph.D., says:

      Whoa!! A GOD CZAR?

    2. Gary, Houston says:

      Note: the tag is misspelled.

    3. Billy McCabe says:

      God czar = Obmama.

    4. Nathan, Indianapolis says:

      God czar, great lakes czar, sudan czar……this is really what the President is spending his time on?

    5. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Czars do not have to answer to the Senate or the Congress and are not subject to any authority other that the one that appointed them (in most cases, President Obama)

      In layman's terms, how to be a dictator without looking like one!

    6. Gary, Houston says:

      Cannot get the video to play. Is the HTML damaged?

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    9. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      Mike Huckabee did a feature on one of the czars (it might be a recurring feature) where he sang a tune called "Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar [How I Wonder Who You Are]." Good stuff.

      These unelected, unaccountable officials represent the latest bastardization of our political system.

    10. Warren, Melbourne, F says:

      I have a suggestion for the "czar czar". How about anybody with the last name of "Binks".

      Czar Czar Binks!!!!!!

    11. Bobbie Jay says:

      I agree, Ozzy! TOTALLY! obama has initiated this COVER UP since, at least his COMMUNITY ORGANIZING DAYSSSSS. Most Everybody fell right into his lap.

      It is heart wrenching that any American would even accept the title, CZAR! How weak the members of government, will shed their weakness on us… !

      More abuse of authority. They are violating, intimidating, coercing, manipulating, everything! And he's inherited soooooo mmmmmmmmuuuuuchchchchcchchchchch. of course he has an endless need of everyone elses money!!!!!!!! he can't destroy America without it!

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    14. Don, Michigan says:

      The whole czar thing is sickening, just as is ALL of Obamas agendas. The majority of Americans have elected this socialist,smiley faced charming liar and now it is time for them to get rid of him. Do I sense a revolution coming???? He is evil and his agenda is to bring this country to its knees. Did not think I would live long enough to see this unfolding before my eyes. I have a sinking feeling in my stomach and am sick at heart. What is the next thing he is going to try to do? I am scared to even think.

    15. Michelle in Wa state says:

      How much do these czars make? With this vast number in the executive branch the government seems top heavy. Is seem unconstitutional at some point. Plus this accountability to the people is absent without any confirmation by congress.

    16. Michelle in Wa state says:

      How much do these czars make? With this vast number in the executive branch the government seems top heavy. It seems unconstitutional at some point. Plus where is the accountability to the people? No confirmation by congress certainly bypasses a safeguard.

    17. Ross writes, Brade says:

      This reminds me of the American Indian legend of the enchanted snake found frozen in the mountains by a young brave.

      The snake begged the young brave to pick him up, put him next to his chest to warm the snake and take him to the valley below that he might live. A promise was made not to bite the brave.

      But once on the valley floor, the enchanted snake bite the young brave fatally.

      The dying brave keep repeating, "You promised, you promised, why did you bite me?"

      The enchanted snake replied as he slithered away, "You knew what I was when you picked me up."

      Thank you, fools, idiots, ignorant, and liberals!

    18. Bob Weiler, Somers P says:

      Iagree that this man is hell bent on re-forming this country in a bad way. As each day passes we see more proof of.his radical past and uncover more of. his radical freinds americans will not stand by much longer.Sharpen your pitch forks.

    19. Judy Cafmeyer, Patas says:

      I've read that each czar makes around $170,000. Each czar then has a staff of ten. Doing the simple math with salaries for ten with benefits, office space, equipment, supplies, etc. sounds like a chunk of money that no one but the president has control over.

    20. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      It's time to take back "Our NAtion" this is suppose to be "Goverment of the People, by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE" What we have now is Goverment by the liberals for the Liberals and against anyone not agreeing with them. Let us take back OUR NAtion, Vote all those who cannot do their jobs in 2010, Not listening to their constituants is not doing their job.

    21. Kate, Watkinsville says:

      Did a Republican President ever appoint a Czar? Obama has gone CZAR CRAZY. But what is frightening is that these Czars have power that is unlimited from the President to control the masses. Where is this leading?????

    22. joan, connecticut says:

      The name of Tzar is offensive to the American people. It is an insult to Americans to have a president of the USA use the term, especially when Russia is anxious for our great country to fail. The fact, that the they were given the job without any background checks is frighting. Remember, when the facts came out about future appointees of the President, several tax evaders who aspired to become staff member were guilty of owing unpaid taxes. One made it into the position– tax evader Geithner became Income tax director. You can't make this stuff up. Our constitution, is under assault and our rights are being slowly taken away. Congress, has become arrogant and rule as if they were royalty, not the public servants they are.We need term limits, and a background check for anyone aspiring to be a holder of public office. We have had too many crooks in the house and congress and it should be a lesson learned for all American citizens.

    23. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      So what is their job – besides providing counsel to the president? Their only power is that given by the recipient in deference to the president. Why would a CEO in private industry, for example, give a Czar the time of day? I assume that they are paid out of the budget for the executive branch and I also assume that a cabinet director would have the problem of dealing with the Czar interfering with their job. In my view, the President or, in the case of an issue under the perview of a cabinet member, the cabinet member is responsible no matter what the Czar says or does. They have no real standing in so far as the congress or the people are concerned and any funding provided for their salary and expenses should be taken out of hide by the exec branch. Where am I wrong?

    24. Eric Birmingham,MI says:

      Does anyone here actually do any research as to the truth or do u just believe whatever your told on any website????? As if President Bush never tried to consolidate his power as President…both sides are the same….so do some research people…there's quite a bit of info you'll never ever hear or read on this website

    25. Ron Hrovat says:

      did not receive video to review. resend

    26. Ron Hrovat says:

      Did not receive video to review. Re send.

    27. Laura, Rochester NY says:

      Fear and loathing in the Heartland. Join the rally in Washington September 12th.

    28. Sharon, Lubbock, TX says:


      Let's not forget to add in Ms. Obama's staff. Where Jackie O had a staff of 5 and Laura Bush had 4 (two of them part-time), Michelle has 21…. with combined salaries well in excess of one million!

      We can't afford this guy!!

    29. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama has 36 henchmen, for the most part unknown, running the country and answerable to no one but him. This doesn't include his henchmen in the House and Senate, who are known, but who are also answerable to no one but him.

      This man's incompetence, his socialistic agenda and his penchant for spending money know no bounds. I am not sure how much more of this man's damage our country can withstand. We must vote him and his socialistic supporters out of office.

      Mr. Obama and his supporters of the national health care option are quick to point out to their critics that the proposed plan would NOT cover illegal aliens. What they do not admit is that upon passage of the public health care "option", Mr. Obama will then grant blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens, making them immediately eligible to be covered under his health plan AND equally eligible to vote in the next election.

      My question is, why stop there? Let's eliminate the INS; revoke all immigration laws; open the borders; invite the rest of the world to "come on down" and sign up for all the freebees the richest country in the world has to offer. Think of how many votes that would buy for the Democrats.

    30. joan, connecticut says:

      The henchmen or Tsars all have backgrounds that are pretty scary. Van Jones, is a professed communist and most of the Tsars have radical backgrounds. The Apollo group, run by Van Jones, is a spin off of several Marxist organizations. Do think, that Bill Ayers or his wife Bernadette Doiron, who were in the weatherman movement have gone away. They haven't! He is still radical, even though he is a college professor. Is he passing his radical views into the young students in his classes. NOOOO! How could you even think that? The aim is to silence Radio talk show programs, and the citizen who dares to express an opposing opinion. Pelosi, the house speaker called us Astro turf among other things, while Rep.Maxine Waters called us Neanderthals. Does anyone think that term limits aren't needed? If so,listen to the rhetoric coming from our leaders, and learn of the little regard they have for the citizens, who elected them. Wake up, and express yourself, before your rights are completely gone. Do you want a socialistic government? I don't! Write your Congress members and ask questions about the Tsars and any other problems you have with the way the country is headed.God bless America.

    31. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      At this time Obama only has thirty six tzars, but hey give him time, he still has three and a half years to go!


    32. TED says:

      G.O.D. Czar

      Finally American progressives can have a G.O.D. they can believe in. Banking on a wildly successful media coverage of its efforts to transform the backward, individualistic America into a nation of enlightened state-worshippers ruled by unelected czars, the administrative branch is preparing for a next radical reform that will further streamline the system and dispel the accusations of oligarchic rule by concentrating all the powers enumerated, extrapolated, and imagined under the constitution in the hands of only one man.

      Said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, "We must urgently streamline the decision-making process because the time for talk is over. The outdated 19th century idea of reading and debating bills must end. Face it, not only does debate delay immediate action, so does voting." More

    33. Lee; Mo says:

      It is obvious that the czars are running this country while Nero fiddles and Rome burns. The question realy is, will the pleople be silent come next November or will they take a stand to save Ammerica by firing every one no matter who they are. this will send a message that we are mad as hell and we won't take it any more.

    34. Kenneth Happel, Vist says:

      When the Gibbs quote first appeared on The People's Cube, I tried in vain to find the quote from any verifiable source. Such a quote would have made a wild media response. There is not only no mention but no source. Mr. Gibbs is not a person I think very much of, but we need to know what we are talking about. Integrity is important. So this is a request that if anyone has a third party and litigatable source for the Gibbs quote, I would like to know it. Then we should go to town. Otherwise we should become leary of material from the People's Cube until its verified.

    35. Kathy-Pennsylvania says:

      Since Obama has many Czars and more coming…what's the chance of them taking over the congress and house. From all accounts these Czars would not have been passed through Congress. Just a thought…I don't trust this President. Czars will always remind of Russia.

      Are we just going to wait to see what happens, when it is too late.

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    38. Richard Weedin Fresn says:

      There is an America beyond the Czars–it is us, just plain folk waiting in line at the supermarket; helping a neighbor put in a rose bush; sharing vegetables from a garden; greeting each other in a new morning. We people, all shapes, all colors, all backgrounds, each unique, each with a story, each with a history–we the people, every day, a word of greeting, an opening door, a thank you, we the people–we know who we are and we recognize each other.

    39. Rayford Davenport says:

      NO we do not know his Czars. In judging the ones he picked He doesn't either.

    40. Patricia Brittell A says:

      Not much left to say,,,I agree with so many of the comments. It is a sad time in our Great Country, and we all need to stand up for our Constitutional rights whether it means a revolution or not because our petitions, tea-parties, townhall meeting, letters, and everything else seems to be a joke to the entire Obama Administration. The only news media telling the truth is Fox and Rush on radio. Time is running out folks.

    41. Lynne Uher says:

      Obama's Czars of mass destruction.

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