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  • D.C. School Choice Supporters Protest Education Sec. Duncan

    D.C. School Choice Supporters Protest Education Secretary Duncan

    This morning, Education Secretary Arne Duncan held a joint press conference at a school in Washington, DC marking the start of the new school year. Sec. Duncan was there to speak about the challenges schools face related to the flu and H1N1 virus.

    But the Secretary was reminded about the administration’s decision to take away school choice scholarships from 216 children living in DC by a group of protestors led by school choice activist Virginia Walden Ford.

    As children in D.C. head back to school this week, the Obama administration’s decision to phase-out the very-successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program is going to start having an impact on affected students. The bottom line is that 216 children have been denied the chance to go to a school of their parents’ choice. Many of these kids will have no choice but to attend low-performing and, tragically, often dangerous schools. Secretary Duncan and the Obama administration should continue to be reminded of this mistake and pushed to fix it.

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    10 Responses to D.C. School Choice Supporters Protest Education Sec. Duncan

    1. fiftyfifty says:

      being from Chicago myself Sec. Duncan this guy did nothing in Chicago and help the unions againest the tax payer he is also a good friend bill ayers

    2. Maria, NC says:

      Note the good calligraphy and correctly spelled

      words on the homemade signs. You don't see that

      coming from many public school families; it is

      more proof of the value of their charter and

      private schools. I hope the Obama administration

      finds wisdom and compassion on this issue.

    3. lawrence Varick says:

      Newt Gingrich will be working with Duncan to investigate Charter

      Schools. Newt,how could you?

    4. Tim Az says:

      There's a perfectly good explanation for this. Mao-Bama has lost his young sopporters that he claims gave him the presidency. It has become clear to the libral elitists that they have not been effective enough at dumbing down America's children through the public school system. These young adults were still able to grasp the evil in Mao-Bama's health control plan. This is a very disturbing development for the left they must now double down on the dumbing down of Americas children. There can be no intelligence left to chance when they get another opportunity to institute socialism once again in America. Abolish the Department of Education before the left succeeds and give it back to the States and the parents.

    5. Margaret OHIO says:

      If I could afford to send one of these kids to a school of their choice, I would. Its a disgrace that the government is preventing this and my heart goes out to the parents who want their children to have a better life.

      "Whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble………….". God is watching.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Any individual, any parent who allows their children, any Governmental body that demands Swine Flu inoculation, is either a fool, or a murderer, or a follower of the Reverend James Jones!

      The Swine Flu in the past year has killed 1,600 people Worldwide. A normal flu season kills 300,000 people a year Worldwide.

      A few years ago Media hysteria was focused of "Bird Flu," and its high potential of mutating! It never mutated!

      The Swine Flu is not new either. During the President Ford Administration, the Federal Government was all upset about the Swine Flu and its potential for mutating. A large amount of Americans were inoculated, including the President and his family on live television. What was discovered later, the President and family were injected with saline solution, as the batch of serum was contaminated.

      Later, a very large amount of Americans developed nerve disorders, which two French Medical Researchers discovered the cause and effect and named after themselves, The Geon Beret Syndrome. A Syndrome is a disease caused by a disease. This one ate the mylan, the sheathing surrounding, the nerves to be eaten away, causing the nerves in the human body to cross fire with each other and eventually lead to death.

      Why would our Nation do this to its Citizens? Why would our Nation shut off our own oil, gas, and coal supplies? Why would our Nation think about having our Veterans pay for their own insurance to save 250 million dollars, while at the same time the city of Las Vegas has to spend 250 million dollars a year for dialysis for 80 Illegals because the Federal Government will not let them be deported? Maybe it is because the drug manufactures for the past forty or so years have tried and failed to get a "Human Immune Booster" on the market, and this happens to be the solution in which the dead virus is kept instead of eggs? Maybe it is to depopulate our World Population, after all it is getting really crowded, food and water wise? All I know is that Government is Big Business and Big Business will kill you to make a Profit! They are not there to help you.


    7. bluelily says:

      Mr. Gingrich, when I learned you were teaming up with Mr. Sharpton to work on a project within the public schools with Secretary Duncan, it literally made me ill. I have been a long time opponent of the Department of Education, as it has done nothing for our schools except Corrupt them. Now, the United Nations is proposing we teach our youth in kindergarten how to masturbate. Think I'm joking? Look it up!! Normally, I am pleased with your political activities as of late, but this, is a big mistake. Education belongs to the states, the communities, the parents and the local elected boards. We know our children and their educational needs more than a group of bureaucrats, whom are so removed from the actual art of teaching that their mandates are meaningless. Do not let our children become indoctrinated with lies of our heritage. This is the Heritage Foundation, is it not?

    8. Gail Burke, Beverly, says:

      I am appalled that the 216 students at the DC charter school will no longer be able to attend. DC has the worst schools in the country while spending more per student than almost any other school system. Our government officials wouldn't think of sending their own children to these public schools. Shame on the President for this action.

    9. Chris Stasny, Oxford says:

      Let's test the theory of vouchers. If I want to put every private and parochial school in the country out of business, all I would have to do is encourage parents of very low function children to make use of a school voucher. They could bring their vegetative, bed-ridden teenager to the nearest private school. The private school would then have to hire a special teacher and assistant to watch over this child and handle their lack of bodily function control. They would need a school nurse (which, for the most part, exists only in public school systems). They would have to purchase hospital beds and other equipment.

      This is just one of dozens of examples that I could detail on how private institutions are incapable of acting as a substitute for public schools. The bottom line is that the day a nationwide voucher system is put in place, there will be no more private or parochial schools.

      The real difference, the only reason that a private schools may be seen as better, is that someone stands in the doorway, holds up their hand, and says, "We won't take you, or you, or you. OK, we'll that that guy over there."

    10. Dee Van, Greensboro, says:

      It is interesting to me, but I am not surprised. Liberals want woman to have the choice to kill a baby before it is born. Yet they do not want parents to have the choice of where to send their children to school. Many private schools do above average work in educating children for half the cost. I believe our president wants to control the education children receive and to prevent them from receiving a Christian based education.

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