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  • What do Hugo Chavez and Congress Have in Common?

    Answer: they both want to punish Colombia.

    Venezuela’s authoritarian, anti-American President Chavez claims Colombia threatens his national security, runs around too much with the “Empire,” [the U.S.], and will one day provoke a war with Venezuela. For these reasons, he aims to punish Colombia by cutting off trade and undermining economic security in Colombia and Venezuela. Being the economic kingpin of Venezuela, he can make it happen.

    Chavez’s latest attack on Colombia and President Uribe comes just as the U.S. and Colombia move toward agreement on how to operate regular U.S. counter-narcotics surveillance from airfields in Colombia.

    As usual, Chavez sounds the anti-American, anti-Colombian alarm to distract attention from his recent intervention in Honduras, from arms shipments to the narco-terrorists of the FARC, and expanding ties of military intimacy with Iran and Russia.

    One would assume that in light of Chavez’ brazen efforts to scarce, punish, and otherwise intimate Colombia, and thwart our anti-drug strategy, the U.S. Congress might demonstrate heightened interest in Colombia’s security and prosperity and pass the free trade agreement. Such a logical step would alleviate the blackmail pressure Chavez is applying on his neighbor. It would show a vote of confidence in Colombia’s pro-U.S. stance. One might add that as Chavez embraces the Ayatollahs of Iran; Colombia has committed to sending a military contingent to Afghanistan to assist NATO.

    Sadly, this is not the case. With its views blinkered by big Labor, Congress is far more intent on joining — wittingly and not – with Chavez in his efforts to punish 45 million Colombians by blocking legitimate bilateral trade avenues and demanding perfection rather than improvements on human rights and trade union issues.

    From Catepillar’s home in Peoria to Midwestern cattle raisers, there is a strong call to pass a measure that will bring down Colombia’s tariff walls and create export jobs. Remember, Colombia’s goods presently enter the U.S. duty-free.

    Chavez is banking on Congress to keep on stiff-arming Colombia when it returns in September. Let’s hope he is wrong!

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    19 Responses to What do Hugo Chavez and Congress Have in Common?

    1. Andrew, New York says:

      This sounds like a plot from a "B" rated movie. The scary thing is that it is happening before our eyes. Fifty percent of the people (more or less)think that we are doing just fine and don't see the danger of falling in step with countries run by thugs. Strange how in Venezuela, Iran and even the US, ideologies are split leaving one to lead, maintaining power by diverse means. Some regimes us violence others spin (nuvo word for archaic word deceive).

    2. jr., Michigan says:

      uh…they both hate america? and the american people?

    3. luke weyland, Sydney says:

      Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez Frias is a democratically elected – and reelected president.

      He is no authoritarian.

      His elections were audited by the OAS EEU and Carter Institute and judged to be tranparent, free and fair.

      In Venezuela there is feedom of the press ( which is largely owned by those opposed to him.) There is a right to demonstrate – People demonstrate in the Universities, streets, parks and before Parliament.

      Chavez hardly be anti- American. He is an American! American? Yes. America constists 36 independant nations not just one – and Venezuela is one of them. He is also a friend to the poor in United States. Venezuela provides subsidised heating oil to numerous communites there. Following Hurricane Katrina, Venezuela provided free emergency assistance to New Orleans. Hardly the work of someone who hates US citizens!

    4. Andres Torres- Houst says:

      Responding to Mr. Luke Weykland, Chavez was elected by the people of Venezuela ,but that does not give him the right to intervene in Colombia's affairs. He is a marxist that is supporting the FARC a terrorist group that has kipnaped,raped, and killed many Colombians.Chavez is trying to push his socialism ideas to other countries and he has done it in Ecuador, Bolivia,and Argentina. His petro money has help elected the Presidents of those countries and since he can not influence the political process is Colombia he has been supporting the killer FARC. Colombia has the oldest democracy in South America and we intedent to keep it that way and we will defended until our death. Chaves and Correa need to mind their business and respect the Government of Colombia and its people.

    5. Luiz, Mexico City says:

      Democracy is not only made by free elections, Luke. The iranian polls were free, weren't they? Can we say they were democratic? I don't think so.

    6. Lebo, florida says:

      Yo J.R. of Michigan.

      Awsome comment. I'm still laughing.

      Sad, but funny.

      It is worth noting that Obama seems to be following the Chavez playbook, only moving much faster than Chavez ever did.


    7. Dave Chelsea, MI says:

      What's the problem, Comrades?

    8. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      The only reason for Chavez to have a problem with Columbia is that they won't let him take over their country. Chevez is a dictator, a friend of our President. Our President surprized Chevez with the super bold move to take over our car companies. I hope Congress (now think congress, remember common sense), please don't hinder a country because of what a dictator says!

    9. Andrew, New York says:

      LUKE W.–"Venezuela provided free emergency assistance to New Orleans;" so, we should look the other way when someone is willing to financially support us with the money of other hard working Venezuelens. You can usually tell who your are dealing with by the friends they keep. Take a look. The truth reveals itself. Not only that, but your selective regard for these actions without regard to the rhetoric from Chavez himself is amazingly naive.

    10. jlw of Indiana says:

      Hey, luke weyland, I wouldn't put much credence in anything sanctioned by Carter. He's the nut president who sent money to Nicaragua back in the 70's to help the people make the transition to communism under Ortega. …… As for Chavez being American, he is Venezuelan and he is from South America. He is anti-American in regard to the government of the country commonly called; United States; USA or America, but is officially named United States of America. I know of no other country that uses the word America in it's official name. I and approximately 300,000,000 others are Americans!!! Chavez's hatred for America is that we stand in the way of his quest for power in this hemisphere. Luke, haven't you ever noticed the Chavez types always hate America for the same reason and tend to buddy up with each other?

    11. Mike Mancuso, San Jo says:

      You gotta give Luke of Sydney a star for throwing his opinion into this conservative arena and actually explaining the basis for his beliefs. The Carter Institute. Would that be Jimmy Carter?

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    13. bob jones gol says:

      we need to take CHAVEZ OUT,LIKE WE DID WITH SADAM

    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      They all think differently than the majority of Americans. They all do not believe in following the Laws set forth in our Constitution and its Amendments. They all do not beleive that Free men are born free and do not need rights. They all need to be lined up against a wall and given the choice of moving to another Country, or being shot.


    15. David VanNorman Wi says:

      We need to clean house, Both the house and the senate . too many of our employees don't listen to the people who they work for.

    16. DennIs A. Social Cir says:

      There is only one difference, Washington DC and South America. Chavez is open about his intentions, pelosi and reid and obama are sneaky about their intentions. Chavez is an open communist and socialist, obam, pelosi, reid and company are closet socialist with a sneaky agenda.

    17. Tony, Florida says:

      I’m a born and bred citizen of the United States of America, and I support Hugo Chavez. Up until now, I thought he was a bad man, because that’s what US politicians and the US media tell us. But now I know better. Mr. Chavez is a…

      1. Christian.

      2. President who is loved by his people.

      3. Man with a heart for the poor; he has given much to the poor in his own nation, and he has even given to the poor in my nation of the USA.

      Like myself, Chavez is a Christian Socialist, which is simply a Christian who follows all of the Bible, both the Law of the Old Testament and the Spirit of the Law in the New. The 10 Commandments are important, yes; so are “Do to others as you would have them do to you” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Capitalism is all about trying to rip-off your neighbor and get rich from their money.

    18. felipe Tamayo Calle, says:

      colombia is feeling the economic pressure set by venezuela and the lack of support from US in the free trade agreement. Thanks to president Uribes strong personality the country has been able to survive the economic blockage but I am stressed at the idea that US stands still.

    19. felipe Tamayo Calle, says:

      Tony I have seen how chavez supports farc and how farc kidnaps and kills not only colombians but americans as well.

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