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  • Morning Bell: How The Public Option Became The Core Of Obamacare

    In their front page story “Debate’s Path Caught Obama by Surprise: Public Option Wasn’t Intended as Major Focus”, The Washington Post reports that the White House was “unprepared for the intraparty rift” that occurred after the Obama administration seemed to back away from the public option this past weekend. The Post goes on to quote a senior White House adviser: “We’ve gotten to this point where health care on the left is determined by the breadth of the public option. I don’t understand how that has become the measure of whether what we achieve is health-care reform. It’s a mystifying thing.” If this “senior White House adviser” is speaking the truth, and the Obama administration had no idea that the public option was the whole point of Obamacare for the base of the Democratic party, then “unprepared” is too kind a description for the White House’s recent failings on health reform.

    As executive editor of the liberal American Prospect Mark Schmitt details, from the very beginning “the public option was part of a carefully thought out and deliberately funded effort to put all the pieces in place for health reform before the 2008 election.” Schmitt then quotes a November 2007 speech from Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America’s Future:

    The hard reality, from the point of view of all of us who understand the efficiency and simplicity of a single-payer system, is that our pollsters unanimously tell us that large numbers of Americans are not willing to give up the good private insurance they now have in order to be put into one big health plan run by the government.

    Pollster Celinda Lake looked at public backing for a single-payer plan – and then compared it with an approach that offers a choice between highly regulated private insurance and a public plan like Medicare. This alternative, called “guaranteed choice” wins 64 percent support to 22 percent for single-payer. … Starting in January, we began to take Jacob Hacker to see the presidential candidates. We started with John Edwards and his advisers — who quickly understood the value of Hacker’s public plan, and when he announced his health proposal on “Meet The Press,” he was very clear that his public plan could become the dominant part of his new health care program, if enough people choose it.

    Schmitt then recounts:

    The rest is history. Following Edwards’ lead, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton picked up on the public option compromise. … It was a real high-wire act — to convince the single-payer advocates, who were the only engaged health care constituency on the left, that they could live with the public option as a kind of stealth single-payer, thus transferring their energy and enthusiasm to this alternative.

    For those of you that have been following the health care debate through this blog, the fact that a well respected liberal like Schmitt is ready to admit that the public option was always “a kind of stealth single-payer” should be no surprise. We have already extensively detailed how Reps. Barney Frank (D-MA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein, and Noble Prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman have all been caught on video explaining to single-payer advocates that the public option is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for single payer health care. And just to add another to the list, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) also admitted as much on MSNBC yesterday.

    The White House still seems to be clinging to the idea that they can fool the American people into believing that the public option is about “choice and competition” and not the road to government-run health care that it really is. Witness Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius using the phrase “choice and competition” once every 16.7 seconds in this CNN interview, or White House spokesman Robert Gibbs uttering the same phrase once every 8.7 seconds on CBS. Fortunately, the American people are not falling for this deception. A new poll out today by NBC News shows that 47% of Americans — a plurality — oppose the public plan, versus 43% who support it. A shift from last month’s NBC poll when 46% said they backed it and 44% were opposed. The truth about President Obama’s public option is slowly sinking in with the American people, and they don’t like what they are learning.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: How The Public Option Became The Core Of Obamacare

    1. ella,n.c. says:

      I am so glad so many american people are standing up against obama and his health care plan.The tea parties and town hall meetings are good for america.Lets keep it going,

    2. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      It does not matter how this plays out, obama is still going to ration our health care according to the cost and age of the person. I agree we now pay a high price for our care, but telling someone that it will cost to much to extend ones life is a bad choice. We have the choice of the best care in the world, but the government is paying way to much of the bill. We keep hearing that the cost of medicare is going through the roof. It is, but how many are recieving nedicare that could go to work and pay their own way???? the dems keep yelling about cost, but continue to give care to the illegals and those that have lived at our expense for years. If one looks around they can see in their on neighborhood many that have been born on medicare, have had children and now the grandchildren are still on medicare and food stamps,I am for helping, but a point is reached when some need to be put on notice, enough is enough.

    3. Dan, NJ says:

      Keep the pressure up against ObamaCare.

      Fight back against the Polosi, Reid, and Obama.

      Reach Your Senators and Rep Directly to let them know you are AGAINST ObamaCare. This petition will automatically send an email to YOUR Senators and Congressman:


      Please sign and pass on to others…

    4. Tom David, Miami says:

      Question: Why does labor want the public option?

      My view is that since labor bargains collectively, they believe they can avoid the public plan. Further, government unions think they will achieve two ends: (a) avoid being placed in the public plan; and (b) reduce the pressure on government budgets for Medicare and Medicaid by stealthily raising taxes.

    5. Judi Williams says:

      Can you please find out what the deal is with slaughtering dairy cows throughout the nation in order to cut milk supplies and raise prices? cited in the Spokesman Review 8/18/09

      I have written five letters on the health reform debate!

    6. Mary, Indianapolis, says:

      Government run anything, esp. government run-single payer Health TREATMENT..is anything BUT efficient and simple. What planet are these liberals on, anyway?? This is NOT about Health Care, it's about Statist, Marxist-Socialistic liberal mindset and a pie in the sky ideal of UTOPIA..that will only happen in Heaven

      I'll be @ the DC TEA…so will all logical, freedom loving people from all across America!

      We will not give up our freedoms so easily.

    7. Judi Williams says:

      I do not understand what you mean by "undergoing moderation."

    8. Nelia, AZ says:

      'No Child Left Behind' was a noble effort, however, has had little impact on public education. The NEA union formed under the guise of creating negotiataing power in the interest of better pay for educators. Instead, it became a lobby, and involved in revising text books, adding and eliminating and has succeeded in 'dumbing down' education. Add in things such as political correctness, social issues and other means of muzzling, and the actual job of 'teaching' becomes an undertaking of frustration. No wonder home-schooling and charter schools have become important alternatives.

    9. jim toledo says:

      Why don't we call this what it really is; it's a government plan designed to take control of the healthcare system and to gain additional control over the lives of the average American citizen. The public option is government control, co-op's are government control, just a different word, so, the truth is that this really isn't about reforming our healthcare system, it's about devising a method for the government to control the process. The power that comes from this is enormous. The freedom we loose is staggering.

    10. Ken St Louis says:

      As to education, or the lack thereof: As long as the teachers unions run our school systems you might as well keep your kids at home!! They have destroyed our school systems from within, and they don't care! Just a bunch of lazy deadbeats teaching our kids today!

    11. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      The dealers should have known not to trust anyone or anything the government says they will do. They are all crooks dressed in suits and ties with smooth talk. There is no difference between them and crooks on the street except they have money and went to elite universities.

    12. jim smith says:

      The first person in the current administration, including any member of the Congress, the Cabinet, those God-awful chess playing czars,Nobama,the doorperson at the Mayflower Hotel and the vaunted ventriloquist himself, David Axelrod, who reads the entire, pre-fabricated Health Care bill, will be awarded the Nobel Prize in Obfuscation (a new category created during Nobama's taking the Oath of Office). This will be the same day and time that the Pinochhiometer was introduced to what we used to call America.

    13. Dave says:

      I have to say I am disappointed with your promotion of the Romney care, I don't think you are truly conservative as you claim. Setting the stage for republicans to defect for bigger government is not the answer. I don't want to pay health care for those whose are simply making other things such as cell phones a priority or those who are too lazy. Those who truly need the help are already receiving it. Why not promote things that truly lower cost instead of massive government interference in to our lives.

    14. Greg Lunde says:

      Since January 21, 2009, every policy and legislative action taken by the Democrates and Obama targets government (community) as the primary source and directive of our "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." Individual initiative and incentive is now suspect and subject to regulations and "pograms" at all levels. If "community" is now the source of control over individual drive and independence, then please define this "change we can believe in" what is really is: communism.

    15. Dan, NJ says:

      Keep the pressure up against ObamaCare.

      Fight back against the Polosi, Reid, and Obama.

      Reach Your Senators and Rep Directly to let them know you are AGAINST ObamaCare. This petition will automatically send an email to YOUR Senators and Congressman:


    16. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Conn states "…the American people are not falling for this deception." He's on target as this is exactly what's causing the Beltway demagogues to stumble and scatter. It's like turning on the lights and watching the roaches head for cover. These socialists' power grab has been exposed. If only those Americans who continue to fall for these leftist elites' sales job could just learn some basic street smarts.

    17. Gene,Las Vegas says:

      Why doesn't someone in your operation hammer home the "public option" as actually being a "government option".

    18. Dan, Albuquerque says:

      Lets call it what it is! It is not a "Public Option" it is a "Government Option". Don't be lulled by the "Co-Op" option. Its the same pig but this time with lipstick!

    19. john smith says:

      Anything that Obama eliminates then strikes up again is intended to make people think it is all Ok now. get them to want to move on and be encouraged by the Marxist Media. Double your guard and fire a few shots over their bow to keep their heads down which is what my first Sgt. said in my first firefight. After his burial I never kept any enemy warned. Obama has an interesting way to try putting the dogs off his scent. The Marxist power grab has been made. It will take more than one fork in the back of their hand to make them pull their hand back and maybe start running.

    20. John Higgins says:

      Single payer, public option, co-ops, individual mandate…the liberals will sneak something into the bill in committee to pave the way for government takeover of the US health care industry.

    21. Joe, New Jersey says:

      Think about this – when the snitch email (ie flag@whitehouse.gov) was set up by the White House, the video explaining it cited the video linked below as part of the "deception" that was going on.

      It is remarkable to see Obama in his own words tell the AMA that the concern over a single-payer is "illegitimate" – then see him discuss it a goal of his Presidency to his union supporters.

      It is "illegitimate" to be concern about something he has repeatedly promised the unions??? Or is Obama lying?

      Watch the video the White House attacked when it created "Flag":


    22. Deborah, Texas says:

      Obamacare is the "planned seizure of the medical industry". What real "choices and competition" is there? Only one additional plan doesn't create much choice and competition would be greater helped by simply allowing insurance companies to do business across state lines. The reason illegal aliens are included in the "uninsured" is to make sure this is in place before his next move for amnesty. Keep up the opposition to the healthcare bill, but do not take your eye off other issues that could creep in when they think no one is looking, such as gun control, card check, censure of talk radio, and amnesty. "Buyer Beware".

    23. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      It has never been about improved health care. It is about power and control and remaking America as Obama and his gang prefer. Misery for all, with them in control.

    24. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      What kind of a president and Congress do we really have? Can anyone say with any degree of certitude that they truly believe the pols have any of our best interests at heart? A factual statistic: Currently 39% of ALL babies born in the U.S. are born out of wedlock. That is an enormous figure. It is important because unwed mothers and their children are part of the continually growing epidemic of persons who seek government intervention for their daily needs. Families no longer take care of their own whether its their own children, themselves or their elderly parents. Any person of intelligence can see where our errant behaviors are taking us as a country. If no one works, then those who still do will be paying for those who don't into perpetuity. Is our present government OK with this? You bet because it insures they will forever be kept in office. Perverted? I think so. Warren Buffet came out this morning to say that "down the road" we will all be paying higher taxes and that it will not be contained to those making more than $250,000 a year.

    25. April, Colorado says:

      The majority of Americans want health care reform. You can work to find a middle ground and be apart of the reform or not. Our country can not afford the status quo. Our current system is one of rationing care. Our current system is one of survival of the fittest. It is a war on the weak. If you can't afford health care, you don't get health care. Meanwhile, those who have health insurance and get sick are at the mercy of the health insurance companies.

      Everyone that I know has a story of someone who is sick and not getting the care or medicine that they need. The CPR (Convervatives for Patient Rights) website no longer allows visitors to that sight to blog. Why? Because the sight was inundated with stories of Americans who were terribly sick, dying and going bankrupt because of our current system.

      The news stations report on conflict. So, those who are shouting down the speakers at town hall meetings are getting all of the attention. In reality, the majority want reform and know that a change is needed. When you get people to stop and discuss this issue rationally, everyone agrees that something must be done. No system is perfect. There are always those who take advantage, but we can not neglect to address the problems that our country faces.

      You can not be an American citizen without paying into a system that provides a safety net for it's citizens. The problem is that that safety net is not working well enough for All of us.

    26. C.C. W.V. says:

      It is time that we let the unions know that they have not the right to tell us that we have to take the Presidents Health Care. If you don't back the Dems TOOOOOO BADDDD we are tired of special intrest groups trying to run our country!!! Take a Hike!!!! You shut down Michigan and God knows how many small businesses for greed just like those in Washington on the backs of the working class!!!!!

    27. Jerry S. Dickinson, says:

      When the EU sought approval in Ireland, The Irish voted tham down. The EU's response wasn't "…ok so will have to make chamges in our plan to make it palatable to the constitutents". The EUs's response was "..these Irish don't know what is good for them, we will try a different sales approach….". I remember reading that and getting angry. Well lo and behold "our" government is doing the very same thing to us. "…they don't know what is good for them, lets sell it different…" We get it, We don't want it. Our republican representatives are noticeably missing these days. RE-ELECT NO ONE, RE-ELECT NO ONE

    28. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      We already have socialism in this country, if you don't believe this go to the inner city where the majority of the people depend on the Government for everything. Now that is socialism!

      The only place that capitolism still exists is where people still go to work, earn their own money and make their own decisions on how to spend it.

    29. Les, Rock Hill, SC says:

      When the union bosses start threatening oru members of Congress it is time to start breaking up the unions. I don't really understand why the AFL CIO would be so set on a single payer system but it has to be one reason: money!

      I hope and pray that the "hope and change" people that voted for Obama are realizing what they have done. This great country will never be the same as it was before the end of January 09. Those were the "good ol'days", time will tell what this period in time will be known as.

    30. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Enclosed is the letter I have sent to my Senators and Representative. I am not holding my breath:

      We are all concerned about the cost of health care. We differ in the way health care reform should be implemented. I am convinced you consider it a “right.” I am convinced it should be an attainable service.

      To this end, health care reform does not need a thousand page document that few if any of you read – especially the last minute 300 page amendments. Health care reform should require fewer than ten pages to implement without any cost to tax payers or the government (expect for the paper on which it is printed).

      1. Eliminate state control of the health insurance industry. Clearly this falls under the “Interstate Commerce” clause in federal law. By making all 1300 companies available to all citizens the shear force of competition will drive down costs and increase services. Car insurance is interstate – why not health insurance.

      2. Tort reform. Simply stated – “loser pays.” Clearly there is medical malpractice and those who are incompetent should be liable for their actions. However it is far too easy to sue a physician today knowing the insurance company will settle rather than experience a trial even if the physician is clearly innocent. If the courts rule in favor of the physician then the counter suit should always win. This will eliminate the “no risk” law suits.

      3. Continue and expand Health Saving Accounts to provide incentive for citizens to be responsible for their health care.

      Following the implementation of the above, the next step will be to look at the tax codes of hospitals with the idea that being tax exempt is more of a burden than an asset. When the above steps are implemented everyone wins (except for lawyers). Removing the tax exempt status from hospitals and the requirement they treat all regardless of ability to pay in the ER will provide incentive for the public to take charge of their health care and not rely on tax payers to fund their medical solutions.

      For me health care reform is a simple fix when one believes in capitalism. Your previous actions lead me to believe that you embrace socialism and the government control of our lives. Please prove me wrong.

    31. Jim-Memphi says:

      President Obama & those in Congress would do well to heed the advise of Abraham Lincoln.

      "You can fool all the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

      You can't fool all the people all of the time".

    32. Gee Vee, Chicago says:

      The Latest: Dems seeking information from the Insurance Industry!

      Read this article: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/economy/ap/5362

      They will probe and try to make the insurance companies out to be bad guys even though they have done nothing wrong! I hope they fight the request and bring to light the overbearing manner in which this White House tries to bully EVERYONE into do ing what they want! Stand and fight people…these people have no shame and they will ruin this Country if allowed! You notice they are not seeking information from the Trial Bar about how much money was made in tort litigation! They are also not sending the request to other groups who are for Obamacare! They have stayed away from from this even though it is logical to include it in health care reform. You either roll over, contribute money to them or they will try to ruin you.

    33. JV Conroe, Tx says:

      I think there should be an investigation against Obama for his "stupidly" remarks he made. He stated "if they push you, you push back harder." These kinds of statements show he is condoning violence and could incite riots. Some of his crazy followers may just carry out his orders and kill or hurt someone. Their defense would be that they were carrying out the orders of their President. I also think there should be a recall election to have him thrown out of office. He is a very dangerous person..

    34. Charles Yahn says:

      Have not heard much about this, but along with obamacare socialized HC comes union's controlling our medical care jobs. Perhaps even Doctors down the pike. It's a given Folks !

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    36. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Yes, in the so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" naming and re-naming of their so-called "Public Option" power and money-grab, by all it's multiple and ever increasing names, aliases, and disguises, what we are facing is another example of the following:

      Question: What's the difference between magicians and so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" vote-buying power and money-grabbing politicians?

      Answer: While they are both practitioners of prestidigitation (slight of hand), the magicians do it to for entertainment and paying the bills while the so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" politicians do it for their vote-buying power and money-grabbing bills to be paid.

    37. Ron, Derry NH says:

      It looks as though Obama has misjudged the economy, the American people and his own party. He has bungled health care, the phony stimulus, his alleged unifying awesomeness and every other thing he has touched.

      His pick for the supreme court was atrocious, his installing Czars is beyond arrogant, and his view of the American way of life proves contempt for us all.

      If it's not him that has misjudged our system and our constitution then some one in that bunch of hoodlums calling themselves the democratic party is seeking the destruction of all that we are.

      I don't see how he was ever referred to as the great unifier?

      His party and agenda are full speed at dividing us up and tearing out the heart of our independence by making us subservient to the will of the Democratic party with no freedom to survive without them on our backs.

      The health care package is everything Obama stands for, false promise, coerced power and subservience to the agenda which they are still inventing as soon as they get full control and the keys to the kingdom.

      It is all about getting the government hooks on the wallets of more americans and the businesses they have built, intercepting the finances before it gets to the tax laws. They infact want control of all the money before it is earned…….wake up America…please….socialism isn't pretty, fair or safe.

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    39. Patrick Manshardt, L says:

      The whole point behind the public option is to turn us all into serfs.

    40. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Not much of a President that doesn't consider the public's opinion! After all his position discription is to represent the will of the people. And I do believe that is within his pay grade.


    41. Jill CA says:

      For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country.

      Wasn't it suppose to be government of the people, by the people and for the people? Things have gotten WAY to Orwellian for me. People don't matter anymore only "groups"

      Liberals vs. Conservatives

      Democrats vs. Republicans

      Left vs. Right

      Are we living in TWO countries?

      Put this stupid bill before the people and let the country vote on it. It will go down as it should because it is a poorly written bad bill – heck it's not even done yet.

    42. April, Colorado says:

      You can talk until you are blue in the face about capitalism. But the fact remains… Health care is not a retail business!

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    44. Lew Richards , Palm says:

      I am disgusted with the brazen attempt by the Obama Administration to steal our Constitutional freedoms through a Government run Health Care Program. This Government , as well as some previous ones ,can not run anything but its mouth. President Obama as a candidate looked polished , knowledgeable , and fair minded.AS a President he acts stupid , uninformed , and is a very strong Leftist . He is not fit to run our Nation and it is quite evident to all open minded citizens .WE must in 2010 elect Conservative minded candidates regardless of party . Both republican and democrat parties harbor radical leftist that do not wish our Nation well.In 2010 we must defeat these Leftist who are on the ballot and in 2012 clean out the remainder . Until then we must fight their attempts to take over our Country . Our CONSTITUTION must be Defended and Protected . Barack Hussien Obama's election was a HUGE ERROR , probably the biggest mistake in our Nations history . Do not let up in our fight to SAVE AMERICA!

    45. Dean Perry - Rex, GA says:

      There is already an example of what happens when the government offers their (public funded) option. When I graduated from college and went to work in 1980 it was not uncommon for most companies to offer retirement medical benefits as a part of their company benefits. How many companies do you see that offer these benefits now … and why are they not offered anymore? That's right, Medicare. With the scope of services covered by Medicare growing every year and the increasing cost of providing retirement health coverage, most companies stopped offering retirement medical benefits and encourage employees to start Health Savings Accounts to supplement Medicare and to provide for their own care; Long Term Care policies (usually optional and self funded during open enrollments) are encouraged as well. I think someone at the Heritage Foundation should use their research expertise to assemble a graph showing the inverse relationship of the elimination of retirement health benefits funding as it compares to the growth of Medicare. All of this is to say … a government option insurance program will ultimately cause private coverage to disappear, the evidence already exists.

    46. Judith of The Great says:

      Mr. Waxman sent 52 letters Mon. to the top insurance cos. "requesting", in essence, all of their financial records, including compensation data. He didn't send any to the groups that just happen to be airing ads supporting "Obamacare". Coincidence? Yea, right.

      Let's see now, the list of crimes against the state perpetrated by this administration now includes intimidation, extortion, influence peddling, lying under oath, corruption, fraud, theft of private industries by the govt., giving aid and comfort to our enemies, destruction of The Constitution (if that isn't illegal, it should be!)

      the destruction of the US economy, the massive explosion of US debt, and if they have their way, the destruction of the best health care system in the world. Have I forgotten anything?

      All of this in the name of POWER!

      Historians in the future will look back at this period and will say either:

      The US died that year due to a corrupt, radical leftist government. The country that held so much hope for the world was destroyed from within and became just another 3rd world, poverty stricken nothing.


      The citizens of the USA were threatened with the total destruction of their country by a corrupt, radical leftist government, but rose up, fought back and reclaimed their independence for the 2nd time in their 233 year history. The USA is again the world champion of freedom, industry and leadership.

      What do you want to happen?

    47. Ron Thompson, Albuq says:

      throughout history the groups that support a revolutionary to achieve power, are the first ones eliminated at when the new government or dictator takes charge. Look what happened in Russia, Cuba, Hungary, Germany…etc. The loyal supporter were denied their chance to live in the country they fought so hard to over throw. But to their disbelief the promise made,were never keep. Everything was centralized into the government, and even those supporter where terminated at the government's whim. So here we are, almost the same situation watching power being centralized in the government, being told what to eat, how to live, what we can or can not agree with, and soon how we will be treated medically. We have seen the results of these other countries, so why are we allowing this group to take ours away to become one of those? if we don't get active and stay active we are history!

    48. Harry, Illinois says:

      This Health Care HR3200 package is not about the American People. It's a Power Struggle between Big Business (G.E.) etc., Unions, Special Interest & Lobbyist Groups, in order to determine how the future of health care and related consumer spending tied to this bill is going to be administered. The lines have been drawn, the politicians have been bought off and now it's a struggle to determine who has the biggest you know what to pass the bill. They do not have our interest, including those without insurance at heart. All they want is your money. And pretty soon, we won't have much of that either, so enjoy those meals while you can. Bread and soup lines may be coming.

      If this bill gets passed it will be the beginning of the end for this country. We cannot afford any more debt or mis-managed programs. We must stand together as a united people and let our representatives know that if they enact this legislation they will be voted out lock, stock and barrel. For all I care, we can have a whole new legislative branch consisting of independents, libritarians or whatever you want to call them who are beholding to no one.

    49. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      If any part of this legislation becomes law, then we are bigger "fools" than those now seated in this administration!

      The "hammer and sickle" needs to fall on every incumbent come November 2010!

      We haven't heard a peep in the main stream media about any Republican options of interstate insurance purchases, eliminating free health care for illegals, or health care saving accounts; all good ideas!

      What is happening to our country!!!

    50. robert sargent sr.we says:

      we have a criminal element running our country.government health care is criminal.where is this honest man to step forward and save our soles.money is the root of all evil.do let the criminals ruin our country

    51. Roger S., Ma. says:

      So, let's see: We will get to chose between Cholera, Plague, and Ebola? Strictly government controlled "coops" = cholera; "public option" = plague; and "single payer" = ebola. Some health insurance reform choices these present! — Die slowly, medium fast, or real fast.

      Whereby, coops basically would be a good thing. The trouble comes when government slaps them all with so much regulation that they all become more or less unviable and people will ask the government to step in and "straighten things out". Result? We're back (or forward) to single payer.

      Since even a simpleton can, generally, see through these ploys, yet very many people continue to demand some sort of reform where the government takes the initiative and provides "supervision", we must conclude that by and large a big proportion of the US public still thinks they can get something for less or even for nothing, if only the government does everything "right". — Get out the news to them: "Big government" IS "doing everything right", but SS, Medicare, and Medicaid is the typical result. Ditto, 535 unresponsive Congresspersons who think they're "doing their best for America and Americans" and feel misunderstood and hounded when constituents question that, is the result of asking and relying on government to do the things everybody could and should be doing for him/her self! That's the message we have to keep repeating over and over until it begins to sink in !

      The Constitution's Article 1 "enumerated federal powers" were there for a reason: The Founding Fathers had had the "full lethal dose" of "big government" (the British parliament) trying to run things from afar; and a King who couldn't have cared less just so long as he "got his." — They didn't want a repeat, ever. Neither do we, two-and a half centuries later! — Pass the word (and keep on passing it): "Business as usual", which by the way the "great spin-master" himself once promised to stop (Remember?!), HAS to stop. NOW. We've run out of alternatives ! The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing !

    52. Roger S., Ma. says:

      By the way, to April, Colorado, who writes:

      "You can talk until you are blue in the face about capitalism. But the fact remains… Health care is not a retail business!"

      Wrong, in a way it is, except during an acute or catastrophic event. This is where the government, if it really wanted to help, instead of just to control everything, could demand that insurers and providers, or their holding companies, when operating inter-state, provide a minimum catastrophic event insurance, closely defined, with high deductible. You instantly get a baseline of highly comparable price / performance and could go "shopping" among numerous offers, and then add additional options as desired. Insurers and providers would be forced to compete like mad by actually listening to you, the consumer. — You, on the other hand, would be forced to use services judiciously and responsibly, because you would be paying for simple and routine things out of pocket. — Today, insurers/providers enjoy a quasi-monopoly. If you "hate" them because you feel they're gouging you, you really should be in favor of this.

      This requires that the insured owns his insurance, can transfer it when changing jobs, has its cost deductible, etc. This is where the various governments, including state and federal, are currently legally in the way, in each others' as well as the individuals'. It's the governments job to protect you from abuses, not to provide for you. Least of all is it its job to create even more abuses to eliminate the ones which it caused or condoned in the first place. If it were to get busy actually performing its proper functions, Capitalism could and would do a better job providing better offers to meet your changing needs.

      When you go shopping for clothing, do you visit only one store to always buy the same duds regardless of season? Do you buy the same clothes today as 20 or 30 years ago, as when you were a child, or a teen? Do you let anybody tell you what to wear? Probably not since your HS "dress-code" days! The only time you'd put up with the nearest store just because it's around the corner, I'll wager, would be if "lightning struck", and you found yourself suddenly naked on main street! So, why should you be forced to act differently for something so much more important than your clothing; not be able to adapt your health care to the seasons of your life or your particular circumstances of health?!

      Someone once said that a government that does everything for you will have to take everything from you. I sometimes get the feeling that a lot of people are secretly hoping and thinking it will only take from their neighbors. Better think again! Give Capitalism a chance before putting it down. Government entitlements only work "well" for those who have nothing to lose. Once they run out of "other peoples' money they stop working altogether. Then what ?! (Ever visit a typical clinic in 80's Russia or 90's China? If you don't want to believe me, I highly recommend a field trip. Some of these are still around; quite a few, in fact!)

    53. Ian, ILLINOIS says:

      Just wondering,

      Years ago I heard that France employs 90% of the population, along with health care and benefits.

      How does Obamacare compare?

    54. mackp says:

      Can someone help me understand why our Representative's,take an oath to protect and live up to the Constitution and when they don'nt there is nothing being done or can be done about it. Everyday just about the bills,laws that they pass or unconstitutional. And if the is no law to inforce them to abide to the Constitution, why even have them take the Oath. Why is this not being fought in the courts to impeach the ones not living up to the Oath. Semper Fi

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    57. gorio, calif. says:

      We all need to remember some facts, that the Democrats control the house, senate and presidency. The democrats main constituency are those that either pay no income tax or very little and have a very limited appreciation of national issues. This is the year of the leftist/acorn/aclu/appolo/seiu/ the list is long. The outrage of the typical taxpayer is being thwarted by an indifferent hardcore lower half of the demographic. This group doesn't know it yet but they will get the brunt of the anti-capitalist legislation in the form of lost jobs and lost medical care due to long waits and poor care (see medical). The government for all its hoopla only affects a small percentage of actual GDP in the form of jobs but can have a dramatic effect on the phsycology of the enterpenure. 70% of the jobs for the lower demographic are created by the enterprenur . The governments tax policies and regulations will make or break this group, no amount of" government" employment will replace this group, I hope the leftists in power know they are playing fast and loose with the nations economic health when they lean on small business…

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