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  • Cap and Trade: “It’s Out of Control”

    I’m not critical of cap-and-trade. But it has to be used in a targeted and disciplined way, and what has happened is it’s gotten out of control.”

    Those are the words of former Democratic Senator and current president of the United Nations Foundation Timothy Wirth, who also mentioned, “The Republicans are right — it’s a cap-and-tax bill.”

    Those are strong words coming from a man who served as a climate change negotiator for the Clinton administration and during his tenure in the Senate focused on environmental issues, particularly global climate change and population stabilization.

    But “out of control” is exactly how we should describe the cap and trade debate. It’s energy tax of historic proportions. The current Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill, if signed into law, will amount to $9.4 trillion of lost income, 2.5 million lost jobs, $5.0 trillion of additional national debt, and $5.7 trillion in new taxes that will buy no more than a 0.2 degree (Celsius) moderation in world temperature increases by 2100 and no more than a 0.05 degree reduction by 2050.

    Cap and trade has gotten so out of control that industry opposition to this huge energy tax bill led to wheeling, dealing and arm-twisting to eke out the narrowest of majorities. They promised generous handouts for various industries and special interests but, in typical Washington fashion, they promised more money than they have.

    Since healthcare is currently dominating the headlines, Many readers have been asking where cap and trade stands. As a reminder On June 26th, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a 1,427 page bill. The debate will pick up again in the Senate in the fall where control is the least likely thing we’ll see.

    For more, check out The Heritage Foundation’s Rapid Response page.

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    19 Responses to Cap and Trade: “It’s Out of Control”

    1. Cathy Amelio, New Je says:

      Hail Obama, Hail Reid, Hail Pelosi, Hail the Czars! Hail Franks, Hail all in Senate and Congress! Us mindless citizens of this country need you to run our lives from birth to death. Tax us to poverty! Keep the illegal aliens here, oh get more of them and give them all the assistance they need and want! Go on, we need to be told and controlled by you to what cars to drive, how we should warm and light our homes! Those right winger teabagers just haven't a clue as to what is being planned for the good of all! Hail the government! Our Elite gods! Hail CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC for telling us how great this all will be and how good this will be! Oh, praise be to God! We the mindless, the hopeless can now fill our pockets with the taxpayers money, let them house us, buy our cars, our DVD, our games! Please don't stop until everyone in this country is unemployed, till all the evil corporations have closed down or left! Hail the Unions, Hail SEIU! Hail ACORN! We the mindless need to be taught, directed and rewarded for our dedication to the Great one in the White House, His Czars! I can’t wait till I wear a brown suit with the armband indicating my religion or the beautiful tattoo that will be on my forehead with my party affiliation all provided to me by the government! Oh I just can’t wait! The truth is just a dumb ploy by the left wing, un-American, Terrorist Americans that have no idea, those Warriors for the Republic. They actually believe that the elected officials in Washington are elected by them to represent them! Oh, please, they are just so delusional! Anyone in the beltway knows that Senate and Congress are only suppose to do the bidding of the White House! I just can’t believe that folks showing up to the Town Hall meetings think they would have freedom of speech, and that the rep is suppose to listen to them. Just sit there be quiet, let them tell you what is good for you dummy, let them tell you what you read in the bill is not what you read in the bill, you goofs are just to dumb to know. The great ones from Washing will tell you what the truth is and never mind that H.R. 3200 that they won’t read and you shouldn’t either! Remember they control Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, WIC, Welfare, etc and look how great they are! Just remember they would never lie to anyone in American, they all pay their taxes, they don’t take advantage of their positions as elected officials! They need their limos and drivers, they need their private health care and retirement plan, they need their jets to take them to far away exotic places to protect us! Look at all the good Pelosi has done when she went to Italy with her friend to see the Pope and visit Italy! Just look at how that how helped America! Reid, building the visitor center for millions of dollars and thank God he did it has been a hot summer and those taxpayers who visit really stink and why should the members of the Senate by subjected to that!

      Well I won’t belabor my remarks, but hope I gave some of you some insight to the things to come!

    2. Mike Whipple, Earth says:

      Climate alarmism myth expose -well documented and charts galore by Burt Rutan: engineer, aviation/space pioneer, and now, active climate skeptic http://bit.ly/7XaUk The real question is -those that perpetuate this myth and seek to tax the US and global economy because of it with the shoddy science behind it -what is the real agenda? The argument should not even be about the cost of cap and trade or jobs lost , but whether this is such an egregious assault on the people that lawmakers who voted for it without a) reading the bill and b) examining the science should be removed from office NOW! Don't wait for elections. Petition your state governments to have them removed from office NOW!

    3. John B. San Diego says:

      A greeting to you Heritage Foundation and Former Senator Wirth, the Senator makes a very good point about republicans being correct on proposed "Cap and Trade" legislation. I think the honeymoon as enjoyed by democrat leadership is nearing an end and they are correct to recognize that fact. Hence Whitehouse Chief of Staff and choreographer for the house body in congress is in a “___n the torpedoes full speed ahead mode.” Leadership on The Hill and at The Whitehouse are feeling an overwhelming sense of urgency, that is detracting from focus on common sense and a duty to pass legislation that is good for America in general, un my opinion! I find it appalling that anyone connected to the UN is calling for logic and common sense to prevail. With all due respect to Sen. Wirth and his Foundation of course. Does this mean the Obama Administration and Congressional Leadership is too far left for the UN and likely the US citizens also?

      Before closing permit me to wander just a little bit. The Stimulus aka Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Cap and Trade Bill being proposed and the Healthcare Reform bill, aka, who knows what they are calling it now in current debate, can be lumped into one great agenda. The left is the puppeteer and the stings are showing in The Administration and in Congress especially The House Body. America and America's citizens do not want to become an entitlement or dependant society, no socialism, at least allow socialism to go no farther that we already have allowed it to go. Call your elected officials talk to your neighbors. Most of all don't let our government legislate, regulate and tax this "Great Nation" out of existence for the sake of any reason that brings on this much skepticism from all sides and doubts in our scientific community. The” BILLS” as what I mentioned above deserve much more debate economic, scientific and political. Thank You for allowing me to comment, God Bless America!

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    6. charle tallman st. l says:

      out od control just like the liberals, but people are waking up now, and saying what the heck is going on this is not the america we know, i can't wait until the elections, heads will roll.

    7. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      I tried to attend a townhall meeting yesterday and found doors closed and told the meeting was full to capacity and it really wasn't a townhall meeting anyway. They called it a mobile office for seniors to ask individual questions on various subjects. It was supposed to be with Senator Leonard Lance of NJ but he didn't show up, I did look it up on Google and it was called a town hall meeting. I guess they were afraid of to many health care questions. I wanted to ask him why especially as a republican he voted for cap & tax while NJ is in dyer straights already. I was told I could wait for 2hrs for the meeting to be over and perhaps the aid who ran the meeting might be able to answer my question if he had time. An elderly couple who came in after me along with several others remarked that this is what healthcare will probably be like if that monster goes through, I just said it will proably be much worse !

    8. curt L. Columbus, O says:

      I hope that the backlash becomes so severe that states get serious about the 10th amendment, reform their own militias, take their land back (national parks and forests) and drill for their own resources. It would be a start!

      Who wouldn't move to state that told these freaks in Washington to go you know where?

      If governors and state legislatures grow a spine, the PEOPLE will follow; The polls seem clear about that.

      Signed: New Whole Foods shopper

    9. Richard, TX says:

      What is the real agenda of the powerful people behind the environmental movement. The little people who believe are being used by those who will make billions of dollars. The money men behind Cap and Trade will make the world's economy so bad that their money will be able to control it. It will become the world according to Soros and his ilk. WISE UP!

    10. Lwesson, TX says:

      "Cap and Trade is out of Control…" Well it is all about CONTROL in the first place. So in that regard the scam is doing a great job despite the pseudoscience and the con artists that shill like Al Gort. Yet like many here have suggested in so many words, it is all, this global effort to control the climate nothing more than a house of cards and the weight of people waking up may do something dramatic.

      "Why sooo Control?"might The Joker ask. As I have said many times, it is about transforming the Nation into a State that has control over The People and not the other way around. Get a bridle on the economy and The People's packet books. In fact, create a situation whereby the economy based on Dollars is no longer tenable thus introducing something new. Dissolve the Borders. Remake who The People are and trifles like The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the ever dangerous Declaration of Independence will go down the memory hole.

      So Cap and Trade is just one very big straw in the proverbial camel's back. The look on the camel's face is one of increasing fatigue and exasperation. Saving grace, camels spit and bite!

    11. Bill S ,tampa,fl says:

      The Cap and Trade proposal should be put up for a vote at the next election to be voted on by the people.The Democrats are trying to shove this proposal down our throats when other countries ,India and France rejected it.This is another tax and we the people who are out of work and cannot afford another snow job by the Democrats.

    12. John Rosky Andover, says:

      Why does this government think they can control everything without OUR support. If we would just use our own gas and oil we would not need to inport millions of barrels while exporting 1.5 million barrels per day. Alaska needs to take back ANWAR fron the FEDS and we could be self sufficient along with drilling along the coast. Why do we need to loan 2B to Brazil when we could use it to build a new refinery in the US.

    13. Mike in Missouri says:

      Amen Curt!

      I hate to say it, but I see anarchy on the horizon if there's ANY gov't takeover of individual choice. The sensible public is at a breaking point.

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    15. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      Yea, Mike what you said!

    16. curt L. Columbus, O says:

      Mike: I just returned from the southwest and, as I always like to do, I went to old mines and ghost towns to see American ingenuity as it was before progressives took over.

      Way back, one could find a sliver of gold and a week later, small businesses would spring up into a bustling town and be content to last until the gold ran out.

      Today, taking a chance is a crime, and small business has so many loops to jump through that the early american experiance of the pursuit of happiness is becoming hard to imagine–like in 1984, the old guy in the bar trying to remember old England.

      Every day, I'm more ready to help roll back this nightare that steals our land, our money, our ingenuity, our states' sovergnty and our way of life. I'm no longer content to restore our republic for our kids, I'm ready to do it for me.

      Last week, it was old mines I felt sorry for, tomarrow it will be my town.

    17. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Translated, 'Cap and Trade' literally means, 'Shoot to Kill' for American business and Freedom!


    18. Ross writes, Braden says:

      In the short-term, long-term, or under any terms can I see this or any other "Cap and Trade" environmental bill as a benefit for me, my family, my neighbors, my hometown, my home state, nor my country; much less for the environment. This whole exercise is nothing more than the wacko's and/or socialist Democrats making a move to destroy our economy, our God-given freedom, and institute economical slavery. I guess this batch of Representatives haven't read the United States Constitution to know that they are the "hired help", not the rulers.

      Rats and roaches only increase their activity when "bait" traps are lacking or a light is not being "shined" on their activities. But one can always smell their stench; same goes with socialist of any stripe. They act, smell, and repond the same way.

    19. John B. San Diego says:

      We can make sure Cap and Tax never passes!

      "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"– Thomas Jefferson

      "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

      Don't be discouraged by our lack of vigilance we are indeed human to trust our fellow Americans to a fault is our only weakness. Now that the stark reality of our mistakes has hit us squarely in the face and the pocketbook we must not act cowardly but with much courage. As good men we act wisely and decisively, organize as our opponents have organized, made good positive communications among the states and their patriots. Use our constitution; it is the strength of the nation we desire to live in with our families and neighbors.

      To do nothing as our opponent’s claim, is our desire, would be the worst of all options. If our opponents truly believe we are satisfied with status-quo well then the advantage is ours and the time is now! Now let's go kick their liberal leftwing butts out of power! Goodnight Now!

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