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  • Morning Bell: A Clunker of a Stimulus

    Yesterday was the six month anniversary of President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package. Since the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” became law, the United States economy has shed nearly 2.8 million net jobs. When Obama signed the stimulus the nation’s unemployment rate stood at 7.6%. Today it is 9.4%. Nationwide, a total of fifteen states are now suffering from 10% unemployment. No wonder 57% of Americans recently told Gallup that the stimulus package is either having no impact on the economy or making it worse.

    The White House has a different view than the American people. Last week when new data revealed that United States Gross Domestic Product fell by only 1% in the 2nd quarter of this year, President Obama rushed to the Diplomatic Reception Room to announce that, “in the last few months the economy has done measurably better than we had thought … And as many economists will tell you, that part of the progress is directly attributable to the Recovery Act.” Oh really? As stimulus tracker ProPublica points out, only 12% of the $580 billion in new spending of the bill has actually been spent. As New York University Associate Professor of Economics Mario Rizzo asks: “what is the mechanism by which about $70 billion in extra spending reduces the rate of increase in unemployment and reduces the rate of decrease in output in a $14 trillion economy? If my advanced arithmetic is correct this is ½ of 1 percent of the GDP. What kind of Super Multiplier is that?”

    And that reduction in unemployment from a June high of 9.5% to July’s 9.4% is nothing to get excited about. The U.S. economy still lost another 247,000 jobs last month meaning the dip in the unemployment rate came entirely from the fact that 422,000 people stopped looking for work entirely. As a result the labor force participation rate fell to 66.5% which equals the lowest recorded number of the current recession. And when government workers are removed from the mix, only 59.5% of Americans are participating in the private labor market, the lowest level in 25 years. Worse still, new job creation continues to drop. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Job Opportuni­ties and Labor Turnover Survey, which shows the proportion of workers starting at a new job each month, a record low 2.9% of Americans found or switched jobs in June.

    American eyes often justifiably gloss over when economic statistics are thrown around, which is why concrete examples like the Obama administration’s much hyped “Cash for Clunkers” program offer such valuable examples of why the left’s Keynesian policies are destined to fail. An Obama stimulus writ small, Cash for Clunkers seeks to rebuild the American economy and help the environment at the same time by borrowing money to spur new spending and car manufacturing now, while also simultaneously decreasing emissions. Cash for Clunkers has failed at everything but adding to the debt. It has not created any new car sales, but only shifted them into a narrow two month window. It has not stimulated any new consumer spending as consumers just cut back in other areas to pay for their new cars. And finally, it has done nothing for the environment since the new cars get driven more than the clunkers, and the clunkers are then destroyed a tremendous waste of resources that only hurts the environment.  It is no wonder that the President did not celebrate yesterday’s stimulus anniversary more prominently.  If this is what his relationship with the American economy looks like after just six months, the honeymoon is assuredly over.

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    48 Responses to Morning Bell: A Clunker of a Stimulus

    1. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      I am really getting tired of this from Washington. You cannot trust anything you hear from them because they decide what to say and how they are going to say it. Talk about "Big Brother". This stimulus was never about stimulating the economy, only about creating a slush-fund to overcome the growing unrest of the people in 2010 and 2012 so they can get re-elected. Our tax dollars are funding the SEIU protesters and commercials and perhaps even outright voter fraud in the years to come.

      Now that they are putting the spin-masters on the task of re-defining what the town hall meetings really mean, you can hardly believe what you hear there unless you were at a meeting. Fortunately, I am one of the 59% of americans still in the work force, so I have been unable to attend any of these.

      Instead of doing what the people need and want, our government is doing what they want, and then are trying to convince us that the "majority" of people want reform and that it is even needed. If you listen to these people talk, it is a done deal. What is not decided is just how much of our freedom will be lost this time. I am so tired, but I guess that is what they want.

      Be tired and go away silently.

    2. Eileen, Mobile, Alab says:

      The Obama administration approved $2 billion in loans to finance offshore oil drilling … for Brazil.

      Is that part of the new jobs he promised to create? Did he say they would be in America/United States? We are borrowing from China and giving part of it to other countries. Give us a break.

    3. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      Alter the ‘All in the Family’ theme song: “….Mister we can use a man like Ronald Reagan again….didn’t need no porklulus bill….” Reagan inherited Carter’s economic mess – far worse than what BHO inherited. But instead of whining about his predecessor, Reagan worked on real solutions; including across the board tax relief. 3 years later, inflation, interest rates and unemployment had fallen sharply. We had prosperity. Reagan NEVER would’ve supported that phony $787 billion stimulus/porkulus bill, bailouts, national health care, cap and trade, runaway wasteful deficit spending, government takeovers of industry, etc. These policies of the democraps currently in power will do nothing but flush this country down the economic drain. As we approach the 2010 and 2012 election seasons, we need to recruit many Reagan-like candidates for both Congress and the White House!!

    4. Reaper, Bandera, TX says:

      I heard this am on NPR that someone said the economy is finally on a turn around. The recession

      has halted. That prices are going down. I'm not

      college educated, but, aren't all these manufacturers warehouses full. Dont't they have to

      move product, DUH. What's the clunker deal all

      about??? The price of automobiles is still the same. It's just that the incentives make them look

      like they have been discounted. Everytime I look

      around I don't see an improvement, it's the opposite. You get one of these automobile deals and you're still stuck with a 60 or so month payment. You could have spend maybe $2000 and gotten the old car in tiptop conditions!!! I guess

      I'm just rambling cause it just don't make sense.


    5. Pat Droney, Enfield, says:

      Count me among those who have cancelled my AARP membership. I didnt know about the more conservative alternative. With AARP being in bed with the criminal union SEIU that was more than enough to convince me.

    6. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Why – it it's DAILY KNOCK ON OBAMA

      has the HF NEVER written one word about the

      MORE Take-Home Pay Tax Cut

      that pumps $1 Billion per month into the economy?



    7. Reaper, Bandera, TX says:

      Sorry to get back on again. On Saturday the

      president said something to the effect. That he

      was going to be perfectly "HONEST", concerning the

      Health Insurance issue. What??? Has he been lying

      to us all along. What else have we been misled



    8. Peter, Amherst MA says:

      We truly have a corrupt government – to the core. I never thought I would say it. They are overwhelming the system deliberately to accomplish their goal: to diminish this country's uniqueness, independence and greatness and to systematically reduce the rights (and personal wealth)of the individual while gaining more power for the state.

    9. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      Obama and his team of czar's (Loon's)are the most unfit people ever to hold public office in this country. There are more sensible people residing in mental institutions then we have in our government now. They have got to be put out of office and tried in courts for what they have done to this country.

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a self-centered narcissist interested only in his self-glorification. Everything about him is manufactured. He delivers the message his handlers give him. When he speaks he sounds intelligent but in reality he reads a script written by the powers behind him the way a narcissistic actor does when he plays a role.

      From what I have seen, this Administration and the Liberals in Congress have but one desire; they are determined to wreck this economy not restore it. In this way they will have their "manufactured crisis" of which to take advantage and succeed in replacing our Republic/Democracy with Marxist/Socialism.

      They must all be sent packing, starting with the next elections.

    11. Catriona Dempster says:

      The Declaration of Independence states…..

      Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      This being said I can quite emphatically say that I do NOT feel safe, and I am NOT happy with Barack Obama and his possy of sycophants running this country into the ground!

      How do you know when you are being lied to by this government? Their lips are moving!

      Obama is a disgrace! This man/child would not know the truth if it were stamped on his forehead!

      Do we have to spend any more time listening to these destructive lies, and being treated like fools? Do you think for one moment this band of thieves respects any of us?

      These thugs care nothing about this country….they have their own agenda and it does NOT include life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness for any of us!

      I for one am sick of playing games with this thuggery….


    12. A says:

      This is a most interesting complication of obama fiascos. Drilling of shore in Brazil. What an endorsement from an American president. Is this not enough just one more way he is showing he is ANTI US and pro every rogue nation or dictatorship? When will this country awaken to the fact that this man is a US hating pro socialism/communism puppet for the left? He has sent so many wakeup calls I am beginning to really believe must people in this country have become zombies for the left. It is time to awaken to reality folks. We are on a rapidly escalating downward spiral and please do not think the liberal supporters of this man will be exempt when we begin to live very similarly to the folks depicted in Dr Zhivago. If you take the time to read an real history book rather than the liberal prattle issued daily by our so called great educators you would recognize the symptoms of demise.

    13. John says:

      The President is such a liar! The only thing more stupid than that is the people who continue to believe him.

      Congress is broke. It has spent all the money. All it possibly can.

      Let's nationalize all the assets of the Federal Reserve Bank owners.

    14. Tom, Scappoose, Oreg says:

      -Give every legal citizen 55 and over $5 million.

      -Require they pay off their mortgage or buy a

      house. Housing/mortgage problen solved.

      -Require them to buy a new American car. Auto industry crisis solved.

      -They must retire from their job, younger folks get employed. Unemployment solved.

      -Buy their own insurance.

      Cost is less than the proposed solution now on the table. Case closed.

    15. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      A couple other things about the "mini-stimulus" Cash for Clunkers boondoggle. Under the CFC program participants must trade their clunkers in on NEW cars. Well, government bonus or not, a huge percentage of the consuming public simply cannot afford new cars.

      The destruction of the clunkers has had a particularly acute effect on the poor whose "clunkers" either do not qualify or, even if they do, still leaves those on low or fixed incomes helpless to replace their junkers. The used cars these folks normally buy have been destroyed which has resulted in an ever growing shortage of affordable, used cars.

      Worse yet, CFC has led to a vast shortage of parts for older cars. Parts have become so scarce that when someone chooses to fix the old buggy he cannot find replacement parts, most of which have traditionally been salvaged in junkyards and sold at low prices. Nor are parts available from auto parts stores because those stores cannot get them either. The clunkers, parts and all, have been crushed, you see, to improve the environment

      Cash for Clunkers is an excellent example of the blackletter law of unintended, or shamefully ignored, consequences. If and when the stimulus bill is actually implemented one wonders just what unexpected, or deliberate, surprises it will bring?

    16. Eleanor Napa Calif. says:

      I urge all of you to read what Saul Alinsky, writer and community organizer, wrote and you will be AMAZED how this radicals beliefs connect to what Obama and his "elitist club" are working on forcing on this country and the citizens.

      Alinsky advises his followers "that the poor have no power and that the real target is the MIDDLE CLASS". Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead CENTER UPON AMERICA' WHITE MIDDLE CLASS. That is where the power is. Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeous, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt. They are right; but we must begin from where we are if we are to build power for change, and the power and the people are in the middle class majority.

      You can verify this message by reading "Rules for Radicals" written by Saul Alinsky and published in 1971. Not only is he targeting the "MIDDLE CLASS", he is targeting the "WHITE MIDDLE CLASS".

      Alinsky's teachings influenced Obama in his early career as a community organizer on the far South Side of Chicago. Need I say more? Is this not enough to let you realize WHAT is going on?

      We need to understand that this is a massive assault on the Constitution, our freedom and our liberty!!!

      Be informed as to WHO THEY ARE TARGETING and how deceitful, brutal and insiduous this attack is trying to be "sold" to us – among other things – as GOVERNMENTAL HEALTH CARE. Obama and his "Club" want to reform the USA according to their distorted, sickening view of extreme leftist radicals.

      Wake up America and fight for the future of many generations to come.

      Health care does need reform. We can agree on this. However, don't allow THESE RADICALS to force this "governmental plan" on us. Let them move to Cuba or Venezuela. If you want to see misery, check out HOW tragically the lives have been destroyed in these two countries by Socialism. Actually, it is called COMMUNISM. Make no mistake about it!!!

    17. harleyj says:

      It took eight years of ridiculous Bush "borrow and spend" mismanagement of the American economy to bring our–and the world's econom–to the sorry state it is in and you expect Obama or anyone to fix it in 6 months? What planet do you people live on? Sure as heck not the earth the rest of us live on!

      If the economy surged, housing prices went up and were selling like hot cakes, banks began to loan fairly again, per capita income took off, the car companies began production because demand for cars ascended & unemployment dropped to where it was when GWB took office & revenues skyrocketed against the budget deficits–I could go on–you people would give William Howard Taft and Ronald Reagan all the credit. How long since they were in the White House? In turn, you would clobber Obama for creating an inflationary cycle even if inflation was just a thought and not a reality.

      Just remember, it was Taft, as Chief Justice of a virtual Republican SCOTUS, who overturned pure food and drugs, sweat shop and child labor laws. It was Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, GHWBush, GWBush who broke all annual budget deficit and national debt records, redistributed the wealth of the nation from the consumer class to the wealthiest few, shrunk the middle class, expanded the poverty class, reduced the buying power of the dollar, put us in massive debt to the rest of the world–I could go on again! It was Ronald Reagan who took the US from being the leading lender nation in the world to the leading debtor nation in the world. It was RMN & RWR whose administrations broke the records for their administration's appointees and staff who were investigated, indicted, convicted, jailed or fined or who had to leave government under cloud of criminal scandal. When is the Heritage Foundation going to tell the whole Republican story to it's devotees simply in the interest of intellectual honesty and integrity?

      I hold no hope that this comment will be allowed even though I have used no profanity or attacked anyone's character!

    18. harleyj says:

      I have left only part of my commentary regarding the intellectual cowardice & dishonesty of The Heritage Foundation when the whole Republican story is told. I hope it was posted unedited. I will not hold my breath for that!

    19. Steve Olson, Pebble says:

      With respect to the "stimulus", it appears obvious to me that the Democrats have structured the timing of the bulk of the injections in order to cause GDP growth in the 2010 through 2012 timeframe so that they can take credit for it during the upcoming election seasons. In my mind, this explains the lack of spending in 2009. While they lament the sorry state of the job market and cite sad story after sad story on the one hand, on the other the Democrats have robbed some of the unemployed of jobs by putting political motives before the public welfare. I am dismayed that no one seems to be focusing on this.

    20. jim sardis,ms says:

      the numbers coming from the white house are based on nothing but out of the air.the unemployment rate is probably,over 10%.there are more people on unemployment due to stimulus adding part time workers and now the length of time has been extended.jobs are being eliminated due to TARP money going to financial institutions that the administration has chosen and the cash turned the balance sheet into profits for all the execs and bad loans written off and no money being lent to small business.anything not union is getting nothing.big payoff to buy votes next year is why the stimulus is being saved.i believe,the agenda is to flatten the economy,eliminate manufacturing non union jobs to force dependence on the government.the only people making money are the ones in the fast lane that have all the money and the smaller guys set to fail ie.Goldman Sachs.obama made a statement in the beginning of his first month that wall street optimism and success was no indicator of how well the economy was doing.i wish we could see what Sorus,Pickens,Buffet,Gore Immelt has made since January '09.

    21. Mike Pryor, Lake Zur says:

      The largest annual expenditure of the “Stimulus Package” is scheduled for release in the year 2010 (election year). The Stimulus Package has only one purpose – the re-election of the corrupt elected officials that voted for it in the first place as a means of “purchasing” votes from their constituents in an election year.

      There should be no stimulus spending and we should do everything possible to stop further spending on the stimulus bill. Having said that, does anyone see the irony in the catastrophic picture that Obama painted in his pitch to get the stimulus approved yet the majority of the spending is scheduled for well into the future. It couldn’t be any more obvious that this spending package had nothing to do with fixing the economy. Rather it had everything to do with cramming his wish list down everyones throat under the guise of a do or die situation. I believe it was Rahm Emmanuel that said, “Let’s not waist a good crisis”.

    22. Barry, Lexington Ky says:

      In reality, the more the current Gov spends to fix 'the economic problem' and manipulate the free market system the worse the 'economic problem' becomes.

      In their fantasy world, it is either getting better or could of been worse. Which implies that they, The OBama admin, can do 'dimensional time travel' and know for a fact what 'our world' would be like in a parallel universe without their economic intervention.

      However, I live and work in this diminsion, and I can easily say that things, economically and otherwise, are not as good as the political spin masters would have us believe. In fact, from my humble vantage point in this reality, the economic situation appears to be getting worse, not better.

    23. freefred, Nicholasvi says:

      while I staunchly oppose govt. stimulus plans, wasn't the vast majority of this plan supposed to be spent next year, therefore having little to no impact on today's economic situation?

    24. Charles Muleshoe says:

      I wonder how long the American People will sit by and allow this?

    25. Nelia, AZ says:

      Today's Arizona Republic is a 'love fest' issue focused on Obama's visit to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Emphasis was on the closed door meeting with the VFW, here for their annual convention. Obama didn't even make an appearance to meet and greet the many outside the convention center who represented both support and non-support and had been standing for hours in the broiling sun. The Obama's left town ahead of schedule. Probably to beat the desert heat.

    26. Evan, Anchorage says:

      The only way we should do health care is if we copy some other countries plan. This country is too broke for experiments. Nobody talks about other countrie's plans except Lou Dobbs. If we copy another countries we will have an idea of whats good, whats bad and how much it will cost.

    27. Dale B. Halling says:

      The analysis of the stupidity of the cash for clucks program is great. We cannot spend ourselves into wealth. Logically you have to produce (except for air) before you can consume. In addition, you have to invent before you can produce. Innovation is the key to getting the U.S. economy growing – see http://hallingblog.com/2009/07/08/is-innovation-t

    28. Gerald, Texas says:

      It was almost encouraging learning GDP dropped only 1%, but when viewed in light of the other factors driving the economy, the President's desire to rush to the press and tout this one bit of good news just underscores how much he doesn't get it. Despite the mantra from Gibbs and the rest of the W.H. staff that what we are experiencing is NOT as bad as we are experiencing is humorous. That is akin to our 7 year old being afraid mommy and daddy might die now is not a real emotion and you should not think about it at all. What we are experiencing IS real, it IS dramatic and millions of people are caught up in it.

      What amazes me is why we don't learn from past mistakes. FDR's socialist agenda turned a recession into a severe depression, and now we are trying to outspend not only a recession here in the U.S., but a global recession.

      AS for the Cash for Clunkers program, it is a boondoggle. The cynic in me sees most dealers getting shorted on the reimbursement program. Did you know if the customer owes on taxes, the dealer will be shorted the amount owed to the IRS, and the dealer then has no recourse for reimbursement?

      The net result could well be the potential loss of still more jobs as some dealers fail due to over-commitment of funds to a nefarious program.

      Great stuff.

    29. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I know I will sound like I am complimenting Obama with the next few words; Hustler, flim flam artist, and a bunch of expletives……all befitting his actions and his temperament.

      In days gone by those traits would be considered detrimental to every one involved. Now that we have suffered the likes of Maddoff, Barney Frank, Dan Rather and Pelosi and Reid it seems being a liar, a cheat and a fraud is a culmination of aptitude for Congressional service or leadership in America.

      We have gone full circle where the best are chastise for being honest and the dictators and fascists with the most lies on record are promoted as Saints and devilishly good leaders.

      It is too bad we have grown accustomed to treating treachery like this with applause and not with the contempt it deserves. We have become strangely anti-moralistic and supporters of our own demise.

    30. John Lange says:

      What if the Stimulus Bill did the following-

      1. Build 50 nuclear plants.

      2. Build 50 clean coal plants.

      3. Open true offshore drilling(Gulf,California,Alaska etc.)

      4. Open shale oil operations in Colorado.

      5. Adopt the Fair Tax-abolish IRS.

      The result would be true energy independence and funding for future new sources,genuine productive new employment in the private sector and a huge downstream benefit in support jobs,spending and investment.The future would be bright!

      Instead we have a huge debt,more dependence and the biggest political pork fest ever with NOTHING to show for when its all said and done.And the real purpose is to help these clowns that have NEVER run anything get re-elected-thats why Acorn gets 8 BILLION! Just makes me PUKE!

    31. ella,n.c. says:

      Mad Andy,I am tired of this mess with the democrats and obama also. We will keep on talking to friends family,church friends,neighbors and more people and hopefully we will get more people to open their eyes to this nightmare.Donot give up the battle is not over, we will win.

    32. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama does more "Waffling" than Bill Clinton and Al Gore combined, and that I would have thought an impossibility! Just prove the old adage,"Lawers are professional liars."


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    34. harleyj says:

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was just about now in Ronald Reagan's first term that he had an unemployment approaching 10.5%…Congress gave him a tax cut 1/3 what he wanted and the recovery–caused by OPEC's major cut in the price of crude–was in full before his tax cuts ever took effect. Thank God that congress held him in check because had he given the rich anymore of America's money, the deficit would have 2/3 bigger and the debt would have been even worse. It was an OPEC recovery and it was a Reagan deficit…a deficit which kept growing and growing and growing because of his "borrow and spend" policies…What's worse, Reagan, the Jesus of the Right Wing, had to impose the largest tax and fee increase in history–and the largest tax & fee increase in history in real dollars based on inflation–in his second term because the assumptions of his "supply side" & "trickle down" policies failed miserably. He was the first president to tax social security. I just need to disabuse any of you that Reagan was as great as Republican historical revisionists want to convince you he was. He was popular because he was soothing to Americans after they had been through the kennedy assassination, the King assassination, the RFK assassination, the Vietnam War, the Nixon-Watergate fiasco, Oil Shock in Nixon/Ford/Carter years, the OPEC recession, the Iran Hostage situation…He was America's Grand Dad. He was not a great leader so we had Oliver North and the shadow government in theWH basement, the Iran-Contra fiasco, the killing of 290 American Marines in Lebenon, deficits, debts, prosecutions of Reagan appointees, and on and on and on. HE WAS NOT A GREAT LEADER. HE LED US DOWN A PRIMROSE PATH AND WE ARE STILL PAYING FOR IT. STOCKMAN TOLD IT THE WAY IS WAS IN HIS BOOK…READ IT!

    35. Carolyn, Illinois says:

      Yes, Obama and most dems make me sick. We were hoodwinked by the President and he thinks we are really going to vote for Obamacare or his little trojan horse, co-insurance. They would have to ration healthcare strictly because of the cost involved and they always allow wriggle room by leaving their bill open-ended. You can trust a politician about as far as you can throw them. We all know that so if we let it happen even God will not be able to save us. Term limits, term limits. Throw corrupt Congress out and bring in new with Term Limits.

    36. Mary, Texas says:

      How about a new bill proposing "no more spending of stimulus money?" Just who is allocating this $ and where is the oversight?! With the same strong voices shouting "no" to gov't run healthcare, we should demand accountability to any future allocations. Drilling off the coast of Brazil??? Unbelievable.

      BTW, don't get too relaxed now that the public option looks like it's dead. The term "co-op" is simply a seed for future public option.

      Keep up the pressure co-conservatives!

    37. Lizabeth C NY says:

      And all this mess surprises whom? This so called president and his team are not capable of serving the american people. They don't care what the people of this country want.And we the people seem to forget there are 545 people elected to govt. and 300,000,000 of us. So stop the whineing and get out there and take back what our founding fathers worked so hard to give to us…. We are the majority . America has been underestimated time and time again and we the people are being underestimated again….KEEP FIGHTING

    38. Suzanne, Florida says:

      Koolaid drinkers were & still are 100% for everything the Pres. dictates. These are the same poor souls who expected their mortgages to be paid & either a new or better car + free gas. Well, no more better cars, as well as repair shops & used car lots gone or going fast.

      If these folks had even once listened to the pre-election teleprompter speeches this would not have happened.

      Ad: Wanted a bumper sticker saying, "I told you so."

    39. harleyj says:

      Carolyn, where were you on term limits when the Republican congress just past was doubling the national debt with "borrow and spend" and givaways to the rich individuals and corporations which, in fact, never pay taxes…The Republican "pity the poor rich" philosophy is the downfall of capitalism and everytime it is imposed, the middle (consumer) class shrinks, the poor class expands and the American economy falls off the edge. And then you and your blind compadres demand an immediate fix when the Democrats is elected to erase and/or correct the Republican fiasco.

      And Suzanne, I am saying "I told you so" when I predicted the very economic fiasco which GWB and his merry team of oligarchs perpetrated on the American people. So we had 8 years of economic destruction and you expect Obama to fix it in 6 months…See a shrink!

    40. harleyj says:

      …when the Democrats ARE elected….forgive my pitiful editing but my point is well taken despite the editing!

    41. John, California says:

      I find it rather interesting that everyday Obama's approval rating is tanking lower and lower. Will he ever get a clue or is he so absorbed in his meglamaniac state not to even care what America wants. America doesn't want Obamacare which is a cloaked version of socialistic and communist healthcare all wrapped into one. But by the same token for someone who adores the Russian President and that thinks that foreign policy can be dictated with more "dialog" and a few beers at the white House I suppose America could expect nothing more! Tragically enough Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a saint!

    42. John, California says:

      It amazes me to think that there are still people in America who believe that there should be a free lunch for everyone and that the government can and will pay for the bill! Sorry America no free mortgages and no free cars and for the 20 million jobs that Obama promised the nation before the end of summer…well that was a lie as well!

    43. John, California says:

      Most conservatives realize and are bracing for unemployment to rise even further under the current administration. Most economists that I have spoken with predict that the unemployment rate will reach the high teens or the 20 percentile range. The uncertain future under Obama and his absolute declaration of war on business in America has left many excutives scratching their heads and wondering how they can make payroll under the increased scrutany that the Obama administration is placing on small business and well as Corporate America. We wonder Mr. President if you ever seriously believed that you were qualified to run this country in the first place your record is proving that you have a deep contempt for the nation you are attempting to run!

    44. Bobbie Jay says:

      How dare you take on the name harley and show such a deprivation of government. How dare you call yourself harley and use such a portion of your brain to focus on the mistakes of the past while enabling the downfall of the country's future. I'm not republican, so don't confuse yourself.

    45. Bobbie Jay says:

      I vote for those who encourage freedom, independence and prosperity to the people. None of them are democrat.

      What harley writes is exaggerated in democratic SPIN and in the past! What we are writing about harley, is THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT'S actions, words and inductions taking our freedom and liberties away. DAILY! open your mind.

    46. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Small "Ode" to a Big "If"

      If "If" were not so small a word,

      If "If", it weren't so tiny,

      We'd have a new kid on the block

      Whose name begins with "H", for Heini?

      If "Then" were also part of "If",

      If "Then" could really fix things,

      We'd have a "boom" of sonic size

      To bring all wayward "Ifs'" demise?

      Wouldn't that be nice?

      If "If" did all it would and could,

      If "Then" and "If" combined right,

      Our troubles should be over soon;

      Prosperity might come by noon!

      If thousand "Ifs" and "Whens" and "Thens"

      Were all to bow before us,

      We could be "Millionaires" and spend

      What others from still others rend?

      Wouldn't that not our fortunes mend?

      If principles the size of mountains

      Got somehow turned to water-fountains;

      If all our thirsty there could gather,

      Would we still listen to "Dan Rather"?

      If thousand little ACORNs fell

      Beneath the mighty oak to tell,

      Of seasons past and future's promise,

      We'd dare ignore the present smell?

      Wouldn't then we still know where our home is ?!

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