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  • Fact Checking the White House on Health Care

    Earlier this month the White House unveiled their “Health Insurance Reform Reality Check” video site to combat “disinformation” about Obamacare on the internets. The Heritage Foundation health care policy team has responded with their own “A Dose of Reality: Fact Checking the White House” page which features video responses to the Obama administration’s key health care claims. Here is Center for Data Analysis director Bill Beach explaining how Obamacare hurts small businesses:


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    16 Responses to Fact Checking the White House on Health Care

    1. James Rhodes (dohiky says:

      Some folks are claiming part 1 of Obamas health plan was slipped into the Stimulus bill and signed into law in February. The congress is now writing the 2nd part; can you confirm these claims? James Rhodes

    2. mld, AZ says:

      Obama’s health-care promises are being exposed by the details of the actual legislation, and we WILL see costs rise. Support the goal of covering all individuals through private health insurance! http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/issues/index

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    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      There has to be a demand for government to focus on their actual duties instead of something or where they should not be involved?

    5. Mary-Theresa, Utah says:

      Don't they get the real picture about reform? All they have to do is do away with tort reform by the lawyers (fat chance, they are all lawyers in Washington); limit the time a new prescription is patented and cannot go generic; and put all politicians and their staff on the same plan as they are trying to force down on WE THE PEOPLE.

    6. Ken St Louis says:

      All of this foolishness could be stopped if we could just get TERM LIMITS passed. We have 535 of the laziest, most incompetent people on the planet in charge of all this! Its called congress! 100 senators, and 435 members of the house of representatives, WOW! WHAT A MISNOMER THAT IS! mOSTLY, THEY JUST REPRESENT/Promote themselves! TERM LIMITS IS THE ANSWER, AND NO PENSIONS UNTIL THEY HAVE SERVED AT LEAST TEN YEARS!

    7. Art, Florida says:

      Granted, our health care policies need some form of reform, but, it is not the governments job to take over this task. Hold the insurance companies liable for this. NO ONE is ever turned away from an emergency room, due to no insurance. They are treated and transferred, when ambulatory, to another hospital is is paid to handle those without insurance. They get treated.

      No country, who has a public option, has not gone to rationed care. They all do eventually. It is inevitable. With rationed care comes boards deciding IF you will be treated, aka "Death Panels". There will be months of delays and waiting for "Life saving" surgeries. "Grandma", WILL be turned down. Where does it end? Just name a couple.

      I'n not saying he is like him, but Hitler had this very same thinking. Too old, too sick equals too much expense on society and therefore were eliminated. Tell the government to "Stay out of the business industry and stay out of our pockets".

    8. Tom Iowa says:

      The only FACT that Congress cares about is that their CHECK is in the bank….

    9. Deanna 80860 says:

      I just seems so simple. Tort reform, buy insurance across state lines and as stated earlier, patent tme limits. Why is it so difficult to use common sense other than the personal agenda of re-election. Vote them all out and have term limits so it is more difficult to be entrenched in the Washington insider atmosphere.

    10. suzy potaka says:

      the medical records were set up to be consolidated by Washington with the Stimulus bill. it's in the bill for anyone to read.

    11. Vivian Ferraro, Stat says:

      All I am hearing in regards to this health plan is cutting costs from Medicare. FYI Mr. Obama- people who get medicare are generally people who have given money into the plan for retirement. I am a Social worker. I have worked for private agencies and public instutions. I have seen the elderly suffer greatly because they cannot afford such things as medications, or home health assistants. I have seen discharged patients DENIED home health assistants from their medicare and secondary insurance providers. People who have had strokes and who are otherwise disabled. Here is what I a NOT hearing!!! What about MEDICAID??? You know that free- entitlement program created by liberals to cover people with no incomes or low incomes? If someone had the ability to investigate that government run program they would be shocked as to what goes on. For example, medicaid patients almost always get approval for those motorized wheelchairs. I have seen many medicaid recipients get the chair, then sell it…How about this scam? Get on SSI, get medicaid, get 7 day a week 8-10 hours a day (including weekends) home health aids. SSI, provides everyone with medicaid. Drug addicts, who are too "sick" to take a bus to

      re-certifications and demand ambulance rides to re-certify, then turn around and go on 5 hour car rides to Cape May for a vacation with their boyfriend. How about this one? An immigrant was working with a green card. She claimed she had trauma from the world trade center tragedy,and got SSI. She gets 7 day a week home health care. Free medical, food stamps, and monthly checks. She then gets her sickly elderly mom to come and live with her from India. After 4 years guess what? Mom has SSI, 7 day a week home health care, food stamps, medicaid and is being treated for kidney disease. I could write a book. Some one NEEDS to investigate these frauds, and the many other free rides people get with SSI,SSD and medicaid. Medicare is not the problem.The problem is all our government give away's that deplete our system. GOVERNMENT is our problem Government, waste, and give away programs are our problem. They are not monitored, or managed correctly. How in heaven's sake will they manage more?

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Facts? Washington D.C. does no longer deal in facts! It only deals in whatever popular fiction may fit in with its various, self interest for re-election, such as Global Warming, and Fossil Fuels. Neither of which exist, according to the leading scientific facts for the past several years!

      It take pseudo science, pseudo math, pseudo humanities, stirs them together and comes up with things such as Obama Care! Face it, our Government has never made a profit in its entire history, and that is because it was designed that way! Our Government is not a business! Business is business! Those are facts. Basically, our Government is only to ensure our basic freedoms, to travel freely between the States, without tariffs, slavery, voting, et. al., promote the general welfare, see to it that folks have at least the minimum of food, shelter and education, and to keep a standing army to protect us from our enemies, self explanatory, unless you are either a zealot or an idiot! Our new and modern Congress and President do none of these things, so who needs them? We need people who can read the Constitution and its Amendments, the Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence and KNOW THESE RIGHTS TO BE TRUE!


    13. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Does anyone out there really think that Obama and his crew care about facts? They manufacture their own "facts" to suit any occassion or point of view they wish to adopt.

      Remember, these are the geniuses that don't read the legislation they sign into law, who get insulted if you ask them questions, and resort to calling you names if you disagree with them. How's about that for caring about "facts"?

      These people in Congress, the Senate and White House believe that they have achieved "royal" status. How dare we question THEM? How dare we not bow and quiver in THEIR presence? Before long, we will be told to keep our eyes down and to avoid looking directly at THEM. They have become so used to everyone kissing their a–, that they expect it.

      It's time to stop kissing and start kicking.

    14. Normca says:

      It looks like the American people have at the least affected the fight and will continue to do so, while the communist democrats look for ways to fool us. My comments here go to the main stream media who have continued to lie to their own readers and viewers. They contributed heavily, in money and air time to land this president [who dislikes America] in the white house. I hope at some point that more people recognize that, reduce their support for the media and then we can observe MSNBC, CNN and the rest look for a bail out. They bashed Bush for 8 years, divulged military secrets, encouraged the enemy, omitted and lied and now they are covering this guy like he is the second coming. The main stream media are simply a bunch of verbal thugs, have no professionalism, core or ethics and need to be put out like a stray dog.

    15. Ross writes, Braden says:

      Fix healthcare cost? Start with tort reform to eliminate "ambulance chasers" from legitiment cases.

      The cost of malpractice insurance is astronomical and who pays for it, the consumer, the patients. How, by receiving unnecessary and costly test plus additional administrative staff cost just to protect the doctor from a lawsuit. As a child in the 1950's, our family doctor's office consisted of the doctor and a nurse/administer. He even made house calls, as did his nurse when necessary.

      Regretfully, commonsense is getting to be a very, very rare commodity in today's American society.

    16. John Clancy Wyandott says:

      Is there a proposal by Heritage or some conservative body on healthcare reform that clearly lays out an alternative to a government-run program? I think such a proposal should be in every conservative's hands.

      Obama and his elk only speak spin in generalities.

      We are desperate for a proposal with substance. I'd be happy to buy copies and pass them around.

      This is a war. We need good weapons now. Such a proposal would be a concrete, specific, substantive, relevant weapon????

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