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  • How's That Government-run Health Care Working Out Canada?

    Last week we passed along the news that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is considering cutting more than 6,000 surgeries to make up for a $200 million budget shortfall. British Columbia Medical Association president Dr. Brian Brodie called the proposed surgical cuts “a nightmare.”

    Unsurprisingly, the collapse of Canda’s government-run health care system is not confined to the West Coast. The Canadian Press reports today:

    The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country’s health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.

    Dr. Anne Doig says patients are getting less than optimal care and she adds that physicians from across the country – who will gather in Saskatoon on Sunday for their annual meeting – recognize that changes must be made.

    “We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize,” Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

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    27 Responses to How's That Government-run Health Care Working Out Canada?

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    2. Alex Simic, Windsor says:

      Nationalized health care is dependent on economic growth. I believe that the entire system could collapse with a prolonged economic downturn. Even with a strong economy the nationalized healthcare system has it's limitations. In Canada, we don't have the option to pay for certain procedures that are not covered by the nationalized system or procedures that are viewed as unnecessary. I realized this when I injured my bicep a few years ago.

    3. john, ca says:

      YUP. When will Americans realize that the economics of socialization simply cannot work to the benefit of the masses? Government cannot create wealth. It takes it and redistributes it to look like prosperity but it's not prosperity. It is the seeds of inevitable poverty. It's not as if Canada is the first nation to see the collapse of its social programs, either. Heck, we've got programs collapsing in the U.S. that the masses remain willingly ignorant of! Now the Congress wants our support to create another one?

    4. M.L.P. Bellingham, says:

      Talked with a canadian man from Alberta today at the Republican booth of the NW Washington Fair, in Lynden, Washington. He had a triple bipass surgery two years ago, it was an emergency and the operation was performed timely and successful, but he said it was not free. He thought it was cheaper than the cost of the same procedure in the U.S., but with all his taxes paid he still had to pay a lot of money extra for the bypass. The problem is when it is not emergency he said, he has been trying to see his cardiologist since April of 2009, and still does not have a definite appointment with him! He is unsure if he is progressing well or not. The Canadian health care system is very tax heavy and not addressing the patient's needs in any reasonable time period. He said there seems to be a shortage of doctors, and scheduling is very much late. Government run health care is not good no matter which country, if you talk with the people using the system.

    5. Chris, Wisconsin says:

      It is insane to think you can make the same mistakes and get different results.

    6. Lwesson, Tx says:

      Nationalized health care is a gateway "drug" if you will for a larger picture, a larger purpose. THE PEOPLE, who are supposedly sovereign, the ultimate arbitrators of what institution of government that they allow, under socialized medical care will give up a tremendous amount of authority to the Government.

      That the cost will be a major redistribution of wealth from those who produce to those who do not will further weaken the old economic system, weaken the dollar and make future calamities that can be taken advantage of to make further CHANGES in the country and The People.

      Nationalized health care includes illegal aliens. This is the stepping stone to making criminals into "citizens" and encouraging further "illegal" immigration. Why do this? To profoundly and permanently remake what constitutes, The People and insure that ultimately it is the STATE that has ultimate authority and not, The People. The Founders would be appalled but, sadly, they are long since dead. The documents that they left are being relegated to further obscurity. In the future, The NEW People will care less for such ancient scribes and will be forever dependent on the ever powerful STATE in whatever configuration it morphs into.

    7. Eric, Connecticut says:

      When are people going to wake up and realize that Gov't run health care does not and will not ever work. Sure there are issues which can be addressed but doing the absolute wrong thing is not better than doing nothing at this point. They need to take some time and work through the real issues like tort reform. Health care/insurance is NOT a constitutional right.

      Check out Rep Tom Price on You Tube. We need more like him

    8. James, GA says:

      I have heard that medical coverage varies with the province in Canada, and how does the coverage differ from England. For example, I understand that in England if you are age 60 or older, you cannot get a coronary stent. Anyone for clarification?

    9. Ross writes, Bradent says:

      Socialism is contrary to American history, mores, and character. Canada, bless their heart, was a colony of the UK until after WW2, so their mind set was formed by almost 200 years of English rule and culture, less Quebec, which still think that their King still lives in France. So socialism came easy for the majority of the population of Canada. It is the rugged individuals of the west that has had to adapt to socialism in Canadian society.

      The American government welfare system has given welfare an ugle name. Welfare is to give people down a helping hand until the person is on his feet, not to enslave them. It should have been called what it is, the government dole system or the government alums system. That is where socialism leads, equal misery, despair, and hopelessness. The same goes with "healthcare", equal misery at high prices, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.


    10. Joe says:

      Yes, there are problems in the Canadian health care system. They are the same problems seen in the U.S. health care system (one, namely, is lack of funds). The difference? Canada covers everyone, whereas the U.S. system leaves almost 50 million people out to dry, and the other 250 million to fight with insurers whose sole motivation is profit (at the expense of the "customer").

    11. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Unfortunately, the zealots in favor of a single payer, government run health plan aren't going to believe there are any problems with other countries national health plans. they will refuse to believe the facts that were reported in FOUNDRY. Do you think for a moment that the New York Times, L.A. Times, Newsweek. NBC, CBS, CNN or any news outlet, other than Fox News will report What the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has proposed or what the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association has said about the condition of the Canadian Provincial Health plans?

      Now consider this. Canada's defense budget, compared to that of the U.S. is miniscule. The U.S. provides for the national defense of Canada and Canada knows it. Yet Canadians pay a lot more in taxes than do Americans.

      How much of their respective GNPs do the nations of England, France, Spain, Germany and Japan spend on their national defense? Compared to the U.S., their defense budgets are miniscule. Why? Because they rely on the U.S. to provide for their national defenses. They can take what they should be spending on their own defense and spend it on their own national health care and in subsidizing their own industries. While I can't speak to the number of illegal aliens sneaking into European countries, I can say that Canada doesn't have a whole lot of people south of their border sneaking into Canada looking to sign up for all the Canadian freebees.

      I'm really not in the mood to listen to anyone telling me how much better the Canadian health care system, or any other country's systems, are better than ours. They should be thanking the U.S. for providing for their defense and for providing their people with hospitals, doctors and treatments they can't get at home because of too few doctors or their age.

      I am also sick of liberal politicians prefacing all of their giveaway legislation with "we are the richest country in the world". We aren't; we are broke. Mr. Obama and his ilk have seen to that. If it were not for the Chinese communists buying up our debt, the government wouldn't have enough money to make payroll. How ironic, here we are relying on Chinese communists to tell us to stop spending money we don't have. Who are the Communists and who are the Capitalists?

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It has never worked and it is still not working! Ask the Canadians who come here for Mediacal Care!


    13. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Joe: Do a little research. The actual figure of uninsured Americans is more like 10 Million. Some 40 million of those "uninsured" are that was by choice, (12 million are illegals and NOT entitled to any government assistance), some just plain do not want it. This is not a taking point, this is a fact you can check for yourself. You MUST educate yourself on these issues, not just repeat the talking heads in the liberal media.

    14. LA Jensen says:

      I find it very interesting how all these Americans are experts on the Canadian Health system. As a Canadian, I can tell you that the Canadian System is so much healthier than the US system there is no comparison. All the horror stories you are being fed about the Canadian system simply are not true. Every Canadian citizen is covered under our system and they receive the best of care yes it is getting more expensive these days but it is still at a much smaller price than in the US. My husband is presently being treated for cancer, diagnosed on Tuesday and saw an oncologist on Thursday of the same week. He is getting the best of care and it isn't putting us in the poor house. Contrary to common belief in the US, people are not dying because they can't get to see a doctor. If they are in dire need of a Dr and don't have a family doctor all they need to do is go to an emergency centre and they are treated. Elective surgery can take a long time but when it comes to life or death, all necessary measures are taken and available. Our doctors are brilliant and thankfully we can be confident that they have the latest technology and training. I would advise your politicians to quit telling horror stories about the Canadian system and take a closer look. It is money people that run the US system not caring and compassionate doctors.

    15. M.L.P. Bellingham, says:

      Italy has Government run healthcare for a long time, and it is BROKE! They are having nightmares and the Italian government is trying to get a handle on it and fix it. What do you bet it will require more taxes and money??

    16. Concerned, USA says:

      As a HealthCare Professional, I can tell you that no one is ever denied emergency care. It is preventative care (pap smears,prostate exams etc…) that is lacking for the un-insured. This problem could easily be rectified by a voucher system that has nothing to do with healthcare reform. Have vouchers for such services to be provided at a reduced rate or co-pay. Free care is not the answer. When you give someone something they do not appreciate it and it tends to be abused.

    17. Joanna - Canada says:

      Please don't think all Canadians are happy to see the USA take up national healthcare. We live here and know the shortfalls. It is simply nice sounding words – health care for all. How beautiful. However, as with all free services, there are downsides never considered.

      #1 – free always is too easy and therefore always abused.

      #2 – government run businesses seem to think the sky is the limit for funds and therefore when the bottom falls out of the economy everyone runs for cover

      #3 – service from government run institutions never would compare favourably with private run companies- ever heard on a lawsuit against the government here because you had a heart attack in the waiting room after a four hour wait.

      #4 – you are a number on a long list.

      Do we have good doctors, nurses, etc. here in Canada? We do but the best usually get tired of beating their heads against the walls and leave for greener pastures – USA

    18. Norman C., Calgary, says:

      While vacationing in the U.S. I had occasion to take my grandson to hospital in Salt lake city and altho' I had private insurance but I had to pay upfront for the service. I went straight back to Canada and took my grandson to the first hospital I came to and he was treated straight away, no billing even tho' I was registered in another Province. Trying to get the insurance company to pay for the American treatment was like pulling hens' teeth,they came up with all sorts of excuses like not having an itemised bill from the American hospital.I tried to get one but they had excuses too.

      I never did get paid for the service I had paid for before leaving Canada.

      I'm satisfied with the Canadian system,it has served me well over the years.

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    20. Joe says:

      @Greg: Whether there are 10 million (as you assert) or ~50 million (as numerous experts — namely, not you — assert) is irrelevant. Not everyone is covered. Furthermore, you did not refute my second point: When paying for a service (health insurance) why should someone then have to fight with the provider (the insurer) to get the service they paid for? Especially when that service is health care? It's a system set up to be adversarial … and to fail.

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    22. Bobbie Jay says:

      Joe, you don't think you'll be fighting with GOVERMENT? Please, save yourself. If there is a complaint about your insurer that cannot be resolved, you have the government oversight committee. Who is obviously negligible in conducting this part of their government duty to result this deception as a crisis. Insisting it's all insurance as government never holds themselves accountable to their idiotic failures wasting our time and money going nowhere but down. Government bribes and set-ups while insurances taking the heat. Just like AIG,the auto companies, ETC.

    23. Bobbie Jay says:


    24. Bobbie Jay says:



    25. Nina, Michigan says:

      I don't believe these reports about unhappy citizens with government run healthcare systems. I worked at the airport and came in contact with thousands of people from countries with government run healthcare, and had opportunity to talk with them about it. I have not met one, not one person that says what our media keeps saying that they say about their healthcare. So I am left to conclude they have paid some of these people to say these things for their benefit. My son goes to a University and told me the same thing about the Canadian Students what they say about it. I asked for the pro's and con's. There was one thing they mentioned, however, none of them would change it back just because of that one issue. They said it was in dealing with specialist, otherwise it was terrific. How come I met thousands of foreigners happy with their healthcare and not one told me these things our media keeps hollering? I think those running our healthcare system would like to keep being able to keep scraping us of billions and just don't want to rock this boat.

    26. Jim, Northville says:

      It's pretty silly to say national healthcare "doesn't work". Of course it works – people in those countries with nationalized healthcare get care, go to the hospital, can get drugs, etc.

      The system in the US does WORK as well. The question is just which works better. Well, if nothing else, in systems with nationalized health care they don't have enormous amounts of bankruptcies caused by health care bills, and thousands of deaths due to a lack of coverage.

    27. rw kent,usa says:

      Was it wise for Obama to push for a Goverment Run Health Care instead of Insurance Regulations?

      We'll never know. Or is Health Care like Kennedy and Vietnam. Kennedy wanted to end the war, and when he died, like within days the paper work was shredded and Johnson keep it up three more years. Just to make people rich. Would that apply to Obama plan too? We'll never know.

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