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  • Cap and Trade Will Kill the Travel Industry

    Proponents of climate change legislation argue that a cap and trade will stop the polar ice caps from melting. This is critical to island nations relying on tourism as the primary source of economic activity. After all, who’s going to visit an island if it’s completely submerged by water? According to some reports, the Maldive Islands “in the Indian Ocean is about three feet above sea level, and scientists fear it could be submerged by 2050.”

    This may or may not be an issue depending on what you read, but one thing’s for sure: the solution is not cap and trade. Climatologists project the Waxman-Markey cap and trade would only change global temperatures by five hundredths of a degree Celsius by 2050. Changing the weather to prevent rising sea levels and natural disasters is currently impossible, but adapting to them is not. Countries have shown this by better preparing for hurricanes—building better levees, rebuilding sand dunes and upgrading building codes to withstand damage.

    If you want to kill the travel industry, cap and trade is the way to do it. Cap and trade is nothing more than a massive tax on energy, and as we saw last summer with $4-a-gallon gas prices and expensive airline tickets, people will respond to high prices by canceling their travel arrangements. Steve Sear, Delta Air Lines vice president of global sales, stated:

    The ACES act is a “cap-and-trade” scheme that would limit overall carbon emissions and require fuel and energy companies to buy and sell the right to pollute. This legislation could have a significant negative impact on already-strained U.S. airlines, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional fuel costs that will either have to be absorbed or passed on to customers.”

    On top of that:

    Those additional costs will undermine the ultimate aim of the act—to decrease carbon emissions—by making it difficult, if not impossible, for U.S. airlines to invest in the technology and alternative fuels that can reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

    ACES also would threaten our ability to provide jobs to thousands of U.S. workers, and airline service to hundreds of communities. It would put U.S. carriers in a competitive disadvantage against foreign airlines immune to the measure’s effects.”

    Whether greenhouse gases are harmful is beside the point. An energy tax on any businesses will reduce the amount of money that can be spent on innovation and entrepreneurial activity that produce greater efficiency.

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    22 Responses to Cap and Trade Will Kill the Travel Industry

    1. matthew, queens ny says:

      man made global warming is nothing more than theory. we could end up doing damage to our economy and change nothing to the environment. these are dangerous times when extremists

      are in charge!

    2. Rusty, Baltimore says:

      Global temperature change can be seen by tracking the movement of the north and south magnetic poles(or more to the point caused by the movement of the inside of the earth). Not to mention increases in volcanic activity and earth quakes..

      This is easy to see by doing the following.

      1. Graph for each year the sum of the movements of the North and South poles for all of the 1900's.

      2. Take the envelope of the curve and overlay it on the Global temperature chart the governemnt loves to display for the last century..

      You will find a near match..

      Also the earth always has two ice ages going on at any one time.. at the poles. They vary in size from time to time. The surface of the earth can move such that different portions may fall at these locations at different times. Land masses help build up large amount of ice. If the poles end up over the ocean … well we get wet..

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      When and how do we end this? There is more proof it doesn't exist by man, then it does. This is fraud! Many government and civilian arrests must be made with al gore's finances as reprimand!

    4. Ron, Holt, MO says:

      We should support life from beginning to end.

      The democrates have championed the death of innocent babies for the past three decades.

      Proofs in the pudding.

      I don't want them taking over any part of the health care system. They lack common sense.

      These are the same people that believe man is the worst thing to ever happen to this earth.

      Just watch those liberal do gooders with their nature documentaries.

      It doesn't matter how much our seniors have produced. If they are not still producing what some arbitrary power deems necessary.

      For the sake of this earth. They are expendable.

      Q- Who thinks the abortion party should write our health care bill?

      A- The same people that were mad at Bush for high gas prices then voted into office the guy that doesn't want to drill for more oil.

      PS- he doesn't want to drill for more oil cuz he wants to save the earth from man.

      Man is the enemy and the solution is for them to tax the #*!! out of us.

      Who in thier right minds believes an American politician can save the world with higher taxes.

      The democratic party is one bad theory after another just trying to stay in power for ever.

    5. Cherryone, CA.. says:

      Follow the Money..Cap and Trade will harm the economy and small business..but Al Gore and friends will clean up.

    6. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Does it ever end with Congress, where is their common sense? Our country is in a recession, we need jobs, we cannot afford this cap & tax. Not for one minute do I think this is anything about saving the planet! This is about big business making a lot of money!

    7. RG St Simons Is says:

      Mr Sear missed the point. He says the bill won't reduce carbon emissions. It will. Think of how much less carbon that will be emitted when there are no planes flying. And no employees driving to work to man and service those parked planes. Waxman-Markey: mission accomplished!!

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      "Man made global warming" is a lie! It cannot be proven. Al Gore, Waxman, and Markey are part of the socialist movement in this country, that has been around since about 1903. This PLAN,(make no mistake about it) has been in continuous motion, slowly eroding our REPUBLIC. The present "green movement" is just one off-shoot of that movement. Most of those that are members these "green groups" are idlealistic fools that can, and are being easily manipulated by, for example, Al Gore's movie, or reading heart wrenching ads depicting wolf pups being left to starve to death. Then when you fall for these lies, the money you send is used to futher their real agenda, (it's not to help wolf pups. No one wants dirty air, water, or land. But this type of legislation is designed for one purpose, to increase taxes to the federal government so they in turn can give it away on their socialist programs and welfare.

    9. Dean, Lititz says:

      This is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock the rock concert. The people and ideas of that era are running our country. God bless us.

    10. Kevin - Cortez, CO says:

      Want to stop global warming? Then put a cork in all the volcanoes around the world. I've read that one major eruption from the likes of Mt Pinatubo has caused more supposed damage to the ozone and such than the history of man's supposed destruction.

    11. Oldrtoy, Virginia says:

      Cap and Trade is being pasted off by the left as a tax. But their is a more sinister reason for this Bill and the Health Bill,and that is Population control. Europe started this game of Green some time ago and has convinced the abortion party that this is the only way to go since they, Europe and the Democrates are very much on the same page. Just ask Nancy Pelosi. Please keep in mind that populations in almost all European countries has declined substantially over the last 50 years. Much of the Green movement was started in Europe and then migrated to the US by way of colleges and universities.

      Europe has a problem, they have run out of space and they are pushing for the US to take the same attitude. The problem is we have more than enough space for our population to increase at a reasonable rate.

      Their is much much more to this situation that will take reems to discuss, but the primary reason for all of this is population control by the elitist of Europe and the United States of which Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Reed, Frank, and a bunch of others in the Democratic party belive they are.

    12. Radar in VA says:

      I can PROVE manmade global warming!!

      Look it is simple — today it is over 90 degrees here in Washington DC and it is expected to ne hotter tomorrow. In January 2009 it was just above freezing. Since January the Libreals in Congress led by the Obozo have spewed so much hot air, look what they have done.

      Solution: Rid us of Obozo and the rest of his clowns..

    13. Roger D, Henderson, says:

      Ever wonder what Al Gore and friends carbon foot print per month is for utilities, then to fly in private planes. Ever wonder? But I regress.

      This steal our money cap & trade B/S will cause our (USA’s) products to cost more on the world market. Which will make foreign products cost less here in the USA. Which will cost how many more USA jobs??

      I do not believe the Waxman & Markey are actually that stupid. I wonder which lobbyist wrote that bill.

      Over the years I have had some confusion over the word liberal. Having always believed that the word liberal, liberty and freedom were much the same.

      So I looked it up, Liberalism emphasizes individual rights, equality of opportunity, freedom of thought and speech, limitations on the power of governments, the rule of law, an individual’s right to private property and a transparent system of government.

      The Democratic Party today in the USA are Social Democrats/Communist they are not Liberal Democrats there for they should cease calling themselves Liberals, because individual rights (freedom) are not the what they stand for.

    14. James A. Glasscock, says:

      I received a reply from my PA MC, Patrick Murphy, who voted for Cap and Raid. He swallowed the Democratic Party line, and I responded that I am working to kill the legislation in the Senate.

      The unintended consequences, if Obama signs this act into law, include the followng: loss of agriculture production, jobs and capital will fly to safe havens, and the U.S will not have green jobs: There will be fewer jobs than today, and we are finished as an economic power.

      [I believe Obama's goal and that of a majority of the Democratic leadership and some MCs and senators want to destroy the U.S.]

      I recommended Patrick Murphy read Brian Fagan's two books on climate, history, change, and changes in seasons, temperatures, and the like.

      Too late for me. May be too late for us, too, but the world will rock on as if Al Gore invented the Internet and a lot more.

      Longdrycreek Ranch

      Texas Panhandle

    15. John Roane Sarasota says:

      If it’s wrong to pollute how you can allow anyone to buy and sell polluting? Are you all morons?

      Beside Cap and Trade will not hurt the travel industry. Once in place most US Companies will be traveling to India, China and maybe Mexico. That will at least give a large boost to travel. Not to mention the amount of travel money spent on getting to the US unemployment lines.

      I have work for fortune 500’s and cap and trade along with the healthcare bill will cut into my increase cost without benefit in short will cut into my bonus. Do you think for one moment I won’t recommend the move to China and India to insure my salary and bonus?

    16. James, GA says:

      Climate changes are cyclical. Before the Industrial Revolution (heat) the ice of the Ice Age melted…factories and people had nothing to do with it. During the past year National Geographic did a article about the warming of the Southwest U.S. It said the current 100-year cycle is the coolest of the past 1000 years (as verified by evaluations and measurements of tree rings in those areas. We didn't have factores prior to 300 yrs ago and it was much hotter. We are going thru a cycle. We should try to make things less hot, but within reason, and not to ruin the economy.

    17. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      You have got to be kidding me. Obama is underwriting off shore drilling for Brazil off their coast but somehow thinks we shouldn't be doing this as well off our coast or Alaska. Obama has alot of "esplainin to do" to the American perople.

    18. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Why should the Travel Industry be any different than all the other industries that will be destoyed by 'Cap and Trade'?


    19. louisville, Ky says:

      We need to quit writing and start Marching! This administration wants to control every aspect of our lives. Cap and Trade, a Socialist Stimulus Bill that was never read, a Health Care Reform that is an absolute joke! and just wait, AMNESTY is coming so that the Trojan Horse can secure the Hispanic voting block for 2012. Can you hear our Founding Fathers screamimg from the grave? In 2010 let's take back the house and senate with the Republicans so that we can stop this atrocity. Then we can vote those in the GOP who are not true conservatives OUT! and replace them with responsible folks who listen to the people.

    20. Debra Mi says:

      You know with our economy doing so poorly now is not the time to burden the American people when other countries are not complying. Why has this become such an important issue when people are struggling.

      Is this why California has so much turmoil because of these Liberals who feel its their duty to force everyone else to follow suit when their state is failing terribly over their programs and their overtaxing. Enough is enough !!!

    21. Pingback: triphow.com » Heritage Foundation - Cap & Trade will Kill Travel Industry

    22. Bobbie Jay says:

      Barak Hypocrite Obama, your clown act is a success. The majority now know your true intent. Your ignorance is showing. I can't wait until you stab ALL your rich white friends in the back. Especially AL GORE. I know the time will come but you seem to be behind schedule.

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