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  • Townhall Downfall: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Only Wants To Meet With Obamacare Supporters

    Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has been telling his constituents that he would not be hosting any townhalls this summer. But then on August 11th, he sent a blast email to the Obama administration controlled Organizing for America announcing a “roundtable” at Ohio State in Columbus on August 12th. Check out this video of Brown constituents who were shut out of the townhall roundtable, while OfA members were let in:


    Also check out this video from the same event where an OfA member both admits OfA is controlled by the White House and refuses to even defend Obamacare:


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    44 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Only Wants To Meet With Obamacare Supporters

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Brown displays discrimination and bias. Many of government displays cowardly behavior using discrimination, bias and racism. Everything true Americans are against. The opposite of America's basic principles. This government is destructive.

      Wow, these people are governmentally misled and misinformed.

      Clearly unable to open their minds. Nobody is stopping anybody from their personal responsibility care for their own.

      As far as the last comment mentioning both parents with six figure incomes, tells me their child's health isn't in their best interest. Six figure, wow. Must be working for government.

      Responsible people make things work regardless of income, without burdening the tax payers and until government makes it impossible. We make less then 50k with our responsibilities intact. We're not beggars!

    2. Miles ,tampabay says:

      I love this site I just found !so many good ideas,like the smart lady that gets 2 news letters 1 from the Rep' and another from the dem's. I will be doing this I live in fl and this will be V.I.P as there many eldery people here that will be lied to if no one watch's out for them.

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    5. michael graham tenne says:

      This is just another show of reducing

      freedom of speech and how the left doesn't want to be exposed for the socialists they are. If congress had took all that stimulous money and put it in the hands of those who were uninsured the problem could have been solved until maybe a better reform bill could have been written. Do I believe there needs to be change, absolutely but not towards socialized medicine.

    6. Ronald Pellerin Que says:


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    9. piper says:

      You want an end to all this turmoil? Give us an option out.. no fines, no fees, those who feel a public insurance is better for them can have it!

      Create a medical insurance tax only for those who think this is best for them, They can pay it out of their income taxes…. OH, Wait, I forgot, most of the people who want this are the same people who have always been looking for a handout,the same bunch who ACORN recuited to elect BO,They want the working people to pay FOR them!!!!

    10. Becky of Michigan says:

      HMMM…I wonder if my Rep, Bart Stupak of Michigan, also employed the same tactics displayed here. His office said there were no meetings planned, then I heard he has a Townhall via telephone on July 29th. I am on his list to be informed about meetings, but I didn't receive an invitation. Maybe he couldn't get the Purple Shirts to show up so he just did the sneak Townhall via phone?

      I am not happy about his measures. I will continue to write and express my dissatisfaction with his governing.

    11. John, MN says:

      Wow. So the supporters of Obama's plan aren't even interested in the specifics of financing this plan. The summer intern is useless, and the young woman in the second video, while certainly deserving of points for her willingness to chat, clearly hasn't given much thought to the tradeoff between paying high taxes and her health care expenditures.

    12. Wayne Murray Columbu says:

      Maybe Brown and others are writing a new Constitution, for example;

      We the Statists of Socialist America, in Order to form a more utopian ideology, establish Tyranny, insure bureaucratic paradise, provide for the median protection, promote the general Welfare state, and secure the Blessings of Dependency to the people and their Posterity, do prescribe and establish this Constitution for the Elitists of America.

    13. Bruno says:

      "Townhall Downfall: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Only Wants To Meet With Obamacare Supporters"

      This is just another case of outright blatant discrimination, cowardly behaviour, and bias by a left-wing socialist radical coward yahoo, everything against this country's principles. I love my country, but I fear my destructive government, its left-wing politicians, Obamacare, Obamatactics, Obamapolicies, and Obamafinance. Obama and his socialist cronies, including Brown, need to be voted out.

    14. duelles says:

      Someone else said this first.

      The government would do itself a solid if it followed the business model of GOOGLE.

      GOOGLE is consumer driven. What customers want, they receive. It is driven by what we want.

      A leader helps people get to where they want to go.

      Obama does not qualify as a leader.

      Shredded Brown represents his own interests – also not a leader.

      Can't wait for 2010

    15. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      It's really a very simple notion for parents to follow. Do we ever let our children help decide what car the family should buy–even though the kids ride in them and potentially even drive them? No we don't. Why not? Because they aren't paying and have no vested interest in the outcome being best for the family needs.

      Same thing with governmental budgets. Why didn't the founders want everyone voting? They clearly built the engines of a power-sharing Republic. It's because they understood–as soon as the people realized they could vote themselves raises, they would bankrupt the government–and what are we doing now that the 40% who pay nothing in taxes are suddenly voting? We are bankrupt.

      Remember this for our next experiment in Democracy!

      Did I mention for the first time in my adult life, I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this government?

    16. Bernie Libertore, Lo says:

      Brown is a coward. He goes against everything that this Republic stands for.

      Let's fire him

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This sounds very familiar. It apperars my Senator,

      Mary Landrieu, has been told to use the same deception. I have continued to ask her office for

      her schedule with no reply. In a local news publication I read that she will be appearing in a local town for a town hall. But her office has

      continued to not respond to my request. Just another Democrat hiding from their constituents.

    18. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Remember in 2010 Vote Vote and change the outcome of congress make them Work for US ALL

    19. Gloria, Utah says:

      I'd be surprised if any people actually showed up! They don't come out from underneath their rock unless they are paid.

      Looking forward to 2010 to give Congress and the Senate a well deserved enema…….! So many in both parties are simply in it for themselves.

    20. Normca says:

      Sherrod Brown represents the new democrat. He can't hide who he is. A coward. I dislike Specter because he voted "Not Proven" a few years ago and he has no principles, except his own welfare. But I have to give him credit for standing up there again. Brown, Boxer and Feinstein are cowards and we have two of them here in LA LA land.

    21. joan, connecticut says:

      Senator Brown, proves a point that we need to rid congress of the deadwood, who do not listen to the people, and show their bias by turning a deaf ear to opposing opinions. We, in America deserve better then the pandering lot, now sitting on their collective behinds and collecting salaries for doing nothing. How do we get term limits?

    22. Billye,Ohio says:

      How cowardly Sen Brown.I will do everything in my power to defeat those representatives who constantly demean and ignore their constituents they profess to represent. "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen."As a frustrated voter I would be glad to assist you out the door.

    23. BILLYBOY says:

      Wow! I thought his constituents were his employer & he is supposed to be representing us! "WE THE PEOPLE"

    24. nell drayden md says:

      Humm. I'm blocked from commenting on foxpolitics. I disagree with them. I also disagree with this hatefilled, anti Obama commenting. God bless our President and our country.

    25. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If most of the people in a room are angry with you, there has got to be a reason!


    26. Lee, Ohio says:

      The original Brown story was posted by hourglass1941.com by an hourglass reporter. There is also a video there of Brown's aide stating Brown isn't having any town hall meetings. Just because. There's also a good story about the SEIU stacking the house and actually locking the doors on anti-ObamaCare folks at their Howard Dean Town Hall.

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    28. kradad says:

      Sherrod Brown is a total disgrace! Here's a supposed "representative" of the people of Ohio. He firmly backs 'Cap & Tax' declaring it will create energy jobs for Ohio (at a cost of $800k per job) ignoring the fact that it will eliminate a vast majority of manufacturing jobs in Ohio (never mind that Ohio employs the fifth highest number of manufacturing sector jobs in the US)!

      Now, like the rest of the democrats in the union pockets, he supports the fiasco called healthcare reform…

      If Brown would spend more time looking out for the best interests of Ohio instead of having his nose consantly affixed to Harry Reid's backside ('Brown-nosing'??), Ohio would be in much better shape than it's in!!

    29. B & T, Flyover C says:

      I have been calling and writing Senator Brown telling him I am against health care "reform," rationed care, the gov't option, and not being able to keep my health care as it presently is for over six months now!

      Kinda have gotten the feeling it was all falling on deaf ears, now I know for sure.

      What does he care?

      One letter from him did say he was for the single payer option — that was probably back in February.

      I am over 60 and in good health. It concerns me greatly wondering what will happen to the elderly now and also to my generation in the years to come.

      As Rush said today, it will pit everyone against everyone else.

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    32. Melody, Findlay,OH says:

      Lies and deception are the mainstays of the liberal party. 2010 is coming!!!!

    33. Jared, Grove City says:

      Senator Sherrod Brown Avoids Opposition

      I called Senator Sherrod Brown’s office on Tuesday, August 11th to voice my concerns over the proposed Healthcare Plan. After stating my opposition, I asked if Senator Brown was going to be making a public appearance in Central Ohio. The individual said the Senator was not making any public appearances, but that I should watch their Website for scheduled meetings. The following day, on August 12th, I hear on the radio Senator Brown was going to be speaking at The Ohio State University. Excided to share my opinions with the Senator, I called his office again to find out the exact location of the event. I was told the appearance was a private meeting with Doctors. The next day, I hear on the radio, that Sherrod made a “public appearance” to hear from his constituents. My question to Senator Brown is, why hide from constituents who oppose your views?

    34. Tami, Indiana says:

      Did you ever stop to think they may NOT be voted out in 2010? They don't seem to be concerned at all. Is there something in the works to corrupt the 2010 election? Has it something to do with the census?

      My rep. Baron Hill is a COWARD. No open meetings. He only meets with those behind his constituents "backs". Why is he not worried about the 2010 election?

      I am scared for my country.

    35. John Rosky Andover, says:

      What a spineless piece of junk. Does this idiot think that the people he represents will not find out. I hope he is another one voted out in 2010.

    36. Slick in Nebraska says:

      Well folks, our politicians are a rather large group who are paid a rather large collective salary by the taxpayers and consider themselves good public servants . . . they do EXACTLY what their LEADERS tell them, voting right down party lines for the most part!!! A majority feel no obligation to listen to and represent the people who elected them because they don't know they are being stupid (it is NOT their fault . . . it's in the water!) Once in Washington they consider themselves far above us, and we now have become the nasty little irritation in their collective sides.

      They are not just Democrats, or just Republicans, or just Independents . . . they represent the whole spectrum of the apathetic society we live in, the same society who is FINALLY taking notice and figuring out that if WE don't stand up and speak out about what we want, we will end up with all of our freedoms legislated to DEATH!!!!! Senator Sherrod Brown is NOT a leader but he certainly is a cowardly follower, "hiding like a child behind his mama's skirts”. Otherwise he would go home and hold those town hall meetings, facing the people who elected him, hear their concerns, and answer their questions. The woman in Pennsylvania is correct . . . the massive spending and sweeping changes instituted by our current government has awoken the sleeping giant and now that giant is going to eat their lunch!!!!

      We are a country of firsts so all of us need to be on our toes EVERY SINGLE DAY protecting the future of our country, our children and our grandchildren!!!! God Bless America and the freedom she represents.

    37. Doreen Hutchins, San says:

      Brown's cowardly behavior is being repeated all over the country. My representative, Ben Ray Lujan, is following the same Obama playbook: no town hall, but only forums stacked with Obamabots. We need to throw the bums out ASAP!

    38. Ruth ohio says:

      The dummiecrats are guaranting they will not be reelected…..I have never seen the American people rise up against their rulers before…The dummiecrats are just too dumb to listen even now.. They will wish that had..They are not only destroying their political careers but they are also destroying the demoncrat party,,,Obama is doing a bang up job of destroying people and they don't even know it..

    39. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Recall the COWARD!

    40. Dalelinda, Fremont, says:

      It is right here directly in front of our noses, PLAIN TO SEE and is not "going to go away" – "the plans" that Sherrod Brown "represents" and doesn't know how to talk TRUTH candidly about these plans, doesn't want to talk to the people who he was elected to represent because somehow he became brainwashed that the American people are idiots. He'd rather play it "safe" and hide in the cloak of lies and utter deception. How embarrassing that we are putting up with this. The responsible action to do is to call a spade a spade and force "representatives" like this to cease this arrogant nonsense immediately and go home and take a warm sudsy bath. They've got a lot of dirt to wash off. Sadly, much of it is inside.

    41. Douglas, Sunbury says:

      what a coward. Brown is afraid to answer the tough questions – packs the meeting with supporters who will pitch softballs.

      I even asked his office if he was having a meeting the day before this 'roundtable'. They said "NO". Darn, I wasn't invited.

      Remember this during the next election.

    42. George Meredith MD V says:

      The People’s Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances

      America’s elected officials are hiding out. Especially the Democrats. They want no public forum in which the angry voters have an opportunity to express themselves with the cameras rolling. Better to hide behind conference calls, emails, sequestered letters and “private meetings”

      Listen! Elected officals, your fellow citizens are mad as hell about the (Democrats’) Pay to Play Fraud. Specifically the: health care scam, bailout scam, stimulus package scam, Cap and Trade, take over of GM and Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the trashing of the peoples retirement funds, the devastating losses in our colleges and universities endowment funds, the Bush-Clinton-Mena narcotics cabal, the Diebold electronic vote machine fraudulent elections, the phony war on drugs, the phony war in Iraq, shipment of entire US manufacturing plants to China, (see what economist Robert Higgs and Ron Paul, MD have to say about these outrageous Chicago/Little Rock/Crawford Pay to Play scams).

      No wonder you don’t want open town hall meetings!

    43. Nancy Swartz Butle says:

      My husband and I would like to join in the effort to get sherrod brown recalled. Who do we contact? What do we do?


      Nancy Swartz

    44. Dawn Brennan-Day says:

      Looks like old Sherrod is "afraid" to meet with "HIS" constituents ONLY if they believe what he believes. Sorry buddy, your time is up………..Kasich is going to take it all – we know it and you know it!

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