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  • Townhall Downfall: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) Responds

    Earlier this week, we shared with you a video shot during a local townhall where Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee appeared to take a call on her cell phone during a cancer survivor’s question. This video has caused quite a bit of controversy, and in fairness, we thought it was appropriate to share Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s “response”, which she gave to CNN’s Rick Sanchez. Was she talking to some hotline that gives her answers to difficult questions? Was she talking to a constituent? Was the video “doctored?” Was it an informal setting, not a “keynote address” that made it okay? Hard to tell from this explanation but one thing is for certain; Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t think Sheila Jackson Lee did anything wrong. Watch.

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    45 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) Responds

    1. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      She was not listening. Give me a break multi-tasking. She was on Greta last night and talked over Greta with her talking points about the Health Care bill.

    2. Danny , Lawrenceburg says:

      What a silly woman. Why can't she tell the truth? Why is she so arrogant? Why is she yakking when she should be listening? If she had read the bill, she would not be on the phone with another talking head at the WH.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      If Ms. Jackson has to call a hotline to get an answer tells me she is unfit for her position. And of course a democratic cover-up. "The lady" didn't even finish her question. This government has got to go.

      CNN: She talked nice but didn't admit her rude, disrespectful and unwelcomed behavior. She states to be good friends with "the lady." Doesn't "the lady," her good friend have a name? Pretty rude once again. I hope "the lady" will maintain her intelligence and see through the other lady. Otherwise Ms. Jackson will twist and turn and do back flips to get the support of her new found friend. And being a victim of a health condition is exactly what the democrats love to USE for sympathy purposes.

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    5. Kathy, Arizona says:

      To give the woman a fair shake, she was also on On The Record with Greta Van Susteren yesterday. She said that she was on a hotline with the administration trying to get answers to questions that were being asked, and had been listening to the woman. She also stated a request to be able to meet with the constituent who is in the video face to face so they could sit down and talk. She said she would like a chance to apologize to her (yes, she used the word, which frankly, from a Dem in this political climate is quite a concession), and convince her that a public option would be just the best thing for her.(Which shows how convinced they are of their position on this – they are absolutely sure they know what's best for us sheeple. Clearly, even if their mouths are closed, the Democratic representatives are not LISTENING to their constituents.)

      What got me laughing was her last semi-jest – she offered to have juice at the meeting and invited the woman's children also. I think she was making a reference to the beer summit, hoping to generate good will with a 'juice summit', but MY thought was at least she wasn't offering kool-aid!

    6. Lee Bain, Granbury, says:

      Thank you, CNN … Money could not have bought a better testimonial of arrogant ignorance (or was that ignorant arrogance?) !!!

    7. David, Jacksonville says:

      And they wonder why Congress' approval rating is so low! This incident is emblematic of precisely what's wrong with these people. The polls tell the story: the people don't want Hillarycare, Obamacare, or any other socialist medical scheme, period. They aren't listening to us, so we speak louder. They ignore us, so we become more belligerent. They shut us out, so we become enraged. We protest and petition for redress of grievances, and they call us a mob. We attend town halls and they insist we are misinformed. We actually READ the bill and they can't quote thing one from it, answering specifics with platitudes; all the while denigrating and denying every dissenting voice.

      Are you mad yet? I know I am!

    8. Gary Tekely, Cal. says:

      Why is Jackson in Congress? Because many Americans are out of touch. They don't watch CNN, Fox, or even listen to the news. To busy trying to just keep heads above water. People like Jackson need to be voted out of office, but I don't think there is much hope of that. Good Luck America.

    9. Dawn, Idaho says:

      Extremely rude, not excusable at all. Unless someone was calling about a life and death situation, that phone call was insulting to the people at the meeting. Why didn't she shut her phone off before the meeting started? Apparently the meeting wasn't that important.

    10. OPAS says:

      BROKEN? something has to exist before it can be "broken". There is no health care "SYSTEM" per se.

      "BROKEN" is a Great BUZZ WORD which is repeated over and over in good propaganda style until others pick it up and repeat it. What is happening is; Wake up time!!! The powers that are in control are trying to establish A GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED SYSTEM from scratch. Using their propaganda technique, I will repeat one more time, "THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN — BECAUSE —"THERE IS NO HEALTH CARE SYSTEM"

    11. Marilyn, Phoenix says:

      Ms Jackson, RN, Congresswoman is clearly out of touch with the constituents in the country. She is of course in alignment with the Obamacare Reform as she is no longer a "victim" or potential recipient of the horrific consequences of this bill. She is insulated by her position and will not ever have to worry about who will treat her inevetible health problems and whether she will take a number and wait. Wait either to be treated or die while waiting. Maybe it would take on a different meaning if she was in the mix and had to do what she is obviously asking the rest of us to do-take the crumbs left over. Her excuses are the only thing transparent about her.

    12. Gary Helmbrecht Char says:

      This is nothing. I noticed the media did not cover the town hall she conducted the very next day where she planted an Obama for America supporter in the audience impersonating a physician in favor of the public option. She claimed she was a "general practitioner" in practice for 4 years. Later, in a blog the "general practitioner" admitted she was a fraud. And the liars and cheats in congress wonder why the American people don't trust a thing they say or do.

    13. Linda, San Antonio, says:

      I have been embarrassed by Sheila Jackson Brown's behavior for years. She is really out of touch with the American people. Why she continues to be re-elected is beyond me. There is no way she could listen to the cancer survivor, talk and listen on the phone at the same time. This just shows her contempt for the "little people". Washington is so out of touch it is unreal!

    14. Michael Webb says:

      Lee needs to be thrown out. She is out of touch. She is also very much into herself. She says much without saying anything. We want government out of the way!!! We love taking care of ourselves without Big Brother.

    15. John,Houston Texas says:

      She is so arrogant that most people will not know, but she was banned from flying on Continental Airlines several years ago because of her behavior. She is the most rude and arrogant member of congress. She had her flying privileges restored after a year or so only after a lot of I so sorry spin from her office.

    16. glen miller quitman, says:

      Lee,pelosi, reid, ombama the list goes on of the arrogance this group has, people do need a vaible plan but to sell us down the river is an insult to my and everyone else's intelligence, we should have a complete changing of the congress from the top to the bottom.

    17. Jodi Bond Colleyvill says:

      Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson represents what Wahington has done for years, in passing disrespectful legislation of the taxpaying citizens of this country. We must not listen to their words, which are hallow and they only seek to decieve so they transform our Republic into a socialistic country. Disrespect begets disrespect. I'm not saying be disrepctful to our legislators, but long gone is the even playing field. It is now time for WAR! We just need to act and let us not be distracted by these happenings, but may they move us in being determined and more calculating than our opponets who fight with scurrile tactics. Righteousness always trumps evil, but righteousness must never be docile or SILENT.

      Failure to act decisively always causes confusion and failure!

    18. Sara says:

      This just typifies some of our legislators – they aren't interested in their constituents and what they are concerned about, they are not interested in hearing anything we have to say if it might interfere with their political ambition-that is until they are up for re-election where they promise the moon and deliver nothing to get elected or re-elected hoping our memories will be short — not this time however!

    19. John Roane Sarasota says:

      You get what you voted for.

    20. Normca says:

      To Kathy in Arizona – Yea and I have a bridge to sell you. If you believe Ms Jackson's story; then Obama is the best thing that happened to America in a long time. Do you believe in the tooth fairy ? Neither are the case.

    21. joan, connecticut says:

      How do the people of Texas stand the arrogant attitude of MS lee Jackson? It's obvious, that she is more into herself, then the Texans she was elected to serve. She proved her deceptive side, when she had a doctor, excuse me a fake doctor, ask questions that would make the egotistical Jackson look knowledgeable. The phony doctor, turned out to be a democratic party worker. We are fed lies and more lies, and Congress wonders why we do not trust a word they say.

    22. Steve Minnesota says:

      MS.Jackson is hilarious. She's on the phone looking for answers that she should already know. It shows that she either didn't read the bill or she doesn't understand it.

    23. debra, Texas says:

      Oh my gosh…she is a rep from Texas? I am not from Texas but have lived here long enough that I should know when there is such a fraud representing us…or some of us.

      Well she's not my representative – she must be from some ghetto in texas where they don't care about raising taxes as they don't pay any anyway and they don't work for themselves or anyone else so they don't have insurance… so they would be better off in a monarchy. They don't care if she was on the phone with Obama saying, "let them eat cake. We won remember?" Yeah…well relish in it lady because winning is soon to be a distant memory. Some of us were very busy working while you we're winning. Don't ever think beyond your district because you will never expand in the State you are in. Better move to Illinois or New Jersey and start over.

      Her "momma" never taught her any manners either.

      So when is the beer fest…or juice fest with the cop…I mean the cancer survivor? Kathy if that's your name, please do not humiliate your fellow constituents by drinking the kool aid.

    24. Diane in Idaho says:

      As a retiree coming from a job where it was important to treat EVERYONE politely or there was hell to pay from my boss, I found the rudeness of Lee to be inexcusable. At least her outrageous behavior was showcased for Texans to decide if they continue to want her to "represent" them. I've gotten to the point where I do not trust or respect anything that polititions say. I am also 100% suspicious of AP media releases.

    25. Glenda, Texas says:

      This just shows how the democrats don't listen to their constituents. I thought they were to represent what their constituments wanted not their own greed and arrogance. Shelia Jackson Lee is only reelected because of the area she represents. She is on hand to get her picture taken at every event but does nothing to truly help her constituents but they only see her picture. I would love to see all of Washington on this health plan they want for us. Let's see how for it they are then.

    26. David, California says:

      Sheila Jackson-Lee is an exemplar of

      an elite propogandist. She's constantly filibustering the questioner. Call it evasive. It's amazing that a seasoned member of congress has to consult the White House hotline on issues before a townhall meeting. Why didn't she have her own copy of the bill and synopsis with her?

    27. Peggie, Louisville, says:

      perhaps it's just too bad that her nose did not grow with each lie she told! how funny would that video have been? she has given fodder to so many late night talk shows and we should thank her for the comedic relief she gave us all in the midst of this tense debate!

      shed a light on the darkness and all of a sudden it exposes so many things!!

      she has given parents such a great example of how not to act as an adult! i guess we can thank democrats once again for giving us the opportunity to use their very bad example as a learning tool for our young people!

    28. Charles Muleshoe says:

      Here is where all of you are missing the boat. You have some wild ideas that these people are elected by the people to represent their concerns. It turns out that these people are sent to congress because they are superior beings and know what is best for us. Thank goodness, through their leadership, they are given the opportunity to let you know what you need. As Obama's personal physician of over 20 years stated on Mike Huckabee's show, some Americans are to stupid to know what is best for them and should have what is right imposed on them. Hope the RNC reminds everyone of this come election time.

    29. claire says:

      how can she possibly find out an answer to a question before she's even heard it? she is straight up ridiculous…

    30. Ed Fresquez says:

      In response to Sheila Jackson Lee's response to Rick Sanchez w/CNN. She talked her way out of apologizing for disrespectful manner in her Townhall meeting. She and her party seem to think that they can treat americans anyway they see fit. She not only disrespected her Townhall meeting member but also Rick Sanchez. Boo on Sheila Jackson Lee.

    31. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      There is no excuse! The woman paying her salary was attempting to talk and her employee would not get off the phone! Good enough reason in the Private Sector to fire that employee! Should be good enough in the Public Sector too.


    32. Richard B Lewis, Ham says:

      Another obamanation LIAR and FRUAD!!!!

    33. william boyer cincin says:

      I feel sorry for Sheila Jackson Lee. She is obviously a weak-minded person, incapable of understanding the concept of common courtesy. To suggest that the video was tampered with or that she was on the telephone attempting to get additional information for the woman questioning her is laughable. Question: what does her continued presence say about the people who constantly reelect her?

    34. Larry, New Jersey says:

      I am filled with HOPE and Confidence knowing that our congress men and women are such a competinent group.

      Can I send more of my tax dollars?

      God Help Us All!

    35. David Bartlett, MA. says:

      It would be simple to get her phone records. They would show just who she was on the phone with. If she's telling the truth, she won't mind producing them!!!

    36. PETER, Albuquerque N says:

      If there is a more vicious, arrogant, disgraceful human being in Congress, I'd like to know who it is. Lee has certainly got to be in the Top Five of that category. She is just doing what she's been told to do: have you tried calling or getting a message to your congressional delegates lately about this healthcare thing, the growing deficit, and the lies? They were sending back little talking point replies at first, but now they're not evening giving the courtesy of a response. We talk, they don't listen. And Lee must be the tutor for the entire house when it comes to stonewalling, propagandizing and outright lying. She makes the oligarchs of Russia seem like Mary Poppins by comparison. God help us all and our country…

    37. PETER, Albuquerque N says:

      (Okay, how about this one, to paraphrase the anti-war anti-Bush bumper sticker of not that long ago ?)

      "OBAMA LIES,


    38. Christina, North Tex says:

      If she understood the bill that she is so eager to support, why did she need a "hotline" to get answer?

    39. KW,Texas says:

      Shiela Jackson Lee has always been self important..She started out as a City Councel member in Houston…Only reason she keeps getting re elected is the Area she represents is mostly lower income and she is very well known there. A Government health care Plan would be something that would go over big in her area.

      It has been stated by her that the plan is going to pass no matter what.

    40. suzy potaka says:

      from the beginning of this interview she wasn't even listening!! she asked him how he was doing & after he responded "i'm doing fine" …SHE says thank-you???? (58 sec)

      w/representatives like this you wonder why we're so messed up? good grief this woman is intolerable!

    41. John Melsheimer says:

      It amazes me how people vote for these pompus arrogant people! This is a prime example why we need to have term limits. This congress women has always been a joke in my opinion. Have you ever seen her talk on the floor my god she takes an hour to say what should only take 5 minutes. When you ask her a question she darts out into a different direction and starts with the canned retorhoric.

      Senator 2 terms 8 yrs

      Congress 3 terms 6 yrs

      That would slove some of the problems!

    42. Lwesson, Tx says:

      Many here on this Forum, with "MOM" attending, are amazed that the hyper arrogant likes of Sheila Jackson Lee could ever be elected… . Don't be amazed. Simply put, here in Houston SJL does indeed serve her constituents as they count on her to provide the welfare largess of the redistribution of wealth from those who produce to those who do not. In their ever want full eyes, SJL can do NO wrong unless she stops providing to them. As long as she wants to stay she will be voted in and she will take phone calls anytime she wants to as in her mind she is a major major national player.

      The so called, health care reform is just another very large bundle of redistribution of wealth that SJL can hand out. Here in Houston the nationalization of health care is also a reward to illegal aliens as groups that support illegal immigration see such health care as a gateway "drug" to legalization and even much more immigration. Sheila Jackson Lee will have even more voters to count on in the future should this "reform" take place. And yes, there will be MORE Sheila Jackson Lees in the future!

    43. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      The next Recall Candidate!

    44. Jay Taylor, Texas says:

      Darn, this woman is a motor-mouth. Talk about, avoiding the subject.

      I have to admit, though, that I kind of admire the way she used this spot as a way to talk about her efforts to promote health-care reform.

    45. Joe Hyde, Houston, T says:

      We're working hard in Texas to defeat Sheila Jackson Lee and send her packing. If you have a chance, please check us out and join us if you like what we're doing. The congressional district is changing and we have a very good chance of handing the dems a defeat in 2010. http://www.faulkforcongress.org/defeat-sheila-jac

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