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  • Quote of the Day: Nobel Prize Winning Economist Thomas Schelling

    In an interview with the Atlantic in July, Nobel Prize winning economist Thomas Schelling was quoted:

    I sometimes wish that we could have, over the next five or ten years, a lot of horrid things happening — you know, like tornadoes in the Midwest and so forth — that would get people very concerned about climate change.

    And what better way is there to get people excited about global warming than to hope they perish in Katrina-like natural disasters? Al Gore, Paul Krugman, Thomas Schelling…maybe this Nobel Prize thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Bravo Mr. Schelling, bravo.

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    33 Responses to Quote of the Day: Nobel Prize Winning Economist Thomas Schelling

    1. Rmoen, Reno, NV says:

      Global warming is here. That much is evident.

      The key question is, does CO2 'drive' global warming or does CO2 merely 'contribute' to global warming?

      If 'drives' is correct, America and the rest of the world must quickly restructure our energy infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions. But if CO2 merely 'contributes' to global warming, we need to rethink our response to global warming/climate change. If Mother Nature actually drives climate, then we should not move precipitously to burden our economy with carbon taxes and alternative-energy subsidies. I, for one, do not want to pay a dollar or two more per gallon or see the blight of wind mills because of faulty science.

      Sadly, the United States has out-sourced our scientific opinion on global warming to the United Nations. We all should be asking ourselves, "Why is an international political organization making American energy policy?"

      It is clear-cut that the United States needs our own objective, transparent climate commission to think-through global warming. We need the advice of a Climate Truth Commission before we burden our economy with expensive energy. Both sides of the man-made global warming issue should welcome such an approach — since each is so darn sure of their facts.

      – Robert Moen, http://www.energyplanUSA.com

    2. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      1. He's an economist commenting in support of climate change, yet when another economist speaks against climate change, he's not qualified to comment? I.e. Dr. Alan Carlin.

      2. The United States does "so little in the way of foreign aid right now"?

      The U.S. does quite a bit, but because that foreign aid is often tied to policy (to ensure that the aid isn't compromised such as in Oil for Food), some like to discredit the USA's generousity.

      3. "Well, I think you have to realize that most people have very strong moral feelings. I think in a lot of cases they're misdirected. I wish moral feelings about a two-month old fetus were attached to hungry children in Africa."

      I thought this guy was smart, but this comparison is so weak as to be laughable. Weighting someone's morals by issue is irrational. Perhaps these people have "moral feelings" for hungry children in America? Are there no stable and thriving countries in Africa to provide support within the continent? This country has its own issues to deal with without paying the way for those who are perpetually dragging.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      What a horrid thought, Mr. Schelling. Very concerned about the nature's climate change? Indirectly.

      More concerned of government taking over the free market making us vulnerable with less to prepare ourselves for these horrid bouts of nature.

      Your horrid wish and horrid words, means you have the potential to create horrid issues and this example of horrid scare tactics to fear monger…

    4. dennis florida says:

      i have been working outdoors in the masonry busness for over 30 years. i have never seen any evidence to convince me of global warming. some summers were hot, some were mild. some winters were cold. some were mild……….i think they call it weather. in july. nashville had a record temperature of 58. this was in al gore's back yard.maybe GOD is trying to tell us something. kentucky also set a record for july by not hitting 90 degree's. i believe GOD is still in control.

    5. Derrick, IN says:

      While your conclusions are well thought-out, I'm afraid your presumption is incorrect. Global warming is anything but evident. The last decade seems to indicate a cooling trend. We can't forget that in the 1970s scientists were concerned about a coming Ice Age, while later claiming that we had been warming all century. It's been shown that a majority of the weather data stations in the US have been giving faulty readings due to incorrect placement.

      The "consensus" of global warming is quite frankly ridiculous. There is only consensus among those who refuse to hear the opposing viewpoint.

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    7. Bobbie Jay says:

      What a horrid cruel thought.

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    9. David Rippe, Cheyenn says:

      Presumably, Mr. Schelling lives somewhere other than the Midwest, where he wishes these horrible things would happen to other people. People will get concerned about climate change (I assume he means AGW) when there is actually some hard, tangible evidence of it and when facts to the contrary stop pouring in. A special Nobel economic prize should go to the courageous scientists who fight against this nonsensical movement and its attempt to lower the global standard of living.

    10. Gary Tekely, Cal. says:

      Any sane person wants a clean planet. I want my 10 grandchildren to live in a clean environment. But I do not trust the United Nations to do anything about it. In my opinion, that body is so corrupt it should be done away with. I also do not trust Al Gore. He has become a multimillionaire pushing global warming. I do want alternative energy, nuclear, wind, solar. 20% of the U.S. is currently using nuclear, need to put more plants on line. Until then, we should use our own natural resources and get off foreign sources now.

    11. K Felten, Bandera Tx says:

      There is no evidence of global warming, more of global cooling. There is no doubt that huge amounts of government monies go toward grants and research. Anyone opposing man made global warming loses funding. Al Gore's movie is a farce and unsubstantiated by facts.

    12. bobby ,elysian field says:

      How many americans will actually know that higher energy prices will be artificially created by some in the white house that dont care one way or the other about the citizens of this great nation , or the planet for that matter , I cant understand why some cant see what is going on in washington , can someone explain to me why this nation is letting this go on. In my opinion we need to stand together and stop those in washington who maybe arent realizing or dont care the impact that their ideas will have on this nation, I believe it is all about power and control, I cant see this nation letting that happen. What happened to working for us not against us , we cannot let this happen , im not giving , ill speak out against this untill all americans realize what is happening

    13. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Well let's see. China, the UK, and Australia, India to name a few have all refused to buy in to the Global warming/climate change/cap and hustle notion.

      I fact, the UK has changed the status of Al's "inconvenient truth" from a science documentary to just entertainment because it lacks any "real science" and the data is questionable.

      Hey Al, Sorry about all that money you invested in green technology.

    14. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      One last thing worth mentioning.

      Ever since Al Gore won an acadamy award and the nobel prize for his fraudulent work with climate change, neither one of these "awards" have any credibility. From this point on, the winners of either one of these "game shows" are irrelevant.

      Schelling just reinforced this.

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      When someone needs cpr, isn't it the breath of another exhaling into the air waves that survives the one in need? What the government and these frauds call POISONOUS?

    16. John B. San Diego says:

      The events described by Thomas Schelling of tornados in the Mid-West and references to tropical adverse weather events along our coasts are described by those who are in the know as "Acts of God." Let's hope Mr. Schelling hasn't provoked God or invoked any type of adverse weather anomalies with his misguided irresponsible statements. I'm sure that there are those at the NHC in Miami,Fl and DHS in D.C.that would likely agree. Sensationalism and a certain type of mentality with regard to The Philosophy of "let no crisis pass unexploited" has added much vigor also zeal to those who would stand at a mic and make such absurd utterances.

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, science of good repute offers no confirming or substantial documented evidence that Mr. Schelling's implications are in fact valid. I would submit to all that we find the truth in the matter and stop playing political football with this issue.

      I want to say this in closing, for believers, God has said he will destroy the Earth at the time of his choosing and no man will know the time. To state in fact that "Man" will save our planet is defiant to "Our Creator" and we will be judged for our actions before "Him."

    17. PHDinCT, CT says:

      Wait a minute…this man actually was given a Nobel Prize and believes that "horrid things" would convince people that Climate Change caused by mankind is real?

      How pitiful and sad it is that this supposed "great mind" actually believes that we… humankind… in the mere SPECK of the emmensly larger eons of time that this planet has existed could make such an impact as to change the climate!

      Yes, our earth is a fragile, ecological miracle. But we are just a SMALL, tiny, infinitesimal creature, surviving as part of God’s much larger plan. And for this putz to actually have the chutzpah, to wish death & destruction on his fellow man, for his political/environmentalist agenda is beyond sick…it’s evil.

      Be gone vile creature…get thee back to the depths of darkness.

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    19. Ernie Firkin says:

      Is it true that the goverment is building holding cells for people who think on the right side of the issues?

    20. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      And so it was in the final days, that many snakes and others like them, would come and declare prophesy of horrific events for their own gain.

      Did I mention that for the first time in my adult life I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this government?

    21. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It's sad when someone wishes calamity on people just to prove himself right. There are enough natural disasters as it is even though there's no evidence for Global Warming.

    22. Leslie, Lowell MI says:

      Are we certain this man was a Nobel prize winner? I'm thinking maybe it was instead the No BRAIN prize.

    23. Ed, Ohio says:

      Look Up Alan Carlin, the primary author of a 98-page EPA report that debunks theglobal warming myth. While I am not a nobel economist or politician how can Such Idiots wish catastrophes on innocent people to garner support for their mythology that the earth is heating up. Follow the money. Al Gore has been obtaining incredible amounts of the pollution credits and will become an ultra billionaire from the environmental myths he pushes.

    24. tim - nicholson pa says:


    25. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Rmoen, Reno has partaken too much of Al Gore Cool-Aide. His brain is soked stupit. Their is no such thing as "man made global warming". I defy anyone to prove it. Not "theroy", deception, or

      opinions" by some egg head socialist, but ACTUAL

      FACTS. There are No such facts! The earth goes through various cycles continuously. Just look at

      recorded history of weather changes since records

      were kept. This is just one more lie the socialist

      are telling to destroy our economy and capitalist


    26. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      An economist telling me about Global warming equates to an accountant telling me how to ride a bull! Means nothing.


    27. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      That make two! Senator Debbie Stabenow and her airplane turbulence and now an economist with a financial agenda. Grasping at straws are they?

    28. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Thomas Schelling, Nobel Prize winning economist-turned-weatherman. He would like to see some weather related disasters to prove a theory. That would really show us, wouldn't it?

      We need this guy to weigh-in on health care. He could speculate that "if all the sick and old people would just hurry up and die, this would solve our problems."

    29. Andrew Buckland, Nor says:

      I see irrefutable evidence of global warming every day; it's called the sun!

    30. Steve, Omaha says:

      Robert, check your facts. The Earth has been in a cooling phase for the past 7 years or so.

      Try this link: http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/detect/detection-image

      Although, I'll give you that temps have gone up over the last 120 years, an incredible 0.8 degrees. What effect will that have on the climate? Unknown even to the most educated scientist. Most of the models are developed to show a disaster in the making, with no verification required. Perhaps prior to the 1880 start of recording keeping, the temps had been falling for 120 years. Who knows.

    31. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      On this one I'll do what China does!

    32. Scott, Tucson says:

      Did Thomas Shelling just say "Death to America"? Is he a jihadist for global warming? Talk about mixing non-sequiturs, does he realize hurricanes and tornados would occur even if the earth was the cleanest planet within 2000 light years? And that with or without GW, there will be extremes of numbers of tornados and hurricanes? What kind of non-sense is this? Economic voodoo? Next he'll tell us that the dropping of too many cooking utensil on the kitchen floor will cause earthquakes and tsunamis. See, I can be sarcastic too, why do people even pay attention to these statements?

    33. Audrey says:

      Here’s what I see in his statement. Logic says, if he has to “wish” horrid climactic events on the Earth in order to “convince” us that global warming is indeed occurring, then he in fact isn’t even sure of it himself. Otherwise, he would be telling us horrid events WOULD be happening because of it. Ironically enough, they will happen. They did happen, and they happen now. I am sure he will then have his proof.
      *tongue in cheek*

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