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  • Lawrence O'Donnell Is Spreading Misinformation About Health Care

    Earlier this morning we linked to video of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, mother of two Katy Abram, who challenged Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) to abandon his support of Obamacare and start defending the Constitution. Hardball fill-in Lawrence O’Donnell took offense to Mrs. Abram’s arguments and had her on Hardball Wednesday night. We’ve transcribed the relevant portion of their exchange below:

    O’Donnell: Do you and your family have health insurance?

    Abram: Yeah we do have health insurance. We have a health savings account that we pay for ourselves. We have a $5 thousand plus deductible that basically in the course of a normal year we will pay for all our medical needs out of pocket, Doctor’s visits. This years been a little more difficult because my son has had surgery and it looks like we’re looking at a second one. We’re almost at our deductible so that is good thing. But that was a choice that we made. That is what we wanted to do. And I want to be able to keep that choice. I don’t want to be forced or slowly coaxed into a single payer system. I want to have my choice.

    O’Donnell: Well do you believe the President when he says if you like the health care plan you have as you say you do you can keep that health care plan. Is that something when you hear it you simply don’t believe it.

    Abram: I don’t believe because I heard him say on a quote on television that you know it may take five or ten years but we will move to a single payer health …

    O’Donnell: Katy he has never said that. He has never said we will move to a single payer system.

    Abram is 100% right and O’Donnell is 100% wrong. Here is a quote from a January 2008 Obama speech in Ames, Iowa, from Obama’s own website: “If I were designing a system from scratch I would probably set up a single-payer system. … So what I believe is we should set up a series of choices. … Over time it may be that we end up transitioning to such a system.”

    But that direct quote from Barack Obama only begins to demonstrate how right Mrs. Abram is to be worried that Obamacare will take away her current health care choices. Abram says she currently secures health care through a health savings account, which Abram accurately described as a high deductible, low premium health plan that gives Americans direct control over how their health care dollars are spent. H.R. 3200 gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services the authority to make such plans illegal. In both the House Energy and Commerce Committee mark up and the House Ways and Means Committee mark up, Republicans offered amendments that would have guaranteed Abram’s right to keep her Health Saving’s account. All of these amendments were defeated by Democrats on their respective committees.

    Abram, and thousands of Americans protesting Obamacare just like her, may not know all the details, but their instincts are dead on. They know that the likes of Lawrence O’Donnell are lying to them on a daily basis. They know that there is just no way President Obama can possibly insert a public option into our health care system without it inevitably leading to single payer health care.

    And when O’Donnell’s liberal friends think they are all alone, they quietly admit the same thing. Don’t believe us? Then watch Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) admit as much earlier this year:


    Schakowsky tells her Health Care for America Now audience: “And next to me was a guy from the insurance company who argued against the public health insurance option, saying it wouldn’t let private insurance compete. That a public option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to single-payer. My single-payer friends, he was right. The man was right.”

    Still don’t believe us? Then watch Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) admit it last month:


    Frank tells a member of Single Payer Action: “I think that if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer and that is the best way to reach single-payer. Saying you’ll do nothing till you get single-payer is a sure way never to get it. … I think the best way we’re going to get single-payer, the only way, is to have a public option and demonstrate the strength of its power.”

    Still don’t believe us? Then watch Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein admit it at Netroots Nation last year:


    Klein tells his netroots audience: “They have a sneaky strategy, the point of which is to put in place something that over time the natural incentives within its own market will move it to single-payer.”

    Still don’t believe us? Then watch Paul Krugman admit it a forum in New Jersey earlier this year:


    Krugmans tells his audience: “[T]he only reason not to do [single-payer] is that politically it’s hard to do in one step…You’d have to convince people to completely give up the insurance they have, whereas something that lets people keep the insurance they have but then offers the option of a public plan, that may evolve into single-payer, but you can do it politically…”

    And finally here is video of Obama from 2003 explaining that not only is he for single payer health care, but that “we may not get there immediately.”


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    61 Responses to Lawrence O'Donnell Is Spreading Misinformation About Health Care

    1. Debbie WV says:

      The Medicare/Social Security issue is such a crock. We don't have a choice as to whether we pay into these programs.

      If I had been given the choice to invest that money I would not be accepting medicare. Since I can't have the money back that I paid out and take the pittance they allow me.

    2. George Clark, Santa says:

      Please send Lawrence O'Donnell's email address. I would like to verbally [set him straight] for the way he treated Mrs. Abrams.

      Thank you.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Oh, this disgusting ignorance. How dare this Mr. O'Donnell interrogate! Social Security, medicare and medicaid are forced costs by government out of the paychecks of hard working Americans, with the government's word to service those in desperate times, who paid in, Mr. Ignorant. Don't you exploit threats to her parents. THEY PAID IN AND ARE LEGITIMATELY ENTITLED! Instead of correcting and preventing,the government corrupts the system and cheats the people. To repeal is a threat. A threat that will be carried out by government if government doesn't get their way. Those that pay in by force are the ones to lose out.

      You down graded her past lack of interest in politics. When the government doesn't intervene in our lives they are trusted. Like what was mentioned, she trusted the government…at one time. As many of us had. Please open your mind to realize the concerns are on the policies, NOT RACE.

      As far as war, there is a difference between politics and news, Mr. O'Donnell. You wouldn't know that since you work for indoctrinated news station.

      This government is eliminating our rights, freedoms and liberties with their involvement of our personal lives and responsibilities increasing taxes for the purpose of full control of the people. The members of media and government are on the road of their indoctrinated intent.

      Many of us do not trust deceit as you do, Mr. O'Donnell. We are not fans of deceit, ignorance, rudeness, defamation, coercion, cover-ups, smears, etc. everything this government has exposed themselves to do.

      Read the constitution, Mr. O'Donnell. It's not government's business and as human lives, we have the innate ability to care for ourselves with the freedom of America, free market insurance companies were established to AID IN THAT ABILITY. no government needed or wanted!

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      O’Donnell's accusative tone is typical of the bullying tactics used by the far left. He berates Katy by calling her a liar. This was Lawrence's attempt at destroying Katy's credibility by flexing his own celebrity muscle in front of a national audience. He's an egocentric coward. It doesn't matter what the facts are. As it happened, his effort failed. The young lady did well stating her case. Next time Lawrence wishes to have another one of his debates, I'd be happy to meet with him behind the proverbial barn. Bravo Zulu Katy!

    5. Mae Laon, Minnesota says:

      Project much, Republicans? Everything you accuse Mr. O'Donnell of is exactly what YOU do.

      And I'm sure you won't approve this message, since you're so 'fair and balanced'.

      BTW, conservatives ALWAYS lose. You have lost on every single issue, starting with Social Security, Medicare, taxation, abortion, equal rights, voting rights, integration, welfare – and on and on and on. You WILL lose on this issue too.

    6. Lin Dawson says:

      Shouldn't you people be out on a ledge somewhere ? I have never understood how anyone can live their entire life in this country and not GET this country , not GET the tenents upon which this nation was founded – sorry to disagree with you paranoid right wing everythings – a -conspiracy , life boat mentality, GULLIBLE , believe everything your congressman tells you and OH MY GOD, THEY'RE GOING TO PULL THE PLUG ON GRANDMA !!!! JUST AN FYI, IF YOUR OPINIONS DON'T SUPPORT THE FACTS, DON'T CHANGE THE OPINIONS, JUST CHANGE THE FACTS. ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS ?????

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Mae Laon, are you serious? What sort of communistic nonsense are you babbling about? I honestly assess situations as they occur. No projection here. What you desperately need is an unbiased lesson on America's historical beginnings. You might be please with what you learn. By the way, your comment just proved my earlier point.

    8. John Lewalski says:

      BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Just watched your interview on Friday on MSNBC. Always loved your appearance on the show. Your no nonsense factual backed comments. But I'm GLAD that someone in the media had the backbone to call all these creeps what they are, liars and fear mongers. I watch both FOX and MSNBC and I try to listen to the debate from both sides but all I hear from FOX and FIENDS and I do mean FIENDS is distortion, lies and the totally unAmerican, unpatriotic scare tactics and fear spreading. I try to be an informed citizen and want to question any and all policies in a fair and truthful way. So thanks again for putting these liars and fear mongers on the spot.

      Thanks so much from an "independent". I hope and pray you get your own spot on MSNBC.

      John Lewalski

    9. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:


      Where is your evidence? Video after video proves the case against the liberals. Where is your evidence?

      I'm guessing that "fair and balanced" alludes to Fox News? How many debate shows on MSNBC or CNN bring in conservatives to make counterpoints? Sean Hannity regularly welcomes liberals onto his "Hannity" show and lets them get their point across and defend their stance. Bill O'Reilly does the same.

      Lost on every issue? What do you count as a win? A slowly bankrupting SS and Medicare; taxes that punish the industrious and successful; a free ticket to irresponsible sexual behavior; rewarding race over performance; rewarding underachievement?

      If we conservatives always lose, why do you liberals continue your incessant whining? Don't you theoretically have everything your way?

      This country wouldn't exist if not for conservatives.

    10. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Great article, Conn ! Especially revealing is the link to "crooksandliars dot com slash logan-murphy slash hardball-town-hall-protester-exposed". Recommend everyone here take a look at the comments. Very revealing. But be warned: some explicit language and lots of smearing and name calling; see a few of the "nicer" ones below.

      Amazing: The "left" actually consider themselves "brilliant", but apparently can't understand why they are beginning to lose this debate. At the same time, they seem unable to stop themselves from name calling, smearing, distorting historical truths, etc. Poor Mrs. Abram appears to them as just some undereducated, not very bright, spoiled, "stay-at-home-mom" whom it is perfectly alright to slander and denigrate, and of course tax the b'Jesus out of in the interests of their unearned social agenda, just as soon as they shall be given the chance. Lawrence O'Donnell is praised, by contrast, for being soooo intelligent and well-informed, as well as soooo polite, a "…polite cat playing with a mouse…", when in fact it was him who several times rudely interrupted Mrs. Abram when her response wasn't going quite his way, or when he had just thought of something to try to trip her.

      According to "crooks and liars", the entire right wing is "having a temper tantrum, stamping their feet, screaming and pitching a fit", as is, of course, Mrs. Abram, who is also " a brain-cell-challenged moron", "…probably collecting public assistance", a "…prole right out of 1984…", a "racist", whose answers were "…laughable and scripted…", and who, last not least, "…doesn't take care of the have nots…". Honestly, if those commenting on "crooks and liars" are themselves the "have nots" — I doubt it, but let's assume for the sake of argument they either are, or are their best advocates — and if I were Mrs. Abram, neither would I ! On the contrary, I'd go to some trouble to make sure none of them ever saw a penny from me! You may quote me ! That's why we have a Constitution in this country.

      "Crooks and Liars", eh? Aptly named, I'd answer ! As far as Lawrence O'Donnell goes, I wish I had been the one interviewed! Enough said!

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    12. j, canada says:

      When Lawrence mentioned to Katy that Medicare is govt. run socialism, Katy stared with a blank expression on her face. She couldn't agree with Lawrence because she didn't know the answer. If people don't like socialism then they need to return every; Medicare check, Medicaid check, unemployment check,small business subsidy & Veteran health plan check.

      If they want to privatize govt. they should know that they already have. Most politicians are paid off by health insurance companies at this time. These health insurance companies will raise premiums and people like Katy will get what she wants.

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    15. Miles ,tampabay says:

      I have a first hand Exp.with my health/life depending on someone in a government office reviewing weather I needed a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed or bleed to death.they said they would not pay for the 1 I needed and was told by 3 diffrent MD's this was the only way to fix the problem.I had no helth coverage and applyed for a ER temp.medicade because I was working and in gen good helth other then my problem. and I felt I may be takeing that much needed funds away from someone in need. so the 3 month medicade was good enough for me . after the Gov.paid employee reviewed my case they aproved 3 to 4 temporary fix operations that would have cost more then the org.fix I needed. the Dr who was going to do this operation was ok with medicades review knowing this would not cure the problem and told me so because he was the one that would be paid for all these bandaid operations,every one would get paid 3 or 4 times and I would still need operation down the road.I would have to reapply again for aid or die. and he would get paid again!I contacked my senitor Christ at the time and told him this story he looked in to it and he got on there a–'s and they changed there tune and I got my operation saveing lot's of tax money for others in need.

    16. Bobbie Jay says:

      Mae Laon, your comment is sad. It reveals your weakness to write your ignorance. You are one of the indoctrinated who only thinks with narrow mind. If Mr. O'Donnell does exactly what we are accusing him of doing, why would this be disputed? Do you see and understand your ignorance?

      Why should tax payers be obligated to pay anybody's way when you are fully capable of doing for yourself? Capitalism gives the freedom and strength to freely do for yourself. GOVERNMENT TODAY, DOESN'T.

      If you know english and the definitions of words, and have the intelligence to understand the true meanings, you would see and understand your weakness.

      Oh, and if conservatives LOSE their fight for freedom, rights, liberties, which I agree we did lose much of, the weakness of mankind wins.

      Do you want to live WEAK OR STRONG? Living off government (unless you were forced to pay in for government's promised programs,) MAKES YOU WEAK. FREEDOM from government control/intervention, gives you strength in all areas. Especially in the area of figuring things out for yourself.

      All are welcomed at Heritage Foundation. Especially the opposition.

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    18. Bobbie Jay says:

      Above comment-Fourth sentence: Sorry about that. Little correction: If we are accusing Mr. O'Donnell the same exact thing we do, this wouldn't be disputed…

    19. D Zent, CA says:

      Good for Lawrence O'Donnell! He asked the kind of questions a real reporter should ask and it's obvious he's as sick of this corporate smokescreen on health care reform as the 70% of Americans who poll pro-reform.

      Wait until "Pay or Die" insurance kills one of your loved ones, your wife, little girl, mother, dad. It's happening EVERY DAY so some insurance CEO can have a fifth or sixth mansion. When it's your family, I guarantee you'll sing a different tune.

    20. Ronald Pellerin Que says:


    21. Richard Gozzinia says:

      moderator: please correct Kay to Katy in the last line of my previous message.

      and i hope you will let my comments on. your readers need some stirring up.

    22. Bill T., Minnesota says:

      @Mae Laon… you are completely incorrect… EVERY time that conservatives run AS CONSERVATIVES, they win landslides. Case in point, Ronald Reagan. Get your facts straight. So the only way we lose on this issue, is if those who claim to be conservative, don't vote conservative.

      My $.02

    23. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      Abram was right about what BHO said. He did say it'll take time to do, but "he envisions" the government taking complete control over the health-care system.

      Ronald Reagan also warned about this before he became president.. "One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project, most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it. Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it."

      I AGREE that we do need reform ON WHAT'S WRONG and keep what works. NOT let this CORRUPT GOVERNMENT run healthcare. There might be some corruption with the insurance companies, but it does not compare to the ultra disgusting corruption that they have in Washington. I'll take my chances with the insurance companies.

      And to remind O'donnell, medicare is bankrupt. The reason it still exist is because Washington is printing money out of thin air to fund this and other bankrupt programs such as SS.

    24. George in Mass says:

      j, canada

      First off Lawrence is a bully and also a liar. People like him continue to say Obama didn't say what he has said even though millions of Americans have heard him say it on national TV.

      I think your idea of returning all the "government" checks is a great idea but first they will have to return every penny that they have taken out of our paychecks without our permission. Where do you think these bean brain bureaucrats got the money in the first place the tooth fairy? Hey, here's a good one. This is the definition of a bureaucrat: an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment. Seems that would fit for a lot of people don't you think?

      And by the way j, canada I think Lawrence should pick on somebody his own size!

    25. carl, st louis says:

      John Lewalski, what exactly are you getting news wise from msnbc? News on Dick Cheney, the 2000 election, club gitmo,George Bush? Wallowing in the past while Rome burns around them? But let's face it,picking on Sarah Palins' family and "thrills up my leg" are so much more newsworhty topics. Yea, I'd bet that you really have a handle on the healthcare debate.

    26. carl, st louis says:

      Lin Dawson,Ibelieve that it's your side that constantly changes/deletes the facts because if you did not there would be no further debate on this abortion of a healthcare bill. And by the way,is not your prince the loudest voice of paranoia on the topic? Evil insurance companies, evil american citizens ,mobsters and terrorists, by the way, exercising there right to free speech while being attact by union goons and e-mail collectors? So who is the paranoid party?

    27. Hugo, NE USA says:

      If Katy Abram and her husband do not want socialism in the USA than they should not use…

      Public water and sewage systems, Public electricity grids, Public schools and univerisities, The INTERNET, Public streets, etc…. AND of course they must HATE our Publicly funded Military, Police and Firemen.

    28. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Canada, are you saying large government isn't corrupt? Power grabbers are usually lacking in ethics and don't know their ascribed limits. Government or free market, it doesn't matter. Here's your clue, with government, such abuse is hard to control. With free markets, they lose their customer base and fold. Unless of course a corrupted big government bails them out huge promissory notes forced on the backs of America's workers.

      Hugo, all the public services you speak about are paid by local taxes. So what's your point? You did get one thing right, and that's the military. This is the sole constitutional role of the federal government. I believe you need a lesson in public administration 101.

    29. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Hugo, I forgot to mention, any federal tax dollars given to schools and other public projects has been heavily filtered by the federals before being returned to the states. In other words states, receive pennies back on the dollars their residents payed-in. And only a very small fraction of what those federal keepings pay for national defense.

    30. Bobbie Jay says:

      Hugo, I can't believe people would compare their personal private health to public sewage. Everything you mention but socialized medicine, has to do with everyone equally. This country is about people who do for themselves. The government is suppose to take care of services that are equal to everyone, protection and safety of things not in our control. If you're not in control of your personal health, you wouldn't be alive today.

      Can you grasp the difference?

      As we all are born individuals we all have our own private health issues. I agree that social health issues, like a pandemic of sorts is the government's responsibility.

      Mae, my family and I are not Republican or capitalists. You are right about losing our fight on freedom and independence, as Americans of today has allowed the government to replace freedom and independence so, you and the rest of the weak and indignant, could have your special, can't or won't do for yourself programs.

      Sorry about the previous, is this better, Conn? Thank you.

    31. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      I am glad to see that Larry's medication is working.

      As for J in Canada, we greatly respect our neighbors from the north.

      The real point is that when government does it, whatever it is, it is three times as expensive. So, a couple down here paying 1000 per month for private health care will pay 3000 per month in increased taxes for a federal plan. Why, you might say? Because just like social security, only a small fraction of our taxes for health insurance will actually end up there.

      Of course there is also a thing called government waste.

      As for the United States Military, of which we are proud of, with the uncertaintly in the world today, most Americans are to happy to pay for them through taxes.

      But if our president is successful in minimizing capitalism, there won't be enough money for our military which could put us and our neighbors at considerable risk.

    32. Julie Hartje, Beloit says:

      Bob in Portland, take a look at your paycheck and see how much is taken out for Medicare and then look at how much you pay for a health insurance premium. The average cost for a private health insurance policy for an employer and employee is $12,000. And that doesn't include out of pocket expense!! Why do we want to pay 18% more for private insurance that doesn't cover everyone, sucks up tax payer money in subsidies from us, and increases the costs and our level of coverage goes down? People need to wake up and look at the true facts!!

    33. John, MN says:

      We really need to give Katy some props. She did a fantastic job responding to these arguably difficult questions for those who aren't reading heavily into health care policy.

    34. Larry, New Jersey says:

      I have been paying into Social Security for over 40 years (max contribution every year). If I had invested that money on my own in a savings account, I'd be better off than I am going to be. I applied for social security in March on my 64th birthday and still have not received notification on my benefits!

    35. jim smith says:

      There is no smaller audience in all of cable "talk" than that of Hardball. Chris has a 3 X 5 card that lists all the people who admit they watch it. O'Donnell increased the audience by five by forcing members of his immediate family to watch him bloviate, in between lies. The Pinochhiometer hit 850 the night he was on . Ordinarily, with Chris, it barely hits 650 as Chris speaking/interrupting is largely incoherent.

    36. John Roane Sarasota says:

      I am against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid all of which fly in the face of the US Constitution. All those programs we are forced to pay for by our Federal Government under penalty of law, which law has no basis/authority in our US Constitution.

      Stealing buy illegal taxation is still stealing? Please repeal all these issues or be voted out of office!

    37. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Veteran health care isn't socialism or free. Each solider paid in full with his life. Remember every solider defended you and your country and in return for his work received pay, including all benefits of his employment from you the tax payer. However, most soldiers I know did it in even for you. My question is where were you?

      As to those others collecting, they all forced to pay into it as required by law which they had little say in it. So they earned it also.

    38. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Julie, if our government get's it's hands on the purse strings of health care it can become bankrupt like medicare to the tune of hundreds of billions. Go visit Native American health care and the VA and let me know if that's what you want.

      Obama care is a cash grab and dispite what he says, their is in fact free market competition in our current health care system. Adding in a government program, will destroy every thing you do like about the current system.

      I realize that there are people in our country who believe mr Obama's changes are kinder gentler and he cares about us. The first tax increases he put into place were on the lower income Americans.

      40,000 mostly Mexican Americans in southern California are without work and paychecks, because he won't release water to the almond industry there. Trees are dead people are struggling financially. Why, to save 4 inch mino's.

      This, is kinder gentler?

      40,000 workers with families and children.

      I don't think these folks are thinking about their health care.

    39. Normca says:

      It is amazing to me; these wizards of smart go on TV and the radio to talk about the house bill and they have not read it. But O'Donnell is just a piece of work, a clone or a Droan. To him, its not about facts or reality. Its left or right – its him against the so called "Republican Machine". It isn't even about his own elders. To me, a guy and a group of his kind who is as perverted as they, do not give a wit about their own elders. They care about what they think is "winning". They [and I mean his ilk] told us how bad George Bush was for 8 years. [of course GW did not defend himself], but now the democrats are doing everything they accused GW of. This time it won't work – threaten the life of a person who loves this country and you continue at your own peril. I almost cannot wait for November 2010 and hope all of thee same people turn out to cast their votes against those who threaten their lives today.

    40. Larry, New Jersey says:

      John in Sarasota: As a Vietnam Veteran I agree 100% with your comments. I would also add that all vets served with a higher degree of honor and integrity than any member of congress. Maybe we should have their health care package. If not for all of us I suggest every vet who earned a purple heart be added into the congressional health care plan!

    41. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      'Word Soldiers' are specialist sent in when average America gets to close to the truth!

      The whole argument about socialized medical care, is just a 'Red Herring."

      The real truth is that America needs 'Tort Limits" with anything connected to 'Healthcare.'

      The real and true expense of hospitals, doctors, and medicines, are law suits, the majority of which are frivolous in nature and at worst inexcusable,and those inexcusable parts need to be transferred to our criminal courts, not civil actions!

      All of Americans Health Insurance would be at least half its premium with 'Tort Limitation', but the biggest problem is Congress is made up of attorneys who are unwilling to interfere with their own livelihood.

      This is the reason for so many of the misdirections and red herrings from Washington, its Representatives, senators, and President.


    42. william boyer cincin says:

      Lawrence O'Donnell is a loud-mouthed bully and badly misinformed. He should do his homework before attacking a decent woman in a situation where everything is stacked against her.

    43. Duke, Ohio says:

      What a jerk. A great sub for Matthews!

    44. Duke, Ohio says:

      Did 9-11 or the Iraq/Afghanistan war interfere with Americans liberty? Why would either event prod someone to get politically active? I think this was a stupid question. As tragic as 9-11 was, or as misguided as the Iraq war was, they do not compare to Obamacare in terms of encroachment on civil liberties. FYI despite the cost of those two tragedies, Obama is on track to exceed in one year, the cumulative defecits of the 8 years President Bush was in office. Why would a Conservative ever bother going on CNN?

    45. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Lawrence O'Donnell, like Chris Mathews, may or may not be a liberal, but he does a great job of portraying one on TV. There is no doubt in my mind that MSNBC is totally "in the bag" for Obama.

      To take a townhall protester and grill her and criticize her on TV isn't news, it's political activism.

      I believe that NBC and MSNBC have lost a large share of public viewers to Fox News. Now, they can call those who moved to Fox News the same kind of ugly names that they called townhall protesters if they wish. Let's see how that marketing strategy works out for them.

      We expect this from liberals and socialists.

    46. john, ca says:

      Mr. Lawrence is an arrogant jerk. If he, admittedly, knew Katy was uncomfortable and likely ill equipped to get into the details of socialism, capitalism and economic policy, why did he have her on in the first place? Because he needed to do what Specter couldn't, chew the woman up because she has enough common sense to see a red herring in Obamacare. Why don't we see Specter’s response? He was caught off guard as a long time politician who SHOULD understand the BS of Washington and media speak. Lawrence simply intimidated an everyday Joe (notwithstanding her sex) into looking foolish thereby attempting to stereotype all dissenters as uneducated, ignorant fools being driven solely on passion without logic. The truth is that there is simple logic sparking the passion. The left wants to create a perfect society where everyone works and everyone shares equally the fruit of their labors; all overseen by the elitist left. Sound familiar? What a devious creep. “It’s o.k., Mr. Specter, I’ll tame that stupid right wing religious fanatic.”

    47. Richard, TX says:

      Lawrence O'Donnell's argument about Social security and Medicare is phony. The people on these systems deserve to be on them because they have paid for them with tax dollars over the years. I personally don't think Medicare is that great. It costs my wife and I over $4,500 last year in supplemental insurance and co-pay with Medicare. That's not a bargin after paying taxes for 45 years. If the government would give me back my tax money with interest, I'd be happy to get out of both programs.

    48. Scott Noren DDS, Ith says:

      Before my Dad flew back to NC this morning, I asked him, do you have Medicare? He said yes. I said, then why do you have a supplemental BCBS policy? He said, I don't know. I said, do you think you're alone in not knowing? He said, no.

      Whether there is single payer or option, that is not what will be needed to save this health care system and economy. If a single payer was even sustainable long term with 300 million people (not like 30 million in Canada), it doesn't offer everything we need in health care. Medicare certainly doesn't. So what is needed is insurance reform, not-for-profit private insurance, and better personal responsibility as in controlling our national obesity epidemic. That is a huge bite out of the problem.

      I am running for US Senate and insurance reform in writing is a must. If you're in the pocket of the insurance industry and you're in the Senate or House, you should look for other work.

      Dr. Noren

    49. Sue, Chicago says:

      First the Left tears apart Joe The Plumber & now Mrs. Abrams. These are regular American citizens who first spoke their minds at public events & were caught on tape. Maybe their only mistake was thinking the opposition might be respectful to them. Too bad MSNBC during the presidential campaign wasn't as hard on Obama who was a politician running for the highest office in our great land and not a private citizen. Maybe we'd have a different president . . .

    50. Joe, Austin TX says:

      After caring for my father I was actually astonished at the fact that he got better care than I did with the traditional Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

      When my Orthopedic surgeon switched groups, he ended up out of my network and I could not use him to clean out my knee.

      When I originally injured my knee I had an HMO. They told me that since I was not a pro athlete that I did not need further treatment. Then when I had my first scope of my knee to remove bone spurs, my ortho found that I had a partially torn ACL and that caused my osteo-arthritis.

      Thus the lack of choice and rationed care that everyone fears I experienced with my health insurance.

      The fact is that medicare operates with a significantly less cost overhead than the health insurance companies. When the right wing nuts state that insurance companies could not compete with a public option they are really suggesting that a single payer system is the most efficient way to go.

      I am glad the LO is taking the gloves off. Finally we have a liberal who win a verabl knife fight.

    51. Dan says:

      This woman is a liar. She said she was never involved in politics before until the health care issue work her up. LIAR!!! She's a member of Glenn Becks 9-12 org. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

      She was exposed for who she is.

    52. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Joe in Austin, I don't doubt under an HMO you received rationed care. That's the nature of this beast. HMO's are subscriber plans that have seen their share of problems due to a poorly structured incentive base. Obama's "public option" fully duplicates this same approach only at tax payer expense. There are currently private insurance products that offer people far better choices tailored to their individual needs. Using an HMO as an example of private market inefficiencies that cry out for a government run single payer plan is disingenuous.

    53. Earl Kornfeld says:

      Lawrence O'Donnell was perfectly respectful of Ms Abrams, who was clearly intellectually confused due to the lies the wing-nuts have been spreading. It's really sad that the people who have such an issue with an optional federal plan feel they can't argue against it on the merits, and instead make up lies to scare people like Ms Abrams. Point 2: Ms Abrams says that Obama said that we "WILL" move to a single payer system – if you re-read your own quote from Obama, you will see he said "MAY". Those words have very different meanings. O'Donnell was 100% right.

    54. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Odonnell is the LEFTS Boy!

    55. Pam Louisiana says:

      When interviewed about her family's income, she was visible stumbling to avoid answering this question. This may be at the crux of her opposing health care reform. If their 'small business' is over the $250K mark, then under the reform plan she will be required to contribute to a health care plan for her employees. It was convenient to have a memory lapse on this information. As for her own coverage who could afford it on an average salary? An annual five thousand plus deductible and out of pocket expenses incurred by the policy holder! This is catastrophe coverage and benefits are marginal. This speaks volumes when you negotiate on your own for medical coverage. Even the affluent have problems securing palatable medical insurance. Her one glaring admission is that her son will need a second surgery. TRANSLATION: PRE EXISTING CONDITION. Earth to Katy, the insurance companies hold that as leverage to deny you coverage. Instead of worrying years down the line if her children are going to quiz her about a shortage of toilet paper, she should concern herself if Jr one day asks, "Mommy, I have a pre existing condition and I cannot get medical coverage and what did you do about it?

    56. Bobbie Jay says:

      Katy didn't lie! You're distorting the issue, DAN! GROW UP OBAMAKIN. YOUR MIND IS NARROWING!

    57. Pingback: Morning Bell: CBO Confirms You’re on the Hook for Wall Street Bailout Bill | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    58. Pingback: Le Cheval Nouveau Trojan | Clarion Advisory

    59. Harley Spoon, Austin says:

      What difference does it make what they said about "public option" and "single payer"….There is no "public option" and there is no "single payer" so why don't you right wing mega-ditto nuts sit back and act like sane people…and what about the Emergency Room Welfare System; the most inefficient and expensive medical care option in the USA and world today? Who do you think pays for that? Go look in the mirror if you are, indeed, insured or are a taxpayer!! Approximately 50 million Americans can take advantage of that "free medical care system" and you buy whatever medical care they get….and that is why what we have been operating under for decades had to be changed…and still needs to be changed some more. As it is, we had (still have) the wolves, eagles, hawks, snakes, raccoons, alley cats, chicken snakes, plutocrats, oligarchs, corporatists and all kinds of varmits (insurance companies, HMO's, drug companies, for profit hospitals, etal., pretending to care about the health of America) guarding our very fragile hen house (our non-healthcare system which bets on our being sick and sicker)!!! Nothing is such a slap in God's face as those who can see but won't look; those who can hear and won't listen; those who can read but won't; those who can think but refuse to! It is sacreligious!! As I say, Americans refuse to seek knowledge because they are afraid they might find it and that knowledge would make them responsible!

    60. Harley Spoon, Austin says:

      When did "may" come to mean "will"?????? Or did McCain mean we "WILL" be in Iraq for a 100 years when he said we "MAY" be there a 100 years????

      Man, you people make the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist propagandists look like rank amateurs!!! You do to America the very thing the "right wing lunatic fringe" John Birchers, Reagan-Schwartz Christian Anti-Communist Crusaders, the Thunderbird Partiers and the American Nazi Partiers among others, did! As it was, those right wing fanatics were doing the communist's job for them just as you are doing the work of the plutocrats, oligarchs and global corporatists. No "populist" or "conservative" would be caught dead paving a path (and calling it patriotism) for the death of democratic capitalism which is the ultimate goal of the global corporatists you people have sworn such allegiance to!!! Shame on you!

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