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  • White House Battle Against Free Speech Grows

    Yesterday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said on Fox News: “This White House supports free speech.” Now, it is hardly comforting to know we have a White House that feels it has to defend that position. It’s akin to saying, ‘this White House supports oxygen,’ but the behavior of senior White House officials over the past few weeks has brought us to this point. A concerted and coordinated effort against cable news channels and their personalities; radio hosts and regular citizens from every walk of life has made Americans across the country fearful of a vengeful Obama administration. 

    By now, it is common knowledge that the White House asked neighbors to report other neighbors who may disagree. They defended their White House “list” by saying that names wouldn’t be kept. Well, either they’re keeping a list or they’re destroying public records, but either way something wrong is occurring. America agreed.

    Then the White House introduced the term “Astro Turf” into our August lexicon by accusing soccer moms, senior citizens, students and regular concerned Americans of getting on buses and disrupting the left’s attempt to overhaul one sixth of our economy without opposition. Speaker Pelosi jumped in on this attack referencing swastikas, and Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) calling protesters “brown shirts.” Townhalls are apparently supposed to be lovefests as demonstrated by the President’s pep rally yesterday in Portsmouth, NH.

    Well these attacks didn’t work either. Instead, townhalls grew more crowded and those folks were able to capture on video Members of Congress taking cell phone calls during questions, refusing to speak to their constituents and union intimidation. So now what? Well if you can’t silence the people, silence the news. The White House yesterday pivoted to blaming Fox News and cable networks for the problem of dissent. A straw man that they have successfully attacked in the past.

    But the new development is their potential use of closely affiliated groups, like one recently operated by top White House advisor Van Jones, to launch organized attacks on commentators like Glenn Beck and Fox News. Apparently Beck, certainly no friend of the Obama administration and never advertised as such, said something that the White House chorus deemed offensive enough to launch an underground attack on his show’s advertisers.  Whether Beck said something controversial or not about the President’s reaction to the Henry Louis Gates arrest is not the question.  But is it appropriate for the White House to be judge and jury of the fourth estate, and are they using Chicago-style tactics to silence their critics? 

    As of two days ago, Color of Change changed their website bios to marginalize its founder Van Jones’ role in the organization. The group itself is small in support with barely 500 facebook followers, just over 100 twitter followers.  This organization is not built on massive grassroots organizing.  But with a small following, they were able to convince a handful of advertisers to abandon the Beck show.  Making fun of cable news is one thing, but is the White House associated with a campaign to not only discredit their critics but also strangle the financial footing these businesses rely on?  These are questions that need answering. 

    One would expect a sympathetic journalist to push a ‘Fox News extremist agenda’ story in the days to come to solidify that the White House was right, and cable news was wrong all along.  President Obama should denounce any group that works to silence White House critics, especially one his top advisor leads.  He should open up his townhalls to a legitimately open audience and instead of blaming the opposition for the state of his health care plan (whatever that plan may be); he should go back to the drawing board and develop an alternative that recognizes the overwhelming voice of America heard this August.

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    77 Responses to White House Battle Against Free Speech Grows

    1. Paul Knight, NC says:

      It shows a weakness in the merits of your message if you cannot defend it without personal attacks on the opposition. Clearly people who want health care reform do not want what the congress has put forth so far. It does not help that the president has trouble with the facts and then makes this to be an attack on himself. I now have more respect for him when he was apologizing to everyone under the sun. Maybe he should start by apologizing to the American people for what this administration is doing.

    2. Anita Schlegel, Hays says:

      I would like to know what sponsors abandoned Glen Beck's show. Perhaps the members of this August's "mobs" should consider financially boycotting these sponsors. I think you should make the public aware of who these sponsors are.

    3. Marilyn Montgomery says:

      Amen. I am all for it. Lets see who these sponsors are.

      I really want to see who it is.

      I am one reciepient who got a friendly little letter from David Axelrod. And it IS threating inside of so called information. First time my government ever threatened me.

      America is looking ever so much like Iran these days.

    4. Diane McClelland, Pe says:

      I am alarmed at this story below about Glenn Beck which expands on your article of "White House Battle Against Free Speech Grows".

      This is very frightening that this power exists and the White House is involved in it. The White Hosue is in the toilet in my opinion. The Chicago thuggery has been interjected here. We need to support these conservative voices lest they be silenced by those in power.

    5. Rodney, TX says:

      Obama should spend less time worrying about Fox News and more worrying about our economy, He has not created any economic stimulis. He has given corporate gluttens money to feed their over stuffed ego's, while the rest of America, (the working class) waits to see if were still going to have a job in the next 6 months, TO SUM THIS UP, YOUR PRESIDENT IS NOT QUALIFIED FOR POSITION APPLIED FOR. WE ARE IN REALLY SERIOUS DANGER WITH THIS MAN, HE SCARES ME………………………

    6. Julie Hartje, Beloit says:

      I'm sorry but I do not agree with your message. I have been very frustrated at what is going on in the Town Halls and the tons of misinformation that is being shouted out. Quite frankly, I feel that the true message of health care reform is being supressed. Health care reform has been my passion for the past nineteen years and I can tell you that the truth about health care reform is not being heard. We need a single-payer system, but the merits of this program haven't been allowed to be discussed. So, let's talk about freedom of speech. I'm now researching health-care fraud and let me tell you, it's not the government that is the villion! The last administration not only didn't discuss health care reform, they turned their heads the other way when fraud was committed!

    7. Robert Erichsen, NYC says:

      Per the article sited the advertisers are:

      SC Johnson, Progressive Insurance, Geico, Procter & Gamble and Nexus Lexis

    8. Suzanne Hendricks, S says:

      I would also like to know what sponsors abandoned Glenn Beck's program. I would definitely write some letters to the sponsors and encourage all my family and friends to contact them as well.

    9. Al Maurer, COS says:

      The moron who's organizing this is located at:


      The truth hurts if it calls for this kind of reaction. But we can use his carefully collected links to support Glen's sponsors.

    10. Jerry S. Dickinson, says:

      Mr Beck lost me when he agreed with Penn Gillette that we need to accept homosexual behavior and embrace gay marriage and all that it brings with it. My belief is that Mr. Beck is working on his own News Comedy show the likes of Mr. Jon Stewart. We have enough people making light of our tragic circumstances in this country. We need news from folks whom will give it to us straight, without need of a straight man.

      As for this administration.. nothing but two faced con men. Judge a fellow by his works, Obama has done none.

    11. Jimmy the kneecaper says:

      We should boycott the sponsors! we truly need to stick together on this takeover on our bank accounts.

    12. Ed Evans, Nashville, says:

      Yes, it's important to know which advertisers the White House has such power over that they can get them to abandon whomever the White House wishes. Because that means the White House DOES have an enemies list. We need to know who those advertisers are, because they only THINK they've seen pressure. We the People need to let those advertisers know We are in charge, not those we select to work FOR US. This is a dangerous game the Obama administration is playing, and we need to bring it to a halt. Free speech is basic to our existence.

    13. Ed Evans, Nashville, says:

      According to a story posted at HumanEvents.com, those advertisers bullied into pulling their support of Glen Beck are: SC Johnson, Progressive Insurance, Geico, Procter & Gamble and Nexus Lexis.

    14. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      It's starts off with something harmless as junk-mail from the white house, but everything that is coming from the white house these days is junk.

      Bill Maher was right when he said America is stupid. When it comes to Barrack Husein Obama, America is the stupidest nation on earth and the media is making sure she stays stupid. This guy is the most radical left wing tyrant that has been elected to this corrupt government.

      I'm 100% sure that when they come back from recess, he and the rest of his corrupt cronies will try to ram this con job thru along with Cap and Con. The constitution of this nation is being eroded more and more every day and the people are being dismissed. We now work for them and not them for us.

    15. Phil, Boston says:

      It may have started with that small group pushing boycotts of Becks' advertiser but it quickly spread. Each day the dailykos website lists all advertisers from the previous days Beck show. With contact info, email addresses phone # to call and protest etc. I'm afraid they will cost him some advertisers. They are after Whole Foods company in a very big way now too. Apparently the owner made some negative comments about 0Bamas socialized health care reform and he must be punished now.

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    17. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Hope and change for everyone–Nobama style

    18. joe, new england says:

      please publish the names of sponsors that have left glenn beck…

    19. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Free speech? Remember the fairness doctrin, the white house web site where you can turn people in who question health care, and the Obama people calling town hall attendees, nazi's, angry mob's, out of touch and not representative of Americans.

      Is this America? Does anyone remember a time when the white house was so belligerent with us.

    20. Mike, MN says:

      Per Redstate.com

      Here's the list of the groups that have boycotted Glenn Beck. Let them know you disagree. Let them know you will boycott them for kowtowing to Barack Obama's worshippers, brownshirts, goons, and thugs.

      SC Johnson:

      Fisk Johnson Chairman & CEO

      Phone: (262)260-2000

      Petrell Ozbay

      Senior Global Public Affairs Manager

      Phone: (262) 260-2114

      Progressive Insurance:

      Glenn Renwick, President & CEO


      Linda Harris, Advertising & Sponsorships



      Tony Nicely

      Chairman, President & CEO, Insurance Operations

      E-mail: tnicely@geico.com

      (301) 986-2462

      Chris Tasher, GEICO Media Relations



    21. Terry B says:

      America we must keep fighting back! I contacted my brother who has GEICO Insurance,he is cancelling his policy as soon as next week. Let these companies know that we cannot allow corporations to take a side on any matter of free speech no matter which side it comes from. Call all of these sponsors and let them know this will not stand! Why is it that no one is boycotting all sponsors of MSNBC,you know the Network that is calling American protestors MOBS,and this week said they were racists! This is the same network owned by GE who's CEO is on Obama's budget board,and the govt has dolled billions of dollars of our money to bail out! Unbelievable! MSNBC literally uses the Whitehouse talking points,this is what I call un-American! Julie of Beloit,the Govt is the villian,I have seen the footage of Obama,and Barney Frank saying this health care bill will help lead us into a sigle payer system! We must all take our next fight to the State run media,and demand fairness! If not we must constantly expose them!

    22. Kris, Bx NY says:

      Anyone read 1984? Big Brother is here! First take away freedom of speech and securing wealth next they'll tell us who we can marry, socialize with and what jobs they feel we are best suited for. We'll be able to tell our grandchildren about this great place that used to exist called America.

    23. AWM -Indiana says:

      Just got off of the phone with my insurance agent…. Told them to change my auto insurance carrier. I was asked what was going on, as I was the sixth or seventh customer who had requested a new carrier, since she opened up the office 40 minutes ago! (And this is a small-town -pop. 3,500- agency….)

    24. MaryAnn, USA says:

      To Julie Hartje in Wisconsin, who wants a single payer health insurance plan:

      How do you imagine the federal government will pay for insuring everyone? There are two ways, and one of those will not provide enough money. The government can raise taxes; there is not enough money in the country to pay for what the government has already spent and borrowed. Adding another 1.6 trillion dollars to that debt unthinkable.

      The other way? Reduce the number of people who need insurance. This is already being practiced in countries like Canada and the U.K. It is already being practiced in the United States- in Oregon. It's called letting people die.

      What portion of our population uses the most health insurance? It isn't healthy people. The elderly and those people with chronic and/or life threatening diseases,the pre-born who have been diagnosed with potential birth "defects", or infants born prematurally use the bulk of health care dollars.

      Do you know anyone who fits into any of these categories? or someone who does? Which of these people would you choose to let die in order to insure there is health insurance for the healthy people who do not use it?

      There are steps that can be taken to lower the cost of health care. Address tort reform. If doctors did not have to look over their shoulders for John Edwards types of attorneys, they would not need to schedule unnecessary tests and proceedures. The myriad of mandates and regulations placed on insurers could be removed, allowing people to craft their own coverage, for the things they want covered. Plans could be purchased across state lines to increase competition.

      That the democrats in the House have refused to accept these and other free market solutions shows that they are the people who will not engage in debate.

      The Obama administration and the democrat congress are not interested in health care/insurance reform. They are interested in grabbing power and control of the American people.

    25. Concerned Americn says:

      When will American's finally realize what this president is trying to do to FREE AMERICA? Look what he has done in 7 months. Obama thinks he has free reign and no one will question him. Our elected officals just sit up there and do nothing, they are afraid of him. No other president would allow Pelosi, Reid and any other member of Congress to call the American voters un-american just becuase we speak our mind. That's what our First Amendment is, FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Where the American's who spoke out against Bush un-american? Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxter, Feinstein, Waxman etc. are the TRUE UN-AMERICAN'S, they just do whatever Obama tells them to do, they are just puppets on a string. They think they are the ELITE (ELITIST), well we voted them in and we can vote them out, but we must remember where 4 of the five come from, CALIFORNIA, and look at their state, it is bankrupt! They cater to the illegals, non-working, left-wing liberals (San Francisco) just for their votes! They are not the average American. They think if it feels good do it! Obama's Green Czar, John Van is a known Marxist!

    26. rich weirton, wv says:

      julie from Beloit should read the bill before she pases judjement on those of us who has read it. This bill spells diaster for Americans, and especially for seniors who will no longer get the care they need. Everything will be rationed! As the government goes broke, no one will get quality care, as we do now.

      Ask those countries that have this type "health care" what they think…they hate it.

      Oh, by the way, this is NOT free……

    27. mary, oregon says:

      Did research on Van Jones, Co-founder of Color of Change. Go to their website and read their premise. the last sentence will reflect their ignorance. Race; we are all from the "human race': Class: What 'class', We are all Americans and do not adhere to a 'class'structure. We leave that to India.

      Mr. Jones is now Obama's Czar for Green Jobs. So, this should tell everyone how involved the White House is in silencing Glenn Beck, with di-information.

      Here is part of Mr. Jones bio taken from Wikipedia this morning.

      Quote from Mr. Jones: "a roudy (black) nationalist collaborating as an avowed communist with marxists and Maoist ideology.

      August 2009: Took a controversial role in attacking critics of Obama and his administration.

      Glen Beck aired a segment on the "Apollo Alliance involving Jones, among others as key architects of 'deficit-creating "recovery" and CAP & TRADE legislation."

      He was jailed in 1992 during the Riots in LA, as a legal monitor during a so called 'peaceful protest' and released four hours later. Never charged.

      I encourage everyone to research James Rucker. Click on Wikipedia and follow the links covering the Appolo Alliance, Institute for American's Future, Campaign for America's Future, and Joint Project Center of Wisconsin.

      These are all progressive/communist institutions.

      Glenn uncovered this and now they are after him.

      I encourage everyone who has insurance with Geico,or Progressive to find another insurance company, and tell them/write them/fax them,stage a 'boycott' at their local offices, the reason for dropping their coverage. Tell them the susposed 75,000 petition signatures, that ColorofChange gathered, will look like peanuts after we are finished with them.

      As a side note, I can't remember which company it is, Gieco or Progressive, belongs to Warren Buffet, and the other one belongs again to another vowed progressive/communist.

      As far as the other companies,Protor&Gamble, SC Johnson ect, try to avoid their protects, this may be hard to do because of the vast aray of products both companies market, but read labels and find subsitutes. Also, write their corporate office and explain why you will no longer be a consumer of their goods.

      If you don't do any of the above, you are part of the problem.

      p.s. send an e-mail to Glenn and let him know we have his front, back and sides!

    28. Bobbie Jay says:

      Sure, the government "says" they're for free speech. They just won't tolerate it. Free speech comes with honesty. The President and government shows dishonesty is their liking. They don't want honesty/truth revealed.

      The government speaks volumes with active opposition according to their speak.

      Thanks for the heads up on Glenn Beck's advertisers. They have grown weak to the government's will or intimidation, not worth our business…bummer SC Johnson is on the list. Just another government tactic to destroy more of the free market!

    29. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      My questions is, how does the white house have so much time on their hands? Aren't we in 2 WARS right now? You would think that would keep them out of our cable tv business. Beck is a big threat to them, he tells the truth.You know they are telling Becks sponsers that they will destroy them if they keep supporting Beck. Chicago politics, as always. Their true colors have been uncovered, we American won't forget, and we don't forgive.

    30. Don H, Willis TX says:

      Have you noticed the attendance at the town hall meetings? In the recent past when one of these meetings was called, if the politician had 15 to 20 people present, this was a great crowd. Now they are packed out and some folks can't get in. Should this not tell the representatives something? Yes, we are angry…about the speed in which health care needs to be "changed" or reformed, Large amounts of money being spent in Washington, and regular folks being called names which do not apply. We are NOT what we are called. Since free speech is being attacked, this is nothing more that sin by the attackers.

    31. Jill, California says:

      I received Axelrod's propaganda email too. I forwarded it to flag@whitehouse.gov with a note suggesting that they immediately shut down the sender for spreading lies and misinformation.

    32. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Progressive Insurance company was started by a far left ideologue. Hence the word "progressive".

      Sorry Glen (Renwick), we are going to have to switch to another insurance company.

      See, freedom of speech does work.

      Viva La capitalism!!!

    33. Paul Terry Stone says:

      If the Cap and Trade bills are any indication, the government may be against carbon dioxide so if they're for oxygen, they may have to say so.

    34. Sally Vose, Bath, Ma says:

      In my opinion, Glenn Beck is the only radio or TV talk-show host who is truly dedicated to trying to keep this Country the true Republic that it is. This Administration needs to be held accountable for the socialist/marxistdirection they are leading us to, that I will use my email directory to ask that all my contacts stop doing business with the advertisers who have abandoned the Glenn Beck show.

      Glenn Beck is the reason that I now feel a strong desire to get out and defend my Country and the reason I am finally speaking out for our Republic.

    35. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Congrats to the poster that changed his insurance company!! Let's go further. These companies issue stock. I would like to see a huge sell off in the stock of companies that knuckle under to thug tactics like this. These companies have no guts!! Or, they are in the tank for the dems, in which case, at least the GOP members should avoid them like the plague! I need to be sure that proctor and gamble are on the list? I intend to stop buying from them immediately if this is so. I do not hold policies at geico or progressive. I find the advertisements to be annoying after a while. Thank god for the remote!!

    36. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Why are so many people surprised on how this administration deals with those who don't agree with them?

      The play book was written a long time ago back in the days of Woodstock. Read your history and listen to those closest to the President, they aren't hiding anything. In fact it's in your face stuff. Bill Maher was right Americans are Stupid.

    37. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Sure the white House supports free speech, as long as that speech is in support of the Administration.

      People are beginning to understand Mr. Obama's power play, and they don't like it. They don't want the government constantly interfering in their lives. They are sick and tired of being told that their taxes have to be constantly increased to pay for other people's bills. They don't like be lied to and then being told that it's there own fault for not understanding what was said. They especially don't like being condemned for speaking their mind at public meetings, where they have every right to hold their representatives accountable. They don't like the government encouraging them to turn in anyone who is critical of Mr. Obama, his administration or his policies to a government "Rat Squad". And they call townhall audiences "Brown Shirts"! To Nancy Pelosi, we are Nazis, to Harry Reid, we are "evil-mongers", to the others in the House and Senate we are Brown Shirts and un-American, paid performers hired by rich Republicans.

      There is a silver lining to the dark clouds brought in by the Obama administration and his

      Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. And that silver lining is that finally, these people are showing us who they really are. Their arrogance and haughtiness are on full display. How refreshing it was to see John Conyers ask in disbelief, "Do you realize it would take two days and two lawyers to read through it?" (House Bill 3200 that is the proposed Health Care Reform legislation). Arlen Spector parroted that same reply telling his townhall questioners, "we parcel of sections of such bills to our staff to read, you must realize that we have to act quickly on these bills." Spector had no reply when the full audience demanded to know WHY.

      Why indeed? Why does one of the most complex and expensive bills in American history fail to deserve that it not only be read, but thoroughly debated? Why would anyone want to rush through such legislation without having read it, especially by those who purport to serve and represent the American public?

      Each of us, I'm sure have our own suspicions. Mine are that this administration feared a negative reaction from the public once the public began to understand the consequences of such legislation, intended and unintended, and the cost ramifications. The President and his Chief of Staff and many of his closest advisors are all from Chicago, Illinois. This is the way that 'legislation' becomes law in Chicago and in Illinois. It is referred to as "The Chicago Way" (B.S the public, payoff all who will support you, bully and discredit anyone who won't, then vote on it quickly and quietly – presto, you have learned "The Chicago Way"). The Democrates in the House and Senate have caught on to it quickly. The rest of America is also quickly catching on to the"Chicago Way". How do you like it, folks?

    38. Sammy says:

      Please boycott the sponsors that pulled advertising from Beck. It worked for AARP who at first supported the Obama plan. If you have not cancelled your AARP membership, please do so immediately. Voting with your dollars is very effective.

    39. Cooper, Alabama says:

      I am not a big fan of Beck, he wants to be a

      comedian. I do not believe sponsors should take

      sides on political issues. Geico will be sorry

      when Obama takes over the auto insurance business

      as he is attempting to take over health care presently.

    40. M. Le Beau, Michigan says:

      Obama is betraying the American public, and destroying our constitution on many levels. Glen is trying to get us to get our heads out of the sand and not be misled my this pied piper. Obama has his own agenda to fill, certainly not in our best interest. He works for us, not the other way around. He is what I call a "Puppet President", he was bought and paid for and now, must do what he is told to do. We must get this man out of office. The sooner the better, and take our puppet congress with him. He needs to be IMPEACHED

    41. Gary Loftis says:

      This is Chicago-style thuggery, in the grand style of Capone and Daly!

    42. Doug Woltersdorf says:

      What advertisers have left the Glenn Beck program? I want to contact them to let them know That they should stand up to the pressure of the left . Every Freedom loving citizen must stand up and speak up or we WILL loose this great human experiment!

    43. Denise, Utah says:

      I believe another reason Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are trying to ram all this legislation down our throats so quickly is that the economy is going to take another big hit before the end of the year. They want the laws in place BEFORE this happens. They also are very good at diversion tactics. While our attentions are shifted toward the heath care debate, there are bills pending about dismantling our 2nd amendment rights and the FEDS are devaluing our dollar in every way possible. BUY SILVER AND GOLD ASAP. If every man woman and child would buy junk silver it would thwart their plans for complete control!

    44. Bill, Texas says:

      Interesting times, indeed. The "Obama White House of Cards" is not built on solid rock but shifting sand. It must, it will fall as the result of self-distruction. However, they will blame others.

    45. Rich, Whistler, BC says:

      Fox pulled the Hannity's America program last Sunday. It was

      entitled "Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism". I wonder why?

      You can still watch it on Youtube…. for now.

      Anyone who has not read the bill (HR3200) can read the synopsis at http://www.lc.org. This bill is not about health care. It is about coercive government with control over every aspect of

      American life.

    46. D. Funk, Tallahassee says:

      "He should go back to the drawing board and develop an alternative that recognizes the overwhelming voice of America heard this August."

      As opposed to listening to the voices that got him elected by a clear majority? He's doing the job he was hired to do.

    47. Mike, WI says:

      The Johnson family (SC Johnson) owns Johnson Bank headquartered in Racine, WI. If this is true about SC Johnson caving into Whitehouse intimidation, I will be closing my accounts and ending my business with their bank!

    48. Bobbi Kay, CB, OR says:

      Totally agree with Greg Loftis, just look who is now running our country. Mafia style, with many of the advisers having been involved in illegal acts. Chicago style politics have entered the White House and hopefully the next congress election will replace those who do not represent the rights of the people. Perhaps we can engage in legal actions against those who are "Changing our country for the worst" and have trashed our Constitution for their own goals, not those of the citizens whom they are paid to work for us.

      Also, changing my Progressive Insurance, no Proctor/Gamble products will never again be in our

      home, same for SC Johnson. We do have a choice, at least at this time. I've gone to a Tea Party!!! Times changing in my Political Views!!!

    49. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Not surprising, the White House battles anything representing Freedom and America!


    50. John Walsh, Los Ange says:

      "It is hardly comforting" that the White House must state its support of free speech? I found it less than comforting that the previous administration had to state its opposition to torture – only to later learn that that was a lie.

      And please stop feigning indignation at the call for advertisers to reconsider their support of Glenn Beck's TV show. Both liberal and conservative groups have called for boycotts similar actions whenever a media figure stirs controversy. And the outrage rings a bit hollow in a month when reasonable debate about a crucial public health issue is shut down by insta-mobs acting on instructions from the faux grassroots fronts of well-moneyed Washington lobby groups.

    51. Bill s. Tampa ,fl says:

      Pres.Obama and his czars probably would be more comfortable in a political setting in Russia where free speech is not tolerated.

    52. Capitol Hill says:

      He's just following his Bible, Rules for Radicals. What he is doing is all in the book. If liberals don't want to believe that, then they can go check it out. I'm sure it's their agenda, too!


    53. william boyer cincin says:

      George Bush was criticized every single day of his administration but never deigned to respond to any of his accusers. I didn't always agree with him, but I think he showed far more courage than Obama, who appears outraged to think that somebody, somewhere, might actually dare to disagree with him. I think that shows a very deep-seated sense of insecurity.

    54. Roger S., Ma. says:

      From fighting Brownshirts 65 years ago and 4000 miles away, to being harassed by Purpleshirts at our own Town Halls today, and smeared as Nazis by our own Congressional representatives. A Federal Executive Department that refuses to investigate voter intimidation. Congressional reps who are pointedly rude to their constituents. Close WH advisers who harass what amounts to the modern version of the free press for exercising its freedom to report what it sees. Representatives not reading, let alone understanding, the legislation they pass. Self same reps even contending they don’t have to because they couldn’t make sense of it anyway. Lying about the costs. Congress simply ignoring the Constitution when it doesn’t fit the majority agenda. Representatives refusing to face their constituents, return their calls, their mails. A President who only speaks to carefully selected audiences. Who acts “my way or the highway”. Who causes his “claqueurs” to be bussed in with preferential treatment over the local citizenry he visits. Who accuses police officers acting properly in the line of duty of acting stupidly, while admitting he doesn’t know all of the facts. The list goes on, and on, and on! What sort of country has our nation become? Not since 1776 have such conditions been commonplace. Frightening !

    55. OPAS says:

      SO? what did you expect to get when YOU elected a "STREET ORGANIZER", who couldn't qualify for a street aweeper position to be YOUR president "Street Organizer" is the same job level as ACORN workers, who he and the great Congress YOU elected gave over 8 BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, like in 8 THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS.

      I think the actual gift was/is 8,400 MILLION DOLLARS.

    56. Patty and Paul West, says:

      America, we all need to exercise our rights while still have them! Please boycott sponsors who caved on the Glenn Beck show. Call, write, or email. We all have a free momement to stand up any way we can. If we don't, we will all be sorry, the left will bull doze right over us. They have the biggest part of the media in their pocket, (exception, thank you, Fox News). Our friends and family are basically uninformed and allowing all this to happen. It's up to those of us who are watching to fight this administration. We are all frustrated, and may feel helpless. We still have a voice. Please use it!

    57. Patty and Paul West, says:

      Please Correc America Spelling! can't type, but we can spell!

    58. Chuck, Clearwater,FL says:

      I am dropping Progressive at renewal in Nov. The founder of Progressive, a billionaire, is a major supporter of Obama.

      I agree to the other boycotts and think we should add GE and all advertisers on NBC, MSNBC, etc.

    59. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      This is why this Man/Child has forty or so CZARS. Who knows who is doing what to whom???

      Deniability is everything in WDC (Washington District Of Corruption)

      PC is Thought Control


    60. Dennis A. Social Cie says:

      Sounds like Beck told the truth and obam and pelosi can stand it. Oh, well if the shoe fits wear it, if it don't you must aquit. The dems are smelling their own fear, fear that they can not get the socialist agenda they want, fear that people will wake up and throw them out in the street where they belong. Let's be sure this happens in 2010 elections, throw thoise out that have tried to ramb all this BS down our throats and tell us we are un-American because we disagree.

    61. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      To Julie H. WI: There has been Medicare fraud since the inception of Medicare. All the succeeding administrations did little to stem it. However, this is not the big issue now. You would think it should be big. The the goal of this administration is not good, low-cost health care. The goal is Power over the citizens of America. Why else do we have these efforts to discredit people who descent? Why are SIEU Union members crowding out people in Town Halls? Why is there a snitch line to the White House? Why are individuals targeted for criticism by the government? These are unamerican activities! Ditto MaryAnn, USA

    62. michael wells san di says:

      Ifeel that oboma isn't necessarily insecure but just plain arrogant. Thids is also the image of most of congress as evidenced by remarks by pelosi, reid, boxer and many others including republicans. they all think they don't have to listen and answer to us. Werll they are in for a surprise in the midterm elections.

    63. jim smith says:

      We have a president who is unfamiliar with dissent and how to respond to it. His core constituency is composed of union members/bosses, certain portions of the two largest minorities (legal & otherwise), the new career unemployed, Acorn and assorted rent-a-mob, bus riding rabble and a generous helping of the far left wackos(PETA, Sierra Club, Global Warming Fanatics, All Greens.) Getting all of them in lockstep is challenging and will eventually cause Nobama to fail greater than his record so far.

    64. Ken St Louis says:

      Obviously, Obuma needs to be impeached and removed from office! However, with this immoral, and incom petent group of deomcrats we have in power thats not going to hapen! The only sensible course of action at this point is SUCCESION!

    65. Normca says:

      Abuse of Power is impeachable, isn't it ? The One says go out there and get in their face – hit back twice as hard. So his former employer goes out and buses to Town Halls and gets in their face, drowning out the voices of dissension. [And then Pelosi says "They are busing to these events"] Gibbs says its made for TV ? We have a president who has never experienced life. What has he done in his 5 minutes in government ? The One stands up there and says I want to hear from those who disagree. Why so you can get their email address ? It is my hope that in November 2010 that The One finds he has to deal with a real Republican majority [not a Friske or Lott, share power majority]. That would be allot of to ask in the house, but wouldn't be great.

    66. Duke, Ohio says:

      As I find myself saying on a regular basis, "Where is the outrage?" Only cowards need to silence the opposition.

    67. Rich Smith,Ohio says:

      Great comments! I believe this white house is run by a bunch of juvenile delinquents! That don't think things through, they act simply on impulse and they show how ignorant and inexperienced they are in life!

      * Who would think about turning your neighbor because he is opposed to all of this crap our government is doing?

      *Who would put a agreement on the car for clunkers web site that if you signed in, that the Federal Government would take over your computer as government property?

      We have so many abuses of power in just 7 months, how can this clown not be be IMPEACHED?

    68. matt WI says:

      I agree 100% Obama thinks this is a game or something. Americans are known to be dumb, but when you think you can take away our right to speak freely you got another thing coming. Im becoming more convinced Obama only cares about his own glory, he hasnt proved to me he cares about this country at all. By the way I am in the process of emailing every one of these business's that have taken away their support of the show. Morons, dont they know they will suffer right along side us.

    69. Pingback: Steynian 375 « Free Canuckistan!

    70. Pingback: A Progression of Headlines - The Rantings of a Cranky Parkinsonian

    71. Jim,Oregon says:

      America is a reality show. Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch are taking tickets at the gate, lining their pockets with what little cash we have left. We The People have been duped by both our political parties, corporate America, mega-banks and almost all our politicians. We're at our own throats everyday on the Internet while the above mentioned con artists are fleecing our retirement accounts and the financial future of our kids and grandkids. Wake Up America! You can institute real change with your vote and your check book. But this time, do your home work before you hit the polls! PLEASE!!! (and save at least 10% of what you spend)

    72. Pingback: White House Battle Against Free Speech Grows

    73. Mr. Lucas Brice says:

      I laughed at your recommendation at the end. One feature of Fascism is the quashing of all dissent. In case no one noticed, we have a Fascist government, and I mean this quite literally, not as some kind of perjorative.

    74. IndedoleN says:

      Super-Duper site! I beloved it!! Will up break again – enchanting you feeds also!

    75. ochwo godfrey kamppa says:

      All information here is good but please help me on this coming campaign in Uganda thanks.

    76. Hi would you mind letting me know which hosting company you're using? I've loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good hosting provider at a fair price? Many thanks, I appreciate it!

    77. Olav says:

      I just wonder how Obama would react if a magazine or a newspaper posted a topless pics of his wife .

      I guess he would act the same as the royal family in UK which consider as limitation for what is he fighing for " freedom of speech "

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