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  • Wanted: Obama Healthcare Reform Volunteers Willing To Be Paid $15 An Hour

    It probably shouldn’t be too surprising that the same administration that confuses “public service” with “working for the governemnt” also feels the need to pay its “volunteers” $15 an hour. The Los Angeles Times reports

    The website’s large-type headline announces: “Work to Pass Obama’s Healthcare Plan and Get Paid to Do it! $10-15 hr!”

    It’s a web ad on Craigslist: “You can work for change. Join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen. You can make great friends and money along the way. Earn $400-$600 a week.”

    The ad links to the Boston-based Fund for the Public Interest, an umbrella organization that rounds up people to round up support, money and signatures for all kinds of campaigns, including health care reform and the environment.

    It’s hiring and assigning canvassers to work in at least 28 states, including California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oregon, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey.

    “Help make change happen,” pleads the advertisement. “If you’re good with people and feel passionately about the environment and human rights, you’ll make money working for the Fund.”

    Sounds like an ideal kind of idealism, the profitable kind.

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    8 Responses to Wanted: Obama Healthcare Reform Volunteers Willing To Be Paid $15 An Hour

    1. Albert Campbellsvill says:

      Looks to me they are some kind of commie outfit,perfect for anything hussein wants to do.I sure hope im not giving them any money,I have a feeling I am.We(conservatives)need more groups like this,oh wait we are to busy working for a living.

    2. Lee, Wisconsin says:

      We (conservatives) also know that we need to take the time to find the real truth versus what we are spoonfed by the mainstream media. I can't believe that the comments made by Pelosi aren't front page news. If the shoe was on the other foot and somebody like Newt (while he was in power) made comments like Pelosi, the media would be calling for his head.

    3. Dean_L, Toronto ON says:

      No doubt it's been funded by stimulus funds. With a start like this, blowing through $1 trillion on health care should be easy.

      It just gives you that warm all over feeling, no?

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      To volunteer is to do it without funding. When people volunteer, they do it out of the kindness of their heart. The government is providing $15 more (of other peoples money)then what I get to volunteer. Government is out of control as their will is looking for ways to bankrupt this country.Government continues to function under their "change" of definitions. They're mentally challenged and unfit to govern in a free country.

    5. Grace, Florida says:

      This is the only way he can find people who support the bill. They will be out in force this weekend whe he goes on stage for the comedy hours scheduled. He will just stand up and spew lies and these paid tag-a-longs will utter "Yes we can", (you know the rest). I'll be laughing with allot of other Americans. Nice try Owaaaaama but we do have your number. We read and we learn – all your paid minions want to do is make money because most are lazy and have no jobs.

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    7. Reggie Greene / The says:

      At this point, although the debate and spin continue, this bill is essentially dead from an emotional and mandate perspective, even if some version gets passed. Whether it ultimately proves to be of any benefit to society, or a detriment, will take years, if not decades, to appreciate.

      This bill, and virtually anything that might be done to improve our healthcare system, involves too much complexity with which we are emotionally motivated to deal. In addition, there are too many factions with entrenched economic and/or financial interests to permit it to become a true health initiative.

      There's been too much arguing about the details. People can not describe in 2 or 3 sentences the conceptual parameters of the effort and what it is supposed to accomplish. Unfortunately, people can describe how they feel about it in 1 or 2 words, and that's not good. And that's not to mention the elements which have whipped up hysteria by suggesting, with certainty, what will occur once the final product (which does not yet exist) emerges.

      If either side of the debate has to work this hard arguing about something which theoretically should improve the lives of the masses of people, there's a big problem.

      Even more so than how something is done, people are interested in results, not the details. And once again, as is frequently the case with much of human processing, the facts don't really matter. How people view the world, what they value, and what they want, matters.

      And there is nothing collaborative in nature about that. Factor in the strong individualistic American DNA, and this effort is emotionally toast.

      Being an optimist, I hope and pray that some improvement in our health status as a nation is made. However, the noise is deafening, and I may need medical treatment for loss of hearing before the debate is over.

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      This is also outrageous and unethical. Here he spews how bad off we are yet he spends our money on bribing people to convince us of his more corrupt then good plan.

      If Obama's volunteers really believed in Obama and his plan being equally wonderful to all, they'd have the integrity and decency to do it under the definition of volunteer, for free. Pay wouldn't have been considered. Not many if any associated with Obama have integrity.

      Someone has to stop this man from spending our money so freely and frivolously. He's a liar and dangerous.

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