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  • Townhall Downfall: Astroturf Doctors?

    You may have seen yesterday’s video of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) speaking on her cell phone while a cancer survivor spoke to her about health care reform. Well now comes news that the pro-Obamacare voices in the crowd were not entirely legitimate. A primary care physician identified as Dr. Roxana Meyer stood up and praised the President’s health care plan for overhauling a broken system. Meyer said: “I don’t know what there is in the bill that creates such panic.” The Congresswoman asked the crowd to give her a round of applause for being a doctor, hugged her and then asked “How long have you been practicing?” to which “Dr.” Meyer answered “Four years,” which was followed by more applause and a gushing grin on the face of “Dr.” Meyer. The problem? Roxana Meyer is not a doctor, but rather an Obama campaign delegate.

    In fact, Roxana Meyer was sitting in the audience with a friend who also worked for the Obama campaign and was famously photographed hanging a Che Guevara revolutionary flag above her official Obama campaign office desk. The Houston Chronicle, which reported on the townhall and highlighted the exchange, knew that Ms. Meyer was an Obama delegate but was unaware she was not a doctor. The Chronicle did not report her campaign background, but has since updated their website to reflect she is not a physician. In responding to inquiries, Roxana Meyer says she possessed “spontaneity” in her deception and she thought it would “help her credibility.”  Yes, she gave all Obamacare supporters loads of credibility today.  We hope that the President’s chorus will denounce her actions as loudly as they have protested regular parents, citizens, students who have driven themselves to their representative’s townhalls to ask serious questions about the “reform” of one sixth of the U.S. economy.

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    28 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Astroturf Doctors?

    1. G. E. Diaz says:

      Some conservative group should advertise this occurrence showing clearly what the Obama administration is doing. I've never respected Congresswoman S. Jackson. She's an angry ideologue. She is callous and mean when pursuing her objectives. We've seen her nasty behavior towards the cancer victim, but we have not seen the phony doctor connected with the Obama campaign exposed. Flash photos of this exhibition across America's TV's.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      If it's true this Roxana Meyer isn't a physician, then she deserves to be pulled-up on criminal charges for falsely claiming credentials she didn't have. Playing doctor cannot be taken lightly as such claims and/or actions compromise public safety. Thank-you Meyer for your non-credible endorsement of Obama's socialized sales job. Done in true corrupted fashion.

    3. Jon-Michael Guerra, says:

      I'm not surprised at all about learning this. The liberals are so hypocritical, it makes me want to hurl. They make false statements about how these health care bill protesters are planted by far-right extremists, but then they ACTUALLY plant a far-left loon at Obama's townhall. I saw this coming immediately when liberals started dismissing the legitimacy of the town hall protesters. You'd think Obama was smarter than this to allow such a deceptive act to occur at his own town hall to promote his bill. This goes to show what the administration is doing in order to deceive the American people.

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    5. B.H. Obama, Chicago says:

      The problem with conservative groups advertising this travesty is that America's televisions don't receive signals that are broadcast in the conservative band.

    6. Jimmy the kneecaper says:

      Can we get this on U tube! it seems most of obamas supporters live there we need to remain diligent on exposing these mobsters!!!!!

    7. Anna Esther Weiner says:

      Dear Glen Beck:

      Keep up the good work. Americans are finally being informed as to what this health care scam is all about. If the current health care has problems, then fix what needs to be fixed. Don't add more problems for Americans to contend with. Thank you again.. This is our chance to be heard loud and clear. Just say no…

    8. Drew, PA says:

      It is time to call on these plants and this false doctor to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST. Are they willing to take a lie detector test to prove they were not plants? It only means something if she was set up to do that because any individual an go do something and that means nothing if it is not a conspiracy. This is a very serious matter, all these plants or suspected plants because that is lying to the public and is an outrage. This should be investigated maybe by the FBI? If the DNC or some group is purposefully deceiving the public with conspiracy using plants, is that just ok? They are not breaking any laws or something? How can that just be ok?

    9. Meachele says:

      Many are deceived but the truth must be shared, inorder; to give the people a chance to choose the truth or remain ignorant (lacking in knowlege or information as to a particular subject or fact). Keep uncovering the lies that have captured so many people. And the rest of us need to stand-up and speak the truth BOLDLY.

    10. zach, minnesota says:

      I think what is more telling about this then the actual deception is the fact that it was so hard for the healthcare overhaul supporters at this meeting to find a doctor supporting the plan that they had to make one up instead….that would make a good ad slogan.

    11. greg cryns, californ says:

      Why are conservatives always talking about FEAR?

      Your lives must be a living hell.

    12. David, Maryland says:

      Conservatives talk about fear because we have a bunch of liberals trying to run our lives! Leave us alone and we won't bother you. We don't want to be told by you what we should say, tkink, or do. We have a mind of our own and are prepared to use it, unlike the bunch of lemmings you liberals are. You just go along with whatever you are told by your so called leadrers. Right or wrong you wouldn't know because you don't fact check anything, you just follow! The only reason our lives are "a living hell" is because of people like you!!!

    13. wifeandmomof4, Illin says:

      Yet another one of the lies and misrepresentations used by those trying to shove this bill down our throats. Unfortunately, no other network will run this because they are all living in Obamaland.

    14. Bobbie Jay says:

      In Obama's world, everybody can be anything they want without working for it and take money and a title with them.

      If this person can claim to be a physician, I wonder how many other claimed doctors who aren't, support obamacare and will be working as doctors without credentials, under Obamacare. Will they all be imposters? Pretty dangerous if you ask me. Everybody can lie through their teeth for Obama drama. Drawing up confusion and legitimate danger to our health, livelihoods and existence.

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      And this person claiming to be a physician, should be arrested.

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    17. Barbara - Topeka, Ka says:

      My late husband had a glioblastoma (a malignant brain tumor). Ted Kennedy is fighting this same cancer today.

      The difference between Mr. Kennedy's care and my late husband's care is stark! My husband was "kicked" out of the hospital in the middle of his illness because Medicare had run out! Ted Kennedy will NEVER be kicked out of the hospital.

      Just remember all legislators are exempt from the Obamacare nightmare! They are taking the liberty to tie you and I into their 'death promise' while they, themselves, enjoy luxury healthcare!

      The "death culture" had already infiltrated America's hospitals before Obama came along to officially lock it into place. I wrote a book describing my late husband's horrible medical ordeal, explaining the healthcare cost lies.

      In my book – "You and the Broken American Healthcare System" – I urged Americans to "abandon timidity, shun political correctness and speak the truth." We the people, must become strong, the mavericks, the changers and the shakers, recapturing our voices, our autonomies, and our collective power!"

      This and only this will change the healthcare system back into a caring, patient focused healthcare system.

      Thank you, fellow citizens, for speaking out, telling the truth, and standing strong!

    18. Donny, New York City says:

      Her lack of ethics is breathtaking. Her master degree and any future consideration in being state licensed as a social worker should be at stake over this. What lies, as a "professional" wouldn't she be willing to tell in the future (under much less scrutinized circumstances)?

    19. Sara Texas says:

      This person should be sent to prison and heavily fined. The liberals are losing and getting desperate, they will try anything and everything. If anyone in the audience is friendly towards a congressman or president, you can pretty well know that person is a paid plant.

    20. Rodney, Frankfort says:

      You're right. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee doesn't care about the people she represents but she sure does love the Obama plants at her townhalls doesn't she?

    21. Cat the scratch, Flo says:

      STATE RUN MEDIA…where is the story on this????

      crickets creeking…..

    22. someone, in TX says:

      contact the medical board pronto


    23. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Crooks and cheats and liars and phonies, a whole Administration full of them. Have this sleazy twit's records sealed quickly? Like her boss'? How about filing a complaint with the local authorities? — Minimum charge: aiding and abetting of, and conspiracy to commit, fraud ?! File the same charge against the WH and the Democrats in Congress ?! Why not? Surely they're in on it? Oh, wait, I forgot: We got to impeach them first, and they have the majority in the House, so it can't be done. Tricky, tricky !

      Great (NEGATIVE) publicity, though ! Spread the word and make it backfire ! Now we know "what there is in the bill that creates such panic". Thanks, Roxy, we're ever so grateful ! We'll indict you anyway, though, Roxana. You forgot that it's we, the voters, who sit on Grand Juries, and that what you did in this context was no prank, but a felony. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Roxy! Tell us, Roxana, were you also paid by OFA ?! SEIU ?! Any other group ?! It's all gonna come out anyway. Sure ?

    24. Merinas van der Lubb says:

      These creatures are just despicable. The really appalling thing is that they see nothing wrong with this sort of deception "for a good cause".

      Goldberg writes about exactly this sort of thing in "Liberal Fascism". Apparently these tactics go back a long way, to the early 20th century. The Left thinks this is a justifiable form of "mythmaking". "Truth is that which serves the Party."

    25. Ginger, OH says:

      I brought this up to some liberals who didn't believe me about the fake doctor, so I reported the facts. But I then thought, Hey! They are supporting starving actors!! Why not?! In this time of intense emotions, why not get actors involved?! It's a way of supporting the arts!! Who would of thought…. I mean, they even had a script, and a staged skit, and everything. I had to apologize to him for not being sensitive to the plight of the starving actors out there. (I would like to know what she got paid for her efforts.)

      Lets keep artistic efforts out of our real and imperative political issues.

    26. william new braunfel says:

      Sen Grassley Iowa says americans prefer incrementalism does he think us fools we the people say no to all of this agenda and no we dont want it in small doses

    27. Georgwe Blickwede says:

      I hope this idiot is voted out of office as soon as possible

    28. bob, el segundo, ca says:

      I hate it when people say "those liberals". First, I am a liberal and I believe what both of these women did was detestable.

      But these lies at the town hall events is not something that is only done by liberals. Heather Blich (might have spelled that wrong), a women who claimed that she was "just a mom" with no political affiliation was found to have been the vice chair of the republican party in her district and even ran for an office. Apparently she was causing a huge ruckus at the town hall event she went to.


      It's stupid and ignorant to think that all REAL doctors are on your side. Here is a video from Larry King with three doctors who disagree. Notice that this argument is civil and there is nobody calling anybody a Nazi.


      If you really want news, your best place to get it nowadays is factcheck.org. Of course both sides are now immune to facts and are rampantly spreading the stupidity.

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