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    You may have recently seen Keith Olbermann of MsNBC’s ”Countdown” mention The Foundry in his “World’s Best Persons” segment.  Then again, you may not have, since Countdown’s ratings are at their lowest levels since 2007 and running a distant third behind its competitors. (We saw it on HotAir.com) So just in case, we wanted to share the clip with you.  Apparently, Fox News’ Steve Doocy gave his viewers several great questions that were appropriate to ask their representatives at townhalls across the nation. Doocy said a “friend” sent him the questions, and Olbermann demonized him since the questions resembled five questions that Conn Carroll, Foundry editor and Morning Bell author, provided our readers on August 4. (For the record, Conn is not “imaginary”)

    Well, we hope Steve Doocy’s friend did indeed get those questions here and pass them along, since The Foundry, The Morning Bell newsletter and The Heritage Foundation are respected leading sources for fact based research and analysis and a trusted resource during our current health care debate. In fact, we hope cable personalities, including Mr. Olbermann, use the valuable insight of think tanks to their benefit more often. At the end of his clip, Olbermann mocks Steve Doocy for having a friend in a website. Well Mr. Olbermann, we are proud to call our readers our friends. On your next show you should challenge your friends to answer those five questions. Sign up for the Morning Bell here.

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    15 Responses to The Foundry is Proud to Call You Our Friends

    1. William H. Freeman, says:

      I'm looking at this daily and I just find it hard to believe that more people are not questioning what is going on behind the closed doors on the Hill?

      It amazes me the amount of money, time and smoke and mirrors that are being put before America in the name of Health Care. Something bigger is going on and since we are not the establishment we are not being let in on it.

      I pray that no further damage will come to this great nation of ours by this bunch of lost souls now in Washington, D.C..

      For those who didn't have time to make it to the polls last year I believe you really blew it this time.

    2. Randy, Brooklyn says:

      Keep it up! The Foundry is one of my very favorite blogs!

    3. Brian, Michigan says:

      No I didn't see that on MSNBC. I removed that channel from my TV last week and I haven't missed it one bit!

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    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      Well, msnbc and the like, there's your answer. Immature, disrespecting, ignorant hosts. This olberman guy can't communicate and you hired this filth. Until you are able to report honesty and hire hosts willing to tell the truth with the honest analogy necessary, until you respect the strength and dignity of people to do for themselves, we (family) will continue not watching you.

      Thank you for your honesty and respect of human life, Heritage Foundry. Obviously, Olberman's friends and probably only friends, is his innate ability to be easily influenced by the corruption of the government and his cable news to voice.

      He is proud to challenge the truth and display his personal intolerance of the truth. Following the lead of the government as he has not the ability to think for himself.

    6. Don, Woodland Park, says:

      My overall impression of Obama is that he is enormously talented, yet on any given topic or issue he is unable to be consistent. The result is that there is at least the appearance of modifying his story to please whatever audience is in front of him at the time. Are we witnessing purposeful mendacity, or just the effects of an undisciplined,rambling mind? In any case, I cannot support what he says, because I don't know what he really means.

    7. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Keith Olbermann of MsNBC’s leaves a lot to his' imagination. He is a legend in his own mind parroting only what is in the liberal handbook.

      He is defiantly one of those girly men in DC.

    8. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Thank you to the Heritage Foundation for thinking, providing me daily news about important issues. I receive 2 newspapers daily. They are so liberal, I only pay for them so my husband has something to read in the bathroom!I get all my news by e-mail,Fox News. I also listen to talk radio. Rush & Beck were telling everyone about you recently. Thank you!

    9. Popblogger, Florida says:

      The Nuns always told me that a person can be judged by the enemies he makes. Having Keith Olbermann as an enemy is the best endorsement one could hope for. I have been a daily reader of The Foundry for some time, and post much of your stuff to my Blog (with full credit, of course). Thanks so much for the Morning Bell; it's the best E-Mail I get every morning.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Without the Heritage Foundation, Fox News, and brave radio and TV reporters/commentaors, and idivedual real Americans such as those I read responding, There would certainly be far less hope for America than there is! Whith these things, we can make a Stand and win.


    11. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Like Bill Maher, Keith is the kind of guy who isn't happy unless he is miserable. I don't understand these two guys. Their candidate won the presidency. Their political party controls both the House and Senate, by veto-proof majorities. They can vote through anything they want. But apparently, this isn't enough. Despite their control over all branches of government, they are still complaining about the conservatives, George Bush, Carl Rove and Sarah Palin. George Bush is as out of the picture as Arsinio Hall. Neither Rove, nor Palin are in a position to do any harm whatsoever to current total Democrat control.

    12. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I was on twitter and saw a clip from MSNBC about Sarah Palin. Keith Olbermann was destroying her on the air. Wow! They are after everyone who looks at their health care reform and questions it!It was the most vicious attack I have ever seen. Now I know why I don't watch MSNBC.

    13. Bobbie Jay says:

      And thank you, to Steve Doocy. My family are big fans of yours. We love and respect and ALL deserve the truth and the strength and dignity of all men to tell it and address it.

      It's too bad many of mankind in today's world have weakened to the point of inability to face, accept or tolerate the truth. Therefore lacking the ability to know or tell…and the spin establishes by the weak. Weakness has many names and faces. In this case Olbermann blatantly reveals his. Please thank your friend.

    14. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Back at ya.

    15. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      The HILL is where the Overthrow of America is being plotted daily since NOVEMBER 4th!

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