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  • How's That Government Run Health Care Working Out Canada?

    The Vancouver Sun reports:

    Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures can expect to wait longer for care, NDP health critic Adrian Dix said Monday.

    Dix said a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority document shows it is considering chopping more than 6,000 surgeries in an effort to make up for a dramatic budgetary shortfall that could reach $200 million.

    Dr. Brian Brodie, president of the BC Medical Association, called the proposed surgical cuts “a nightmare.”

    “Why would you begin your cost-cutting measures on medically necessary surgery? I just can’t think of a worse place,” Brodie said.

    According to the leaked document, Vancouver Coastal — which oversees the budget for Vancouver General and St. Paul’s hospitals, among other health-care facilities — is looking to close nearly a quarter of its operating rooms starting in September and to cut 6,250 surgeries, including 24 per cent of cases scheduled from September to March and 10 per cent of all medically necessary elective procedures this fiscal year.

    President Barack Obama says his health care plan will not lead to government rationing of health care, but government run health care systems around the world have had to control costs by doing just that. Conservatives in the House tried to pass amendments that would prevent the federal government from rationing health care under Obamacare, but they were all defeated. For example in the House Ways and Means Committee:

    Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) offered an amendment that would eliminate the public plan if its enrollees experienced longer wait times than the average wait times for enrollees in private health plans. These people would then be able to enroll in private health plans offered on the Health Insurance Exchange. The Brady amendment failed on a straight party-line vote.

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    28 Responses to How's That Government Run Health Care Working Out Canada?

    1. Debbie in AZ says:

      There is so much waste. As long as we continue to give free healthcare to those who are not citizens and do not pay into our tax system, hospitals have to charge those who pay-for-services or have insurance MORE. This constantly drives up the cost of healthcare.

      No one wants to say it, and they keep focusing on Americans, but it is the sheer number of illegals here that is driving up the cost of healthcare. That, and those who misuse the ER's of this country, and anyone who works in medicine knows this.

    2. Albert Campbellsvill says:

      Debbie as im sure you know it isnt just health care.Welfare,food stamps,education,untaxed and taxed jobs,public housing,crime(street gangs and drug smuggling to name but e few)free rides to work in california,the cost of incarceration and the general hispanicization of our entire nation.God bless sheriff Joe.This will be the future of uor health care system if hussein is not defeated.

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    4. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      This is America, not Canada, why are we even debating government run health care? Isn't that a socialist society way of doing things? I thought we are a free county where we have the freedom to buy what we want! Stop the take over by the socialists of our health care, stand up for FREEDOM!

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    6. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Yes, there are reforms that can be made to Health Insurance provided by private insurance companies and there can be reforms made in the delivery of health care by doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Many of these types of reforms have been submitted in the form of alternative bills created by Republican legislators. When they were submitted, these legislators were told "we won, you lost, we are doing it our way". Then the Dem's complain try to say that the Republicans are the "party of nope". They spew this nonsense to the press, who for the most part, spread these lies.

      We do not need to eliminate private health insurance plans or insurance companies to effect these reforms. Yes, Mr. Obama has said that "his" plan doesn't try to eliminate a private option. There are two problems with his statements:

      1) they are constantly contradicting. He can be seen and heard on video tape telling an audience that he favors a single payer system. Today he says "his" plan wants only to provide competition to private insurance plans.

      2) What is "his" plan? Is it the plan outlined in House Bill 3200 (all 1,018 pages of it)? Is it the 600 page Senate bill? Is it a combination of the two? He doesn't know, because he hasn't read either. Just as with the 1,100 page, $800 billion dollar Stimulus Bill (the one with the 9,000 'earmarks) he didn't read that either. But by God, it had to be passed immediately or there would be hell to pay. Well it did pass within six days of Mr. Obama receiving it and there is still hell to pay, not to mention the Chinese and our kids and grandkids. It worked so well that unemployment increased and it whetted the Congressional appetite to ask for another.

      Mr. Obama's administration would have you believe that the health care systems in Canada and England are superior to ours. They don't like to talk about the people who can't get transplants, or pacemakers because of their age. They don't want to talk about cancer patients who are told they need to wait six months or more to receive treatments. They don't tell you how many Canadians have to come to the U.S. to get life saving treatment they can't get at home. Instead, they like to tell us that 70% of all Canadians like their plan and wouldn't want to give it up for a private health system. It's a well known fact that 20% of all those covered for health insurance are responsible for 80% of all the claims. Maybe the 70% of the Canadians they spoke to are those who are healthy, not the 20% who are really in need of threatment.

    7. RG St Simons Is says:

      I have yet to see any discussion of tort reform in the health care issue. There can not be any meaningful effort to bring down the cost of health care without tort reform. Doctors and hospitals perform test after test on the patient. All of these cost money and maybe some are only performed as a CYA, so that, in court, the defendant [doctor] can testify the he ran every test possible.

    8. Susan on Long Island says:

      It was no bipartisan effort, unfortunately.

      Obama said, "My hope is we can do it (health care plan) in a bipartisan fashion…."

      Didn't he know Pelosi had the Democrats shut the Republicans out?

      And where in the Constitution is heath care an enumerated power of the federal gov't?

      Take a look. You won't find it.

    9. Bill Towns, Richmond says:

      Of course it would be defeated because they dont want any part of giving us any control in making our own healthcare decisions! All this bill is about is gaining complete control over virtually every behavior we make. It's certainly not about improving the Healthcare system. There is not one single thing in this bill that will do any good! The way to fix our healthcare system involves giving the consumer more control over their healthcare choices, similar to how the auto insurance industry works. We dont use our auto insurance to cover basic service to our vehicle such as oil changes and tune-ups nor do we need medical insurance for routine visits to the doctor. Insurance should just be for high-dollar catastrophic events only! The way to do this is to push the features and benefits of Healthcare Savings Accounts which offer a high-deductible low cost way of insuring yourself and also a way to save for smaller expenses.

    10. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Susan on Long Island — You are correct. Nowhere in the Constitution is health care an enumerated power of the government. Further, no where in the Constitution is health care an enumerated right of the people. The Constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness, it doesn't guarantee happiness itself.

      To RG St Simons — You are also right. Tort Reform is a must, if health care costs are to be brought under control. No one in Congress or the Senate, or the President himself, has even suggested any sort of tort reform.

      Here, the first thing that could and should be done is to rechannel Punitive damage awards. The legal theory behind Punitive damage awards is to punish the offender monetarily to prevent further conduct of the type that is being punished. Punitive damage lawsuits would not have to be eliminated, but plaintiffs and their attorneys would be precluded from taking any part of the Punitive damage award. Such awards could be channeled into Medicare or Social Security. There is no problem with keeping Compensatory damage lawsuits and Medical Malpractice lawsuits for losses and reasonable legal fees. This would reduce malpractice insurance premiums paid by doctors and hospitals and would eliminate the need for doctors to practice "defensive medicine" and of ordering every concievable test when diagnosing and/or treating a patient.

      Pre-existing condition limitations/exclusions could be legislatated out of practice for both individual and group Health policies (insured or self-insured).

      Obama says he wants to provide a government option, in addition to private health care options, in order to keep the insurance companies honest. What I want to know, is who keeps the government honest? Mr. Obama is being disingenous (less than honest) when he talks about the government health plan competing with private health care options. Government health plans have access to all the funding they need through taxes, it doesn't quite work that way for private health care plans. Private health care plans must rely on premiums paid by employers and the individuals being covered. Unlike the government, employers and individuals do not have access to unlimited funds. Under House Bill 3200 (often referred to as Mr. Obama's plan) the government would set the rules, the scope and the limits of coverage. The government would have the right to price their health plan option at insufficient rates (low-balling) making private plan rates uncompetitive and driving private plans out of competition. Once the competition was gone, what would stop the government from charging whatever it wanted in the form of taxes? Nothing, that's what. Then, there would be no private coverage to turn to as an option.

      Do you really think that those in Congress, the Senate and the White House are abouve such tactics? Do you trust those in government that have called us Nazis, racists, evil mongers, un-American and hired shills off wealthy right-wing organizations to not to do this???

      You have to love the fact that those who paid ACORN operatives to fraudently register non-existent voters, whose leadership came out openly for Obama, are the ones that want to label townhall audiences paid shills. It's ok for George Soros, the behind-the-scenes billionaire to fund ACORN, "Move On.Org", a variety of liberal blogs and organizations. I don't recall his name, but there is a guy who appears on the Sean Hannity show as part of his "Great American Panel". This guy is affiliated with the Democratic party and has been critical of the townhall audiences being part of a paid mob to disrupt the speeches of Senators and Congressmen in favor of the administrations Health Care proposals. He said he was sure the townhall audiences were plants, because in his former life he was part of an organization that paid people to do the same thing, and he was proud of it. That's like saying "I was a crook, so I know one when I see one". And this guy is supposed to be a credible source of information?

      Don't fall for the line that Canada's, or England's, or France's, or Cuba's health care system is better than that of the U.S. Not even Michael Moore believes that crap.

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It doesn't. That is why Canadians come to the United States for Medical Care of an Intensive nature.


    12. Albert Campbellsvill says:

      The simple fact is that any time the gov gives out money there are strings attached.One example is highway funds states have to do what the feds say or they dont get the money,health care has to be the same.

    13. Bobbie Jay says:

      I just don't understand why people of this country would think government should make their personal choices, and choices regarding the children they themselves brought into the world.

      I don't understand why they would give up or not want to take on this duty to themselves and why give up the freedom to do so? Not only that, say goodbye to your private records under government care.

      It is a part of living and being free to take on and live up to personal responsibilities of ones own existence without dependence of the government… I don't understand why 46 million people would want to take that from everyone else.

      Of course there are exceptions. But 46 million? When having it is a choice? And that's what makes this deceptive. Rules out crisis! Get people on their own two feet. Independence! That's Strength in America!

      There is and will continue to be more to this bill then what meets the eye unless someone steps in to kill it. Please come about!

    14. Mimi, Oregon says:

      Debbie, I couldn't agree with you more. The illegals have abused and made a mockery of our country. I also think Obama fully plans on giving illegals medical coverage no matter what he says. He doesn't have a very good track record on keeping his word.

      P.S. Love your Sheriff Joe!

    15. Shep5543 says:

      Come on guys. Be fair. We need the illegal immigrants for which we will grant amnesty and social programs in exchange for their vote. Re-election is the primary concern, not the healthcare of you selfish Americans. The political class must get more powerful and wealthier. How do you expect that to happen if they don't have the extra illegal immigrant vote. Now you be a good subject. Get back inline. Wait for your turn to receive your monthly alotment of government granted food, money, healthcare. If you're lucky the government will subsidize the purchase of your next car, or forgive your late mortgage or credit card payment. Now that's what I call freedom.

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    17. Tully, Flyover Count says:

      What the heck is a "medically necessary elective procedure"? If it's "medically necessary," it's NOT elective.

      They will be cutting 10% or more of all their MEDICALLY NECESSARY surgeries. Period. How lovely if you're in the 90%. If you're in the 10%, nice knowing you.

    18. Jerry S. Dickinson, says:

      Of all the money doled out for "stimulus" wahat is our return? If an Italian American had created such a deal he and all his cousins would be in jail. Instead we have these morally challenged, intellectually starved liberals touting a recovery.

      Now,take 25% of the stimulus money and direct it towards a 2,000 mile block wall. Just the material order would cure unemployment in the southwest. Simultaneously begin an aggressive campaign of deportation. Any and all who have overstayed, entered illegally, lied whatever, see ya. Now not only have we given a great boost to employment, we have reduced drug trafficing,weapons transfers, kidnapping, murder.

      Explain to me, a simple bumbkin, why that approach was not offered.

    19. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Many are Crippled for life while waiting for Care!

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    21. dghfdgfjkfhjka, cana says:

      this article is taken totally out of context. what the heritage foundation didn't point out – this came up while searching for something else, and i'm less than surprised that the heritage foundation would take something out of context – is that canadians are constantly fighting against these cuts, which are largely pushed by powerful private medical interests to, you guessed it, discredit the system. it's a perfect little scam if you have the power to do so. first, cut funding; then, claim the system is insufficient. well, of course it's insufficient. it's been starved of funds! the solution? well, they'll claim privatization. most canadians would claim the better solution is to increase funding and to stop voting for those that would cut funding for the purposes of politicizing the issue. there are other ways to raise the cash.

      british columbia just put a steep carbon tax in place. recession or not, there's no reason it should be cutting these services.

      like you're going to post this…i wouldn't trust the heritage foundation to tell me what time it is when i'm standing underneath the peace tower with a pair of binoculars.

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    23. Leo Voisey says:

      My name is David Summers of Murfreesboro, TN and I have had MS for 16 years. I am 37 years old and as of January 2012, was effectively an 8.0 on the EDSS scale. Originally RRMS, my disease progression had become SPMS (very progressive) within 4 years of onset. Normally anyone in my position and with my bleak diagnosis is limited to a short future, absolutely no quality of life and a painful end…possibly prior to my 40th birthday if the current progression of the disease continued (without the slightest hesitation or glimmer of hope, my Neurologist just told me: “ Prepare to deteriorate”). But after I heard about Dr. Zamboni’s ‘liberation therapy hypothesis’ in 2010, I began my search for the vein-widening therapy. This put me into a clinic in Duluth, Georgia where they were doing the liberation procedure. I received immediate positive results post-procedure…along with the surgeon’s warning that 50% of the MS patients who undergo the liberation therapy suffer a re-narrowing of the jugular veins within a year or so. Sure enough, within 3 months I knew that I was going to be among the unlucky 50%; all of the original improvements disappeared as I relapsed.

      I felt the only way forward was to get it done again, hopefully this time with more enduring results. But where would I go to get this done again and how would that be possible? If my neck veins restenosed after the first treatment, what was to prevent that from happening again…and again? I began to read the Internet blogs and forum chats placed on the many new CCSVI sites by MS patients about where to go and what their experiences were. In this respect, the Internet became a valuable educational tool for me. On several of the blogs, I discovered a New York clinic where they placed a stent during the procedure to keep the jugular veins open, and that positive results were being seen. Grimly, I also discovered that although rare, the prospect of death as a result of this procedure was also a risk. At least one person in a recent study had died when the stent migrated to his heart. But I was willing to put those thoughts and the risks aside. What did I really have to lose? I was dying a slow death. As long as someone was able to treat me there was a chance to hope, and I was down for it. But that wasn’t the main question I was asking myself.

      As my disease rapidly progressed and my disabilities became more overwhelming, the question I was asking myself was, was it too late for me? Although I was happy with the fact that my original liberation therapy had diminished most of the symptoms above my waist, I had to ask myself if getting stents was merely settling for a compromised improvement. Having had some success, if I had this done again, I wanted more! Don’t get me wrong, I think the liberation therapy is a miracle discovery from God. As soon as I had my first procedure my cog fog lifted, the vision in my right eye improved greatly, the numbness in both hands dissipated by a few degrees, my ability to taste food returned, my energy levels were ’off the charts’, and my sleep was so sweet. Also, because MS had robbed my body of the ability to regulate body temperature by sweating, I had not been able to handle the hot, humid Southern summers where I live, except to blast cold AC non-stop as a survival method during those sickly ‘dog days’. After the procedure this changed too. I knew it when deodorant suddenly became necessity for my personal hygiene once again!
      For more information please visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

    24. Leo Voisey says:

      I was amazed to see that the hospital and the CCSVI Clinic itself, (a full wing of suites within the hospital complex) was as clean and modern as any hospital here in the States. After checking in with a number of other patients, I was triaged for the procedures. However, based on my new assessment, it was determined that I would need about twice the amount of stem cells that they had originally programmed, figuring my EDSS scale requirement of 6.5. But paying more was out of the question. We are not rich and had basically ‘sold the farm’ to get here in the first place, and the recommended additional stem cells were going to cost another $12,000 that we had not planned for. Not their fault…I didn’t tell them the extent of my condition in the first place. So the first miracle happened when CCSVI Clinic management offered to personally cover these additional costs. I had never even met some of them, but as a result of their generosity, I received an additional 50,000,000 mesenchymal stem cells and I cannot thank them enough for the difference they have made to my life.

      On Tuesday March 27

      , I once again had the liberation therapy followed by the harvesting of red bone marrow cells from my hip bone. The clinic has strict aftercare protocols around each type of procedure with regard to position control and movement. It didn’t much affect my activity because I was unable to move much anyway. I was supine positioned, tilted slightly head high for two days following my venoplasty and then laid out supine again, in just the opposite tilt…head-lower-than-the-body for several days following the transplants of the stem cells. I was told that this would allow the newly transplanted stem cells to filter through the full length of the nervous system and locate to the points of injury. A Doppler ultrasound of my neck veins was done every day for 10 days following my liberation procedure. This was to check for any clotting or re-narrowing of the veins which had been widened. If they clotted or restenosed at any time I was in the clinic, they would take me back into the cathlab for a re-do. Happily this wasn’t necessary.
      Following the liberation therapy, the changes within my body were just as immediate and dramatic as in my first procedure in 2010, hopefully without the fear of re-stenosis; but my ‘headspace’ almost didn’t accept it. The first time with my liberation therapy in the US, the IR found one narrowing in each jugular, the right side being more severe. This time around, two blockages were found on my right side, and again one on the left. I have heard that second and third procedures for venous angioplasty are more difficult for the surgeons because there is more build up of scar tissue in the interior of the veins, but the medical team took their time and did a perfect job. Words cannot express the emotional joy in getting the blood flowing again and getting those symptomatic improvements back a second time!For more information visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

    25. Leo Voisey says:

      Four days later I underwent a lower lumbar puncture, but this time not simply to gather information on whether I have MS. This time, stem cells cultured from my own body were on their way to do what God designed them to do, and that is to heal. For all of you that might be skeptical about this, I am here to tell you that is exactly what they are doing. The positive changes were noticed as soon as I returned to my suite in the clinic and anyone who is paralysed below the waist will understand this next part. To manoeuvre myself as I usually do, I went to pick my leg up from a sitting position and throw it in front of me. The hope here is that the ‘dead-weight’ of the leg will land just right and in a position where I can best situate myself to haul my body into a position where I can further awkwardly throw my whole body into my wheelchair. If you’ve ever seen a spinal patient do this or are unlucky enough to have to do this yourself, you know what an ugly, uncomfortable process this is. But this time the ‘throw’ of the leg proved to be an over-compensation. To my absolute shock and delight my leg lifted itself just as it’s supposed to work…without aid from my helpful hands and placed itself exactly where my brain told it go! At first I didn’t think much of it…this was a fluke, maybe my imagination, but it was something sure not to last. But it has to this day without any hint of regression as I work out and get stronger. This was the first sign of any recovery whatsoever that has occurred below the waist in over ten years, and it happened only hours after the stem cell transplant!

      Upon returning home on April 14, 2012, I closely followed the Clinic’s physiotherapy program. Since then I have been working out at levels I had been told by my doctors here in the states would not be possible again. When exercising before I had stem cell therapy, I always had to be careful not to overdo it because I would get a sickness that sometimes lasted 2 days, completely wiping me out. This even occurred after the first liberation therapy, but no more. I’ve been working myself silly and have not yet felt sick. Real strength has returned and muscles have been popping out in places on my body where I haven’t seen them in many years. As of this writing today, and for about the last two weeks my right hand has been functioning normally in every respect. I’m not saying it has improved some, I’m saying it is now completely NORMAL! I can hardly believe it myself.For more information visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

    26. Leo Voisey says:

      Since I returned, and after only one month, the positive changes have been happening regularly and most every day. Most significantly, I think, my incontinence has completely improved and I am now able to almost totally control my urinary and elimination functions. All other disabilities aside, I think that this is one of the most important deficits that anyone with MS wishes they could get back! Incontinence is so embarrassing and not having control of that particular function somehow makes you feel lesser as a person. So I’m very happy to see the improvements there. My speech is back to normal. Although I never slurred my words, the thought process was oh-so-slow. Now my words come so quickly that I sometimes find myself stumbling over them…trying to say too much at once. I can’t complain about that!

      I am convinced that CCSVI Clinic is on to important discoveries about MS. They have figured this out and are doing the sequence of therapies correctly and the addition of the stem cells completes the need to repair the nerve damage that’s been done by the disease. In retrospect what they are doing suddenly makes complete sense to me. It’s still early yet and I guess time will tell to what extent my motor functions will come back, but if the last month is any indication, it could be everything, which excites me so much. I don’t know if that’s too much to hope for, but it’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve even really allowed the thought to cross my mind. The first fleeting thoughts of this after the original liberation therapy 2 years ago weren’t realistic. The good changes didn’t last. And consider this; a few months ago, I was in a wheelchair, in a permanent brain fog losing more of my independence and quality of life on a daily basis. All I had to look forward to was a deteriorating condition where others would have to take care of my every bodily function. Now I can’t wait to wake up every morning to check myself out. If anything I’m too impatient and working out too hard. But at least I can! Given my current state of health and ability to live and function on my own, the thing that is very certain is that I have a much better quality of life back and that wouldn’t have even been possible if it hadn’t been for the lucky discovery of CCSVI Clinic through an Internet search. My family and I will be eternally grateful for what has happened no matter how this turns out. Thanks to Dr. Gupte, the other doctors, the medical team and staff at the Clinic who made this all happen for me, I’m looking forward to each day with new health and optimism! May God Bless them all!For more information visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

    27. Leo Voisey says:

      But it ended by the 90-day point and I was right back where I started. Immediately following the procedure I had dreams of rising from the wheelchair I’d been confined to for ten years and walking like a real man; but even with the incredible improvements overall, it seemed that the only healing occurred above the waist. Perhaps I would just have to accept that even if I could improve to what the full extent of the liberation therapy would allow, I would always be in a wheelchair. While researching the New York clinic and other places, my parents and I came upon CCSVI Clinic through a Google search. We discovered that they are essentially a research clinic operating under an IRB but with a major difference. For the past year, having seen even better results than just doing the liberation therapy alone, they have also been transplanting adult autologous stem cells, cultured and re-injected into the body shortly after the neck venoplasty. If I chose to go there instead of New York, the procedure would be done at CCSVI Clinic at Noble Hospital in Pune India and I would have to get there essentially as a partially paralyzed patient transported in a wheelchair. There would also be a requirement to stay in the hospital for 10-12 days. But after researching the improvements demonstrated in MS patients in stem cell clinical trials, I simply decided that as long as they would take me, nothing was going to stop me from making that trip. On calls with the clinic, it was also explained that stents were not necessary as the stem cells injected intravenously could be enough to keep my veins from restenosing. My confidence in their method increased when I discovered that Dr. Gupte, the neurosurgeon, had been transplanting autologous stem cells for 4 years for a number of different neurodegenerative conditions, including MS and based his therapies on completed stem cell trial methods done in a number of hospitals and universities outside of the US (to be absolutely sure, I confirmed this through searches on Google Scholar). He had already done over 2000 successful transplants! Regarding my communications with CCSVI Clinic, I need to confess here that we did not tell the doctors the truth originally. My mother, who arranged the treatments, told them that I was an EDSS 6.5 in order to qualify. Basically she knew that they wouldn’t accept me into the program if she said I was higher. But if they saw my actual physical condition could they refuse me on the clinic steps? I hoped not.

      So in late March it was off to India with my father who is a strong man, and my capable assistant. We arrived on March 26, 2012, and met Surjo Banerjee, CCSVI Clinic’s Managing Director at the airport. He drove us from the airport to Pune, a surprisingly modern city just south of Mumbai.For more information visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

    28. Leo Voisey says:

      I have a long way to go, but as long as my jugular veins are wide open and the stem cells continue to clean up the mess those narrowed veins left behind, and damaged nerves continue to regenerate, I believe the sky is truly the limit! My main focus at this point is not only to rebuild muscle but to get my legs to work together, which will restore my balance.

      Every day is a new gift that allows me more recovery. I can hardly wait for each morning to see the next improvement! There’s so much more happening in my body than I’ve even mentioned in this writing but I hope I’ve related the main message here…MS was my previous diagnosis.

      I will be starting a blog on my progress in a week or two if anyone wants to contact me or follow my improvement. I’m sure there are many of you out there who are skeptical or would want to know how this is going for me. I’ll post the site information back here once I have it up.For more information visit our site http://davidsmsstemcelljourney.blogspot.in/

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