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  • Townhall Downfall: The Real Astroturfers Exposed

    At an August 5th press conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called the protests at this summer’s townhall’s “phony” and held up a swatch of Astroturf to illustrate his point. But as the hundreds of videos from around the country demonstrate, there is nothing fake about opposition to Obamacare. The same can’t be said of Obamacare supporters as this news report from WMUR in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, clearly shows:


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    15 Responses to Townhall Downfall: The Real Astroturfers Exposed

    1. ListeningIn says:

      Hypocrites, "do as we say, not as we do" is the Obama regime's mantra. This is proof of the blatant hypocrisy that this administration demonstrates. They feel no shame.

    2. Barry, Lexington Ky says:

      So if the protesters at the town hall meetings are 'phony' and the political equivalent of 'Astroturf' then I take it that the bus loads of 0Bama supporters are American Bolsheviks and are equivalent natural long stem fescue better known as 'yard grass'.

    3. The Gabber, Elyria, says:

      More like yard manure! It sure is getting hard to swallow anything the Dems say these days isn't it?

      Check out my blog at conservativegabfest.blogspot.com.

    4. Metalchemist, Califo says:

      The only real Astroturf is that which Heinrich Reid wears on his head. That and the rhetorical crap that spews from the mouth of Pelosi and Bab's Boxer, and the other political minions. The very same ones that have tried their scare tactics against the American People, only reinforcing and emboldening those that are in the movement. Now they are trying to say that the American Militia movement is a home grown domestic terrorist movement, comparing them to Timothy McVeigh… What total BS.

      Oppression and censorship by any other word is repression.

      The Government has awoken the sleeping giant and filled them with resentment and rage.

      Through seripiticious manipulation of the media by the likes of George Soros, and Rahm Emanuel to name a few.

      The Obama grassroots organization, as well as ACORN is the only Astroturf that there is taking place in America. Pelosi is just trying to throw the intelligent Americans off the scent. The trouble is the hounds of America are on to the scent and want blood if necessary.

    5. Roger S., Ma. says:

      So Obama has to bus in his supporters, likely as not hand-picked, carefully "vetted" (like sheep? like dogs?), maybe even paid, accompanied by a band? The protesters get there on their own, constitute an unpaid majority, get to stand outside and listen to free "music" they didn't exactly come to hear! What a contrast ! BO and his minions must think the public awfully stupid to be fooled by any of this. Question: What came first, the arrogance or the ignorance ?!

    6. Sparticus-Republic o says:

      Main stream media overlooks this hypocrisy…say it's not so…!!! they are all so open minded and all…whoops wait…I'm getting a thrill down mah leg……!

    7. Gail Lehman, Brazori says:

      I have some solutions for the turmoil & anger….

      1-(my favorite) create a special purpose tax that only the people who feel a gov't health plan is best for them will pay-we'll pay & keep our plans!! Like the GOV. is!! collectable at tax time-Basically a REAL opt out plan!! w/out fines or extra taxes!!

      2-Use the plan the young man came up with at a town hall meeting- use the state with the strongest support (via polls) as an experiment and see how it turns out!!

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    9. Gail Lehman, Brazori says:

      some states w/the 10 the amendment-TX, AK should decline it on the grounds that 1- the state does not want it,

      2- Fed. gov. works for us,not us for them,Clear majority in state, or we can decline destructive policys- or secede if necessary-naturally with a fight-they can't afford to let us go, we have the jobs, tort reform, a productive economy-oil, space, military, petrochem.– producing more than hot air from welfare cases & illegal immigrants & special interest-unions-tree huggers ;thus producing votes for our new (Kings ??) Didn't we fight this war once before??? On same principle-Taxed to support those who can't or won't support themselves??????? Those english Lords,& royalty and their tax needy lavish lifestyles with no regard to real representation for their subjects???Let's not do it again unless pushed to it… I Urge everyone to forget the special interests & "media" & VOTE! Every chance you get!!! The Country needs the silent majority to stand up and NOT BE SILENT !!!

    10. Gail Lehman, Brazori says:

      Even better we agree to go along with it if politicians, Federal workers, unions (who are excluded- Special interests??) agree to it!!! No special taxpayerfunded healthcare for anyone!!!

    11. DaveT says:

      OK all you robots: try thinking for yourselves. Which side bussed in supporters to their views? Which side must put "pressure" on the media to make their argument?

      Do you really think average "tea party" members can afford a bus to transport their views?


    12. Steven Moore says:

      You're right! All of these citizens who want an improvement to our flailing and failing health care system are just the same as the ignorant and uneducated dupes being used by the insurance industry to kill any efforts to give those same dupes an affordable health plan.

    13. Phil, Boston says:

      From day 1 I haven't been able to watch a 0bama speech because it seems to me that every word out of his mouth is a flat out lie. I do believe these left wingers live in a reverse reality, sort of like Wonderland where red is blue and green is yellow. A delusional make believe world. And the mainstream media are thier enablers. It's great to see that more and more independants are waking up and noticing this.

    14. Andy B, Wisconsin says:

      Get one thing straight! Opposers of 0bama Care do not oppose health care reform, they oppose legislation that will lead to government take-over of another of our priveleges.

      If legislators really want to bring down costs and make insurance more affordable and attainable to the 'uninsured', tort reform must be part of any serious bill.

      If they are truly for the people, they will bind themselves to the same health care 'reform' that they intend to force upon the people……otherwise, they are liars and only interested in more govenment control of the masses.

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      Yeah, who paid for the social bus trip? If expensed by the taxpayer, shows the government extremism of bias and discrimination, oh, and socialism! The people of this government are not fit to run this country!

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