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  • Townhall Downfall: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)


    Yes Foundry readers, you saw that correctly, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee picked up her cell phone while a cancer survivor recounted her story and begged her not to endorse the President’s health care plan. If this isn’t engaging your constituents, what is?

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    54 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

    1. Barry, Lexington Ky says:

      It would appear that the phone call was a priority while listening to a constituent, that is a cancer survivor, was not.

      Apparently she is a 'government representative for life' and does not have to be concerned with the views of the common voters.

    2. Sharon Fox, Locust G says:

      Rep. Lee took the coward's way out. She should have faced the people in her district that sent her to Washington. The Democrats are cowards and refuse to face the people, because the people are on to them. They know this is about power and not healthcare, both house and senate plan will still leave about 20 million uninsured. It will ration health care starting with the elderly, then move on to the terminally ill. It is also going to destroy this country because it is financially unsustainable. If it is such a great plan then way did Waxman exclude Congress? They along with Obama should have to be on the same plan. IF it is not good enough for them, then it is not good enough for the American people.

    3. scott angleton tx. says:

      Maybe she's taking to the Jackson Family..she used the peoples money to go to the Micheal Jackson Funeral.

    4. shaun, maryland says:

      pathetic, and rude

    5. Curt, Columbus, OH says:

      This … person, is the prime example as to why 'Term Limits' are needed for the politicians in America! Watching this clip has made me so angry I could pull my TEETH OUT! Please Texas, vote this rude, ignorant scumbag out of office!

    6. John, Canton, GA says:

      Talk to the hand, girlfriend! What an dis. Hopefully her constituents will lay her off in 2010.

    7. Bridget Sawmiller Mi says:

      Typical, just typical

    8. Ken Hirlinger, St. L says:

      The lady addressing the discourteous Ms. Jackson is so right. I too am a cancer survivor (twice!) I don't even want to talk about the proposed HC bills, because I don't even accept the notion of the Govt running the nation's healthcare system. Are you kidding me? If you want to make HC less costly, then address tort reform, interstate insurance laws, fixing the fraud and abuse in Medicaid, and Medicare. Also check out other free market ideas from folks like Krauthammer, Gingrich, and many others.

      It's beyond galling that the libs think they can just take over our healthcare system. And to do so without reading the bills, and putting all kinds of crap in it. And they won't have to be in the plan themselves. And they're astonished when people are angry? They are so out of touch.

    9. Sam Va. says:

      What I would like to know is why the U.S. Army is looking for people to fill this job: Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.

      Some of your duties as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist may include:

      Assist with the supervision and management of confinement and detention operations

      Provide external security to confinement/corrections facilities or detention/internment facilities

      Provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program

      Prepare or review reports and records of prisoners/internees and programs

      This is from their website under careers and jobs. Is this where we will be sent if you don't agree with the big "O"?

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    11. Tom, Cleveland OH says:

      I just witnessed on national news an incredibly out of touch, self absorbed public official who has shown that she really does not care about her constituents. She received these calls from someone in the room instructing her to acknowledge other public officials who just walked in. If you, her constituents vote her back into office then you deserve all the attention that she will shower on herself and not listen to you. The proof is her behavior in public. It is indefensible.

      Good luck Texas, with her in your system you will need it.

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    13. Tom,Sacramento CA says:

      This "holier than thou" attitude most Democrats/Liberals have is really getting old. Some of these people are career polititions, and wouldn't know how to do a real job. They keep getting elected by people who just don't care to get out and vote these fools out of office. The other mentality most of them have is " Do as I say..Not as I do"

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    15. Victor Gonzales, Ari says:

      Amazing. I would have made a paper airplane out of my notes and thrown it at her head for having the audacity as a public SERVANT to ignore my opinion. That woman was being polite and deserved to at least be listened to if nothing at all.

      Absolutely disrespectful, disgraceful, and in line with the attitude of the common liberal that half of this country or more should be ignored and that they have no bounds to the constitution that created them.

      This makes me very angry to see. I praise that woman for not going ballistic on her, I would have not been so accepting of my public SERVANT treating me that way.

    16. Debbie in AZ says:

      How rude.

      Politicians are becoming more and more arrogant. Their disdain for the people that elected them is at an all time high.

      Maybe if enough of us lose our jobs, they won't have any more tax money to play around with.

    17. Bruce Pott Michigan says:

      This type of arrogance and just plain rudeness demostrates the attitude many of our lawmakers have towaed thier constituants. The fact that they will not be a part of the ObamaCare they are foisting on rest of us is proof positive that we will be getting an inferior product.

    18. Richard B Lewis, Ham says:

      These PEOPLE are out of control! How RUDE and AROGANT they care only about themselves!!!!!!!

    19. Kathie, Houston says:

      Sheila Jackson-Lee is only out for photo-ops and has no concept of facts. She jumps in to anything that will get her on camera. I wish I were in her district. I want her out too.

    20. Tara, Atlanta says:


    21. Bill, Tennessee says:

      Aren't we being awfully hard on the Congressman, oops Woman? After all she is doing really important stuff in Washington, she doesn't have time to waste. She did come home to let constitutients know what she is doing in Washington. The problem is that the voters already knew what she was doing! Perhaps she is on the phone talking to Nancy Pelosi to find out what "all the fuss" is about!

    22. Leslie, Lowell MI says:

      While I'm not in favor of the Cash for Clunkers cars debacle, I might be in favor of this program if it applied to those in CONGRESS as most of them fit the "clunker" category!

    23. Cathy Amelio, New Je says:

      How sad! The elected officials in Washington do not care what we the American people think of say and this is a demostrates their attitude. Raising money for the next campaign is all they are interested in and what the Czars, Acorn, SEIU are dictating.

      I just hope that this poor citizen does not recieve the wrath of Obama by being harrassed!

      We need to take back our country and not back off from intimidations by this government!

      Vote the bums out! There need to be a change in Congress and Senate health and retirement benefits now! Effective immediately all legislators in Congress and Senate will pay into Social Security and Medicare and will receive the benefit when they turn 66 years of age. No family benefit for life.

      We need change, but it must start in the beltway now!

    24. Paul Terry Stone says:

      The least she could do is to cut her cell phone off before the meeting or preferably not even bring it there since the town hall should be her top priority.

    25. dr_donn says:

      According to the woman in the video, Lee did this twice more during the meeting. The citizen also said she believed the calls were coming from inside the meeting.

    26. Tom, Alexandria, La says:

      Dump Congress 2010! This is a purely bi-partisan effort. If you are democrat or republican send your congressman packing! Vote against the incumbents. It is time to send them home!

    27. Floyd Edick, Livings says:

      Even if you are not in her district or state you can send her a polite letter and grade her A-F.at gradegov.com. Give her another "Earfull" no phone required. She is/was ranked 362 of 532 and is falling fast at that grading site.She has been representing the 18th district for 14 years. For those in the 18th district maybe it's time to show her what "Term Limits" mean in 2010.

    28. LWesson, TX. says:

      Here at ground zero in Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee has a long established irritant reputation but the ever mindful media shields, wipes clean the ugliness for The People. If you worked in retail or waited tables or just worked with the likes of S.J.Lee the delkightful experience might have you wondering just why God poked you in the soul with this person.

      The height of insufferable haughty arrogance has been achieved by S.J.Lee and she should be looked at as a case study in the miserable depths that a human being can sink to. I bet here, Her staff, in secret mind you, would laugh and cry over reading such a study. Fitting also is how adroit S.J.Lee is at playing the ever super valuable, Race Card.

      This is the same silly "Representative" that wanted Congress to recognize Michael Jackson and maybe even have this sick person granted a National Holiday. This gut turning image of taking a call, that I only READ about yesterday clearly illustrates what one of our so called "Representatives" think of The People—-> Not worthy to be in the same room! On a previous meeting her fine office did it's utmost to shield The People as to the time and place of the meeting.

      Regards from sweltering Houston

    29. kradad says:

      It continues to absolutely amaze me why voters elect these clowns. This brings new rationale to the concept that: if you pay taxes, you can vote – make voting a privilege, not a right!

    30. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      This is why I endorse the "New Revolution" this we can do in 2010 by voting, every house seat and 1/3rd of the Senate is up for re-election

    31. John Burrough, LaGra says:

      The sad, sad part of the story is this politican has a better than 90% chance to be returned to office as an incumbent. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    32. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Those that voted for this woman should be ashamed of what they did. If not ashamed they should be as angry as hell.

      Remember you always get what you vote for. So don't re-elect anyone to the US Congress and eventually you will have thier attention.

    33. C. Bower El Paso, Te says:

      If you want to defeat this woman at the next election, you need to start walking her district with a hand-held video of this moment in the congresswoman's district. Knock on doors with it to show her constituants what kind of work she does.

    34. Ron Thompson says:

      it's time to recall people like this!

    35. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      What is that old prayer? Please god, allow my enemies look foolish.

      I swear, these "people" are acting as though there aren't going to be any more elections.

    36. John Snider, Houston says:

      Makes you proud to be represented by this in Houston. She is an embarrassment to sound minded voters in Houston. She was the laughing stock of America when she showed up at Jackson's Funeral to present something that didn't even exist. LOL Have we had enough ???. 2010 is coming

    37. jim smith says:

      Ms. Lee is an example of the peril of mixing Affirmative Action and Politics, not unlike marrying your first cousin. No brains, no manners, no matter what, these clowns still get elected

    38. Linda in Texas says:

      Believe me, she will not be voted out. I live in the Houston area and her voting base will leave her in forever. So glad to see her exposed for what she is. She does not represent Texas to true Texans.

    39. Elizabeth says:

      The higher "they" get the harder "they" fall! Remember who elevated you to your lofty position in Congress Ms. Lee; "We the People" will be your downfall.

    40. Sally in Houston says:

      I am from Houston and Sheila Jackson Lee has been an embarrassment to this town for many years. If you think her constituents will vote her out you are just dreaming. She will be there for life. I am ashamed she is from my hometown, but very glad that she is not my Representative. Be prepared to see her face and red suit forever in the front row of EVERYTHING.

    41. william boyer cincin says:

      Sheila Jackson Lee probably had no idea where she was. Why was she elected? More importantly, why does she manage to keep getting reelected?

    42. Jay Watson, Italy, T says:

      Perfect example of what you get when you turn your country over to a bunch of idiots to run it for you. Thank God for elections.

    43. Ronnie B Albuquerque says:

      Fire her and she still gets 15k a month for life. We got to put a stop to this CRAP NOW.

    44. Mary, Texas says:

      I got this email from a friend who was there:

      Last night, my husband and I attended a Town Hall meeting, armed with four legitimate questions for our representative. The room was packed….we were standing outside the room with about one hundred people who,also, could not enter the packed room.

      We began talking with a policeman and a elderly man who was retired from the VA. Neither one of them liked the healthcare package as proposed by Emperor Obama. In the middle of the meeting (we could not hear a word of it) two twenty-something young woman came out and asked the policeman for help. This is what happened. Two very large men from ACORN (they were wearing bright red T-shirts that said ACORN) surrouded the woman in the meeting and told them that the reason they were there (the young woman) was becasue they hated Obama because he was black. One of the women said “I have MS…and I want to know what is going to happen to me under his plan). The man put his cell phone in her face to take her photo. When she put up her hand in front of her face, he started yelling, “She is attacking me. She is hitting me.” The girl did not even touch him or his cell phone. So they came out to ask the policeman to help them…and to escort them to their car. He (and my husband and I) escorted them to his car so that he could give them a ride to their car, which was located across the parkig lot. They were completely shook up and frightened that this man and his three coharts who followed all of us out of the building, were going to follow them home and hurt them. The large man from ACORN said that he called the sheriff and was going to press charges. The policeman talked to them for a long time…..diffusing the “made-up” situation and then drove the women to their car. So…this is how ACORN operates. Just wanted to let you all know…..these people were looking for someone vulnerable to create a big stir and to try to discredit the other folks at the meeting….who are concerned (like me) about losing our freedom of choice.

    45. Jeanne B says:

      I just saw Sheila Lee on "On The Record" and just in case Ms. Lee doesn't get the picture that we the people sense that the Government officials are not listening to us….(as shown by her phone conversation also)…. Ms. Lee wouldn't shut her mouth up long enough for Gretta Van Susteren to get a word in edgewise. Is it any wonder why we don't think that our REPRESENTATIVES:( are listening to us???? HEY OUT THERE IS WASHINGTON BUBBLE TOWN……..IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO US! That's also why we have to resort to YELLING!

    46. Here's how to s says:

      It's simple: transfer ALL federal employees (of COURSE including all gentle persons who are Members of Congress and ALL White House staffers) to Medicare. Expand it and pay for it through their current insurance contributions. We will in 2-3 years reduce the size of government considerably, likely see mass resignations from Congress and finally have Congress Members willing to lead by example instead of dictate through hypocrisy. Servant Leaders….that's a concept we could all live with. After the 3-4 year "cooling off period" then we could have an honest vote, based on "how's that working for you?"

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    48. Bobbie Jay says:

      How arrogant to have a phone on her at a time like that. Rude and indignant. Sad to see the disrespect and unprofessionalism representing the people in Texas. Embarrassing and disappointing.

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    51. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The arrogance and rudeness shown by Sheila Jackon Lee are traits shown by far too many Congressmen/women and Senators, who take their lead from people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, himself. They believe that they are superior people and we, their constituency, are inferior. Take a look at the fleet of private gulf Stream jet planes they ordered for themselves to fly arounf the country and the world, all at taxpayer expense.

      They become highly offended when they are challenged, or disagreed with, by us. Just listen to the names they call us when we disagree with them. They do not believe that they are supposed to work for us. They believe that they are above working; just look at how many of them (including the President) fail to read proposed legislation before voting it into law, regardless of the cost. Good God, can you actually believe that Senators and Congressional leaders have said that lengthy bills would take days to read and several lawyers to understand and they need to act quickly on such bills? That's the job, Joe Bob! That's what they are paid to do – and it's too much for them.

      Of all the questions asked by the public to their legislators, the one most frequently asked was "Will you give up your current health coverage under the federal employees benefit program in order to be covered under the health plan you have in mind for the rest of us?" There wasn't a single Congressman, Senator or any other federal employee (includeing Mr. Obama himself) they said yes. As far as I am concerned, that says it all.

      It is absolutely time for term limits for all Senators and Congressmen. No more than two terms as a Senator, or as a Congressman, in a lifetime. All too often, Congress exempts itself from all of the legislation they pass. Why? Because they consider themselves "special" and above the rest of us.

    52. m, houston (sjl voti says:

      help! we need to vote her out of office and we need help to do it!! we need a candidate, more $ and advice. help!!!

    53. Stephen in Denver, c says:

      every time i see this idiot i get mad. What were the people that elected her thinking? Not straight thats for sure. She starts talking and just keeps on and interrupts other people during conversations. She had no etiquette at all. Personally I think she is a low life, scum sucking bottom feeder,who wouldn't know the south bound end of a north bound mule if it farted on her, and who is only thinking of her self. She is smart enough, though, to not have an email address for contacting her on her official website. Anyone who is in favor of giving health-care, in any way shape or form, to criminals (illegal aliens)needs a boot up their butt, then their head might not be there.

    54. Chris, Houston says:

      Houston voters need to get this woman out of office. I will vote for a Republican if I have to.

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