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  • Obamacare: The "Post Office" of Health Care Plans


    At his orchestrated townhall event today, President Obama defended the notion that his government-run public health care plan wouldn’t crowd out private insurers by referencing the symbiotic relationship between UPS, Fedex and the Post Office. Bad timing Mr. President. On Friday, the New York Times Business Section actually called for the privatization of the post office amid staggering losses, and even said it was in “General Motors territory.” So while the President sells you on his “post office” of health care plans, here are some questions to consider:

    1.)  The U.S. Post Office is the only entity allowed by federal law to deliver first class mail to your mailbox. In fact, Fedex and UPS are strictly prohibited from delivering “non-urgent” letters. If the government can fairly compete and is setting fair rules, wouldn’t the post office be open to competition at your mailbox?

    2.)  If Americans were offered “free” postage paid for by massive government spending and tax hikes, would Fedex and UPS still exist?

    3.)  The Post Office is on track to lose a staggering $7 billion this year alone. How will a government-run health care plan manage taxpayer resources more efficiently?

    4.)  Postmaster General John Potter says he lacks the “tools” necessary to run the Post Office effectively like a business.  Would a government-run health care system have the tools it needs to run as effectively as the private sector entities it is replacing?

    5.) On the one hand, the President remarks how great his public health care plan will be. On the other hand, he notes it won’t be good enough to crowd out your private insurance, i.e. the Post Office comparison. So which is it Mr. President? Will it be so great that private insurance disappears or so awful that it isn’t worth creating in the first place?

    6.)  But the most important question is this: if you have an urgent piece of mail you need delivered, life or death, who are you going to call? Everyone saying the government…please raise your hands. (crickets)

    The most frightening line from Joe Nocera’s New York Times piece is this:  “As for Mr. Potter himself, while he may want more freedom to run the Postal Service like a real business, he, too, seemed surprisingly wedded to outmoded ideas about mail service in America. ‘This country needs to have and to protect universal service,’ he said.”

    Protecting universal service at the expense of cost, innovation, and quality of care. Sound familiar?

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    101 Responses to Obamacare: The "Post Office" of Health Care Plans

    1. Joe Berman, San Dieg says:

      Amtrak, Fannie/Freddie, GM, USPS and now Obamacare – I think that the Dems have some credibility issues here on their administrative track record

    2. Flavored Coffee Drin says:

      I am not sure what needs to be done but something needs to be done about the costs of health care. Maybe telling drug companies they can’t advertise, or use advertising as a cost of business.. I am so sick of restless leg sydrome and other even more offensive commercials for drugs.

      Sparky “Flavored Coffee Drinker”

    3. Annie Mercer, Orlan says:

      You said:

      "2.) If Americans were offered “free” postage paid for by massive government spending and tax hikes, would Fedex and UPS still exist?" Excellent point.

      Everyone has an address — the Post Office delivers to every address. Even homeless people can get mail through General Delivery. I think the Prez has forgotten all the union members in the post office by his comment "UPS & FedEx are doing just fine…it's the PO that's always having problems."

      Problems like the union members had at GM, which have been taken care of by firing the CEO there. Might Mr. Potter's job now be in jeopardy?

    4. Vested says:

      Great piece! I am a (recently hired) Federal employee – part of a large organization, and it has been hillarious to note that we NEVER send official or time sensitive documents by U. S. Post Office. All new-hire personnel packages and documents – anything that can't be sent via e-mail – are sent UPS or Fed X. We almost NEVER use U.S. Mail. All Federal agencies have either Fed-x or UPS accounts.

    5. Bob, Lakewood, Color says:

      Also, along those lines, UPS and FedEx came about as a result

    6. Bob, Lakewood, Color says:

      Also, along those lines, UPS and FedEx came about because there was a need that the government was not fulfilling (and that it had no mandate or responsibility to fill). Just because the private sector began to compete with the government when it comes to delivering packages (but not letters), that doesn't mean the government should set about to compete with the private sector for ANYTHING.

      The real problems are not being addressed at all. Such as malpractice insurance and insurance attempting to cover everything under the sun rather just unexpected and catastrophic costs.

      Patriot Resistance Blog

    7. George Fulmore says:

      Better examples of private vs. public entities that work well together would be:

      Do public universities put private universities out of business?

      Does public drinking water put private bottled water out of business?

      Do public schools put private schools out of business?

      Do public hospitals put private hospitals out of business?

      Do public libraries put private bookstores out of business?

      Do computers available at public libraries put computer stores out of business?

      Do public golf courses put private golf courses out of business?

      The Swiss national health insurance, which was instituted in 1996, uses private insurance companies to "front" for the doctors and hospitals that are paid by the government. That is a system that, apparently, the swiss love and would not want to go away. We can learn from "experiments" in other countries.

    8. Trey, Texas says:

      If you like the VA, then you'll love Obamacare!

    9. Dan, Columbia, SC says:

      We only have to go as far as MA to see government run health care does not deliver cost savings or health care. I can't believe more people are not pointing that out loud and often. Why compair it to the post office or any other government failure when we have such a clear example in MA. I know it is because it was the example Mr Obama presented as an example. He led us down the road. Why don't we lead and let him explain why we are wrong. You can't out talk a liar. It is clear Mr. Obama is at least a liar. That much we are sure of.

    10. Confused says:

      Ummm. I'm not sure but I think he just made his own argument against his own health plan?

    11. Javacat, Rochester, says:

      False analogy: FedX & UPS are not comparable to USPS, which is mandated to deliver six days a week to virtually every US address. For example, USPS is bound to approximately 150 million potential daily delivery points. That includes the base of the Grand Canyon, which is delivered by mule. On the other hand, UPS averages 15.5 million deliveries a day, of which 2 million are international. No mules. If UPS were burdened with the mandates of USPS — "universal delivery" — could they profitably compete?

      Would public "universal" health care end up with similar broad mandates to be all things to all Americans, and force private plans to play on this same field? (Many state mandates are already making insurance outrageously expensive for state residents.) If so, the result would likely be an initial exodus to the cheaper public option. But that option, according to the CBO, will eventually find itself, along with Medicare, exactly where USPS is sitting today. Let's hope that a HC UPS or FedX will still be there to pick up the pieces of failed "postal" HC reform.

      And if federal employees think their plans are protected from all this, they are mistaken. When the number of affordable private HC providers shrinks as the public option dominates, their menu of options will also shrink. They may eventually find themselves on the public option too.

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    13. Jim, Texan out east. says:

      I do not know about you, but I do not use fedex or ups for standard service. They are far too expensive and thier network of offices is less developed.

      We need to solve a problem. The role of the federal government is to enable the people to do as a group things they cannot do on their own, like roads, schools, libraries, fair courts of law, social security. What makes a public option for health care coverage so evil?

    14. Jay, AR says:

      This is hilarious. What an ironic example used by our president to prove basically the opposite position of the point he was trying to make. Obamacare, have no fear gentle citizens our public option will be run like the Post Office. Well I feel comforted.

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      Flavored Coffee Drinker, the reason your health care costs are high is because you are covering the costs of those that don't cover their own. If everyone were expected equal responsibility to pay their own, prices would be more reasonable and at the people's cost, would make wiser choices and stay healthier.

      Post office, another government run failure to run within its means. No offense to the mail service, just the failure of government to prevent or correct. They'll do so much better with health care. They'll have so much more money to dwindle to cause a crisis. Do we really want irresponsibility to cause to our health care?

      The coercion, confusion put on the elderly. The government including the choices of the private citizens that leads to their PERSONAL consequence, that is expensed to us. ABORTION! Who knows what all in this bill, (coded) words imply?

    16. Mike, Winston-Salem says:

      Yes Joe… and let's not forget to include Medicare, Medicaid, and the illustrious Social Security programs that are such wonderful examples of government-run entities.

      Sparky – the responsibilty for good health begins with us. I also am tired of the endless commercials concerning th endless maladies of us humans… I live in the real world.


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    19. Ben, USA says:

      If the Post Office didn't exist, do you think we'd still be paying 44 cents to send a letter? Try 5 bucks. The USPS keeps private shipping companies honest and provides a framework within which they can profit. This is the point and just saying everything run by the government stinks is akin to saying "everything run by us stinks"… because in America, we the people are the government.

    20. Joe, Atlanta says:

      I can't believe it but Obama actually said it on national television. He gave us the perfect analogy:

      Obamacare is to the post office what private insurance is to Fedex/UPS.


      The Post Office, just like Obamacare, is bloated, inefficient, inflexible, wasteful, and simply a sinkhole for money. This despite being given a natural monopoly. Exactly what we would expect from a public option in healthcare.

      Thanks Mr. President for clarifying the issues for millions. Next time, try comparing your plan to Amtrak – it's only losing two billion or so this year.

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    23. HawkWatcher, MI. says:

      For as long as I could tolerate C-Span the other day, I caught part of Mr. Potters pleas for more money from my wallet. John McCain and Joe Lieberman were on the committee that was grilling the incompetent red-faced postmaster. I don't know if the boob got my money or not, I had to flee. Privatize. Now.

      You nailed it with this analogy, Rory! Obama is digging the grave of federal health insurance as he speaks.

      I shall use the concepts of 5) to bolster my everyday arguments for alternatives to ObamaCare.

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    26. Dr. JohnBurge says:

      If the Dems would simply 1) allow interstate competition of private insurance companies to bring costs in line 2)Allow small businesses to combine their purchasing power for group policies 3)Beef up Health Care Savings Accounts (HSA's)4)Do something about TORT reform 5)Subsidize through earned income tax credits only those American citizens unable to pay and 6)Introduce LIMITED regulation to insure consistency of policy plans like Medicare supplements, then the American people would stand in line to support this kind of Health Care Reform. What's wrong with this? Answer: IT DOES NOT LEAD TO A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM WHEREIN THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS US!!!

    27. RJS, Greensboro, NC says:

      Trotting out the old "We don't want government run health care" argument. Enough already. I don't want any more insurance company controlled health care!It totally bites!

    28. Gene, Germany says:

      The Democrats have been trying for 60 years now to establish a Russian or Chinese style government by having all the people dependent on them for every care or need. When will they learn that Americans fought a war for independence and a war to end slavery and will not give up those freedoms and liberty to a bunch of politicans, czars, panels.

      Their current leader President Obama was taught by the best from both countries. First in Hawaii, then California, then New York followed by Harvard before the move to Chicago to get into the political machine. As the Russian President stated back in the 1960's stated we will Bury You from Within. How true it is becoming!!

    29. Bob says:

      Let's see if I get the Obamacide healthcare bill rationale correct: Insurance companies are rationing healthcare. Rationing healthcare leads to people unnecessarily ill or dead. That's evil. The oversight board set up by the healthcare legislation will have the final say on appropriate coverage for patients. That means rationing (or "triage", if you prefer). Now the government can take over from the greedy insurance companies that are causing patients to go without healthcare. In the current budgetary crisis we must have a major cutbacks on healthcare costs. Why? Because we are spending trillions to bailout too big to fail banks (e.g. Goldman Sachs)and insurance companies' (viz. AIG)gambling debts (AKA derivative securities.) Therefore I believe now our liberal government under Obama wants to be brought into the business of doing evil liberally in its own right. Bravo!

    30. JohnR, Michigan says:

      As bad as the current system is, a Single Payer system would be worse. In concept, Single Payer has some strengths. The problem is that the govt would inevitibly screw it up, costs would skyrocket, and quality/quantity of services would erode. This is the experience of every single area where govt runs the show, and there's simply no way (regardless of pols' good intentions) to avoid it.

      A Public Option is a non-starter because it would, over time, be subsidized by congress and would bankrupt the Private Option.

    31. Thomas says:

      After all, he never ran a hotdog stand; please forgive him.

    32. John Winston Salem says:

      I am a USPS retiree and I know that the Postal Service does not recieve tax money to support the service. In, 1976 the USPS became self supporting function of the government. I believe that the Postal Service does a very good job for .44 cents per letter. What else can you get for that amount. A simple phone call cost more than that. Obamacare is not what the american public wants, We are too busy to read what is in a bill and we listen to what others tell us what's in it. Wake up before its too late.

    33. Gary, Lansdale PA says:

      Isn't he great when he's off the teleprompter?

    34. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Maybe I'm missing something but comparing Obamacare to the medicare program is misleading. Obamacare will have the government replacing the "bad" private insurance companies as the one to foot the bill. What do you think will happen? look to Canada and the UK and see what happens when you have a serious illness if you want to know what is wrong with Obamacare. Also, look at the type of people in the Obama administration that would mann the panels/boards that determine what the benefits will be and what will be done to balance quality vs cost. Many of those people are fans of quality life years where the individual is treated as a broad brush entity whose probable years left, not what care is needed, will dictate the level of care you get.

    35. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      If the left is only concerned with fixing health care and not socializing medicine why do they only present legislation that looks like Canada, UK, France, etc. What's wrong with Switzerland. According to NRO…

      "In Switzerland, where consumers are the sole purchasers of health insurance, the majority choose to buy comprehensive policies; but competition holds Swiss insurers’ general and administrative expenses to 5 percent of revenues, as compared to 12–18 percent for ours……. (The Swiss consumer-driven system costs 40 percent less than ours, and its health-care price index has decreased, yet it achieves universal coverage and very good health care.)"

      This sounds like a real solution. Not real socialism.

    36. Tricia, Arizona says:

      There are many things that can be done to lower health care costs, but letting the government take over is not one of them. I don't believe that Obamacare has anything to do with health care. It has everything to do with controlling our lives from cradle to grave. These people are very determined, so if we want to preserve the freedoms that we have left, we have a tough fight ahead. Dr. John Burge and Gene of Germany, you are both correct.

      Yes, I believe America is waking up. It's about time. I hope it's not too late.

    37. Normca says:

      The elderly at the town halls feel like their lives and their loved ones lives are being threatened; not just freedom and liberty [as if that is bade enough]. Obama is trying to run from his own words, he cannot and Linda Douglas says the words are being taken out of context. What a joke these people are. If this is "The One's" signature issue, why did he put it after the so called stimulus bill. His priorities are as ignorant as he is about the American people. Over reaching – over reaching. I hope and it certainly looks like Republicans will turn out in Nov 2010 to repeat 1994. It would be great to see BO have to deal with a Republican controlled congress for the last 2 years of his presidency after he has alienated them. This fight will need to be repeated.

    38. Cindy Kadinger, WA says:

      I was driving when I heard this comment concerning the Post Office, Fed-X and UPS and just about drove off the road. I was in shock that he said something sooooooooo stupid. Must have been ad-libbing and not using TOTUS.

    39. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Once again, listen to the man, he is telling you what he will do and how it will impact you. You have no one to blame but yourself. Next elections take your responsibilities seriously and check up on the candidate. Don’t just listen to the national media, campaign speeches without checking the data that back s up the air waves and stumping speeches.

      Bill Mayer had it right Americans are Stupid.

    40. Jannice,CA says:

      Does anything intelligent ever come out of this mans mouth? He knows darn well that no private insurance company can compete against his Obamacare. I can't believe that people actually think this guy has a clue to what he is doing.. Just floors me.

    41. Bo says:

      The government passed a credit card bill recently providing some protections from unscrupulous credit card companies, but they didn't take over the credit card industry. Why do they feel they need to take over the health care industry to correct those problems? Tort reform should be the first step. I'm very opposed to anymore government control of my life. More socialism just scares the heck out of me.

    42. The Cycologist, Wisc says:

      Have you ever noticed that when something is "free" the demand goes up. As long as a significant percentage of our population remains insulated from most of the cost of their health care, they will not exercise as much care in making spending decisions as they would if they were sharing the cost in a more significant way. The cost of healthcare for public employees is currently provded at no cost or a fraction of the cost for health care insurance. Essentially it is free or nearly so. Many employees in the private sector, primarily as a result of collective bargaining, also enjoy very low cost or no cost health insurance. The GM bankruptcy is a perfect example of how this type of unfunded liability works. If you think that the large banks were too big to fail, just think what the future of our country will be if the pols continue to spend the public purse as recklessly as has been done over the past several years with their "risky" ventures. Medicare should serve as the template for what Obamacare will become if enacted. The original projected costs were a small fraction of what actual costs became, and the program was and still is fraught with fraud and excess, in spite of or because of low "administrative" costs.Some of the so called "uninsured" could certainly afford some version of catasrophic health insurance, but instead chose to spend their money elsewhere. Then there are the "illegals" who freeboot the system. There are many ways that Congress can act to improve the cost of the current health care system without throwing the baby out with the bathwater but forcing us into another boondoggle should not be one of them.

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    44. Jim says:




    45. isukusa, AL says:

      What a moron! This proves how little O has thought about these things. It is possible that he is as clueless as some teenages? What an empty suit. The only thing that the government does well is break stuff. They fail at everything else they do and then there are those who want to trust government with their health. They should go to the DMV first then think about it…

    46. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I am very concerned that there are people who believe him, he said no pork or speciall interest were served by the Stimulas, what a crock of bull! it was loaded with special interest and pork, no one ever read the D___ thing, now they aren't reading the healthcare bill but are telling us we shoulg suppoert it, another crock of bull. Health care in Canada and england as ell as other European countries is a joke, you wait months for routine care. I heard one congressman tell Drs. that they "Take the hypocratic oath too serious" I am a Nurse and I personally take my oath very serious and I hope my doctors take theirs serious also. "First Do NO Harm"

    47. Carol in az says:


      The banking and (credit card industry) lost trillions by allowing the extension of credit to non-legal Americans.

      Do you remember that back in 2006 or 07?.

      In any case this stupid business decision resulted along with the global melt-down in the trillions of home-loads, written to people who clearly could afford to pay for the monthly mort.

      added to the total meltdown of these fiscal institutions.(no surprise)

      My point;

      Did we ever hear anywhere, from these institutions , like Citi Bank, Visa, and others, step-up to the inqurie board and say "Boy we sure were stupid."

      So now to spank the bad boys by the Gov't,

      The Gov't passes a lack luster bill to slightly curve the credit card company's regarding interests rates.

      But the real issue here regarding banking and the credit lines connected to them cuts much deeper.

      Many banks have and are involved with the daily transactions of "dirty money," with duplicity.

      The millions that flow from the States in all directions to South over the border, has by many banks, been one of their closely held dirty secrets.

      "Don't look don't tell" attitude.

      THe U.S Gov't has known about this problem.

      After 911 we froze all fiscal assets and bank accts from some of the Emerates country's.

      If we really wanted to cut the dragons tail off regarding banking and credit…and the drug trade (Border War) all we have to do is freeze all accounts of "known" drug cartels and their highly organized money trail.

      So I am not real impressed with the recent credit card Leg. passed by the Gov't.

      It pales in conparison to what is really needed here by our U.S. banks to help to protect the men and woman who put their lives on the line every day, on our Border which is an all out blood bath and will continue, down to the last man standing because of the trillions of dollars exchanged through American banking system.

    48. John Roane Sarasota says:

      In answer to George Fulmore :

      In answer to your questions in almost all those comparisons you still have the option to buy elsewhere, however, under the Obama care you can't purchase elsewhere, any change by either party in your insurance for any reason places you in the public plan.

      The only one I can’t speak to is the Swiss program, but I will look it up.

      In anticipation let me say I, but I have read the draft. Please keep in mind that no bill has been passed by either the Senate or House. However, once done it will go to Conference. There, without any public oversight anything can happen if the conferees agree it goes to the President to sign and you can read about it as a done deal in the media. Or go on line several days afterwards on Thomas. But either way its’ too late.

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    50. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      The "smartest people in the room" appear to all be standing around naked with snarls on their faces–and what most Americans are seeing is not Pretty!

      Did I mention for the first time in my adult life I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this government?

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    53. Phyllis, New Jersey says:

      I hope all those people who bought into Obama's campaign rhetoric and voted for him are now seeing the damage being done to this country. God help us as we continue to speak out..clearly & loudly…..and in greater numbers, to save our beloved United States from this President, his administration, and this Congress.

    54. Forgotten Man says:

      The USPS Commissioner indeed does not have the tools to improve the operations. Here's an example: unlike UPS and Fedex, USPS cannot install GPS in their delivery trucks. Why? Well because mail carriers consider it a violation of their privacy. They don't want anyone to track where their vehicles are going.

    55. keith,jackson,tn. says:

      Obama said it best they [the gov.]can't run the post office.they can't run the medicare,medicaid system.they can't run social security and they can't run any bureaucratic run organization. the one they can run is their mouths.Obama doesn't care what is in the bill,this is one more small step for Obama and one giant leap for socialism.Remember it was said that American wouldn't except socialism outright but fed a little at a time then one day they would wake-up to find themselves in a socialist nation. I hope that everyone will realize that the leadership in the democratic party would like to take over complete control of our lives and this is only one of the many ways they will try.

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    57. Jill, California says:

      If Obamacare is like the U.S. Postal Service, it's a dinosaur before it ever gets off the ground.

      If the U.S. Postal Service had been smart, it would have foreseen how email would drastically cut the demand for ordinary postal service. It would be providing Internet service to compete with private industry. And it would have remained profitable.

      Obamacare can't hope to compete with private enterprise or with consumer demands.

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    60. Carol Orlando FL says:

      The Constitution requires the Federal Govt to provide a postal service. It does NOT require it to provide healthcare.

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    62. William Butler, Unio says:

      Here is the meat of the subject! The Post office has been subsidized by the American populace for many years. They will show a 7 billion dollar deficit this year! We will need to bail them out via tax dollars! The Post Office competes unfairly with UPS and Fedex. The P.O. has a monopoly and for years has operated without having to charge tax for service. The Post Office gets favorable treatment for international shipping and is again tax free. Ups and Fedex can't deliver to APO's or FPO's such as military bases around the world. Another P.O. monopoly. Therefore, even on an unfair playing field, the Post Office still can't run successfully. Imagine a Postal type of Health care!

    63. Steve says:

      George Fulmore offered some examples of public vs. private operations where the public option competes rather well, most would say.

      George, how many of the public operations you listed are FEDERALLY controlled? None, nada, zilch. Your straw men comprise local and/or state run programs. A very different animal. The Feds do not, cannot, and have not operated anything efficiently ever.

    64. Kayman Dewar, Saraso says:

      One thing the PO does right. It offers optional insurance. That keeps costs down. What if doctors, hospitals and other health providers were allowed to offer "insured services" or "uninsured services". Insured services would be covered by medical malpractice insurance that the patient would buy at their own expense (just like the PO or CDW with a rental car) on a visit by visit basis. Uninsured services would be provided as the norm and at the patient's risk. Throw in tort reform and maybe most of the health care probelm would go away.

    65. Ty, Wisconsin says:


      For those of you who like Obamacare and government run programs must you be reminded government programs are NOT FREE, they are paid for by you and me. Every, government program is simply another tax which often gets convoluted into an another state tax as well.


      Get rid of taxes that don't go towards providing what the government constitutionally was set up to do such as provide a strong military, etc..


      Consider professional sports–what if we spread the "wealth of talent" around in professional sports–that is we penalize those athletes who are more gifted and we put added "weight" on their ankles and in their shoulder pads so everyone ran the same speed, was of the same strength–what would you have? Parity I prefer apathy. You would have a game where the outcome would be "predictably" the same, who would watch such a game?

      We love sports because of the competitive element. Those teams with less talent compete against teams with superstars by finding ways to negate the superstar(s)–competition and free market work–parity-apathy does not.

      Free market, i.e. competition is the answer because people help dictate prices by cheering with their dollars for the competitor who offers the best product at the lowest price. Government health care is apathy in red, white and blue. Government run programs are apathy on a white horse here to "save" us from ourselves-God forbid we know how to take care of ourselves. Give us back our tax money and the economy will flourish and we can pay for what we need with the thousands of new dollars in our pockets. Do we have problems in private sector-yes-but the answer is not more government-more wrongs don't make it right.

    66. Katie Gregory says:

      How can anyone compare providing health care for a tiny relatively well to do, healthy country like Switzerland with providing health care to the huge USA full of over weight Americans, illegal immigrants and greedy lawyers shouting "Sue! Sue! Sue!

    67. Chris Wright, Raleig says:

      In response to George Fulmore writes:

      "Better examples of private vs. public entities that work well together would be:

      Do public universities put private universities out of business?

      Does public drinking water put private bottled water out of business?

      Do public schools put private schools out of business?

      Do public hospitals put private hospitals out of business?

      Do public libraries put private bookstores out of business?

      Do computers available at public libraries put computer stores out of business?

      Do public golf courses put private golf courses out of business?

      The Swiss national health insurance, which was instituted in 1996, uses private insurance companies to “front” for the doctors and hospitals that are paid by the government. That is a system that, apparently, the swiss love and would not want to go away. We can learn from “experiments” in other countries."

      George, let me ask you:

      When given the choice, which of those examples do YOU prefer to utilize (public or private from the list you gave)?

      In all cases above, which one provides better quality and service?

      I thought so (your answer = private). That being the answer, would you rather your money (i.e., my tax dollars) stay with you and you choose or would you rather have that money seized from you (via taxes) to pay for a much more inferior program? I'm OK if YOU want to pay for inferior healthcare, but don't take money from me to do it!

    68. Tracy, columbus, GA says:

      I am a 22years retired vet (army) three combat tours all under president bush. I love my goverment run healthcare. I have a family of five me,my wife, three boys 18, 14,and 10. I pay $490.00 a year for HC, and i can go to any hospital in be seen. I may have to pay a $12 co-pay or $3 for medicin. Your Dem and GOP senators receive the same govenment run systems. So if it is so bad why are they (GOP) in a government ran system. Why they (GOP) don't have private coverage. YES WE CAN!!!!

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    70. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Tracy, first of all thank you for your service to our country. Let me also say you paid a lot higher price than $490.00/yr. You paid with your life of service to this country and never forget that or let anyone tell you your healthcare is free or low cost.

      As a 100% Disabled Vietnam 1969 Veteran I know I paid for my entire healthcare, good or bad, the VA offers.

    71. Carl, Marin County says:

      The Post Office is so broke, they want to "ration" service by cutting out Saturday delivery.

    72. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Wiliam is right. The USPS is running at a 7 billion dollar deficit per year. Hey Chris, you don't get it, it's not health care they're after, its your "extra cash" they want. What percentage of the money they take out for social security actually ends up there? It's a fraction. The truth is that the health care money will be a cash grab for them for other things like our friends at ACORN. If this happens, only the super rich and the politicians will prosper. You and I won't have a chance and in the end we will be forced to see things their way.

    73. Eddie Williamson says:

      As many have pointed out, it was poor judgment on the part of Obama to use the USPS as an example of government vs. UPS and FedEx as an example of private industry. Government is inefficient because it is run by politicians that will spend money that citizens earned to fund programs that politicians will take credit for, all for the purpose of gaining power and buying votes. When things don't go the way politicians expected, they blame the other party. If government operated as a business, it would not be popular by those who are dependent on government, but those who are self-sufficient would not suffer. In short, politicians are the problem and people keep voting the incumbents back in office. With such a low approval rating of Congress before Bush left office, especially when the Democrats lied about ending the war twice, how is it that the Congress still has those same politicians in office?

    74. Ty, Wisconsin says:


      I hope I didn't misunderstand you, but I'm hearing you say you want government run healthcare.

      I'm a Viet Nam Vet. While still in boot camp at Fort Benning we were on bivouac, it was pitch dark. They have Coral snakes in that area; and a coral snake if it bites between the fingers can kill you. I was bitten by something as I was helping set up camp. There were marks between my fingers and the sargeant not wanting to take any chances rushed me to the VA hospital emergency, I was at the hospital in less than 5 minutes but then sat for 2 hours in our Government run VA hospital waiting without a single soul coming in to check on me……I would have died in that waiting if it had been a coral snake bite, fortunately it was not. Compare that to my going into an emergency room at 59 years of age for what my wife thought was a heart attack and was seen IMMEDIATELY, turned out to be a torn muscle in my chest wall.

      Tracy you can go to any hospital currently, good, we all can and recieve the best care possible from the private sector. I'm proud to have served, but that doesn't mean government run hospitals are the answer. You, having served, should know of the government waste and abuse, you've seen it firsthand so have I, so tell me and others you prefer government run healthcare. The government has their place and this isn't it.

    75. Jerry from Chicago says:

      By now it should be clear to all but his most ardent supporters how truely weak Mr. Obama is. I take no pleasure in calling Mr. Obama a liar, but I do so out of necessity. During his campaign he, promises "transparency" in his administration; he promises to exercise line item veto authority on proposed legislation loaded with unnecessary "earmarks" and pork barrel projects; and he promises to not employee lobbyists in his administration. Upon becoming President Obama, he signs an $800 billion dollar Stimulus bill with no review or debate; he doesn't read the bill, so he can't exercise line item veto authority on even one of the 9,000 earmarks in this Bill. He said he had no desire to take over banks or auto companies, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to. When someone goes out and does just the opposite of what he said he was going to do, it's fair to call that person a liar.

      Candidate Obama was caught on video tape, that I have seen and heard, saying that he favored a "single payer" healthcare system. On the other hand, President Obama has been seen seveal times on TV saying that he favors a government health care plan that will compete with private health plans. Recently on Fox Cable News, Bill O'Reilly interviewed an official of AARP asking why AARP was in support of Mr. Obama's national health care plan. The official said that while AARP did support health care reform, he repeatedly denied that AARP was in support of a government run health plan described in HB 3200. Apparently oblivious to AARP's denial, Mr. Obama goes on TV at his own townhall meeting and asks his audience, if this plan was hurting seniors, why do you suppose that AARP supports it. Mr. Obama and his Press Secretary, Mr. Fibbs, tend to get flustered these days when they are reminded of how his current comments contradict his prior recorded comments and how his current comments about AARP support are completely opposite of what AARP's leadership say.

      Based on Mr. Obama's lies and misrepresentations, how can anyone believe anything he says from now on? He has destroyed his own credibility and has no one but himself to blame.

    76. Norma Weimer, Victor says:

      President Obama has misreprested himself from day one. I read both of his books and in doing so I now know why he is trying to bring down this Wonderful Country. You should all read them,but don't buy them (money will go in his pocket)Go to the Library to get them.We all know why he is trying to get all this done within such a short time. His lies will be judged one of these days. .

    77. Richard, D.C. says:

      Obama is playing this brilliantly. Does anyone remember during the campaign, when he said 'Spread the wealth' and everyone was shocked, and his staff said he 'misspoke'… now that its time to soak the rich, no one can say he didn't warn us.

      Well, I think this might be another one of those staged gaffes.

    78. Abe, Texas says:

      IF "public universities, public drinking water, public schools, hospitals, libraries, golf courses" etc. are so great, Why do all these elitest politicians (Obama, democrats and republicans included) opt for all the private entities? Their kids go to private schools and I've never seen or heard of such elitist sit for hours in a county hospital waiting for medical help. Have you ever been inside a VA hospital? Give me the private entities every time!

    79. Mikey, Maryland says:

      Frankly folks, I like my mail delivery. Sure I don't use the mail system as much as in the past because of technological advances (internet, email, electronic bill paying, etc.). The USPS needs to figure out what it costs to to process the mail and charge accordingly even it this means raising significantly the cost of postage. I am also satisfied with my present healthcare, so I do not want to see it messed with by government flunkies. Our representatives in Congress need to start listening to their constituents and not the garble coming from the mouth of the teleprompter man.

    80. Scott M. Crystla Lak says:

      The playing field is not level in comparing USPS to FEDEX/UPS as the latter doe not enjoy financial backing of their sugar daddy.

      The post office delivering my letter for .44$ is not really .44$ if I factor in the my tax dollars already given and soon to be given. My money pays for the billions the postal general is asking for, even worse if that money is borrowed and then printed. Then you are institionalizing my childrens debt thru infaltion and defaciong my currency.

      If Fed Ex was allowed to deliver letters it would cost more than .44$, but they would not be asking for billions in a bailout now, nor would they have asked to be bailed out previous to this.

      Lets try asking the USPS to charge me what it actually costs-without the fed slush fund, then FedEx and UPS will really shine- level the playing field.

    81. TR, Ocala FL says:

      Perhaps the USPS should stop paying for Lance Armstrong's bike jaunts through France? I'm sure they could save a few $$ there, not to mention the millions they spend on TV advertising. Is there anyone in this country that does not know we have a postal service?

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    84. Darrell, Texas says:

      Limit medical liability. Works here. Doctors are actually moving to our state, instead of out.

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    90. Topher says:

      OK, this directly addresses the post office/healthcare comparison in a firsthand manner. I voted absentee in the last election. Poor planning and my work schedule made it necessary to send my ballot overnight to ensure timely arrival. Naturally, I sought the least costly means to this end. USPS was affordable, but would only guarantee delivery in two days. I had to trot to the local Office Depot and send via DHL. Spent a little more for the guarantee of next day delivery, but I know my vote was counted. For real. I have receipts. Government in charge of MY healthcare? I believe, assuredly, not.

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    94. Lawrence, Ohio says:

      Get your "facts" straight people! The law does not require that the Postal Service make a profit — only break even. Still, the US Postal Service has averaged a profit of over $1 billion per year in each of the last five years.

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    99. jt says:

      pay back Social Security the money you all borrow pay it back today that will fix and pass a law that you can not take any more money out of the Social Security

      or medcare or medicaid put back the money today

    100. Meridia says:

      Meridia <a

    101. Lucille A. Quilt says:

      I worked as an LPN for years and met an older caucasian woman that had a hernia. It was hanging down from her abdomen and I asked her why she did not get it taken care of. She said "I do not have insurance." I do not know what happened to her to this day but, I can assure you that she needed to be alive today to see how the health care came for many like her. All you healthy people out there, you need to have some compassion for those less fortunate. You may not have any problems now but, who knows when something dreadful strikes in this day and age.

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