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  • Morning Bell: Dissent Is Not Un-American

    Whether the source is Gallup, Pew, Quinnipiac, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the Washington Post, or even the New York Times; every recent poll on the issue shows that either pluralities or majorities of Americans have serious doubts about President Barack Obama’s health care plan. Reviewing the month’s polling data, Gallup’s Frank Newport sums it up: “The bottom line is a sense that, while Americans apparently favor some type of healthcare reform in the long term, they are in no hurry to see healthcare reform legislation passed in the short-term on a rushed schedule. … A Pew Research poll released this week shows that those who are worried about new health care legislation are most likely to say it is because it involves too much spending and would increase the deficit.”

    Wrapped in their liberal Washington cocoon, however, the leadership in Congress simply do not want to hear this message. Instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) have chosen to pen an op-ed in today’s USA Today calling those who want Congress to hear their concerns about health care “simply un-American.”

    Pelosi and Hoyer claim that opponents of Obamacare are disrupting townhalls across the country by “drowning out the facts” about health reform. However, it is not the townhall-attending Americans that don’t have their facts straight. It is Pelosi, Hoyer, and Obama’s allies that are doing violence to the truth.

    The Threat to Your Current Medical Care: Pelosi and Hoyer claim: “The first fact is that health insurance reform will mean more patient choice.” This is simply not true. According to the non-partisan Lewin Group, under the House legislation about 83.4 million people would lose their current private insurance. This would represent a 48.4 percent reduction in the number of people with private coverage. Pelosi and Hoyer also claim: “Reform will mean affordable coverage for all Americans.” But thanks to new price controls set in the legislation, yearly premiums for the typical American with private coverage could go up by as much as $460 per privately insured person.

    The Cost Explosion: Pelosi and Hoyer also claim their plan will “lower costs.” But this has been thoroughly refuted by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In fact, the House plan significantly expands health care costs and it is Pelosi and Hoyer who have gamed the system to try and conceal this truth from the American people. The House plan delays any real spending increases until 2013 so that Obama allies like the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein can claim the bill only increases government health care spending “by about $140 billion” In reality, once all of the House bill’s spending takes effect, Obamacare will be spending $245 billion a year. And in the out years? CBO director Doug Elmendorf said this: “In sum, relative to current law, the proposal would probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits during the decade beyond the current 10-year budget window.”

    A Government Takeover of Health Care: In his weekly radio address, President Obama again claimed his health plan would not: “bring about a government takeover of health care.” Obama needs to check his facts with Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s colleagues in the Democratic Caucus, because Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is on record saying that Obama’s public “is the best way to reach single-payer.” And Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) is also on record saying: “A public option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to single-payer.” Do Pelosi and Hoyer consider Frank and Schakowsky un-American for contradicting the President?

    The raucous nature of some of the townhalls may sometimes be regrettable. But it should be noted that none of the confrontations turned violent until the White House instructed their big labor allies to “punch back twice as hard.” Dissent and public debate are part of the First Amendment. People who seek to stifle public debate are the one’s acting in contradiction to our core American values. Which is why it was so troubling to hear the President of the United States utter these sentences last week: “I don’t want the folks who created the mess doing a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.”

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    96 Responses to Morning Bell: Dissent Is Not Un-American

    1. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      People are starting to wake up but more need to come forth. This agenda has nothing to do with healthcare, co2 emissions, or green jobs. It is simply an all-out assault on every remaining aspect of our liberty. This did not start with Mr. Obama, but in their eyes the time is right for this "change". People, please, stand up, make noise and ask the tough questions. We are at a crossroads in which one direction is freedom and the other is oppression. No people who have given up their freedom ever get it back peacefully. Don't give up, there is still time to make them hear us but you have to turn off the TV, put down the cool-aid and speak up!

      "What country can preserve it's liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance…" Thomas Jefferson

    2. Gary Tekely, Cal. says:

      When Pelosi and Hoyer call citizens un-American for not bowing down to their ideas, they become the thugs. We the people are now suffering a long train of abuses and usurpations by the current adm. They are trying to establish absolute tyranny over the people. It is our right, and duty to throw off such a government.

    3. John Seymore, Texark says:

      It is an embarrassment to Arkansas that this recent spate of using the term unAmerican first started with our Senator Blanche Lincoln. Here in Arkansas we are fed up with her disinterest. Our state GOP has let us down by not providing anyone to run against liberal congressmen in the last election. This time they haven't provided anyone to run against the Governor and 8 to run against Lincoln. well they don't get my vote. We are a state where most of us are independents and we vote the person not the party. Trevor Drown is one of us, He is a global war on terror vet, went to Afghanistan as a Green Beret and he is an independent. There is grass roots movement underway in Arkansas and many people are supporting him wanting a change in leadership.

    4. Steve Real, Columbia says:


      If healthcare goes down in flames

      it’s good for the people of Connecticut, where I live.


      The bulk of insurance companies are run out of my state.

      If you are anti-healthcare reform?

      You are pro Connecticut and that’s the way I like it.

      Now I ain’t rich

      and reform would probably be good for all of us,

      but I have to look out for my people’s too.

    5. Van says:

      Nancy Peloosely is the one who "un-American". She is the biggest hypocrit elected to office. She didn't have any trouble mouthing off in front of the cameras when GWB was in office but now that she is in the majority it is "un-American". Please, hurry up elections and we UnAmericans will show her who is boss!

    6. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Why is it so difficult for Liberal Democrats to see the "Truth" of just about anything? Or is it that "Truth" is an inconvenience to their ideology?

      We've nothing but outright lies or obfuscations thrown at us whenever they speak, particularly from Obama, Pelosi and Reid, not to mention Frank, Dodd and the other political hacks who repeat them like the self-serving sycophants they are!

      The Government has NO business being in ANY business that belongs in the free market place!

      Today's Democrats are trashing the Constitution and our Rights every day in every way. Their arrogance is disgusting. They must be defeated in their proposals as well as in their upcoming elections.

      They fail or refuse to "see"or "hear" the American people!

      People are frustrated and angry with being ignored and stepped on; that is why they are "unruly" at Town Hall Meetings. They are tired of being victimized by "their" Government! They are tired of being relegated to serfdom!

      We need to throw out of office all those elitists who style themselves "The Political Class", who see themselves as Aristocrats. and shower themselves with benefits accordingly….with the fruits of our labors.

      They do not represent America!

    7. Nelia, AZ says:

      The mess Obama says he has to clean up is of his own doing. The blame game is part of his method of operation. Anything gone wrong is always someone else's fault. He has created three times the problems he says he inherited.

      Indebtedness is one thing, but stealing our freedoms is where the American spirit says 'enough'. He and congress have opened a big can of worms.

    8. Kay, Colorado says:

      I am amazed that the drug companies are backing obamacare – if this is voted in won't it cut into their bottomline also?? hmmmm – just wondering why

    9. okiejim says:

      Mr. Sola of Michigan is the new symbol of freedom and liberty. Ms pelosi, Mr Reed, the leftest in Congress, and the nazi's in the administration have forgotten one simple truth about Americans. We will not be pushed, threatened, coerced or bullied into submission. The so-called health care bill is a travesty of freedom and congress knows it. The liberals in Congress who want their swan song to be health care reform should at least know why it is their swan song. READ THE BILL!!!!! It is no wonder so many American's are arming themselves.

    10. John says:

      Dear Mr. President,

      I am in the military and served my country in the last 16 years. I respecfully request you not to destroy the perfect union in which our forefathers created and those who spilled blood to defend our perfect union. My children and other family’s children, who will inherently pay for all of the Government Program you have created and will create in the future, will destroy their future with debt as far as I can see. I respected the will of the people last election (2008) and I will continue to follow your orders. However, I love my country and my family so much that I have volunteered to serve in Afghanistan (2006) and Iraq (2009). I continue to see many patriots like myself and others fallen brothers who continue to serve to keep the United States the last beacon of hope around the world. Romans, Greeks, and the British Empire did not last 1,000 years. During those great Empire’s history, controlling the society were a recepie for disaster. History are deemed to repeat itself. I ask you Mr. President, “Were you elected to serve by the people or for the People”. I will not disrespect the Commander in Chief but I will speak loudly for my country and for my children against the Washington overbearring control that they are going to impose. Four years is a long time and our citizens needs to stand up to the tyranny of Washington. We in the military are standing up to the tyranny around the world. As our hands are tied in speaking critically about the Commander in Chief, I ask the great citizens (U.S. Citizens not illegally) of the U.S. to continue to fight this Government as we continue to protect your freedom at home and abroad. Thank you Heritage Foundation.


      J. V.

    11. robert scorpio, anyt says:

      "According to the non-partisan Lewin Group, under the House legislation about 83.4 million people would lose their current private insurance."

      Perhaps non-partisan, but certainly not unbiased:

      "…(T)he Lewin Group is wholly owned by UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation's largest insurers.

      More specifically, the Lewin Group is part of Ingenix, a UnitedHealth subsidiary that was accused by the New York attorney general and the American Medical Association, a physician's group, of helping insurers shift medical expenses to consumers by distributing skewed data. Ingenix supplied its parent company and other insurers with data that allegedly understated the 'usual and customary' doctor fees that insurers use to determine how much they will reimburse consumers for out-of-network care."

      – Washington Post, 7/22/2009

      Not always a good idea, when making an argument, to use data from an organization that has already been accused of using "skewed data."

    12. Peggy Cravens, Austi says:

      I am thankful for the Heritage Foundation keeping us all informed about what is happening to our great United States of America.

    13. Dave, Minnesota says:

      Kaye, Colorado states that she is amazed that the drug companies are supporting Obamacare. As a working nurse, I can say that the professional organizations supporting the government option are not the people working "in the trenches." Professionals actually working with patients (at least the ones I have spoken with)do NOT support a government option because we are aware of the problems in Canada and the UK.

    14. james krog, memphis says:

      To patriots everywhere. You can't wait for Republicans or any party to act. Look around and find decent competent people of any background and encourage them to run. Offer to help with their campaign. If need be you can run for office. The country needs good people at all levels of government. There are a lot of political offices out there to be filled and lots of politicians to be replaced, but the voters have to have an option or it's the same old lousy ballot.

    15. Dorse A. Lanpher says:

      When did it become a good idea to buy anything from a salesman who is rushing the deal???

    16. jim smith says:

      Dissent is the avowed enemy of rulers, despots, dictators, commissars, generalissimos, supreme leaders, ayatollahs and other miscreants crawling our planet. If the POTUS declares that dissent is unwanted, then his oath of office is meaningless, especially when key members of his own party disavow his claims about the real cost of healthcare legislation. His Pinochhiometer is working overtime.

    17. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The GOP, Cs, and HFoundation want to LIMIT


      to ONLY -

      The GOP,

      Cs, and


    18. Harry, Illinois says:

      The Democrates expect the General Public or better yet, the Voters to Bow Down before them and Whimper like little puppies. But instead they are Barking loudly and they don't know how to handle that.

    19. jake,lhc says:

      What is un-American is shoving foney fraudulent legislative bills through the Senate and Congress by obama, rahmbo the vulgar and Axlehead in the middle of the night and forcing votes without the bill even being read or debated.

      Why was the clean-up of hazardous wastes site of the closed General Motors facilities left to the taxpayers to pay for dring the obama-GM bankruptcy proceeding. The stock holders and the taxpayers got sold by obama to feed the UNION thugs all the money.

    20. Charles E. Brown - L says:

      They claim that they want to change America and they do, remember the Langston Hughes 1938 poem “Let America be America again”, but not for the better or for the good, they seek to change America to their own liking. They are intent on creating a whole new system of morality, a morality based on moral relativism and tolerance. Traditional morality becomes a thing of the past. Once you accept this idea of tolerance as the guiding principle of the new morality, the antithesis of right and wrong no longer exists and tolerance becomes acceptance. A better term might be atheistic humanisim or secular humanism. This is not the atheism of individuals who are seeking to impress or become a part of a group of intellectual elites, but atheism with a developed ideology and a program for remaking the world.

      Woodrow Wilson stated that “Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of the government. The history of government is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is the history of the limitation of government, not the increase of it.”

      Pelosi and Stoyer are the ones who show similarities to Hitler and Nazi tactics.

      In the history of ideas it is well known that bad ideas can have lethal consequences. At the heart of the darkness inside the great mid-twentieth century tyrannies, were these expressions of Atheistic Humanism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism. Henri de Lubac discerned the lethal effects of the marriage between modern technology and the culture-shaping ideas borne by Atheistic Humanism. “It is not true, as is sometimes said, that man cannot organize the world without God. What is true is that without God, he can only organize it against man.”

    21. ahamtw u.s.a says:

      Sounds to me like a lot of those folks in washington are not there to represent the american people, but are there to represent themselves.mabe ever one should get out the tar & feathers & rails and go to washington.

      remember these folks next election.

    22. lcp, Junction City, says:

      This country was founded by protesters. If 50000 people say the same thing, it doesn't make it right. Every person in congress may tell me I am unAmerican to disagree, but not one of them would be right. It is my human obligation to think and act for myself, not falling prey to those who would tell me I must fall in lockstep to their wishes. Live free, or die.

    23. AMC/NYC says:

      They sure are un-American Conservative efforts to pre-dispose the American public, fire them up against the Democrat government and health care reform agenda and send them out "into the streets" NOT to ask genuine questions at the town hall meetings, or god forbid they should actually read the proposed Bill, NO the call-to-action is to FIGHT "Government thugs" and "socialized medecine"!!

      How can Republican Rep, McConnel look America in the eye and pretend otherwise…the proof is all over the web. Here's just a small example :

      "…a large scale, widely promoted and unified stance against this dangerous healthcare legislation (describing the Recess Rally). Michelle Malkin has joined the coalition along with Smart Girl Politics, American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, the Sam Adams Alliance, Americans for Limited Government, Freedom Works, and RedState.com…Now is the time for all good tea party activists to get out on the streets and tell Washington to keep its grubby hands off health care…These Government thugs think they can slip socialism into America. We think it’s time to prove them wrong." http://www.americanlibertyalliance.com


      It’s time to grab a sign and raise your voice against this monstrosity that Barack Obama and his liberal allies want to shove down America’s collective throat….Tell Congress to keep its dirty paws off our healthcare system, and tell President Obama that you don’t want a future with socialized healthcare."

    24. james d mccann says:


      JIM McCANN

    25. C.C. W.V. says:

      II am so amazed at the tactics that the WH is pulling on Obamacare!!!! They think that we are invisable and don't want to believe that WE DO NOT WANT THEM MESSING WITH OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!!!!!! WE ALSO DO NOT WANT ANY MORE DEBT!!!! and that is what we as AMERICANS want… They can't run anything properly. Who is making the money on CFC all of the foreign companies!!!! and Ford!!! Why because the people do not want to buy cars from the Government. We have gotten back monies from Companies that borrrowed from the Government. But we the People do not see any of it being paid back tward the debt that they had claimed when they borrowed it would be paid back as it came in. They are so busy spending on their pet projects that they have forgotten just who pays their bills. WE THE PEOPLE!!!! The people elected them the people can get rid of them in the next election!!!!!WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR CRAP!!!! As for the AARP they are TRAITORS!!!! You have sold the Seniors down the river along with the Government!!!!!I watched you Sell us out!!!

    26. Charles E. Brown - L says:

      Liberals, by and large, do not believe in the American Character and the Individualism taught by Christianity. That is why Liberalism is the most dangerous enemy that we as a Christian Nation face today.

      John Dewey, known as "the father of modern education," was an avowed socialist and the co-author of the "Humanist Manifesto." The U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities discovered that he belonged to 15 Marxist front organizations. Dewey taught the professors who trained America's teachers. Obsessed with "the group," he said, "You can't make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society, which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

    27. William Lulias, St. says:

      Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Elected officials in the United States of America stating that public dissent is, un-American, disruptive, superficial and references made to nazi's. The wicked witch from the west forgets she is Speaker of the House and not someone who would like to invoke dictatorial rule over those who do not agree with her twisted agenda. The President should start acting Presidential rather than a community organizer. This administration would be a joke except this is not funny. What next, union thugs disrupting town hall meetings because they don't agree with the overwhelming dissention? Oh yeah, this has already happened. All that can be done at this point is keep focused and get this group of misfits out of office through our electoral process. Hopefully the American voting public will elect an official to the office of the President who has a solid upbringing, focused on a solid belief structure who is a person of stature and leadership. I for one would prefer someone better than me, not a community organizer and someone I can "feel" good about. Back in the neighborhood we had a guy named Tony Two Packs. He was an organizer of sorts, could talk the chrome off a trailer hitch, and everybody liked him. At the end of the day, he was still a thug, two bit crimminal who amounted to nothing more than making the newspaper for his activities and beating those who got in his way. If you asked Tony for a favour, he came through, but if you got in his way, you would pay the price. Odd how street politics made it to the White House. Wake up America, this is more than HealthCare.

    28. Tracy, South Carolin says:

      I received mail from an activist in Louisiana who has been trying to reach the office of Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana. She has only has called 8 times and is a well known activist in La. She has only gotten voice mail and no one has returned any of her calls. She also told me that people trying to see Sen. Landrieu face to face in Baton Rouge were arrested when they were told they couldn't meet with the Senator and they replied that they would wait. When they refused to leave they were arrested. I lived in Louisiana for 18 years and I was a Senate Lobbyist in Washington for 7 years. What is going on!!?

    29. Danny/Fla says:

      Why would anyone adopt a plan that cannot sustain it'self? If the plan cannot take care of everyone, even if they pay out f their own pocket, why would anyone want it? A good plan ,and one with sound free principles, is an American way to do things. The cost of healthcare/versus a failing economy-that doesan't work for the participan'ts shows we need to take care of our own houses, and not a one way street that destroy's the life it wants to help.

    30. Criss, New Mexico says:

      I am so sick and tired of watching our elected government officials and their political parties, name call, denounce and point fingers at any and every one that opposes their point of view, WITH the media, not only helping them do it, but by spreading the sensationalism and mob mentality!

      Where is America's maturity? Why can't we just report, comment and discuss this like mature adults, acknowledge we have a difference of opinion? Why can't we just agree to disagree?

      When the people speaking for or against an issue cannot keep it mature and civil they do nothing more than make people tune out, disgusted and un-trusting. On top of just forgetting the issue in the first place.

      I may be opposed to the current Health Care proposals before congress, even though I agree we need to fix the system. I may state my opinion and wave a sign capsulizing this at rallies, but I do not finger point, I do not scream insults and I most certainly do not resort to any physical retribution to an individual or property! Nor have any of the rallies or protests that I have participated in been led, or guided or sponsored by any partisan group. In fact at several meetings of a local group someone attempting to bring in "help" was refused because that "help" was partisan!

      I have participated at Town Halls on Health Care, brought my questions, wore normal every day clothes and sat quietly waiting to be called upon to ask my questions and express my concerns, without any signs or cat-calls. Yet at these functions I have been singled out, harassed, name called, pushed and shoved and had my rides vehicle keyed (who by the way just dropped me off and picked me up but did not attend). All because I oppose the current rendition of H.R. 3200. I have also seen other opposers of this bill act the same disgusting way.

      Civility and maturity seems to have been flushed down the toilet ON BOTH SIDES.

      Come on America, let us all discuss this issue sanely, responsibly, calmly and maturely without all this childish crap! Then and only then can we have a country run by the people, for the people and our government will be able to make logical and informed decisions.

    31. Red Black, Georgia says:

      On August 7, 2009 Matt Towery of InsiderAdvantage reported the results of two Georgia polls taken to gauge African-Americans' Approval Rating of President Obama. Disapproval among African Americans was found to be between 35 to 38%. This is surprising when you consider that in Nov 2008 that 90% of the African American voters elected Obama.

      Black Conservatives, stand up and be heard!

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    33. Dan/Md says:

      Let's hope that there are enough people in the state of Maryland that care about personal freedoms to vote Hoyer out of office at election time and please, please people of CA get out and vote Pelosi out as well. She is an embarrssement to the nation, as well as being another political hypocrit. These people make me sick…… We have to put these clowns back into the privite sector where they can do little harm.

    34. Marv, Sparks, NV says:

      I have noticed that a lot of these violent "Nazi" protersters share with me the same hairline and belt size. If they become violent, I gurantee it will be brief.

      Am I the only one who has noticed that physical violence was not a problem until Obama sent in his "Brownshirts" to push around, beat up and insult senior citizens?

      Harry Reid has defined himself as a traitor, fraud, coward and incompetent so I am not required to point out the obvious. His latest hit is holding town hall meetings over the telephone so he has total control and can strangle dissent.

    35. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      UNAMERICAN is outright lying to the people

      about healthcare bill provisions and call-

      ing those who question them "un-American".

      Therefore the liars (Pelosi, Reid, Obama,

      etc.) are the real traitors here, and its

      up to us to get them voted out of office

      this coming year so we can CHANGE THE

      CHANGES these morons have been allowed to

      inflict upon us citizens. We let this all

      happen, but WE can right these wrongs by

      getting rid of the arrogant fools who now

      have a temporary majority in government…

    36. Metalchemist, Califo says:

      Not long ago it was chic to be called Antiestablishmentarian.

      It would seem that now, in this political climate "THAT IS ATTEMPTING TO QUELL the DISSENT" with supposedly "politically powerful individuals" speaking out against the AMERICAN PEOPLE who HAVE a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to speak out against the government. But those in the government seek to squelch that freedom, that being speech. With the likes Bab's Boxer and her comments about "protesting constituent's dress code". I KNOW,

      I AM ONE OF BAB'S CONSTITUENTS, and she wouldn't know ONE of her constituents if they walked up to her and slapped her.

      SHE has NO IDEA OF WHO SHE (supposedly) represents, and SHE COULD GIVE A DAMN. I write to her with my concerns about the State as well as the Country. What I receive back is a STANDARD FORM LETTER,

      With NOTHING referencing the concerns voiced.

      Then we have the Princess (FOOL) on the Hill, Nancy Pelosi, whose many comments have not only left her leadership skills in question, but have left many Americans INSULTED, INTENTIONALLY.

      Not only her many "Astroturf" comments but her Nazi implications and the use of swastikas.

      Being An American Citizen of American Indian heritage and German , English bloodlines, I find her comments NOT ONLY INSULTING but INCITING.

      Inciting me to DEMAND HER RESIGNATION!

      As well as an APOLOGY to all the American's she has WILLFULLY OFFENDED.

      As this pathological lunatic that is constantly twisting the facts not to mention the TRUTH, is the one that is leading the congress in making the most important decisions for the American People.

      This is the worst possible combination that this Nation could have.

      The "ONLY ASTROTURF" that is going on is the political deception practiced by Pelosi and her minions of the (demolishing) Democratic Congress.


    37. Dave, Laguna Niguel, says:

      Excuse me amc/nyc, out of the socialist mouthes of Hillary Clinton and the witch Nancy Pelosi…"any American has the right to protest this or any other administration!", "let your politicians know what you want, keep up the pressure, do not relent". Those words of course were meant ONLY FOR LEFTWING WHACKOS I am sure. Now the shoe is on the other foot…THE RIGHT FOOT! We have NEVER been grouped togther, until NOW! Demorats have always had their rent-a-mobs, their votes from the cemetary and phone books, their ACORN THUGS, and other groups not worth mentioning. FINALLY THE "RIGHT" IS AMASSING! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SOCIALISM, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT A PLAN FOR YOU AND ANOTHER WATERED DOWN PLAN FOR US WITH "US" PAYING FOR IT ALL INCLUDING ILLEGALS!!!!

    38. Dave, Laguna Niguel, says:

      Be advised….the NEO-MARXISTS are BLOCKING ACCESS to conservative healthcare protest sites! This is how the left works, so lets pay close attention and use these same tactics against them, LIES, SPIN, DECEPTION, BULLYING. Its like WAR…whoever has the most rules LOSES!

    39. Peter, San Diego says:

      I think a sound bite from our Sec of State might be in order here. Didn't state to a large crowd that to disent was an "American right"

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    41. Duke Lynch Reddin says:

      Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote;

      "If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought–not free thought for those that agree with us–but freedom for the thought that we hate"

      United States v. Schwimmer

    42. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      Mr. Ken Jarvis,

      Please explian why you think the Heritage Foundation prohibits free speech of anyone.

      Thank you.

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    44. Andy,Metairie La. says:

      A letter I'm sending to Sen. Mary Landrieu August 6, 2009

      I’m deeply concerned in the direction of this country. Recent U.S. bailouts of certain private investment firms, particular banks and two of the three U.S. auto makers. Then the stimulus package came through the House of Represenitives and Senate, quick as lightning. This multi trillion dollar bill had many unknown added provisions. HOW MANY OF YOU READ, IN WHOLE, WHAT YOU VOTED ON !! Now that WE THE PEOPLE have to foot this bill for generations to come… Now Congress wants to pass govt. healthcare reform? Have you read this one…?

      I’m very satisfied with my private provider. But this socialistic healthcare program is not based on what this country was founded. “Freedom” and “limited government” as stated in the Constitution; take a minute… look at these words carved in the stone walls that surround you.

      Elections do have consequences. But all of these quick fixes, voted on so fast, will lead this country into bankruptcy. If the urgent business of Congress is to get this shoved through before what is embedded is known. GOD help us all.

      So, if voting matters, look out. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the “YEA or NEA” votes on this healthcare debacle. Just remember, you work for us (The People), not the other way around

    45. Chris Litz, Westervi says:

      Pelosi needs to look back at American history to see for herself that it would, in fact be un-American and contrary to our heritage, NOT to question anything that could possibly jeopardize our country. Was it un-American for her liberal action groups to protest the war and everything that Bush tried to accomplish? Of course not…because it didn't go against HER beliefs. We as a nation will stand up to and take back our government. And we're Republican, Democrat and Independants….Americans for the people and by the people. The days of the present government are numbered….Pelosi will not be able to create smoke screen big enough to hide that fact. You may as well just get over it Nancy! Remember who you work for…for now that is.

    46. charles schmitz fl says:

      shine a bright light on the people constructing this health care bill.you will be in shock.now shine a light on the folks who are consoulting.read what they think about human life.it is repulsive.and they have the gall to talk down to us? truly arrogance at its finest.the democractic leadership has turned into a group of radical socialist pigs.they just want power and control.if john and bobby kennedy were still around they would be rep.

    47. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      all of this is not at all about healthcare. No, this is about the power grab by the collectivists (Democrats, Communists, Obamaists); they are all the same.

      What better issue on which to focus attention. What better issue to use as a way to bait the citizens into believing this is about the concerns our government has for them. What a load of crap. What this is about is to create another entitlement program and give it to everyone to secure votes in the future. The whole idea is to bankrupt this country so all citizens will become dependent on the Collectivists (excuse me the Obama’s)

      Think about it….there is nothing wrong with the current healthcare system. Sure it can always be improved as can anything. But do you really believe the "incompetents" current running our government are in a position to dictate the policies on how to go about this?

      With the current system more people are living longer. That is only adding to the problem. All of the social programs; the entitlements are only going to exacerbate the problem. There are significantly more people burdening the same money. Think about this…add 5 more people to your family with the same income. Right…can’t be done!

      The same government that has been lying through their teeth about so many issues? So why shlould this come as a surprise?

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    49. Carl Daubert Wilkes- says:

      It's alright for Hillery Clinton to question President Bush about his plans and say it's not UN Americian but now the shoe is on the other foot it ok to say it I know Hillery is not the Pres. but it is still the same PARTY.


    50. V.T.Turk says:

      The Republican party allowed the Republican members in Congress under Bush to have their way and paved the way for them to do the very same thing liberal Democrats do: and that is SPEND SPEND SPEND!!! Time after time Bush DID NOT veto bill after bill. As Republican I was furious that a President and a party would do such things violating what the great Ronald Reagan started and reminded us to not fall into the trap of spending addiction! Well they did and started a second war when we had not finished the first war when we were attacked!Thomas Jefferson said: " keep an eye on your members in Washington lest they become represenatives of themselves and not their constituents!

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    52. mackp says:

      I truley can not speak how and what needs to be done to save this great country. This I can say with out going to jail. I as a former Marine took an oath to protect the constitution of the United States of America and follow the orders of the president and my commanding officers. Why do you think they said constitution first? Because they knew that we could get a President or a Commanding officer that would want to distroy the Constitution. And now we the people the Marines The Arm Force have a President a Congress (A Government)that is walking,spitting anmd pissing on the Document that we served to protect and honer. Talk is cheap. Action now before it is to late. I found it hard to believe that the action of this Congress and President does not warrent charge of treason. Where is our justice system. They took an oath to protect the Constitution and they do not. And what do we do nothing,nothing. Are you going to what for the government to say. oh I'm sorry your mother can not it the treatment she needs. What the hell just let her die she's had a good life. I pity the person ( I tought about say it another way) that says that to my mother. I'm sorry I'm not going to let that happen. So all you talkers need to start to take action and action now. Wake Up for this country is in big big trouble. All you AARP Members,news papers anything that is so far left and clueless dump them put them out of bussiness now and tell them why you did it. Sgt USMC MP

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    55. FreedomMD, North Car says:

      I am not a GOP operative, I am not a DEM organizer, I belong to no political party. I am an American. I am a citizen of the United States; the best, most prosperous, and most generous nation in the history of the planet earth. I am quiet, competent, compassionate, and reverent. I have served my country in the Armed Forces, and have sacrificed much to better myself, my family, and my country. I share the same concerns as any citizen of this country, and am sad to see it being transformed into a place that is becoming unrecognizable.

      I am also a physician, and have taken an oath (that I take VERY SERIOUSLY, mind you) to "First, do no harm." I do not discriminate based on color, race, ethnicity, gender, age, mental or physical capacity, insurance, or ability to pay. I work in the trenches of medicine, exposed daily to deadly diseases, violent criminals, and personal tragedy. I act as a scientist, communicator, peacemaker, decision maker, spiritual advisor, and comforter. I, by some standards, make a good living, but I am far from "rich". I have student loans that could pay the morgage on multiple houses. I have given nearly 12 years of my and my family's life to intense study, personal and financial sacrifice, long hours, and sleepless nights. And I do this willingly, as I find honor and satifaction in providing care to my patients and their families in times of great tragedy and need. I would love to have a rational discussion about the problems in our current health care system, and debate the merits and pitfalls of the proposed solutions so we can keep and improve what works, and change what doesn't for the betterment of all Americans.

      But the debate has been stifled. Not by vocal citizens, but by arrogant and partisan politicians.

      And now I am angry.

      What I am NOT is a government employee. What I resent is the federal government encroaching on the decisions that I, along with my patients and their families, will be responsible to make at the bedside. What I find reprehensible is that a potential treatment may be rationed, guarded, or denied based on a statistic or demographic.

      What I reject is someone telling ME, a Medical Doctor with extensive training, overwhelming commitment, and a HUGE stake in the current debate, to "not do a lot of talking" and to "get out of the way" so he can "clean up this mess."

      EXCUSE ME, MR. PRESIDENT!! Do you want to take care of my patients? Do you want to pay off my debt? Do you want to show me how it's done? Do you want to tell the family down the hall that their daughter can't have the life saving chemotherapy, that the Grandfather in room 11 is to old to qualify for the cardiac transplant, that the premature infant in the NICU is too young to be viable? Remember my oath?

      If that's the way it's going to be, then I will "get out of the way". I'll quit. I made it through medical school, I can make it in some other career. Then who is going to take care of those 46 million people (a misleading statistic, by the way) that you just guarenteed universal healthcare? Are you going to do it?

      Because if the government takes over health care, I won't.

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    57. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      With the bailout potentially reaching $26 trillion, that's $80,000 for every Legal Citizen in the Nation; the buyback of Gas Guzzlers from the Feds at $4,500 projected to last until November and lasting 2 weeks, (Special note: Were you aware that once you agree to the information format on the Dealer's computer, you have agreed that your computer and all its files now belong to the Federal Government?), how does the Administrationeven dare to tell the American People that we not only need Universal Health care, but that it will be less expensive! Nothing that the Government does is ever less expensive! Hasn't everyone heard of the $600 hammer?


    58. AJ, Washington says:

      It's funny, 'cause these disruptions in the town hall meetings… Well, if you add all the citizens who are causing the disruptions, you're really only to come up with approximately (at most) several thousand. This country has over 300 million people.

      Sure, of course there are millions who actually oppose the concept of health care reform, but only a fraction of even 1 million of those opposed are actually disrupting these town hall meetings.

      I'm sorry, but the "grassroots" movements don't include enough mobs to sway. Not to mention that mobs have no say in this Republic of ours.

      Unfortunately though, the sensationalist media, and the opposition, love to grasp these climactic moments and make them more than they are, therefore we're all talking about several thousand people who use aggressive tactics to shut legislatures down in their discussions rather than to argue policy merit beyond plain talking points.

      It's sad that our citizens would rather spew headlines rather than bare bone policy details. WEAK.

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    61. Jen- NY says:

      Those San Francisco loons will never vote Pelosi out. I'm so discouraged.. She really needs to go. Accusing the CIA of lying, calling the American people names, she is a disgrace and I pray they vote her out. As an RN I am totally against the government running any sort of health care plan. They have made a mess of medicaid and medicare. The abuse and fraud are endless.

    62. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Well we now know what the dems think of us common folks, we are un-American because we do not like their BS. It would be different if the Republicans were the ones doing this mess, we would all be "very very patrotic" as pelosi said about the illegals in this country.


    63. jim smith says:

      One more lift for Nancy and she'll blow her nose from her back pocket.

    64. jim toledo says:

      I'd just like to say, to all of you at the Heritage Foundation, thanks for the great, solid and honest information you provide daily. Bravo, keep up the great work.

    65. David Devlin-Foltz, says:

      Could we all take a deep breath and understand that a genuine public debate over fixing our broken health care insurance system requires just that – a genuine debate. Shouting down a speaker is not debate. Sending out tips for intimidating a speaker is not debate. Yelling insults is not debate. Spouting outright fabrications like the "death panel" nonsense is not debate. Of course freedom of speech protects hecklers. But let's not confuse that with encouraging the real public conversation we need in order to fix a system that leaves too many people without the care we need. We spend twice as much as other industrialized countries, per person, and have worse health outcomes. Let's talk about why, and what to do better.

    66. Tim Johnson says:

      It is appalling to read the stupid comments people on this site continue to mouth about the government’s attempts to cure the disaster that is the American health care system. The conservatives commenter’s to this site know nothing of what they blather about; it is the same old mantra brought out: anti Constitution, anti liberty, anti capitalism anti democracy.

      Conservatives are quite willing to see people suffer and die because of the lack of proper medical care and then metaphorically, look you straight in the eye and tell you that those people are poor because they deserve to be poor and it has nothing to do with the fact that the people with money are cheap and uncaring.

      Conservative Americans are mean spirited and are concerned about how much they make not how much suffering that cheapness causes.

      Do not obfuscate this mean spiritedness of the conservatives; it is not the Constitution or Democrats, it is sickness of mentality. The president has seen it and recognises it and wants to remove it from the sick body of America.

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    68. Jonathan Scovell says:

      After you are done reading the fool who posted right before me, Tim Johnson, know that people like him play on heart strings and ignore all Constitutional authority to promote their agenda.

      There have only been two or three events where the people were a little out of control which is wrong. It is wrong because it doesn't have to be fought like that, but what the White House and the left are doing is trying to take a few cases and use them as posters for the entire protest.

      Where is the Constitutional authority for this bill? I have heard very little from the people or politicians about whether or not this is allowed by any clause.

      Conservatives are not mean spirited but logical. We see many things wrong here. We are spending too much money (Bush and Obama are at fault), only the wealthy will pay for it which contradicts "general welfare," show us a government health care system that works, and simply we are not in debt to other Americans.

      Now I am not even close to being rich. I am a substitute teacher and I work at a Cabela's. I see an ethical and moral obligation to opposing a bill that takes from the haves and gives to the have nots by force. Should the rich give to charity and help their fellow man? Yes, but not through government dictation. Isn't is funny how they created the phrase, "power to the people" but then have no faith in the people at all to run their lives?

      If you say it is justifiable to take from others to provide for others then you have become a "useful idiot" for the government. What would be the point of helping people out of poverty when a cap is put on how far they may advance?

      Great article by Heritage once again.

    69. okiejim says:

      Thanks to Heritage and all the people who have responded to the latest (of many) recent government outrage. If we are unamerican Ms Pelosi what are you? Have you ever read the Constitution? If not, shame on you for professing to be a leader of our great country. And shame on Congress for making you Speaker. But what else could we have expected from the most liberal, leftist leaning Congress in the history of America.

    70. Lydia, Central Coast says:

      First to Kay in CO, the big pharma industry is in Obama's back pocket, because he cut a deal with them that will bar the government from using it's huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. This is a bonanza for the drug industry. For the full story http://robertreich.blogspot.com/2009/08/white-hou….
      Second, to Tim Johnson, the number of those uninsured in the US is two (2) percent. I don't know how many illegals that percentage includes. Yes we do need to make changes to the health care system, but a government run program is not the way to go. For one thing we (America) cannot afford it. We are already bankrupt. Most people are happy with their plan & as another fellow patriot stated "you don't burn down the house to remodel a room." This is not about compassion or lack of it…it is about keeping the government out of the health care business.

    71. MARK,HOUSTON says:

      Okay, this is puzzeling….when some little old lady with a beehive hairdoo yells at her congressman about her rightfull anger over this mess it is somehow a great republican conspiricy,BUT when two hundred or so ACORN protestors,all wearing the same colored shirts and all carrying manufactured signs decide to harass AIG empolyees that is somehow a spontaneos jeasture of democracy…..

    72. Jonathan Scovell says:

      Mark… great and funny observation. I had a good laugh.

    73. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      WANTED: bumper sticker that reads -

      "WARNING: Right wing extremist thug on board"

      Anyone know where I can get one?

      And by the way, for all the homeowners in Ann Arbor that had "Impeach Bush" signs in their front yards – are they "extremists" as defined by Department of Homeland Security?

    74. Bobby says:

      Isn't it interesting? The moment these politicians get a little friction in wanting answers from those who they supposedly "serve" they go berserk!! Americans are in serious trouble, because for years they have believed that the laws my be played with. Whether it is wall streets criminality, illegal immigration, judges legislating from the benches, etc. all of it is toxic to the core, when you allow these politicians to play with the laws and rights that American citizens have. You can see the result of our apathy now, by how vile how enraged they are at a citizenry that is trying to excercise and defend those rights they have so long neglected.

    75. Bobby says:

      Americans are getting a little sich of Obama trying to blame the failure of his policies on them. Why is he reinflating Wall Streets and the banks power to play their corrupt little games at the expense of Americans. He is constantly bailing out these bas-ards.

    76. Bobbie Jay says:

      Very commendable, Ben. How about instead of "thug" saying "WARNING: Right wing extremist for 'freedom' on board?"

    77. Paul, Mississippi says:

      Why doesn't Obama and congress work on the health care they have already destroyed; Medicare, Medicaide, and the VA hospitals? They can't run these efficiently, but want to do for the rest of us the same they have done for our poor, elderly, and veterans.

      We can recover from the bailouts, stimulus, tarp, and outrageous budget deficit. These are one time expenditures. This health care takeover and cap and trade are permanent.

    78. Vince,Texas says:

      All in our government are sworn in to uphold the Constitution.When they do other than this they are in violation of their oath.In effect they are working against the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE.The Constitution was inspired by God-people who stand up for the Constitution,Free Speach,etc.only are just standing up for what is of God. The ones against are standing up for

    79. Carol in az says:

      …and so we will be paying and paying for all the non-legal Americans. Can't wait until they come out of the shawdows in the thousands.

      We will be paying for the fantasy families of every un-wed mother who is too lazy to use birth control.

      We will be paying for gender re-assignment operations that currently are not covered on any Ins.

      We will be paying and paying and paying.

      The real issue is they are running out of money for medicare and the Gov't wants to pass that cost on plus a few trillion more to every American.

      Are we nuts?

    80. Thomas E., Bowling G says:

      Un-American. Ms Pelosi needs to "think" before she speaks as Speaker of the House. I am a proud veteran of 20 years in the Army. I have seen Americans give their lives in the belief of this country. I have seen Americans return from conflicts around the world and return different than when they left. Call all those before us who has provided and protected those things that makes this country the greatest in the world, un-american. Dissent is not un-american. We still have a freedom of speach. And I find it shaneful of those, when their backs are against the wall, that they fall back to name calling. Is this what we elected these people to represent us for? Grow up and remember that you are dealing with thinking Amaericans, some who will not always agree with you and just continue to allow you a blank check. You might be questioned for your actions. My vote is to "Vote Americans, Vote"

    81. Big Al,NJ says:

      The problem is, we need to get theses people out of office next year.We can not forget who they are,we have to make sure they are not realected ever again.

      I would also like to start a petition to have a 10 year maximum term for all political positions with no life time benefits, we must put an end to the career politition, the time has come, we can no longer count on people doing the right thing it must stop.We will need a few million names on a petition to get our message across, so let's start now.

    82. Paul Meyers, Bismarc says:

      For a lousy, big health care bill (1017 pages) it rests with every american to protest it. A one page bill is big enough,if the job cannot be done with that then it sould go into the trash.

    83. Doug Hostetler, Plym says:

      Slow down Mr. Obama.

    84. Harry, Illinois says:

      Hopefully all of us law abiding Americans will take to the polls next year and vote these 'Un-American" Representatives out of office. They have forgotten what their role in government is. To Serve the People and protect the Constitution. Not cater to Special Interest Groups and Lobbyist.

    85. ?? says:


    86. S af Ugglas says:

      Why can´t you leave out Mr. Obama from all comments and instead concentrate on all the dirty work caused by the Democrats? He is going to end up in martyrdom.

    87. Lawrence K. Marsh / says:

      America has been through all this nonsense of impugning the patriotism of others before, and, thanks to the courage and resilience of the American people, we survived. I refer to the time during the Viet Nam war, when the Johnson and Nixon Administrations also equated dissent with disloyalty, and threatened to punish their critics as traitors, for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

      I see no point in sending American military troops abroad, to fight for freedom and democracy there, while our own freedoms are being gradually rescinded right here at home. We the American people should demand that all of our military troops be brought home now, never again to be sent abroad until we the American people once again enjoy our own Constitutional rights and freedoms to the fullest. Freedom begins at home.

      This wicked and evil doctrine of "political correctness" is a Communist idea. Mao Tse-T'ung wrote of it in his Little Red Book, calling it "right thinking". It is indeed tyrannical because it cows people out of saying what is honestly on their minds.

      In response to the Nancy Pelosi types, I have a sweat-shirt I often wear in the colder months of the year, which sports these words on it: "POLITICALLY INCORRECT, AND PROUD OF IT!" I hope one day, all patriotic Americans will follow this example.

    88. John, Colorado says:

      Only a Satanically-motivated communist fool would be for this 'health care' plan. Among all the other truly evil things about it, the eventual goal would be a euthanasia program for the elderly.

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    91. Dan, PA says:

      For those of you too lazy to read the actual op-ed from Pelosi, here is the part that all of you claim to be so highly offensive: "These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades." Contrast this with a quote in this article: "calling those who want Congress to hear their concerns about health care “simply un-American.”" She in fact said that all concerns should be heard, and thus actually indicates that she wants constructive debate. Maybe she is misrepresenting the facts, and maybe she doesn't really want debate, but disruptions at public meetings certainly don't help. Regardless, shouting out unconstructive things like "socialist" and "just say no" does not really promote constructive dialogue. The town halls are an attempt to do just that. People can make themselves be heard by attending the meetings, and talking to those in attendance. They are open to the public, and are meant to provoke dialogue. I would think that the lovers of freedom on the Right would like this.

      Something needs to be done to prevent health care from collapsing, and I have yet to hear a solution from the Republicans on this. At least the Dems are trying. It certainly isn't perfect, and if the Republicans can come up with a better solution, I am all for it. Let's have a dialogue, though.

    92. Dan, PA says:

      By the way, Lydia, the number of uninsured Americans is 47 million. With a population of just over 300 million, this is 16%, give or take, with the majority being children. This is a very big problem, and something should be done about it.

    93. Jim says:

      Pelosi is the one that is the America Hater, how in the world she can be elected to lead anything simply blows my mind ! I feel sorry for the people of California if this is the best they can elect.

      WAKE UP AMERICA !!!! FAST !!!!

    94. ella,n.c. says:

      Dan,we should not have to let illegals have health care free.The health care program is rediculous.

    95. Barb, Wheeling, WV says:

      There is no one as unamerican as Obama and Pelosi. I am so ashamed of the way our country has been ruined.

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