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  • Townhall Downfall: Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO)

    Despite President Barack Obama’s deadline, both the House and Senate failed to pass Obama’s health care plan before they adjourned for the month of August. Now Senators and Representatives are returning home to participate in one of America’s greatest democratic traditions: the townhall.

    The events afford citizens the rare opportunity to share their opinions directly with their elected officials. Unfortunately at this Rep.  Russ Carnahan (D-MO) townhall, Service Employee International Union members are allowed into the event while Obamacare protesters are left outside. So how did these free speech loving Americans protest the stifling of their dissent? They belted out “God Bless America.”


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    28 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO)

    1. Roger S., Ma. says:

      What this ought to mean is an automatic "F" grade in the next election for "Democratic" Rep. Carnahan ! Town Hall attendance is not merely a tradition, but a citizen's fundamental right. Though evidently quite vocal and even viciously exclusive and exclusionist, I am willing to wager that SEIU is far from any majority. That Mr. Carnahan even countenanced their actions is an insult to every voter in his district, irrespective of his/her political persuasion. Mr. C. should face, therefore, not only a chorus singing "God Bless America", but forthwith a crescendo of "Dump Carnahan the Bamaman", throughout his district, until he concedes on election eve! He is precisely the sort of Rep. nobody needs. (Teaches SEIU a lesson, too!)

    2. Gary Gonsalves, Carl says:

      It is absolutely imperative that people take time from their daily lives to stop further government involvement in healthcare. Stop Taxing Us (search for them on Facebook) is a politically active group based in Southern California that is known for hosting huge rallies. They are just recently starting to draw a national audience. If you want to get in the game, they can help. http://www.StopTaxingUs.com

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    4. CHUCKtheFED St. Lou says:


      This footage while rough to watch, is from a camera in the middle of the fracas at the Carnahan meeting Thursday night. It clearly shows the animosity of the three SEIU members that attacked the young man selling flags, and also shows a woman punching the camera owner. (some language by SEIU member)

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      What a display of bias and discrimination from OUR EMPLOYEES.

      God Bless America is so right on target. It made me tearful.

      Way to go, Americans! You're strong, you're courageous and you're beautiful!

    6. Annette Swinford Tyl says:

      America, we need to impeach this president and all who agree with him.It is a call that is necessary before they come back from their vacation. They wanted to get things done before we found out what was really going on. There has to be something illegal about hiding your intentions in the small print. You cannot sell anything to eat in a grocery store without labeling whats in there. Don't rules apply to our government.

    7. Paula, Gretna, LA says:

      IRATE TEA PARTY MOB????? Well, consider me one of them! And God Bless America, PLEASE save us from this!

    8. Dan Mosse' Bedf says:

      I am appalled by the thuggish tactics of ths administration and the continues lies we are expected to accept as truth.

    9. Momofour, KY says:

      I'm a native Sho-Me. This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for reporting this. I vacillate between utter terror that our precious country will collapse before our eyes and ultimate hope that there is still a GRAIN of the America we love in her people.

    10. Carol A.Silvestri says:

      Dear Fellow Americans,

      We all have a right to tell our politicians"… how they are doing…" It is ourlined for us in our Constitution awhich specifically outlines our course of action if a tyrannical government is in place.We have the RIGHT as CITIZENS to attend meetings and to address the actions we find unsuitable to as a people and as a FREE society.We are not subjects but citizens of this great U.S.A. and as such endowed with "certain inalienable rights… " which Obama and his adminstration want to diminish and destroy. How dare he set himself above the people! He is first citizen and NO MORE. How dare he demonize people who are sick and tired of his bad GOVERNMENT.

      Obama represents the people of this United States of America. He is not dictator though his actions of late are more inclined to that scenario than to the one he holds.

      And if he does not have the stomach to honor America and Americans to the world and at home, Mr,Obama should step down so we may have a great American as our president and not someone who lusts for power at a loss of our liberties as citizens of this country.

      We Americans have a history of change and if he tries to usurp our freedoms as Americans he may find himself 'changed' and out of a job. His change entrenches us in socialism which violates our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights for which we fought for our rights in the American Revolution to annex us from the King of England. Our great nland is saturated with the blood of this nation's fellow citizens who realized that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

      Stand up Fellow Americans. "The truth will set you free" from the bondage with which the Obama adminstration wants to tie up our liberties and our rights of FREE CHOICE .

      Stand up and be counted .This is our country, land that we love.We have the right to say what needs to be said when we see bad government work to erode our rights, our property, and our country.

      God bless America!

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    12. Theda L. Williamson, says:

      The rush to get the health plan through the Senate and the House sounds like Chicanery. If it can't be investigated throuroughly, by them, and get the people's opinion, we don't need it.

    13. James Boxmeyer, Phil says:

      I am a conservative Democrat. I am sad when I see the administration–the federal government trying to make further inroads into my personal rights to make decisions.

      To borrow a phrase from the pro abortionists–

      "Keep your (healthcare) laws off my body"

    14. J. Bower says:

      This is what you get when the government is run by the Chicago Thug Machine.

    15. Lynne, Seattle, WA says:

      J. Bower is correct. This IS what you get when the government is being run by the CHICAGO MACHINE. I grew up near Chicago, and even though my parents were staunch Dems, I could read in the newpapers what was happening to those politicians who had the nerve to stand up against The Machine.

      Their reputatuons were trashed and their family was threatened (often not reported in the newspaper but in alternative sources). This was in the 1960's. Things have not changed. After leavimg the area I was able to keep up with the ongoing Chicago "thug mentality" through relatives.

      Unless we unite and continue to read these websites that publish the truth and continue with attending townhall meetings, etc, believe me this well oiled Machine will take over. I am very fearful.

    16. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      God Bless America! We Americans will continue to stand up to this Socialist agenda! Where is our FREEDOM when this administration doesn't let citizens into townhall meeting?

    17. Carolyn, Illinois says:

      I am happy to say WE ARE STANDING UP and will continue to stand up until the very end which may well be the end of Obama's reign in four years. If we keep at it may be we can get him out before then. In all my life I have could never have imagined the People being treated We need to keep fighting. We cannot let Obama over run us rather we must make him rue the day he ever thought of being President.

    18. Richard Norton, West says:

      Well now all Americans that can open their minds and eyes can see why this president wanted this "healthcare reform" passed before the August recess (doesn't that sound like a bunch of 5th graders going out to play). I have to believe that Obama and the Liberal Democratic leadership knew this would happen. Now if these un-American (to use a coined phrase by our disloyal Speaker of the House Nancy Polosi) elected officials go back to Washington and support these "reforms" they will without a doubt loose their jobs!

    19. Randall Burns,St. lo says:

      The unemployment rate is sitting at 9.4%,but the real number of unemployed is higher because it does not provide those who have given up looking, which may push the percentage to 15%. The stimulus is not working effectively, because its directed to slower responding civic and business interests. The bailed out banks are holding on to their money even with better than average rates, the restrictions are much tighter and the opportunities are out of reach for an 'average joe'. Yet despite all this bad news, our president and congress, with the media in their pocket, are trying to shove this socialist healthcare down our throats without a thought about America and our future. It's time to vote them all out beginning with the new terms for representatives next year. What's going on America! Wake up and smell the stuff they're shoveling at you. My mother in law went to London ten years ago, while there she talked with several people about their national healthcare. One woman told her that she and her husband live on thirty percent of their wages because a large percentage of their paychecks go to the national healthcare system. Thirty percent! Many Americans would lose their homes if their take home pay was reduced to that amount! That same couple had not been on a vacation in ten years. The President and Congress are pushing healthcare to take our minds off the economy and the state of the nation. It's time to shout them into common sense and responsible governing.

    20. John Saucier says:

      I'm saddened to see this happening to America, the greatest nation ever. It's much more than healthcare, as the whole attitude of the Obama regime appears to be against all that is good about our great country. When China and the other countries stop buying our notes because our deficit is out of site, then we'll see the financial institutions completely fail, and our children will live in debt as we become a third rate nation without a future. Thank you Obama, and you want to burden us with healthcare – NO THANKS. Try it on congress first, and see how you like it. SO AMERICA, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE GREAT – no party junk – BE AN AMERICAN FIRST and foremost. Research the facts, and stand up for America – there's better health options that won't burden us or our children – and they aren't provided through the government, which has already given us out of control debt and careless wasteful government programs – that don't work.

    21. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Carnahan is a coward. He is afraid to hear what his constituents want to say. So he packs his "townhall" meeting with SEIU goons and tells his constituents there's no room for them. Well, here's hoping that those constituents will tell Mr. Carnahan there is no room for him in Washington when they have the next opportunity to do so.

      Is it just me, or has there been a rethinking of having townhall meetings among our Congressmen during the summer recess?

      Certainly, no Congressmen/women like to be yelled at or shouted down. What they seem to be missing is that the reason people are shouting is that politicians are not listening. Normal people do that when they want to be heard. If these politicians had a lick of sense, they would show up at these meetings, introduce themselves and say "I am here to day to listen to what you folks have to say and to answer your questions to the best of my ability." Then they should sit down, shut up and listen – and maybe take a few notes.

      The people showing up at these meetings are angry about a number of things that have been going on lately, not just about health care, but also unemployment, runaway government spending, apologies to foreign governments, government bailouts, government takeovers of banks and car companies and loss of retirement savings. What they see being done and not being done is making them angry and causing them to lose faith in their elected officials.

      For years the American people have been harangued by the media and the political system to "get involved", "get out and vote", and "tell your representatives what you think". Yet when the people peaceable assemble and stage "Tea Parties" to protest taxes or "townhall" meetings to protest government actions, they are labeled by the leadership of opposing viewpoints as an "unruly mob", or "paid shills", or "Nazis" or

      "un-American". These kinds of meetings and protests are what America is all about. How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have died defending our right to do exactly that?

      The townhall meetings that have resulted in Congressmen and government officials being shouted down have something in common. It seems to me that those calling these meetings attempt to talk at, rather than listen to, their constituents. The way the people see it, politicians get to do their talking all day long, at press conferences, news interviews, campaigns, Congressional hearings and just about anywhere they can get their faces on TV. The average person doesn't have all these platforms and opportunities to be heard. When they do get the chance, they don't want a politician doing all the talking, telling them "the real truth" or giving the "the real facts", or telling them they are wrong, or confused. They want their chance to be heard.

      The people who take the time to come to these meetings want to get things off their chest. They don't want to be lectured or patronized.

      Insulting these people doesn't seem to be that good a strategy.

    22. Desiree Hidden Vall says:

      Obama is showing nothing but contempt for the USA and her citizens. He should join his buddy in Venezuela or the Castro brothers in Cuba. How dare he speak to us like this? I'm not shocked. I have never trusted this man, was speechless seeing who he chose for his cabinet. Show me who your friends are and I shall tell you who you are. This smells like Hitlers/Stalins tactics. WAKE UP AMERICA. He deserves to be impeached and "encouraged" to move to a country where he and his Chicago thugs can "try" to shove the insiduous lies and deceit down the throat of some old goats. WAKE UP AND BE HEARS. Do not re-elect any of the incumbents. Some of the politicians in D.C. seem to think they are royalty. Such a sense of entitlement only comes from ignorance and arrogance. They have forgotten that they were elected once. They need to be sent back to the streets where they have to struggle finding a job like so many of the others.


    23. Chris Litz, Westervi says:

      Well said Jerry! If these Congressmen won't answer calls or emails…what other alternative do we have. Besides, we pay their salaries. They OWE it to us to listen…or go find another job. No that Billy Mays is gone, surely ANY of these fast talking salesmen/politicians should qualify for his position.

    24. Bobbie Jay says:

      As this government coerced plan will not be implemented until 2013, (hopefully the 12th of NEVER) what's the presidents excuse for expediency? Especially when the people know members of congress did not read the bill and he sees and hears the dissent of the people in regard to, that did read the bill with the corruption attached? The president of America can not be trusted. He is not looking out for us, he's looking to fill his pockets. Here's a promise: There will be no money secured and none will be there in 2013.

      A rush to collect the money before 2013 to spend at the presidents' heart's content and just in time for the next government induced crisis!

    25. Patrick Maple valley says:

      I am a carpenter, and a family man. I am also a conservative. for the first time in my life, I am actually affraid of my government,and I believe there many like me who have the same fear. The american people have shown in the past what happens to a people when gripped with this kind of fear.They get MAD! and that is what I believe is beginning to happen. So all I have to say is this to our elected leaders, if your not going to stand up for the people, and do what the people want,get out of the way! Because we are going to get sombody in there will.Remember Its OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE,AND FOR THE PEOPLE.And nothing else will be tolerated,so help me GOD!

    26. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The President, all his advisors, his Cabinet, the Congress and all of Washington DC's number crunchers can tell America that what they are being asked to eat and swallow is cherry pie! But if it looks like manure, smells like manure, taste like manure, (for those who get that far) it is most probably manure and you better not swallow it!

      The American people are not stupid! Over ninety percent of Americans have never found need of Social Services, outside of occasional unemployment, which the employer paid for, until Obama! Now America is worse off than ever and he wants us to swallow more poop, and is at a loss as to why people are upset and cannot understand the need for his Universal Health Care? Well duh!


    27. Kathy Ellicott City, says:

      What do you usually get when it looks to good to be true…like something for nothing? First, it usually ends up costing you and second it's not

      what you thought it was going to be! In other words, this health care sounds "Fishy!" They can't even run the post office or cash for clunkers…and they want to take over health care?!! Wake up America, get in touch with your

      gov't officials and let your voice be heard…then pray!

    28. Martha says:

      I live in Chicago and I tried to tell my middle of the road family and friends what I knew about the kind of politician Obama was, Chicago corruption and back door dealing and what he would bring to Washington and they didn't believe me they "wanted change they could believe in"

      Hope it's working out real well for them!

      I fear our America is being stripped from us.

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