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  • Carbon Footprints For Me, But Not For Thee

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    Congress plans to spend $550 million to buy eight jets, a substantial upgrade to the fleet used by federal officials at a time when lawmakers have criticized the use of corporate jets by companies receiving taxpayer funds.

    The purchases will help accommodate growing travel demand by congressional officials. … The congressional shopping list goes beyond what the Air Force had initially requested as part of its annual appropriations. … Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon press secretary, said the Department of Defense didn’t request the additional planes and doesn’t need them. “We ask for what we need and only what we need,” he told reporters Wednesday. “We’ve always frowned upon earmarks and additives that are above and beyond what we ask for.”

    Congress turned harshly critical of companies that fly executives on private jets in the weeks following the government bailout of banks and auto makers last year. General Motors, Chrysler LLC and Citigroup Inc. were among those caught in the cross hairs of angry lawmakers.

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    24 Responses to Carbon Footprints For Me, But Not For Thee

    1. John Dempsey, Northv says:

      Bad enough they are buying these jets with our money. Why are they overpaying for them. I read yesterday they were paying 65 million for a Gulfstream 5. In todays marked they are going for under 50 million.

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    4. Lee Longchamp, Avon, says:

      It is outrageous for congress to buy these planes at this time of economic distress. Congress is trying to convice the American voters that any money is spends is good for the economy.

      What they forget is that it is taxpayer money, and the long term effect will be bigger deficits, higher taxes, bloated congressional travel budgets, and further separation of Congress from the voter. This is the crowd that criticized the Bank execs for flying when the banks were in crisis. Congress is even worse and is laughing at the ignorance of the American voter.

    5. Mary Ellen, Surf Cit says:

      All hypocrites the bunch of them. I say 'VOTE THEM ALL OUT'. We need limited terms in office. Six years is the max then return to private life.

    6. Bob Dickey, Gibson C says:

      I agree with Mary Ellen. Six years is enough time to serve in Washington. In business I'm not so arrogant to think I can't be replaced by someone equally qualified or better. It keeps me focused on who I serve.

    7. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      I agree with Mary Ellen. We need limited terms in office and a continuing reminder that US Representatives and Senators work for their constituents and not the other way around. I think the we need a constitutional amendment that gives individual states control to set and pay the salaries, staffs, office expenses and benefit packages of their respective congressmen.

    8. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Hmmm. . . . Let's see . . . . Using an average cost of $550 per ticket, Congress could buy 1 million Coach-class plane tickets with that amount of money. Any 'for-profit' company would make the decision to NOT get a private jet and tell their employees to suck it up and fly with the proletariat in the cattle car for their business trips. This is just ridiculous.

      "Do as I say, not as I do."

      Aren't they OUR employees ?

    9. joan, connecticut says:

      Lets give them all a loud and clear message next election day. Anyone. that signs this abomination of a health, care bill does not deserve to hold office. The career politicians think they are American royalty! I have news for them— some of them are the bottom of the barrel. I firmly believe, that if anyone runs for public office, there should be a complete background check. How many of our congress members have run afoul of the law lately? It's not unusual, to hear that there is fraud of some type taking place by our elected leaders. When they do get in trouble, a panel of their own peers sit in judgment. What a farce, all they get is a "bad boy" and don't get caught the next time. We need Term limits, and we have to let these clowns know we are sick of their double dealing and their efforts to rob us of our first amendment rights.The accusations by senator "Maam Boxer,"Fancy Nancy" Pelosi,"Dicky Durbin", "reconciliation" Schumer, etc that we are an organized group, and are disruptive, when we refuse to accept their lies. When has this group ever given us reason to trust them? NEVER! I feel, as if we are losing the rights, that so many Americans fought and died for. It is wrong, We are still a democracy, and have the right to know everything that is going to impact our lives, and those of future generations. Our congress, does not intend to read the bill per Sen. Conyers and to me that is the height of irresponsibility. What oath, did they take when sworn into office? I am one disgusted democrat, who will not give my vote to anyone that signs this bill. I have many friends and family who echo my feelings.

    10. Darrell Morrow - Sew says:

      No member of Congress should be able to fly on private (government-owned) aircraft. The travel allowance for members of Congress should only be for the member/s and limited support staff & security personnel. Any family members and supporters (monetary contributors) should have to pay their own travel expenses, or have the member/s of Congress foot the bill, using non-taxpayer resources.

      These guidelines need to be applied to ALL members of Congress.

      They should apply to the Members of the Administration; exclusive of Air Force One & Two.

      However, the President and Vice President should cut way back on their travel and use today's multi-media means of interactive communications with the US Citizens.

    11. Gene S, Lancaster PA says:

      Agree with Mary Ellen…. Let the representives

      know who they work for and with a stroke of a pen can be out on the street looking in or maybe in

      the unemployment line………..

    12. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      They cut our defense, and send more troops to war. Now in our defense budget they are buying themselves new planes. How sweet is that! They probably are sending the contracts overseas. When did we elect a President & Congress that are anti-american? We Americans better start paying attention to what we are doing!

    13. Richard, West Texas says:

      Well here is our Democratic congress at work, doing what they do best, spending our money. Term limits are something we need to DEMAND, and to top that off all pay rasies for the congress have to be public vote "by the people", along with a reduction in their pay. We see them fighting for weapon systems needed to keep the country safe, but no fight to buy jets to fly them anywhere and everywhere they want to go.

    14. Kelly, Pittsburgh says:

      While I'm sure there are some uneducated voters out there who don't know who they are actually putting in to office, most of us are not. What people need to come to realize, which I did a long time ago, is that your vote doesn't count. No politician in office could give you a definition of ethics, let alone practice them. Sure, they talk a good game at first-they have highly paid speech writers (some who previously wrote movie scripts as in the case of Obama)to be sure they say the "right" things (well, think about it-someone who makes their living writing fictional stories could sure write one hell of a fictional speech for our president, don't you think?). This is how they fool you into voting for them, then follow whatever personal agenda they have when they get in office. This is why I exercise my right NOT to vote anymore.

    15. Kelly, Pittsburgh says:

      As a follow up to my earlier comment…if we all exercised our right not to vote, none of these idiots would be in office-talk about a revolution! We had better learn to be self sufficient before a collapse…

    16. John Roane Sarasota says:

      As children you must learn to do as I say not as I do.

      US Congress

    17. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, these people in Congress and in the Senate believe that they are nobility. They think they are superior human beings, above criticism, above reproach and certainly above the useful idiots who elected them.

      I think it was Harry Reid who said, "I can always tell when its July in Washington – you can smell the tourists. This is what our Senators and Congressmen think of us, we stink! We clog up THEIR streets, ride on THEIR elevators, dine in THEIR restaurants and generally get in THEIR way. And every now and again, we get up-itty and ask them to explain THEIR actions to us.

      Funny, the rest of us can tell when the smell leaves Washington, it's called summer recess.

      Compared to many of our Senators and Congressmen, Bernie Madoff was an ethical man. Sure, he lied and deceived people to get their money, but at least the people GAVE him their money, he didn't tax it out of them. And when he got caught, he admitted he was a theif, he didn't say it was a political ploy by an opposition party.

      If ever there was a time for the American people to insist on term limits for politicians, the time is now.

    18. Pete,Texas says:

      Not only should there be term limits for congress but also, the Supreme Court justices. Also, we need some tort reform in our courts.

    19. Richard, TX says:

      Borrowing a line from Elton John, we should start singing "Nancy and the Jets".

    20. M.L.P. Bellingham, says:

      There is one important comment we can make to congress in 2010! Lets vote in new congress members who are fiscally responsible.

      "disgusted in Bellingham".

    21. lowercaseace,TEXAS says:

      You can fool all of the people some of the time.

      You can fool some of the people all of the time.

      You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    22. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Kelly, I have 2 comments to make regarding your exercising the right NOT to vote. One, if you take your argument to the extreme and only one person in the US voted, that would be the decision. What would we do if he voted for himself. Without the data at my fingertips, I do recall that a significant number of registered Republicans did not vote in the presidental election. If they had voted, albeit for a aging war horse, maybe we wouldn't have a wild, bucking mustang in the White House today.

      Second, a non-vote is a copout. I have not met one perfect person in my 64 years of life here on earth. There is no one who believes exactly as I do except myself (and sometimes I doubt that). One must evaluate the entire candidate as you would a potential new spouse…do I cherish the good and can I live with the bad. If all voters looked into their soul and compared the candidate's personna with what they really felt inside, the theory of democracy would be alive and vibrant since the outcome would truly reflect the beliefs of the voters.

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Congress Shall fly Coach! Congress Shall earn the Average wage of Americans. Congress Shall have the retirement average of Americans that they represent. Congress Shall have Medical coverage the same as the people that they represent!

      That sounds fair, doesn't it? Sure would save Americans lots of money. Save Congress lots of time too, debating about their raises and all. We should add, Congress Aides Shall earn the average wage of American secretaries. Congress Shall pay for their own food and lodging, or live in their chambers. They could rent out the closets to their Aides, but they better declare the money!

      Face it, if those people in Congress were anything else, we would have to call them criminals.


    24. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Antics such as this are exactly why we should side with the first post in this comment section. TERM LIMITS, and while we are at it, tort reform need to be on the next presidential platform. WE the voters should decide what platform our representatives run on. Lets have debates on those platforms, and vote in the one who argues the best for them. They get two years in office to prove they will do as we elected them and not try to pull off an agenda that is not VERY close to what we elected them on. I know there will be times when events occur that could not be foreseen. Fine, take care of them, but all in all they MUST toe the line as to why we put them in office in the first place. CEO,s get fired when they cannot perform. Our reps should be held to the same standards.

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