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  • In the Green Room: MEP Daniel Hannan

    Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan came to Heritage today to remind Americans why and how to avoid Europe’s mistakes.

    On March 24, 2009, Daniel Hannan became an overnight internet sensation when a YouTube recording of his three-minute speech responding to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s remarks before the European Parliament went viral. As the most viewed video for two days running and with over  2.4 million views to date, Dan Hannan’s speech opposing higher public spending, tax increases and record borrowing in the current economic crisis sparked international debate.

    His video is a must-see. No less compelling are his words for the Foundry on the concept of stimulus spending and the status of the Anglo-American “Special Relationship.”

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    9 Responses to In the Green Room: MEP Daniel Hannan

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    2. NanaPat,Richmond,Va. says:

      Look forward to Daniel Hannan on glenn beck..amazing that no mainstream media cares to hear his message,eh? AARP trying to justify its support a Obamacare which will have a severe and

      negative impact on care given to the elderly who they purport

      to be looking out for and providing the "best deals"in insurance!

      Our Founding Fathers gave us a constitutional republic and were

      clear in warning against an abusive central(Federal govt.usurping

      power from the states )separation of powers..executive,legislative,and judical which we do not have

      at this time..instead one party rule (filibuster proof senate

      and now the Executive branch ridiculing and/or labeling anyone

      attending townhall meetings and voicing opposition as "astroturf",paid agitators planted in the meetings by insurance

      companies or the Republican party (in other words using the Left's tried and true "community organizor"tactics of paying

      volunteers (Acorn)to perform "civil disobedience"like breaking

      into a Foreclosured home.The Alinskey method…Code Pink,Move-on.com Posters with Bush shown with a Hitler mustache all O.K.

      I expect we will see more violence at townhall meeting as paid

      volunteers infiltrate the crowds and as experienced agitators

      disrupt the meetings concerned citizens ,mothers & fathers of

      "special needs"kids and retirees will not get their legitimate

      questions answered and since no finished bill is out there,all

      representatives can't honestly reassure anyone with specifics!

      WOW 9.5% to 9.4% unemployment(wonder if summer jobs Kings Dominion,Busch Gardens etc.resort hotels & restaurant are likely to cut jobs as summer crowds leave?!

    3. NanaPat,Richmond,Va. says:

      Wow,the Bad news is not as bad as some thought it would be and

      unemployment is down a 10th of a percent so Stimulus is working?!

      maybe some of the previously laid -off workers have managed to get part-time jobs and no longer in unemployment lines…good news but this economy with a deficeit twice as large as the one

      Candidate Obama railed about prior to his election and the "crisis" he inherited was soooooooo bad he had to spend more in

      100 days than the previous admin spent in 8 yrs! Not exactly

      Change we the people can believe in!

    4. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      For TWO years prior to the start of the recession we heard that we were in a recession, even though ALL economic indicators indicated otherwise. Now that we are in the midst of a recession, those same people want to tell us the recession is over! The money we've spent the past six months has definitely laid the groundwork for the next recession even as we work to get out of the present mess (though this one will come sooner and have the additional bonus of inflation). If you don't have the money, don't spend it!

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    7. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I saw and heard Mr. Hannon's comments to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, regarding Mr. Brown's policies to taxing, spending and borrowing. I only wish to God we had an American politician that had (to borrow a phrase from ousted IL governor Rod Blagojevich) the "testicular virility" to say the same things to Mr. Obama at a joint session of Congress.

    8. Damian Hockney, Lond says:

      The problem is, of course, that Daniel Hannan belongs to a party that has done more to hand over the powers of the British voter and taxpayer to the EU than any other party. It has also supported, with limited intelligent or intellectual input, the bank bailouts and the UK government's failed approach to the financial situation. It is bankrupt of serious ideas or ideology. What is worse, in order to kill off genuine free market, anti-regulation rivals, it strikes poses which are dutifully reported by tame journalists, but which it reverses when in government.

    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Damian, London — I cannot and will not dispute your knowledge of Mr. Hannon's party and what it has or hasn't done in the U.K. All that I can react to are the things he has said about reckless and irresponsible government spending and its impact on taxpaying citizens, things with witch I happen to agree.

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