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  • Townhall Downfall: Phoning It In

    As reported by facethestate.com in Colorado, Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) will conduct only a single meeting—but it’s purely by telephone. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) will hold a meeting—but only one.

    The article adds, “U.S. Reps. John Salazar and Betsy Markey, both Democrats, and Mike Coffman, a Republican, have not yet scheduled any town hall meetings for the August break, which runs Aug. 3 to Sept. 4. Staff for all three say dates and times will be announced shortly. A representative from Salazar’s Grand Junction office said they are ‘currently gauging interest before deciding where to hold the meetings.’”

    “Gauging interest?” The whole country is experiencing record turnouts; huge issues are at stake on health care, energy, taxes and spending. We’re in a recession. And Rep. Salazar isn’t sure there’s enough to talk about?

    The phone-in “Tele-townhalls” serve a useful purpose and can reach large numbers, but the system also enables politicians to dodge face-to-face meetings. This method lets the official hog the time and choose which caller—one at a time—gets to speak up. There is no group interaction and no feedback from constituents’ reactions. If you don’t care whether the audience is cheering you or booing you, then you’ve already got your mind made up how to vote. You’re going through the motions, not truly listening to the public. The phone system also keeps citizens from meeting and following up with others who share their viewpoints.

    Having conducted hundreds of town halls during my 14 years in Congress, I know how important they are. No matter how tough the crowd may be, Members of Congress owe it to the citizens to show up and speak with them face-to-face.

    Back to Colorado. At least two of its representatives are willing to face the public multiple times. As the article notes, “Leading the pack with the most scheduled constituent meetings is Rep. Jared Polis, a Democrat representing the 2nd congressional district. He will host gatherings around his district August 7, 17, 19, 22 and Sept. 2 and 3. Rep. Doug Lamborn, a Colorado Springs Republican, has announced two meetings in Woodland Park and Chaffee County, August 18 and 25.”

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    19 Responses to Townhall Downfall: Phoning It In

    1. Joe Smerdon 08807 says:

      All of our legislators should be listening personally to their State peoples and should not be hiding behind emails and phone calls. Each of these States should be encouraged to write, call and hold their own meetings to speak when their legislators hide. THE PEOPLE must take charge in the type of situation our government has us in.

      I write to my own legislators in NJ but the two democrats are strong in their party and stick to their own rules. Hopefully the contacts we make will help in some way. May GOD, the one who is in ultimate control guide each of us. Thanks for listening.

    2. Nancy, DFW says:

      Shame on them! They should be VOTED out of office to remind them WE THE PEOPLE run this country not THEM! The work at our discretion.

    3. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I see by these post that americians are still deluded. We Must wake up those amoung us Who are still hypnotized. "NEVER RE-ELECT ANY INCUMBENT, NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT" If we do not KNOCK -OFF 50% of them at one time, we cannot affect them at all. Why do you think they are so arrogant?

    4. Rachel, NC says:

      Rep David Price in NC is taking the same wimpy approach-using a teleconference town hall so he can control any dissent. If the plan is so wonderful why be afraid of facing the public? Anyone have alternative grass-roots ideas to make an impact?

    5. Delilah, New Jersey says:

      I called my congressman in New Jersey. Albio Sires.. I asked was having a town hall meeting? I left a message, the secretary said she will give a call back , when she finds out.. I'm still waiting for the phone call.. Why are they ignoring us? .. That makes us..! Wake up folks.. Because I'm scared to say, they want to take us into a communist regime…!

    6. Khris Lores says:

      Diana ALLWET DeGette – FIND A NEW JOB! I would sell you a new phone system since the government is the largest growing sector in Colorado – However you still wouldnt have the guts to take our calls! Meet your people face to face you big chicken. I am sure one of your staffers will read the letter I am writing to you and your boss.

    7. Bobbie Jay says:

      What cowards of congress who bail-out of a town hall meeting. Obviously they're hiding much

      Congress- afraid to face the people of whom lived free and will fight to continue. Afraid, as congress knows we know today's government is robbing us of our freedom and the principles of this country that shows strength in humanity. Congress doesn't want to acknowledge or give credit to the people at any level. Especially the level that we can do for ourselves. Obama continues to demean our ability and mislead us into illusions of crisis after crisis.

      Everywhere the president steps, where government doesn't belong is creating more problems to the people…

      Too much government, Mr. President. Get out of the way and review your actual duty to the people of this country in reconcile of the American Constitution. The problems you've created, will correct on their own, under freedom and independence of the people. Quit stepping in where you don't belong!

    8. Charles J Alexander; says:

      Do you know when and where Ed Perlmutter's town hall meeting be?

    9. Charles J Alexander; says:

      Please advise the time and location for Ed Perlmutter's town hall meeting.


    10. ra,ohio says:

      Think of it this way.

      If you had a financial manager that ruined your savings, would you be angry ??

      If the manager never called you to suggest a better investment, while your money was eroding away, would you be angry ?

      If you called your manager and never got an answer back, would you be angry ?

      If your representative denies you the forum to voice your concerns, or controls the format to the extent that they can shut you down, and not listen anymore, would you be angry ?

      This is what is happening right now with our government.

      This administration is essentially slapping us in the face, and telling us to go away, and leave them alone.

      No way !!! WE ARE AMERICANS !

      2010…WE VOTE AGAIN !!!

    11. Ernest Istook Ernest Istook, Washi says:

      Perlmutter's town hall:

      08/08 01:00 PM: Government in the Grocery – King Soopers , 500 Bromley Lane, Brighton, CO, 80601

      according to http://www.cprights.org/townhalls.php

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    13. Jim in Wisconsin says:

      Of COURSE their mind is made up how they're going to vote.

      They work for Pelosi who, along with Obama, works for Soros.

      It's pretty much all over but the shouting, and there won't be much of that over the phone…

    14. Steve Griffith says:

      If these congress men or women do not face WE THE PEOPLE in an open town hall meeting then WE THE PEOPLE find where they live and WE THE PEOPLE bring the meeting to their front door.

    15. Robert Kramer says:

      We need term limits in this country-two terms and out, just like the president. It won't do any good to talk to congress about it; they've got a cushy deal and they know it. They realize that 96% of incumbents who run are re-elected. We need to start calling radio talk show hosts and ask them to start talking about term limits, urging people to vote the incumbents out. No one wants to gore their own ox and many of us protect congressional representatives who bring lots of largess to their states and districts. So we get what we deserve; reelect them and have political action groups, who contribute to these crooks, run our country.

    16. pj-Amarillo says:

      Remember, we put you there and we can take you out!

      This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, we are

      not dumb citizens!!!!!

      Vote 2010 and rid our country of these unAmericans.

    17. Jennie in Colorado says:

      There is a difference between avoiding the possible dissent of the public face-to-face and avoiding a potentially dangerous situation with an angry mob. Last I checked, placing names on tombstones and hanging effigies of someone (even politicians) in front of government offices is not a part of a productive democracy.

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