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  • Townhall Downfall: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD)

    Despite President Barack Obama’s deadline, both the House and Senate failed to pass Obama’s health care plan before they adjourned for the month of August. Now Senators and Representatives are returning home to participate in one of America’s greatest democratic traditions: the townhall.

    The events afford citizens the rare opportunity to share their opinions directly with their elected officials. As this registered Democrat in Utica, NY, makes perfectly clear, he is unhappy with the way liberals have attempted to reorganize one-sixth of the entire American economy. “Why would you guys try to stuff a health care bill down our throats in 3-4 weeks when the President took 6 months to pick a dog for his kids?”


    Heritage takes health care reform seriously. Doing nothing is not an option. Click here for real solutions that actually lower costs while maintaining the high levels of care that Americans expect.

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    48 Responses to Townhall Downfall: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD)

    1. ozzy6900 says:

      Yeah, blame Bush is still the rage. President Bush turned over a deficit less than $4 billion. What is the deficit now? $1 Trillion or more? I fail to see where this is President Bush's fault.

    2. April, Colorado says:

      I think that it is interesting, when at the town hall meetings, the people who are protesting health care reform clearly qualify for Medicare. These are the same people who don't understand that Medicare is a government program. They think that Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9/11. They justify our invasion of Iraq by talking about the number of Christian missionaries who are now able to enter the country. They spent their lives working for a major manufacturer who provided government-mandated health insurance coverage. They are unwilling to engage in an intelligent debate. They think that yelling and screaming gives them the upper hand. They don't want to pay for those blacks or those Mexicans who go to the ER. And, they don't understand that they already are paying for them.

    3. Ben, Mount Airy, NC says:

      Did I hear Hoyer say that "jobs" haven't changed since the Bush Administration? Does this guy think that people are stupid? Close to 3 million jobs have been lost since Obama took office and unemployment has risen from 7.0 to 9.5%. Sheesh. I wish the voters in that NY district would throw his stupid butt out of office in 2010.

    4. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      An update on flag@whitehouse.gov

      I haven't heard back on my email yesterday showing Barney Frank and Jan Schakowsky misinformation so I sent the following this morning. Maybe I should change the language of my information.

      "I forgot to ask, do you want our snitch information in German or Russian?

      Don't forget to let me know."

    5. Karl Froehlich, Arli says:

      What's the matter with everyone? The facts are that Health Care Socialized is wrong for me and wrong for our COUNTRY. The 'Proof is in the Pudding'.

      The Federal Government want us to accept there proposed idiotic Medical Bill "BUT THEY WANT TO BE EXEMPT'. How Dare They!!!

      We need to attack, attack, attack them on this proposal. If they won't accept it I won't either.

      The Federal Government Employees' don't pay income tax either???

      Please help to continuously attack on this point.


      And they're elected to represent us. YEAH RIGHT


      Karl Jay Froehlich

      Disabled Vet and an American

      Impeach, Impeach, Impeach

    6. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      Rep Hoyer came to dictate the terms to the people. They did not like his terms or the direction the government is going. It is a shame they have to be rude to get his attention. He still has not listened to what they said and why.

      He has been in DC too long andnot in his district. Like the guys on the corner, he should get out more among the real Americans in America. DC is not a representative sample for him. Townhall is -BUY he and his group will not be there to listen.

    7. J.A.B. says:

      April, Your residency is given as Colorado. Are you sure it isn't LaLa Land?

    8. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      "These people", who have the courage to show up at these meetings and voice their frustration are the core of our country. They see something in this new Obama healthcare and they don't like it. They are intelligent, loyal Americans who see not just their healthcare, but their country and their freedoms being overhauled by a few elected

      people. The real "audacity" of these elected people is that they thought we would let them pull this off.

    9. Grace, Florida says:

      April should think it interesting that allot of the protestors are on Medicare. April should be very glad that someone is standing up for the young people in this country who will be the ones left with this mess. April should be aware that people on Medicare know its a government run program and they also know it's run poorly and running out of money. April should also know that people understand that their tax dollars are already being used for poor and illegals to go the the emergency – But April should also know we don't think it's right. April were not STUPID we're ANGRY! Do you get it yet?

    10. JLW Pittsburgh, PA says:

      LINDA: READ thwe bill. Medicare will be ELIMATED and all currents members will AUTOMATICAAL enrolled in this program. Read about END OF LIFE care. If this does not awakeny you, you are in the wrong country.

    11. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Wake up America, it's time for another revolution. Instead of guns this time we use the poles. Every member of the house is up for reelection and so are some key Senators, this is how we revolt, VOTE< VOTE AND VOTE, don't sit back and let "Someone else do it" get out and help the people running that represent your beliefs. Our forefathers did it and so can WE.

    12. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      April's right, Medicare is a government plan. Hey April, MEDICARE IS BROKE. April laments she wants "intelligent debate". What does Saddam Hussein, Iraq, and Christian missionaries have to do with the "debate on Obama's plan. Our "yelling and sceaming" is our FIRST AMENDMENT right. Did you explain ACORN'S origanized protest in the same words. April just wants to vomit up the left's mantra, "blame Bush". You are correct. I don't want to pay for those "blacks and Mexicans"

      in the ER. But if you want too, you certainly can

      make a contribution to your favorite ER. You just want me and the millions of other Americans to pay for those "blacks and Mexicans", plus the

      8 to 10 million illegals and the young X'er that

      refuse to take the trouble to be covered. I will go out on a limb here, but I will bet you voted for Obama.

    13. Ron, Saint Clair, MI says:

      Hoyer is the typical socialist Democrat now in Washington. Because the party is being funded by organizations that disapprove of a free market society, it can no longer represent the majority. In order "change" our freedom of choice, they cannot tell the truth, hence all the fabrication and deceit.

    14. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      What a bunch of crooks running our government, this isn't what reform in our health care is about, this is to take control of us and our money!Reform would be to look at all the fraud in their government programs now, find the problem and fix it. Government only know how to say yes or no. They don't know how to THINK to solve a problem, they are a bunch of crooks, stealing from the American people. We need to vote all of them OUT.

    15. steve whitrock centr says:

      It will be good when the 2010 elections come then we can vote these leftists out.

    16. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I have another comment. I am a mother of 5, grandmother to 5, I've had a great life, never been involved in politics, until now. I call, fax, attend tea parties. I'am fighting mad. This administration is trying to ruin my country and my kids & grandchildrens lives by running everything in their lives. I am standing up, I don't care if they consider me a part of a mob. I pray every night to God to protect our country from the evil people running it now. Read this Obama!

    17. Kerry Blair, Portlan says:

      It is clear that a "Public" health care option will lead to "single payer", that is Obama's goal. Single payer health care is National Health Care for everyone with the exception of members of congress and high elected federal officials. Leave my health care alone!

    18. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Linda, years ago a local senator was elected by organizing what he referred to as "grey panthers", who were senior citizens. He has been in office for over 30 years. My point is, we grey panthers need to understand how much power we have over these elected people now and especially at the poles. We must keep the pressure on them now not to let any part of this health con or "cap and hustle" to go through. You have much more power and influence than you know. Let everyone, your friends, family, clubs, church members know how you feel and ask them to do the same. This is the math the elected people don't want you to really know.

    19. April, Colorado says:

      If you want to voice your opinion on the Conservatives for Patient Rights (CPR) blog, you can no longer engage in that feature of the website. Why? Because the blog was inundated with stories of Americans who were terribly sick, dying and bankrupt due to our current health care crisis. Insurance companies have Americans in a choke-hold. Millions can not afford health care or health insurance. Rates keep going up and up and up. This is a fact. The majority want reform. That is why Barack Obama was elected president. Let's get as many people as possible paying into the health care system. Regulate the insurance compainies. Get the people who need care the care that they need. And stop making up lies that the evil Democrats are going to kill off your grandmother. Wake up America. Just because you might not be experiencing a medical crisis at this time, doesn't mean that there aren't millions of Americans who are in desparate need. What kind of country are we to not do all that we can to fix this terrible crisis. I think it strange when people who proclaim America to be a Christian nation promote a "Darwinian" policy when it comes to helping other Americans. We help ourselves when we help our neighbor.

    20. connie, texas says:

      April from Colorado, Where do you get your information? I'm one of those protesters who is against this ridiculous healthcare bill. I understand where Medicare comes from as do the rest of the protesters. I also understand that Saddam didn't take down the twin towers. I also know that intelligent debate and Congress don't go hand in hand. If the government had listened to the folks who sent them to Washington, before the debate reached critical mass, things would be a whole lot different.As for not wanting blacks and mexicans to receive free healthcare, that's a bunch of bs and you know it. The only objection we have is for ILLEGALS to be getting healthcare they never paid for. Any citizen is free to take advantage of our healthcare system. I reckon you also think we don't have a right to refuse to pay for the murder of babies with our tax dollars. Get your facts straight about what we're all about. You sound just like Pelosi.Oh yeh, maybe we'll all try to dress down the next time we attend a townhall meeting to suit another liberal Dem. Mrs. Boxer.

    21. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The problem is people vote for the same guy. they say, it is not MY rep that is the problem, it is the other guy. They can ignore us, do anything they want, come home at election time, tell a few lies, and get re-elected. If people are Truely awake and mad, not a single elected official up for re-election will recieve a single vote, unless they vote for themselves. "NEVER FOR FOR AN INCUMBENT, REGARDLESS OF THE BRAND OF LIES HE SPEWS" We must remove 50% of them at once in order to affect change.

    22. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I am watching Charlie rose right now, and he is saying that we are not realy mad, just a very few G.O.P. trying to regain power.We must be At least as vocal as they are.We need to get behind Sara Palin. She speaks my language. McCain is NOT a republican, he is a progressive. He needs to be sent home, along with the rest of these communist

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Now the President is asking American Citizens to report to him sources of comment negative to his plans for a National Health Care System. This has the echo of the KGB in the former USSSR where children were brainwashed to report anti-party activities of their own parents.


    24. Grace, Florida says:

      April – please go drink your second glass of Kool-Aide today.

    25. Grace, Florida says:

      Here is something people can report to the President – Screw him and the white house.

    26. Robert H. ,Wauchula, says:

      April in CO.

      You really need to read the bill and please read it slowly so you can soak it in and understand what is in it. I work hard or the money I earn and I would like to keep some of it for my own use if this bill is passed I not only will have nothing left to feed my family with I will not be able to make my own choices for health care The democrats are all about taking away freedoms that are God given. I am reminded of a movie I believe was made back in the 70's called "LOGAN'S RUN" you need to maybe rent it and watch it because That is where this Government is about to put us on the path to if it is allowed to continue maybe not in the next 10,20,or even 50 years but it will be taking a step in that direction. This Bill will not only allow the government to have access my medical information but also banking and other information that is now and should always be private talk about BIG BROTHER be aware be very aware

    27. Cheryl, La Verne, CA says:

      To April in Colorado: Don't believe everything the President and Congress are telling you. While paying for those without medical insurance in this health care reform bill, some of which are illegal alians, others will be denied medical treatment or lose the insurance they have now. Yes we need health care reform but not this one. Are you willing to subsidize abortion? Are you willing to deny seniors medical treatment they need in their later years? Are you ready to let government make decisions for your medical treatment? Congress needs to sit down, take their time and get it right. There is no reason to rush this through.

      By the way, I am a senior and I am a Christian and I pray for our president and our country everyday. And yes, I help others in need.

    28. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Do what Obama did during his campaign, use the internet. Share your point of view and facts to friends, family, everyone you know. Then ask them to do the same. Your reach to numerous fellow Americans is more than you might think. We need to let the people we know see the truth about all of this. When they do, they will react with letters, and their votes.

    29. Altergrace, Jacksonv says:

      What sickens me the most is how many people I know who "can't afford" health insurance. Small business owners who turn a profit of over $100,000 per year but do not want to come out of pocket for a policy. I have a friend in NC whose sister has 3 kids. Her husband works in the restaurant industry in management and makes good money. She is a landscape designer and makes REALLY good money. They purchased a HUGE new home (had it built to their specs) with her mother who was widowed several years ago, but also makes VERY good money as an Executive Assistant at a large multi-national firm. They are just in a quandry because the sister, husband and 3 kids don't have health insurance. Now, who freakin' problem is that? Perhaps they could have purchased a less expensive house??? Maybe eat out less??? Less vacations to their condo at Myrtle Beach??? There are more people in that situation than who truthfully cannot afford healthcare. People need to get their priorities straight. You can get family health coverage going to work at Publix as a cashier for God's sake. The government's job is to keep us secure from our enemies so we are FREE TO PURSUE happiness. The government's job is not to provide for our happiness. I am angry that people are so ignorant that they voted this guy in along with the rest of the Axis of Taxes (Reid, Pelosi) and now have the deer in the headlight look as if they are completely shocked at what is now happening. It's priceless.

    30. Mike, Portland OR says:

      Health care reform is a farce and our elected officials pushing this are only seeking entitlement and power. It's a way for them pull off deals that would today be illegal but after they get done with the reform bill be legal. They feed off of us and kick us to the curb when they are done. I don't trust them because they have served themselves too long on our dime.

      We need to reform them by putting election limits into law and this non-sense.

    31. Danny-TX says:

      My family came to this land in 1630 and helped to build this great nation.They would not believe what has happened to their beloved Country. We have stood for freedom and fought in every war to secure those freedoms.I come from a long line of men who served their nation as Representatives of the people.My Grandfather was born in 1874 and my Father in 1919.Both were farmers who fed and clothed their families paid by their own sweat and blood.My Father believed that you were only entitled to something you worked for.Yes health care is broken and needs to be fixed,but it took a long time to get where it is today and cannot be fixed overnight by a bill no one has read and those who have cannot explain.Why does it seem like everyone is afraid to tell Obama NO! The great thing about our Country is come election time in 2010 we have an opportunity to voice our disgust and replace the sheep who follow their out of control leader.

    32. Jerry from Chicago says:

      April, perhaps the reason the people in the townhall audiences are yelling and screaming is because their representatives aren't listening.

      Apparently, you believe as the majority of those in the Congress and the Senate do, that townhall meetings are places where people are to show up and swallow like pablem, all the crap the politicians feed them.

      The pols holding these public meetings are missing the boat. They should introduce themselves and say, "I'm hear today to listen to what you folks have to say" then sit back, listen and take notes. Too many of these people want to turn these townhall meetings into press conferences and lecture people about why they shouldn't be angry about what's going on in Washington.

      The anger that's being expressed by people at these meetings isn't limited to national health care. They are angry because they are afraid. If they haven't lost their job, they are afraid they will. They are afraid of facing retirement when they have lost most of their retirement investments. They are afraid of a health care system run by the government and the rationing of health care that could occur. They are afraid of a government that forced banks to make substandard mortgage loans that had no chance of being repaid and resulted in a banking crisis. They are afraid of a government that couldn't exercise regulatory control over the stock brokerage firms that sold these bad mortgages as "securities" or over the mutual funds that bought these bogus "securities" and ruined the investment portfolios of millions of Americans and brought us to our current financial state. They are afraid of politicians who don't read the legislation that they put into law costing billions or trillions of dollars and ram it through before it can be understood or debated. They are afraid because they can no longer trust their representatives, not one of whom, including the President, has stood up and said "I believe the national health care plan is so good, I"m going to drop the federal employees coverage I have for myself and my family, and take it instead". All this fear generates the anger to a boiling point we are seeing today.

      People are now witnessing firsthand the arrogance of their representives when they express that anger. Calling your constituents Nazis, or right-wing-radicals on the payroll of well funded Conservative organizations or "abnormal citizens" are just some of the tactics employed by Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Kathleen Sebelious, Steny Hoyer and Arlen Spector. Mr. Hoyer came right out and said "the protesters here just don't have the facts"; he went on to let everyone know that "he had the facts". He then went on to talk about the naysayers of the Erie Canal project. Now there's a great segue.

      People are beginning to understand just what "redistribution of wealth" really means, from a practical and personal point of view. And all the B.S. in the world isn't going to make them feel any better about it.

    33. Bobbie Jay says:

      April, do yourself a favor, stop putting words in the minds of true AMERICANS. You have no clue on what you're writing.

    34. Connie, Texas says:

      April, please point me to the part of the Constitution which guarantees us the right to affordable healthcare. Sometimes, we just have to take care of ourselves. I'm kind of sick of this 'you owe me' attitude in this country. I don't owe anyone squat. I give to others what I want to give and am not going to allow anyone in the Whitehouse or Congress tell me that I need to give to their pet projects. We didn't send them to Washington to do this. Go back and do your research. How many million of the folks without insurance are illegals? How many can afford to pay for insurance, but choose not to in order to buy that house that has now been foreclosed on, and are asking us for another handout to help them keep? If the government would get the cheats off the dole and stop stupid lawsuits, then go after those in Congress who pay off their buddies every year with another pound of our bacon, we could afford to take care of everyone who really needS our help. But it won't happen. That makes too much sense and who wants to punish thieves and cheats since it's become so popular? Today, we are almost embarrassed to return 10 dollars to the cashier who accidently gave us too much change, because we know that most of the people in line behind us will think we are saps for doing it. If you want to have your money taken from you to help someone too lazy to earn their own, go ahead, but keep your hand out of my pocket.

    35. Gina, California says:

      I have voted most of my adult life but have never been involved in politics until now. I join tea parties, call and email many representatives across the nation and have called every member of Congress in California. Most importantly, I have never prayed this much for our country until now.

      By the way Mr. Obama, I pray to Jesus Christ. I know you don't want to admit it but America's strong foundation was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

      Yes, to all of you young liberal minded people, we are fighting for your future!

    36. Heather, southern Ma says:

      The most frustrating part of this video is Steny Hoyer is NOT a rep in New York where he held this town hall. He is the rep for southern MARYLAND! Yet he has not dignified US, his actual constituents, with a town hall meeting. Instead he is ignoring us. He will not answer e-mails, letters, or phone calls. He just does not care. We're going to try to get him out in 2010. I've never voted for him, nor have my parents or husband, but he's been in office (usually winning overwhelming majorities) since I was barely 3 years old. We're doing our best to get people here to wake up and realize he needs to get out of the House!

    37. Dianne, Georgia says:

      Look at welfare and you will see our future under Obama's policies.

    38. Dianne, Georgia says:

      Come on baby boomers. This involves us!!! Get out and vote these people out in the next election!!! Live to see your great grand children!!! Maybe even your great great grandchildren. They want to take that away from us!!!

    39. April, Colorado says:

      Most people are afraid of change. Fear causes then to lash out. Instead of taking their turn to express their opinion and then listening to the opinions of others, they yell and scream and disrupt the process of debate. Without civil debate, our democracy breaks down. There has been a steady decline in our ability as Americans to debate without things getting really ugly. As a result, we demonize people whom we believe to have a different opinion.

      I'm amazed at the number of people who don't understand that their insurance premiums continue to go up and up because they are paying for those who are UN-insured. We are already paying for the poor, those who are uninsured because they are irresponsible and for the illegal aliens. It is time for reform. You cannot be an American citizen without paying into a system that offers a safety net to those in need. It is time that we change the way this safety net works. We need programs that will work for ALL of us. And the insurance companies need to be regulated.

    40. David, FL says:

      And the Democrats are calling the American Public who attend the Town Hall Meetings "the angry mob', "brown shirts", "Gheztpo", etc….and they still want us to vote for them in November?

    41. Bobbie Jay says:


      Most people are not afraid of positive change. Threats of the peoples liberties, freedoms and independence causes people to lash out. The people know they are being lied to, April. The government ignores the peoples' concerns and when face to face remain ignorant raising the blood pressures of those who want honesty when they are not getting it. Civil debate involves honesty and facts, April. When the government continues to lie, cheat and steal, democracy breaks down.

      There has been a steady increase of government corruption. This makes it difficult to debate civilly. It also makes it difficult to debate when the government's answers are unclear and misleading. As a result, the government spins the facts and spits at the people. Then they belittle the people and cry to the indoctrinated (people like you) and insist the people are everything demeaning the people are not. Name calling, like a bunch of babies! Names they have no intelligence of the true meaning. Government including the president, insults the people THEY WORK FOR. Government has been extremely disrespectful to their employers, April.

      As a result, the government will storm the people and take over. What despicable, pathetic people running the government of America. Government provoking civil unrest.

      There have been plenty of ideas that would have AVOIDED this recession and eliminated or depleted Obama's need for trillions. But you didn't pick up on that, April, as you've allowed your mind to narrow and narrow to the left. Open it up and you'll see the truth.

      The only jobs government is creating are useless, needless, mostly temporary GOVERNMENT jobs. Who's salary comes out of tax payers pockets. THAT'S NOT FREEDOM, APRIL! The LESS GOVERNMENT, THE MORE FREEDOM!

    42. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:


      How does the Kool-aid taste ?

      Liberals are all about free-speech unless it is an opinion that they don't agree with. Most of the folks on this website have better things to do than comment on this crap. Yes, crap, but in the words of a famous movie – "We're mad as hell !" and we are not going to take it anymore.

      We all agree that Health Care needs reform. Real reform. Get the Government regulations OUT of it. Get TORT reform so the ridiculous malpractice insurance premiums that all doctors pay is not passed onto us. Have corporations (Blue Cross) that masquerade as "non-profits" start paying taxes. Where in the Constitution does it guarantee life, liberty and 'free' health care ? We all agree that it needs reform – just get the Government out of it. That just spells DISASTER. Guaranteed.

    43. Dianne, Georgia says:

      And April, consevatives have been shouted down and called names at public forums for years. The dems invented it. Now that they are getting a taste of their own medicine, wa wa wa, they don't like it.

    44. Dianne, Georgia says:

      They won't pass term limits so maybe we should shove it down their throats like they want to do this Obamacare to us. Never again vote for an incumbent. That will remind these people who they work for.

    45. pete , wayne ny says:

      I went to a town hall meeting yesterday with our Democratic Repsentative ,Massa , there were 80 or so folks there and when a show of hands was taken only 3 wanted Obama's health care progam the rest wanted things to remain the same. april is right most were either senior citizens or soon to be as I am. I talked to several people there and came to the same conclusions. We have all worked our behinds off bring up our families, paying mortagues, college costs for our kids (in my case 5 college educated kids, 3 with masters degrees) EARNING every bit of our retirement and health care we enjoy and are afraid that Obama and his goons will take that from us and our families. 2. between my wife and I we work as volenters at a large food pantry 5 days a week helping those that need help. The pantry not only gives out food but will help with heating costs,find health care, getting food stamps, apartments and many more ways to help those in need. What we find is that the majority of the folks don't want to go to the effort it takes to apply for the help ie: birth certificates etc, they want it because we owe them!! I say let them and April go out, like we did, and work for it . As far as Obama and those fools in congress with thier spending habits to include date nights and all the other cooruption they are in just wait till the next election cycle.

    46. Joe, KY says:

      Poor, poor April. Just another little delusional lost soul wandering in the fantasy world of Obamanism.

      Completely devoid of any reality, facts &/or truth. Just dogmatic rhetoric for the useful idiots in an attempt to tear apart the very fabric of the freedoms America was built on.

    47. Dave Hidalgo says:

      I'm not much on politic's but there such a thing call commen sense. The party in power call people who don't agree with them terrious and traders of our country. what ive seen so far , is this party in power do everything to see this country fail. but you know judgement day is coming and thay will be judged. may God have mercy on there souls


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