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  • Obama’s $1 Trillion Birthday Present

    President Obama celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday, but instead of being showered with gifts, he handed the American people the biggest present of all: one trillion dollars in new debt.

    Since Obama was inaugurated in January, the national debt has grown over one trillion dollars to a whopping $11.669 trillion. In contrast, it took 2.5 years to add $1 trillion in debt during the last administration.

    And this “gift” to the American people doesn’t even include the costs of other legislation Obama would like to pass, such as cap and trade or health care reform. Over the next decade, the President’s current budget plan (which is to be updated within the next two weeks), would cause the debt to reach 80% of the economy—a level not seen since WWII.

    Although federal spending under the former administration was not exactly prudent, an interesting video helps demonstrate that if the rate of each President’s spending were converted to miles-per-hour, George W. Bush would have been driving at 63 mph, whereas Obama is driving at 174 mph. With spending at this rate, we are well poised for a dangerous high-speed economic wreck.

    Instead of doling out birthday cake slices of debt, Congress and the President should focus on reforming the way government spends taxpayers’ money through fiscal restraint—especially for the benefit of future generations, who will be forced to pay for this over-the-top birthday present, plus interest.

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    17 Responses to Obama’s $1 Trillion Birthday Present

    1. capecodgabby says:

      I wish this was one gift that I could return and get our taxpayer $ back.

    2. Maura says:

      With the U.S. economy struggling, we need policies that will spark immediate business investment and encourage capital investment. We must continue to create overseas opportunities for American companies and chip away at the deficit by taking steps to control wasteful governmental spending. Read and learn about policies that need attention at http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/issues/index… .

    3. joe says:

      did he start any new job like he said or is he spent more money on thing the people do not want and will cost the people more money. is it not "we the people" or not

    4. Mike says:

      Obama is set to destroy America.

    5. James Barry, Marlbor says:

      We need more money in our pockets, the consumer and the federal/state governments need to eliminate wastful spending and programs. I propose: eliminate ALL non essential programs except for education, police and emergency personnel untill our balance sheet is reached. If americans are cutting back so should the state and federal as well.

      Nuff said.

    6. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      This administration & Congress is a bunch of crooks. They are stealing from us. This is the time when we will not put up with this anymore! We are not the mobs, we are the American People who they say they represent. They don't represent us, they represent their socilist agenda, they don't care what we want, they have one agenda, DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We the people are going to stand up to them, they are few, we are millions!

    7. RJC New Mexico says:

      I agree with Mike ~

    8. joan, connecticut says:

      He also gave us another gift! This one is huge- The white house wants Americans to report web sites that disparage the proposed health care plan. Wow! Are we in America where the first amendment gives us freedom of speech. Has the Constitution been changed while we were sleeping? People who speak out are being labeled as mobs and grass root protesters by MAAM Boxer and Botox Nancy Pelosi and Good old Harry Reid. I have got news for these three, and others of the same egotistical group in Congress. You work for the people- so do your damn jobs, and be true to the oath of office and not to your lobbyist friends. MAAM and Nancy and Harry — How about helping the country in these hard money times, by voting not to take the yearly raise which congress built into the law, several years ago. The senior citizens are not getting a raise this year- how about foregoing yours?

    9. Carolyn Lauria says:

      I have a 25 year old young man, a 27 year old young woman and a 71 year old husband. I am a 52 year old woman who is a 12 year cancer surviver who throat cancer that left me unable to speak. I have blessed with good looks,a size 4 and a great mind. My beautiful redheaded daughter like wise been blessed. Between the two we are able be heard as one. We also write a small newletter which is diplayed every week in the beauty shop we frequent. If everyone does what they can, no matter how small we will continue to the Greatest.

    10. Gary- General Delive says:

      This can only result in hyper-inflation and total destruction of the American Dollar. Obama said,"the stimulus package was right on target, doing exactly what it was designed to do." If that target is to destroy this nation, he is right.

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Similar to throwing a big Birthday party, inviting everyone you know, feeding them anything they want, drinks included, rooms too, then skipping out and leaving them to pay for the party! Sneaky little bastard!


    12. Carolyn, Illinois says:

      We must, we must stand against this. I for one am willing to do whatever it takes.

    13. Deborah SE USA says:


      Simply vote your elected officials OUT next election. Research your state's elected officials to Congress and find out how they voted (thomas.gov) on the bills that jacked up the debt and vote them OUT next election cycle. (Also, pay attention those local and state elected officials and how they spend your money. Usually its these folks who get elected to federal positions later on.) Present your fellow citizens with the who, how, and what facts about the responsible official who spent your great grandchildren's future and vote them out. Call the official's office in DC and let them know you are going to vote them out and WHY.

      CIVIC DUTY 101

      CIVIC DUTY 101

    14. Jerry from Chicago says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Obama's strategy, likely crafted by Rahm Emanuel, included introducing a blitz of new expensive, social legislation so as to confuse the electorate and get them to be talking about all these things at once, giving him time to ram all this legislation through, before anyone really knew what was involved.

      Remember the Stimulus bill that just had to be enacted immediately to avoid an absolute financial collapse and having unemployment increase to 8%? Well, here we are seven months later and unemployment is nearly 10%. More layoffs are expected. What happened to all those "shovel ready" jobs that were going to be filled due to the Stimulus? Seems all those "shovel ready" jobs are in Congress, where the shovels are there for spreading B.S. $800 billion in Stimulus and where has it gotten us?

      It's worked so well that they want to talk about another Stimulus bill. Now that Mr. Obama owns a couple of car companies, that we paid for, he came up with a great idea for stirring up business for them – Cash For Clunkers. Oh yes, we are getting the bill for that also. Strange though, that the owner of GM and Chrysler would be handing out $4,500 rebates to people buying for other auto manufacturers – even foreign manufacturers. Kind of makes you wonder when he will want to start paying people (with our tax dollars) to take out loans from the banks he owns (like the government did with Fannie Mae).

      You know, it's only now that I'm coming to understand the real financial genius of this man, Mr. Obama. Spending our way out of poverty, wow, what an idea! As long as he owns printing presses, we will never run out of money.

    15. Danny Overland Park, says:

      I aggree with and applaud my fellow citizens who have had enough and are willing do do whatever to vote these vermin out of office. However I would like to know more about the great and powerful Obama's plan to field his personal "citizen police force," what groups are forming to make up this merry little band, what their purpose is, how they are funded, what role acorn is playing and what WE can do to put a stop to this insanity. This, in my opinion could be far more destructive and intrusive into people's lives who happen to oppose Obama's marxist plans for our country.

    16. Mark says:

      It is amazing to me that so many democrats hated George Bush so much that they he and haw around what Obama is doing to our country. Bring freedom back and vote republican next time. Dont just sit at home. Remember people died so you could vote. Vote-Vote-Vote. Its time to kick democrats out. This administration is an Obamination!!!!!!!!

    17. Chuck Kansas City, says:

      There is so much truth spoken in many of the above comments, we need millions of American citizens to stand up and be counted. Let's study discuss share, and vote carefully to get rid of the majority of the present politicians who think that they are entitled to their "padded perk package" being increased in every way possible with our money. Their spending way's and arrogant elitist attitudes towards what we need in their opinion is over the top. We need to vote in some down to earth honest citizens who will tell the truth and not pad their pockets with our and our Grandchildren's money. Please do not give up, stand up and be counted, we can win this political battle if we stick together and don't bow to their false promises, threats and intimidation. Remember our country was founded on honest Christian principles and values, let's uphold these, ok?

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