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  • Missile Defense Is No Clunker

    For a President who is supposed to be in tune with America, one has to wonder what Barack Obama is  thinking! The latest polls show most Americans DO NOT WANT more cash for clunkers (only 33% want additional funding), which would benefit only a few people, most of them car dealers.

    But Americans overwhelmingly DO WANT missile defense, and they want it soon (78%, according to an April poll for Investors Business Daily; others find support near 90%). The most obvious disconnect is that the Administration wants another $2 billion or so to juice car sales at the same time it is cutting $1.4 billion from missile defense technologies that would protect all Americans and our troops and allies overseas.

    Talk about trade-offs!

    Makes you wonder who the President is listening to!

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    4 Responses to Missile Defense Is No Clunker

    1. Mary ONeil - St. Lou says:

      I read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

      It sounds a bit familiar with what is going on now in our Country. Have they turned their practices in other countries on us? Bankrupt the Country and support a few rich ones.

    2. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      I am really starting to hate the leftists. I'm ordinarily not a hater, but this "clunker" program, a proverbial straw in my case, is just the latest in a string of senseless government interventions that oppose the American way.

      What? Did you say Obama and Congress oppose the American way? You must be a racist hater wingnut. No, I just read the numbers in Jans article that prove Washington Democrats do not represent most of us in this and many other cases.

      Do I have the right to take my neighbors property and call it my own? Does my neighbor have a right to my hard-earned money to help him buy a new car? The answer is: NO. This is not the American way. In Obamas view, some of us are more equal than others, to hell with the law, we're in a crisis, only my ideas will work, yadayadayada, have some of Joes money, shut up, and go away.

      I want my federal tax dollars directed to defending this nation and funding other Constitutional duties, not buying votes for the Pinkos in Washington. I know exactly who the president listens to, and most of the voices are not promoting liberty in America. No more "cash" programs…ever.

      P.S. I read earlier (AmericanThinker) that of the top 10 vehicle brands sold under "cash for clunkers", 6 were foreign brands. The top 10 should have all been Ford vehicles, you ignorant neighbors of mine. What the hell is the matter with you? You take my money and send it offshore as foreign profit? I want a refund! I oughtta kick your thoughtless asses!

      The more I learn, the madder I get, the more I despise Obama supporters. If the president and his gaggle of leftist minions want conservatives agitated this way, it's working. As they keep going against our wishes while naming us the enemy, it insures their defeat.

    3. chad, montana says:

      Speaking of of the preverbial straw. I think that this could be the one for alot of people. Im tired of the spending of mine and everybody elses money to the benefit of the few. It is now clear to me that nobody in this current congress of any real meaning has ever held a job that has had to turn a profit. I think that they need to be fired, stop spending our money like drunken sailors.

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