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  • Left Is Attacking Free Enterprise, Not Just Health Insurance

    It’s becoming clearer by the day that the “public option” for health care is just rhetorical cover for kicking out free enterprise.

    The latest evidence is the strategy to attack and condemn private insurance. Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls the industry “immoral villains.” President Obama told the press, “If you take some of the profit motive out . . . you can get an even better deal.” He also told NBC, “People are having bad experiences because they know that recommendations are coming from people who have a profit motive.”

    The head of the House’s ultra-liberal 80-member Progressive Caucus, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), told reporters that the number of uninsured is a symptom that private insurance is a failure and must be replaced with a single-payer government system.

    How absurd. Why blame companies because not everybody has bought their product? Why not blame government for passing the laws and the over-regulation that designed our current flawed system?

    Pelosi and friends also claim insurance companies are out of control because they’re too big. Their answer? Something even bigger and less accountable—a government-run plan.

    The new strategy of the left is actually an echo of what then-First Lady Hillary Clinton told an audience when pushing HillaryCare. She proclaimed that it’s wrong for anyone to make a profit by treating or insuring the sick.

    So is it also evil to make money by providing necessities like food, clothing, and a place to live? Is it only acceptable to make a profit if you’re selling whatever government deems is okay?

    And if health insurance is immoral, what about life insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, etc.? Will government also “help us” by taking them over to drive out the evil profit motive?

    The Left has launched a dangerous debate on health care, but it’s actually an extension of their attacks on Wall Street, banking, mortgage brokers, and others. They believe the bad mistakes made by business are an opportunity for more government control, which means more power for the political elite.

    Yes, we have problems in health care and in other areas, too. But the proposed cures are worse than the disease. Besides, free enterprise has created an American standard of living that’s still the envy of the world. Fixing its problems is no excuse to tarnish its successes.

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    18 Responses to Left Is Attacking Free Enterprise, Not Just Health Insurance

    1. Jacob Feldman says:

      Yet another shift to the far left. At least the rhetoric finally matches the action. Modern liberals have little or no understanding of economics and incentives. Put Democratic Congress in charge of health care and they'll be our doctors for sure because all the private small business doctors will be gone. But then again, at least we'll get rid of the evil profit-seekers. High five Obama!


    2. Chris, Maineville, O says:

      Remember—–Power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutly.

      And if this Reform is so great the politicians should include themselves !

    3. Robert, Orange Count says:

      The assertion that the US has "the world's best health care system" is at odds with the general consensus that it is unable to provide some type of affordable coverage for lower middle to low income citizens.

      It seems odd to me that the nation that prides itself on a sense of moral superiority, while being richest nation in the world, cannot systematically provide some method of providing insurance for the uninsured.

      I do not know the answer to solve this problem. I don't know if it should be a government run system like other major nations or regulatory mandates and subsidies similar to those used in almost every other industry in the U.S. that is considered "essential" (i.e. utilities, commodities, etc.) to ensure equal access.

      What I know is that there are too many things offered to its citizens by the government, to not have a method of providing basic health care needs to all citizens, regardless of a public or private option.

    4. Jason, WI says:

      Excellent Article. You hit the nail right on the head. The real purpose behind the health care bill is not to provide better health care, but to provide more power to those in government. This is their true and ultimate motive. It will be a disaster for our nation, and will quickly erode our liberty.




    5. Christine, NJ says:

      A dishonest article. Just hope that you never incur a catastrophic illness, or you will find out how much your health insurance company takes care of you. Doctors are unable to perform their duties because some low level clerk reads a form and tells him what procedures he cannot perform. "May you all remain in good health".

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    7. Garry, Phoenix says:

      It has been said here many times, " Elections have consequences." This nation will be forever plagued with the political mess we are experiencing until a moral and principled electorate decides to change things. How bad it must first get until this happens remains to be seen. I hope it happens before it is too late.

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Hay People! We are in a war to save our American way of life. The left and their ilk (the main stream national news media) will do anything and lie about everything to force this health care bill through Congress. The Dems are going so far as to "give" tickets for town halls meeting, but making sure "only Obama supporters" will get a ticket. NO TICKET, YOU DON'T GET IN,PERIOD. This is the type of low lifes we have allowed to repersent us. Now, Obama wants the names of his dissenter sent to the White House. Christ people. Do we not see what is happening. We all must face the truth as to what must be done. This is a WAR.

    9. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We must make government retract back to what is should be. It should protect us from our enemys . That is all. Nothing else. We must get rid of lifetime politicians. We gotta get back to the Idea that serving in government is one term only, for one dollar per year, then get back into the private sector to earn your living. Remove all perks from the job, starting with health care.Reduce this monster before it consumes us all. "NEVER RE_ELECT ANY INCUMBENT< NO MATTER WHO OR WHICH PARTY" carreer politicians spell death to freedom.

    10. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      What will we name this mess, socialism, marxism, communism or will we call it demacare. The name does not matter it all will stink and will do the same thing. The elderly and the sick will be sent to the corner to die, but first we need to go to a "guvernemnt" run class on exactly how we will die.

    11. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I would say shame on Nancy Pelosi, but the woman is incapable of feeling shame. Ask her why she worked to exempt the Hawaiian workers at Star Kist Tuna from the minimum wage law she supported for everyone else. Im sure it had nothing to do with the fact that she and her husband were major stockholders in that company.

      Insurance companies make easy targets. They are like lawyers, horrible, until you need one. Everyone has heard of horror stories about someone who didn't have a claim paid or had it cut back to less than was was expected. Yes, there have been bad practices and bad individuals in the industry that did bad things, even criminal things, just as there have been bad practices and bad individuals in government and any other enterprise you would care to name. That doesn't mean that the whole of an industry or the whole of the government is bad and should be replaced. (Although given a choice of replacing an industry or the government, I have no doubts about which I would choose to replace.)

      Most banks and retail stores (Sears, Penny's, Target & WalMart offer the public credit cards. The interest on credit purchases can range from 18% to 29% annually. These rates are usurious. We used to have laws in this country prohibiting usury. I wonder who the politicians were in the House and Senate that abproved striking down these laws and how much they received in campaign contributions and other "incentives". Funny I seldom here cries from the public about "greedy credit card companies".

      Yes, there are millions (47 million at last count) of uninsured people in the United States. About 12 to 14 million of them are illegal aliens and deserve no government subsidies of any kind. There are millions of others who can afford health insurance, but who have chosen not to buy it. Then there are those who can't afford to buy insurance, or most anything else.

      There are answers to the issue of the uninsured:

      1. Deport illegal aliens to their countries of origin for their health care. There is legal precedent for this. Eisenhauer did it after WWII.

      2. For those with incomes above a certain level, and depending on the number of their dependents, reform could include requiring companies selling individual health policies to join a national pool and offer a variety of comprehensive health plan options, without pre-existing condition limitations and without medical underwriting. Individuals in this category would be required to choose one of these options and premiums would be paid into this pool directly by the government on a payroll deduction basis, or the basis of advance tax payments those who are self-employed make to the government.

      3. For those whose income and dependent status warrant government subsidy for health care, Medicaid could be expanded to cover them.

      If Obama Care is supposed to be so good, why has no federal employee, Congressman or Senator, or the President himself stepped up to say that they would gladly give up their current government healthcare plan to join the proposed national health care plan? You know why.

    12. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      Canada, Great Brition, and many countries have government or total health care. So many come to the US for its good health care because they can't get it in their country. While nothing is perfect, our health care is far superior to any government health care.

    13. gail flaherty, saras says:

      we the people on the conservative side for limmited government need to activate the declaration of independence written 200 yrs ago. We need to repeal the appropriate amendment that will kick out government-run healthcare for good, and forhereon have only the private markets for healthcare, stem cell treatment–not embriotic stem cell but the cell line that is the most powerful–that is umbilical core stem;it would save millions of lives every year. Should have a state funded for that but the patient and a competent doctor and patient's family member in that decision making only for that crucial issue. But outlaw embriotic it is a dangerous cell line. Only have umbilical cord which is the most powerful. Thank you for letting me express myself on this vital point. Could a conservative grassroots reply to this ASAP. Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this.

    14. Dora Hester, Hidden says:

      This is a war against capitalism, free enterprise, our LIBERTY. Wake up before you are dragged off to prison for disagreeing!!!

      The president and all politicians in Washington MUST have the same health care they are trying to force on the people.


      All we have to fear is FEAR itself.

      Speak up, be heard, be counted.

    15. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Wrong as usual.

      These are attacks against the abuse of free enterprise.

      Get it right, rational and people with reason will listen.

      If Congress can have free healthcare, so can we all, and it should be the same for all.

      If our health care is so superior, we would not be rated 57th in the world and about the same in life expectancy.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The extreme left believe that no one should have to work and everyone should take care of them. The extreme right believe that everyone should work, that there is no excuse good enough not to. They are both the same, really, ridiculous!

      There is no such thing as a "Free Lunch." Never has been, never will be!

      The majority of Americans are in the middle somewhere, just working at something, paying bills, having fun when they can, and trying to stay ahead of the game.

      Most all Americans understand the meaning of,"The best bang for the buck!", is not the same as, "The lowest bidder."

      Most Americans understand competition and the need for it, many of us learned it as kids, not everyone qualified for 'Little League.' A one store town, you get screwed ever time. A two store town, especially if owned by people who are competitive, well now, is another whole story! prices are much more reasonable. Each store looks harder for better supply lines and cheaper prices to pass on to the customers, who in turn buy more with the savings, or maybe save it in the back!

      This is called Capitalism! This is what America is founded on! And if you think that anything run by the Government could in anyway be done cheaper, then why do your taxes keep going up idiot?


    17. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      I agree with Obama, but recommend we start with another industry. Let's first regulate the legal "industry" reducing legal fees and lawyer's fraction of contingency based lawsuits. After all, it doesn't see reasonable that an attorney claim 30-40% of a settlement when the damaged parties have to divide what is left over, sometimes between thousands of plaintiffs. See the tobacco settlements for reference.

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