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  • A Victory For the US...Unless the Deal to Make it Happen Erodes Our Security

    It can’t be helped that Bill Clinton’s presence in Pyongyang sends a message. Another, less prestigious envoy may have been more appropriate. But he’s there, and it looks like he will be bringing the reporters home. Certainly that is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that Kim Jong-il will see such a high level visit as a win, providing him incentive to perpetuate provocative action, including the ongoing development of missile technology and atomic weapons. The photo-ops of the trip already point to this.

    The greater danger, however, is that past mistakes will be repeated. In 1994, as now, pressure was building on North Korea to abandon its nuclear program. Former President Jimmy Carter came to the rescue. He came back with an offer from Kim Jong-il’s father to freeze the program. In exchange, the then Clinton Administration dropped its effort to bring pressure to bear on North Korea and began down a road that led to the ill-fated 1994 Framework Agreement, an agreement that, among other things, promised delivery to North Korea of two nuclear power plants and heavy fuel oil. In 2002, it was discovered that they were cheating on their end of the agreement.

    So, while Clinton’s presence and the North Korean “pardon” indicate a likely breakthrough in backchannel negotiations that will result in the release of the two female American journalists held since March, it is imperative that the complete and verifiable abandonment of its nuclear weapons programs remain the only basis for moving forward in the broader relationship with North Korea. In the meantime, the sanctions provided for under U.N. resolutions must be enforced with full cooperation from other U.N. member nations. If anything, the US should be looking for ways to strengthen those provisions and continue pursuing its own unilateral sanction efforts.

    As important as it is to secure the return of captives in North Korea, the world, and Kim in particular, must have no misunderstanding that the United States may be so easily derailed from its commitment to the aforementioned objectives. Hopefully, the only concession made to Kim was a chance in front of the cameras with a former president and husband of the secretary of state.

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    7 Responses to A Victory For the US...Unless the Deal to Make it Happen Erodes Our Security

    1. Andrew, New York says:

      Is this what we can expect for the hikers in held in Iran? Who do we send there, "privately?"

    2. Patti, CA says:

      Thank God the girls are out of N. Korea and are now on there way back to their loved ones.

      But why do I have a sick feeling that Clinton sold our soul to Kim Jong Il or maybe just part of our American soul?

    3. Paul Rinderle says:

      Obama and Clinton have already capitulated to Irans nuclear warheads. Obama has fawned seemingly to all our enemies while turning his back on our real friends. How much longer can the media ignore Obamas sordid past which parrots his overt anti American rhetoric and actions?

    4. Steve M, Michigan says:

      Issue 1. The propaganda spin of North Korea. Personally, I no longer take any stock in the power of NK’s propaganda machine. Why, the only ones who truly listen to it any more are (1) the North Korean’s, (2) the radical muslims who do business with them and (3) American liberals. Quite a fancy triumvirate there eh?

      Issue 2. This may have been discussed before but….If a high value person like Bill Clinton is going to receive these Americans, the deal has already been done and he is just window dressing for the administration. In this case, the only ones listening are the American liberals, the rest of us could care less.

      Issue 3. I will swear that I heard Hillary giving a statement where she literally apologized for “our” behavior in “letting this situation where the girls went into NK happen” This is inexcusable! Never, ever, ever should the USA make apologies to terrorist nations for the actions of our citizens, be they of any political ideology. Our politicians have been sworn to defend our country and not to appease foreign nationalities of any persuasion. Period!

      Issue 4. I am very happy to see these citizens returning to our soil. Again I say…Period!

      Issue 5. I am concerned about what deal went down to make it happen. It wasn’t just for a photo op with Bill.

      Before this response exceeds the length of the actual blog, I will now stand down and look forward to all the other forthcoming comments.

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    6. 'downtown' says:

      You only publish comments backing your point of view? Thought you guys had at least a small sense of self-worth however unjustified.

    7. M Andrew, Oroville says:

      I am happy for the families but….

      Did our government intervene or make concessions in a way that compromises our country's interests? This was a private matter not a national issue. These women were not representing the US government. They took great personal risks when they crossed the North Korean border.

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