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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Middle-Class Tax Hike is Coming

    Campaigning just last year, then-candidate Barack Obama repeatedly promised audiences at campaign stops across the country: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your personal gains tax, not any of your taxes.” But now President Obama is finding that keeping the promises made by candidate Obama is next to impossible. You just can’t borrow a trillion dollars for an economic stimulus, enact a new trillion dollar health care entitlement, and increase discretionary spending by 12% through 2019 (including doubling federal education spending) and then expect to pay for it all by taxing the most productive Americans. Eventually the moment comes when reality catches up to campaigning . That moment is fast approaching.

    This weekend on the Sunday talk shows, both Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers refused to rule out the possibility that President Obama will raise taxes on the middle class. Secretary Geithner’s middle-class tax hike admission came among the context of deficit reduction on ABC’s This week:

    Secretary Geithner: [I]f we want an economy that’s going to grow in the future, people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And it’s going to be difficult, hard for us to do. And the path to that is through health care reform. But that’s necessary but not sufficient. We’re going to do some other things as well.

    George Stephanopoulos: So revenues are on the table as well?

    Geithner: Again, we’re not at the point yet where we’re going to make a judgment about what it’s going to take. But the important thing…

    Stephanopoulos: But you’re not ruling it out. You can’t rule it out.

    Geithner: Well, I think that what the country needs to do is understand we’re going to have to do what it takes. We’re going to do what’s necessary.

    Summers was then pressed to clarify Geithner’s comments on Face the Nation:

    Bob Schieffer: I’m going to ask you about that in just a second, but let me just go back to this just to make sure. You don’t see another round of tax increases coming?
    Summers: Tax increases. Look, let– let’s understand where we have been. Let’s understand that the President put in place, as part of the stimulus bill, as part of the economic recovery act, a measure he had campaigned on, the making work pay tax act that’s reducing taxes by eight hundred dollars for working– for working families. That’s where the– that’s where the focus is. We are going to keep working to strengthen the foundation–

    Schieffer: No– no tax increases for middle-income Americans?

    Summers: –foundation of this economy. There’s a lot– oh, there’s a lot that can happen over time. But the priority right now, and so it’s never a good idea to absolutely rule things– rule things out no matter what.

    So you’ve been warned, America: the Obama administration is no longer promising not to raise your taxes. And how can they? Just this past week the administration’s “cash for clunkers” burned through $1 billion in less than a week. How did the White House respond? By ending the deficit-raising bailout? No, they encouraged the House to authorize another $2 billion giveaway. That money has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is you.

    Quick Hits:

    • The Obama administration is is considering transferring some detainees at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to a facility in the United States that would be jointly run by the departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security.
    • House Democrats have declined to subpoena available records that might reveal whether other members of Congress got discounted VIP mortgages from subprime lender Countrywide Financial Corp. similar to the sweetheart deals given Democratic Sens. Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad.
    • A liberal activist group founded by former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is attacking Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) as “bought and paid for by health and insurance interests” and suggested he is “corrupt” and “out of touch.”
    • Strapped local and state governments spent a total of $21.4 million on lobbyists between April and June this year lobbying for stimulus funds.
    • Both Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and John McCain (R-AZ) say they will not approve the additional $2 billion the House wants to spend on extending the “Cash for Clunkers” program.
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    61 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Middle-Class Tax Hike is Coming

    1. Chris, Wisconsin says:

      Obama lied. Why am I not surprised?

    2. Rhonda, Texas says:

      How in the world does Geitner think we are going to bring the deficit down through health care reform. Hasn't anyone told him this health care plan of Obama's is going to cost US the taxpayer trillions? No one in this administration knows or cares about what is best for this country!!!It's just spend spend spend. And now we find out that part of our stimulis money is going to fund hard porn through the NEA. Is this what happens in Congress when you DON'T READ THE BILL??????

    3. Q W Johannes, Bullar says:

      I have a question. When,where,how and who authorized members of Congress/federal employees to be exempt from the laws and rules we ordinary people must live under? Is it an actual law, or just something they "do"?

      If anyone knows, please enlighten us!

    4. Dave LeBlanc, Housto says:

      Recently President Obama assured us that the deficit would come down as the economy grew. I guess Mr. Geithner doesn't remember that one. Maybe President Obama can remind him, assuming he remembers.

    5. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      Someone help me. I'm being dead serious and not trying to be an alarmist.

      Is it remotely possible our government's intent is to inflame the population to the point of citizens taking up arms, thus giving the government an excuse to install a police state?

      People are getting very angry with this plument into socialism that our government is taking us. Taxes are coming at us from every direction which will have the result of eliminating freedoms.

      Politicians seem to be ingnoring us and continue on the path of "goverment knows best".


    6. Ken, California says:

      A friend who works for Hyundai in southern California looked at the "clunker" budget when it was first announced and remarked that it wouldn't last a weekend. He was right.

      The nation needs to project anger and push back over the next several days. Nothing going on with the Obama people is granted government in the U.S. Constitution. They are usurping power. That's what started the last revolution.

      C.S. Lewis advised taking on the bully the moment he starts his shoving. That's good advice. It's shove back time.

    7. Suzette Wehust, Spri says:

      Listening to Glenn Beck this morning and he was discussing another aspect of the Cash for Clinkers program. He said that if you log on to the governmnet website, there is a discaimer indicating that the government now owns the computer that you are on and all of the files, etc. on that computer. Can you elaborate on this?

    8. Rollie, MI says:

      BHO along with the Dems in power are spending 'our' money, our children's and our grandchildren's along with it. They're making 'diffucult decisions' with OUR MONEY. Soon we'll be an impoverished, third world nation who changes our name. How sick is that?!?!?

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      HF Morning Bell -

      What they WON'T TALK ABOUT IS


      but they WILL take about a Maybe tax increase on the middle class


    10. jim toledo says:

      The arrogance of this administration is beyond belief. Where are they getting the money to raise the ante on the cash for clunkers? Wasn't the government, Fannie, Freddie, Franks Dodd et al that got us into this mess in the first place? You folks at Heriage do a great job and should be complemented on your honest and factual representation of information. Keep up the great work.

    11. Shirley, Texas says:

      Rhonda beat me to it. Same Comment. On the radio this morning I heard Geitner say that health care reform is the key to bringing the deficit down. Hasn't he heard Congressional Budget Office estimates as to how much the proposed bill will increase the deficit? They seem to feel that they can say anything, no matter how untruthful or outrageous, in order to get what they want, and that they will never be held accountable for their lies.

    12. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      I think Diogenes would wear himself out searching for an honest politician, especially within the Obama Administration.

      They are all smooth-talking, self-serving, hypocrites and stay afloat because too many people are willing to believe their lies.

      Our Government and country is overrun by corruption. It is sickening!

      Somehow we need to rid ourselves of the vermin that are infesting every aspect of our lives.

    13. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      As for the so-called Health Care Bill, no matter how Congress "tweaks" it, a turd can't ever be polished!

    14. BOB WILLIS says:

      I’m really apprehensive about this Obamacare Health Plan. I do not think that it is in the best interest of our citizens in America, especially the part about “end of life counseling”. I have reached that stage of my life that I would fall into the category (62 years of age) and now I’m finding out that AARP is siding with Obama and the Congress to pass this legislation. I had joined AARP, thinking that they would help keep me informed throughout the rest of my life, only to find out that they were supporting the passage of this legislation that would, in effect, shorten the lives of countless seniors, by not providing them the care that they now currently have.

      I’m going to do everything that I can legally do to stop this fiasco from taking place that I can possibly do. My first move has been to cancel my membership in AARP, which was valid until Feb 2014. Maybe if enough members will follow suit then we will get a message across to them. Other actions will be Town Hall meetings with Senators and Congressional Representatives, Tea Parties, and any other non-violent demonstrations that I’m able to attend. I urge everyone, seniors and those who have seniors in their family, to get involved and do something, before it’s too late!!!

    15. TC South Carolinaoul says:

      I thought Obama was supposed to be one of the most intelligent Presidents we've ever had. I thought he had to have Geitner, Summers, etc., who were the brightest available in their areas of expertise, the only ones smart enough to keep us from failing. And they would pay for everything by taxing only the very wealthy. Chicago-Bama and his team of socialists have taken us exactly where he wanted to; a place where the only "hope and change" comes out of everyone's pocket, kills the incentive and initiative to work hard and puts the govt. incharge, but not accountable, for everything.

      What Obama dosen't understand, and won't acknowledge until it's too late is that if he had done the right thing with the "bailout" and put the money back into the economy by way of small business incentives, had cut capital gain taxes, eliminated mark-to-market for the banks and cut personal and business taxes, the economy would be heading in the right direction now and Obama could pass just about any Health Care Reform plan he wanted with the approval of a majority of Americans.

    16. Greg, Oklahoma says:

      How about if only the people who voted for "our Savior the Socialist" pay the tax increase for this wonderful healthcare program they propose?This is what they all wanted, right? Cash for Clunkers just proves how well well the Obama Administration works. What a joke.

    17. Greg, Oklahoma says:

      A reply to Charles in FL…Lock and load!

    18. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Leapin' lizards, what a big surprise.

    19. Martin/Georgia says:

      So we are going to pay more for lesser ( or no) medical coverage. When I heard this yesterday the first thought was.. here is a guy raising taxes that failed to pay $35,000 last year.

      Third World Status … here we come!

    20. Jack says:

      Obama was elected during a period in which our nation had just narrowly missed being plunged into true economic chaos because insurance companies, banks and investment firms, by their utterly irresponsible, even asinine, credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations brought the economy of the world to the very brink of utter destruction. The derivatives market they created is greater than the value of ALL of the money in the world–literally. As of 2008, the value of the derivatives market was $516 Trillion dollars. By comparison, the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (real money) is about $15 Trillion dollars. Can you even imagine the damage that a secret shadow economy of that size does to the real commerce in the real world?

      While you take umbrage at “tax and spend” Democrats, please try to understand that Republicans ascribe to “borrow and spend.” Reagan lowered taxes, but ~tripled~ the National Debt. George Bush, Jr., doubled it. Because the monetary pain of such actions won’t be felt by those creating the debt, it appears to be better than “tax and spend” whose effects are felt with every paycheck.

      When Reagan took office in 1980, the U.S. was the largest creditor nation in the world. By the time he left office, we were the largest debtor nation in the world, and the dismantling of American industry in favor of globalism was well underway.

      A plague on ~both~ their houses, I say.

    21. Reynaldo/Phoenix, AZ says:

      cash for cars. has any one seen an increase at the mvd for new registrations? where did the money go? i haven't heard of any dealerships selling new cars.

    22. Rick Keith, Ann Arbo says:

      How can a government inherit the largest surplus in the history of the world and turn it into the largest deficit in the history of the world though 1.6 trillion dollar tax breaks primarily for the wealthy(redistribution)and a trillion dollar Oil War which negatively impacted the US economy by $3Trillion THEN have a thoughtless "think tank" ignore it and rail about an investment in our eroding infrastructure, our flawed (75% efficient)private healthcare system? Propaganda for the brain dead.

    23. John Arizona says:

      Keep in mind the upcoming elections. I'm willing to bet my old clunker that the same idiots and socialists who are in congress now will be re-elected. Pelosi is a San Francisco darling. Barney Goofy is a liberal's liberal from one of the most liberal states in the country. And the list goes on and on. Who do we have to blame?

    24. Harry, Illinois says:

      Read My Lips. "No new taxes".

      Where have we heard that one before? Democrate or Republican it really doesn't matter. The only difference is that the Democrate have no shame when it comes to lying. Hopefully the results will be the same in 2012 as was the case for George Number One.

    25. chris /Atlanta says:

      Obama inherited the worst mess in history! Lets give him a chance and our support for at least a year before we call him a liar! The biggest liar is that piece of garbage that just left office!!!

    26. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Is the entire administration on CRACK?

      We are broke, people are losing their jobs, there is very little work to get by and pay bills, and they want to increase the burden so the can create more social welfare programs to buy more voters.

      What kind of imbeciles are we being led by?

      It is a depression already not a recession. Business is dwindling and these moronic mental midgets and liars want use to foot more expenses for their dream of a socialist republic.

      The three stooges drilling the bottom of a leaky boat to let the water out comes to mind. These are hard times and the puppets are masquerading as manikins with wood for heads and sawdust for brains.

    27. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      Mr Jarvas,

      Who or what question were you addressing?


      "THERE DEFINATELY WILL BE A TAX INCREASE ON THE RICH" — according to the IRS 2007 report, the "Rich" have already had a tax increase. The top 1% pay over 40% of the income taxes. I think the report said the top 1% paid 38% of taxes collected in year 2000.


    28. Bob, Lakewood, Color says:

      Don't be distracted. The issue isn't taxes, it's government control.

      Patriot Resistance blog

    29. Sam Jacksonville says:

      Who is John Galt?

    30. Nelia, AZ says:

      From items revealed in the current health care bill, it appears under its requirements we would have to earn the right to health care. Our eating habits and lifestyle would be closely monitored through the computerized check-out in grocery stores and our other purchases. Personal medical records are already available. If illness is determined to be ones own fault, medical care could well be denied.

      All the plans and programs coming at us from Obama and Congress have nothing to do with things like healthcare or financial matters. If it did, these very smart guys would have the answers.

      It's really all about control.

    31. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      What else is new? BHO lies!! He promised unemployment would go no higher than 8% if the $787 billion phony stimulus bill passed. And if Cap and Trade goes through, it will be the biggest tax hike in history on all Americans. While BHO’s approval ratings are falling, I can’t believe they’re still as high as they are. OBAMA IS A LEFTWING RADICAL LIAR!! By now, everyone (except drones and leeches) should know that OBAMA = One Big Awful Mistake America!! Let’s hope voters will correct this mistake in 2012!!

    32. Dave, Laguna Niguel, says:

      Lies and more lies from the "repeaters" in the media, and nutjobs like Dick "Durbin the turbin" who says the health insurance companies are making a boatload of money. What a freakin LIE! Lets get some Insurace Industry CEO's to counter all the lies. Of course when they tell the truth like the OIL Co CEO's did, morons like Maxine Waters will threaten to"socialize" their companies. Oh yeah, they did that to auto companies didn't they?! One idiot REPEATER on MSNBC named David whatever suggested to TURBIN, why not ignore the republicans and just vote in the health care plan? Since when do the REPEATERS dictate policy? David Whatsyournameandwhocaresanyway, have you even bothered to READ the BILL? I didn't think so…you and John Conyers and the rest of the demorats!

    33. ella quinn n.c. says:

      Chris you need to wake up.George bush was not a liar.Obama didnot inherit a lot of mess, he has created the worst mess any president has or ever will create.

    34. IHeartUrbanPlanning, says:

      You can see obama make his no tax hike promise here:


      He didn't just say he wouldn't raise taxes, he swore he wouldn't raise them in any way shape or form!


      I hope the 50 or so million morons that but this commie clown in office are sleeping well,because they will be coming after you too. Good grief, how much more of the stupid,childish nonsense are we going to take? Everytime Barry opens his big mouth, it's a lie. This little dictator has to go.

      And to Komrade Ken in Vegas and Komrade Chris in Atlanta, you can only BS your way through life so long and then at some point it catches up with you and folks start to realize your are nothing but a BS'er and a fraud. It's starting with your hero now,lots of people are just fed up. They are tired of seeing and listening to this fraud. He doesn't have a plan,he doesn't even have a clue. Oh,Komrade Chris,you seem to forget that the last two years of Bush's term,the democrats were in power. Remember?,thats when things started to go down hill but fast.

    36. Rick, Texas says:

      See Jack's comments above – right on track. Pick your poison… either way, the solution is spend, spend, spend.

    37. Kathy, New Jersey says:

      Yes, the economy is a travesty. Yes, the people in 'power' are trying to push our Constitutional Republic to a socialist, police state. When you educate yourself on these issues, you realize that MOST of the politicians, whether Republican or Democrat, generally do not have the best interests of the people of this country in mind when they do what they do.

      A majority of Obama's key people are former Goldman-Sachs players… hence the enormous bank bailout package that passed because the Congress/House were threatened with a state of martial law if the bill did not pass. It is a fact that the best way to get people to comply is to instill in them a sense of fear. That bailout money, in my opinion, would have done much more to stimulate our economy if the money had been equally distributed to American citizens with the stipulation that the money be spent on American goods, preferably within each citizen's home town.

      Instead, the taxpayers' money was taken and given to Wall Street. They are all patting each other on the back and revelling in their bonuses again, and we as citizens REFUSE to be outraged!!! I am disgusted by the behavior of the bankers, I am appalled by Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve.

      We were told by this administration that there would be more 'transparency and accountability' of government. Bernanke is FLOUNDERING in the face of HR-1207, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. I have phoned and e-mailed my congressman and expressed my opinion that he support this bill. The Fed should have to tell the taxpayers where the money from the bailouts went… if it went to pay bonuses for Wall Street hotshots for their 'outstanding' performances through this crisis, I want my cut of the money back.

      As far as Obama's administration not ruling out a tax hike on the middle class, I cannot honestly say I am surprised. It's time to WAKE UP and realize that they only tell us, the taxpayers, what we want to hear when they are campaigning. Once the politicians are voted into office, they typically do exactly the opposite. It's almost funny how people who were 'for' Bush are now 'against' Obama… the agenda is the SAME. To enslave the working class, and glorify the business and banking elite.

      I, for one, am mad as hell, and will not take this sitting down. Those posters above me who referenced a revolution are right… it's time America. WAKE UP and make this country great again!

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    39. Cat Stone says:

      It is my belief that the US Constitution has been abbrogated due to the fact that the powers that were grabbed by Barry and his cohorts were not challenged and taken for definition of powers by the Supreme Court. If this is true, then the US Constitution which Barry thinks is 'negative law' anyway, has nullified it by default (non-use) and it is only a piece of parchment with some old ideas. Am I right? Has this administration taken over the Law of the Land?

    40. Cat Stone says:

      There is another point that I would like to discuss…does anyone think that we are being set up for a civil war, class war, whatever…because if this happens, it would allow BO/MO to declare a state of emergency and advocate martial law. I think we need to understand that the way we get back to our America is to follow Martin Luther King's advice…march, no violence. Go to the town hall meetings, protest peaceably with others, and make your comments to your senators and representatives terse, but respectfu.


    42. Bobbie Jay says:

      If the president had the best interest of the American people, American, he would have used his intelligence to eliminate the deficit. But he increased it needlessly and immediately. This will result in America third world country, as government manufacturers all crisis' forcing us under government control.

      If the president had the best interest of the American people, America at heart, he would encourage independence not trap us into DEPENDENCE.

      He wants control and will stop at nothing to get it! Everything's going according to Obama's plan.

      Thank you, Heritage!

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    44. chris /Atlanta says:

      Ella, he must have a chance to fix it! G.W.Bush came into office with a large surplus of money and left us in a deep deep hole. Give Obama a year and then we will talk!

    45. Steve, DC says:

      this country is too big for universal health care or socialism. the only solution, I see, is to break the USA up into individual states and give the power back to the states. the federal government is over stepping its authority and has become to self serving. the federal government won't stop because that's all they know how to do. lawmakers make laws and will continue to do so until their is no freedom left for anyone. don't forget before 1913 there was NO federal income tax in this country – now look at where we are at.

    46. CMPNJ1 says:

      WE ARE TOTALLY HOSED!!!!!!!!!! The IDIOTS in the White House are screwing us over and we as a nation need to do something. Incase some people havent noticed Obama is actually ruining this country so we can be atken over by any Islamic country that wants to. When our economy hits rock bottom and I mean the BOTTOM when the US cant borrow another penny and we have over 60% unemployment I will bet anybody my last dollar Iran will step in and say WE WILL HELP YOU BUT NOW WE OWN YOU just to have us go against Israel and when that happens I am going to move to where ever I can just to get away from this BS.

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    48. paul collins.the vil says:

      Let's face it,this administration knows exactly what it is doing. When they banrupt our country, they will tell us that the take over is the only wayto save us.We better start planning to regain control in 2012. If we don't we will be under a dictatership by the end of Obama's term.the next step will declare himself president for life, regardless of what the constitution says.Think back to the 1930's.The internal security force being planned and ACORN sound a lot like the brown shirts to me.

    49. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Jack , I agree a plague on both their houses; but don't leave out the role the socialist democrats played in initiating the economic debacle.

    50. Rick Keith, Ann Arbo says:

      So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do. –Ben Franklin.

      Ella Quinn, NC, did you just wake up from a long coma?

      For most of the rest…

      Go ahead and pretend that Reagan-Bush-Bush didn't run up $10Trillion in debt.

      Pretend that Reagan-Bush-Bush didn't oversee more than 3000 bank failures.

      Pretend that Milton Friedman wasn't proved wrong by Reagan-Bush-Bush, as well as in Chile and Russia.

      Pretend that Clinton didn't oversee the greatest economic growth in recent US history.

      Pretend that the war-fueled run-up to $147 dollars/barrel of Oil wasn't a major contributor to housing failures, bank failures and worldwide recession.

      Pretend that Bush/Cheney didn't lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture and weaken the US and the Constitution.

      Pretend that the richest 5% have it so hard even though Buffet and Gates greatly disagree.

      Pretend you're self-made, even though your education, transportation, fossil fuels, agriculture, mining, tobacco, logging and health have long been subsidized.

      Go ahead and pretend you're not cowards, it's what you have a mind to do anyway.

      Ideologues. Who are the gods of your lies?

    51. Max, Texas says:

      I will believe it when I see it!!! You should too.

      Also, lets face it the stock market is rising, the economy is rising, the bank bailout is already getting paid back in full plus interest, and the deficit will go down, Hamas said they are ready for talks with the US and Israel. Stay home on November 2012 because so far it seems like there won't be any valid argument to throw him out so he will take it for four more years.

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    54. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      When people wake up it will be to late. We are going back in time to the jimmy carter days, mortgage rates of 15%-20% on homes, inflation going through the roof, and taxes junping by leaps and bounds. OH, I FORGOT THIS IS ALL BUSH'S FAULT, THE DEMS GOT INTO THIS MESS BY DEFAULT. This country is becoming more socialist by the day and minute, soon we will not be able to help ourselves because the "guvernment" will tell us that we do not need to, just work and pay all the money to the "guvernement', they {the dems} and socialist will provide all our needs. The election of 2010 is coming, remember who and what sent us down this road, and that our grand children will be the ones to pay for this mess.

    55. Brock, Londonderry N says:

      If the "cash for clunkers" program had stipulated that only new American-brand vehicles could be purchased (why make the balance of trade worse?) and that the clunkers would be re-sold to foreign interests (why not help the balance of trade?) then it would be more worthwhile

      And if the " …. clunkers" program was so popular, imagine what a similar one would be for ANY purchase: back-to-school clothes, new appliances, etc

      It's our money !

    56. Jeanne Seay, North C says:

      Well enough talk, enough tea parties, and rallys, it's time for a real leader to speak to the US Governemnt for us all in all states to help us organize a summit, a recall, or other march on Washington. NO arms or riots, Obama may order army troups to tear gas or kill us. We must speak with one voice saying no more spending, no more socialism, no more bailouts, no national healh care, no tax and trade, no more Federal take overs, no more spreading the wealth. Thanks Grandma in Wake County NC.

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    59. Michael Cornish says:

      At the rate health care was rising before new health bill it would have broke the countries back and we would have seen medicare and medicade slip away .How in the world do all you think the millionns of seniors in the us would survive. The trouble with all you Republicans is you don,t care about anybody except yourselves. The middle class tax cut for 250.000 or less it very good blocking that for 2% of rich is down right hateful.

    60. Peter Q. Wolfe says:

      The problem is an individual philosphy rather than a more eastern approach to economic prosperity of all. Unregulated laissez-faire has caused a gulf between private property and emmenent domain of the overall good of a society. Goods and services especially necessities are concerned in our current frame of mind with the most productive economic indictation without accounting for the means and overall consequences of these decisions. So, I propose regulations more than anything else to unblock off the commercial and resedential zones to all communities and to prevent others from harvesting off of ones moral weakness.

      In my ideal society, I think that poorer individuals need to helped not hindored by exploition. Its obvious that they haven't learned and won't learn for as long as temptation with their obvious psychological moral impairatives induse them to consuming massive amounts of drugs to shore up their obvious weakness of character. Resedential zones need to be far less homogenous and for this to happen, it will stop the bigotry of all sides both poor and rich. We need to learn more socially that we arne't all homogenous creatures of the same general ideas rather we are individuals part of a conciousness with common ideals of necessities and overall good of society. We all need to learn more from one another not learn less in our abundance of selfnessless cause that is what we do all of the time. Unregulated capitalism and communism neither one will work rather a cooperation of socialized capitalism with some free trade with less patriotic and more ethnic support is called for in the future. How to get there? Try equal cooperation without hindoring human rights violations like we see with support of Chinese communistic sweat shops or child labor and euthenasia and that is a moral impairative of the future. Looking after the environment needs to start taking on a more serious tone and this means less consumerism from everybody involved whether chinese or american. We can lead theway being americans and start listening to the full Bible not what we want to hear or what our culture dictates to us. There is more out there than the individual self.

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    Your tax dollars are being spent on programs that we really don't need.

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