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  • Monthly Archives: July 2009

    Obama Moves the Goal Posts on Health Care

    In his July 25 Radio Address, President Obama offered a new goal to health care reform—“And we’ll limit the amount your insurance company can force you to pay out of your own pocket.” By laying this out as one of the goals of reform, he contradicts the major theme of … More

    Morning Bell: Obamacare's Effect on Seniors

    Today at 1:30 PM, President Barack Obama will participate in a health care “tele-town hall” at AARP headquarters in Washington, DC. The President is scheduled to answer questions about his health care plan from AARP members via phone, email, and even a live audience of about 40 AARP members and … More

    How a Bill Becomes Law: Chicago Style

    You might think that passing a bill through Congress is a really difficult and honorable task that involves late night debates, hours spent analyzing proposals and reading legislation, policy wonks splitting hairs over detailed issues, and a healthy dose of respectful opposition and transparency. Oh boy, would you be wrong. … More

    What's Obama Leaving Out of His Prescription for America?

    Ever heard of the phrase “no such thing as a free lunch”? If you’ve taken Economics 101, you likely have. But evidently, this falls on deaf ears in the Obama administration. Six months after taking office, the President vows that his “reform” will insure the uninsured and rein in health … More

    Video: Rep. Conyers (D-MI) Admits Health Care Bill is Indecipherable

    Although we’d like to see all lawmakers read all the bills they sign, we understand Rep. Conyers’s (D-MI) exasperation when he says the 1,018-page House health care bill is indecipherable without a a pair of lawyers to translate it. So maybe each lawmaker should get a whole team of lawyers to … More

    Fenty on Track with Welfare to Work Proposal in DC Budget

    Sunday’s Washington Post reports that the District of Columbia is considering changing its welfare program to restore real work requirements for able-bodied individuals receiving cash assistance. The change is expected to save $6.2 million in the District’s budget. This is a wise move and one that other states and counties … More

    Memo to My Fellow Physicians: We Have Reached the Moment of Truth

    Daniel “Stormy” Johnson, Jr., MD, FACR is a Visiting Fellow in Health Policy at The Heritage Foundation and is a former President of the American Medical Association. The recent hard to understand actions of the American Medical Association notwithstanding, physicians in the United States need to understand that we have … More

    Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on the Stimulus

    The care with which we are carrying out the provisions of the Recovery Act has led some people to ask whether we are moving too slowly. But the act was intended to provide steady support for our economy over an extended period — not a jolt that would last only … More

    Zelaya and Honduras: On the Border of Disorder

    On July 24, like a scofflaw on the run, former president Manuel Zelaya briefly stood on Honduran soil daring the police or army to come arrest him. The government of Roberto Micheletti vows to execute the arrest warrant issued by the Honduran high court before the June 28 ouster of … More

    President’s Surveillance Program: Lawful, Effective and Necessary

    Former CIA director Michael Hayden defends the National Security Agency’s post-9/11 electronic surveillance program in today’s New York Times: The program was crucial in addressing one of the most stinging criticisms of the 9/11 commission — the need to reduce the gap between foreign intelligence and domestic security. This was … More