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  • Monthly Archives: July 2009

    How the Feds Criminalized Alternative Energy Entrepreneurship

    Last week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Over-Criminalization of Conduct/Over-Federalization of Criminal Law. Heritage fellow Brian Walsh wrote at the time: We should applaud Reps. Bobby Scott (D-VA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) for holding a bipartisan hearing today to examine how federal law can make a criminal … More

    Who Will Make Your Health Care "Choices"?

    The House health care reform bill would establish a new entity called the Health Choices Administration, headed by a presidential appointee to be called the Health Choices Commissioner. Sounds wonderful, right? A government official whose only job is to make sure you have health care choices, right? No. If you … More

    Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

    The federal government is estimated to run a 2009 budget deficit of $1.845 trillion. While it is true that President George W. Bush handed President Barack Obama a $1,186 billion deficit for the year, Obama has only added to that total to the tune of $659 billion. Worse, President Obama’s … More

    Gas Prices Rise, Time to Blame the Speculators

    The national gas price average is $2.51 for July 28, 2009, far less than the $3.96 it was one year ago to this date, but still high enough to make you groan as you wait for a seemingly-endless long time for that click of the pump, letting you know your … More

    In the Green Room: Rep. Camp

    Rep. Dave Camp came to Heritage’s weekly bloggers briefing today. He made specific recommendations for health care reform that leaves the individual in charge and actually reduces costs without raising taxes. “80% of Americans have health care, and they don’t want to see it change in a fundamental way,” he said, … More

    Video: Why Global Warming Policies Are More Dangerous Than Global Warming Itself

    Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis explains the truth about global warming in his film Policy Peril: Why Global Warming Policies Are More Dangerous Than Global Warming Itself. The movie includes cameos from Heritage’s Ben Lieberman and David Kreuzter and is full of talking points to debunk the common … More

    Do Blue Dogs Want Lower Incomes, Fewer Jobs, and Bad Health Care?

    Political scientist Jacob Hacker claims in the Washington Post that the “Blue Dog” Democrats’ opposition to Obama’s “public plan” is not in the interests of their constituents – particularly farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and low- and middle-income workers, who would supposedly benefit from premium assistance and from the cost … More

    Pelosi Continues to Deny Vote on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

    Bart Stupak, Democratic representative from Michigan, stated in an interview last week that Democratic leadership in the House has blocked all amendments to spending bills that would ban federal funding for abortion. “We are not even allowed to offer the amendment on the floor. And there are members who are … More

    Sex Change You Can Believe In

    The Obama administration’s favorite think tank published a new memo on health care reform yesterday: LGBT Issues in Health Reform. The Center for American Progress goes on to write: Transgender individuals with access to health insurance can rarely find coverage that fully meets their health care needs. Most insurance plans, … More

    DC Voters Love School Choice

    The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice released a new poll finding: More than seven out of ten registered voters in the District of Columbia support the federally funded DC Opportunity Scholarship program, which provides tuition scholarships for low-income students to attend private schools… Seventy-four percent say they either “strongly favor” … More