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  • Monthly Archives: July 2009

    The Latest Senate Health Proposals: Radical and Desperate

    Under increasing pressure to find unconventional ways to pay for the cost of health reform (which was supposed to save money for American families), the Senators sponsoring this legislative nightmare are getting more radical and desperate. While much of the debate has been on the higher-profile issues of cost and … More

    House Health Bill Would Silence Trustee’s Medicare Bankruptcy Warnings

    President Obama has repeatedly claimed that his health care reforms also represent entitlement reform. Not surprisingly, the Congressional Budget Office shows this claim implausible. They have scored several health care proposals as costing more than $1 trillion in the first decade, and certainly more thereafter. Accordingly, lawmakers are considering substantially … More

    Sotomayor Quote of the Day

    Yes, it’s early in the day, but this one is a winner. Sotomayor, responding to Senator Coburn, on the use of foreign law: “There’s a public misunderstanding of the word ‘use.’” Positively Clintonian. Update: Another candidate for Quote of the Day: Sotomayor, responding to Senator Coburn’s question as to whether … More

    Ping Pong Politics Over CIA

    Playing politics with national security is always a bad idea. It’s been hard to tell that watching the back-and-forth in Washington over the role of the CIA in the War on Terror. The administration and partisan forces in Congress have been whipsawing back and forth between trying to kowtow the … More

    The Rangel Surtax

    House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel announced that a surtax on individuals and families above a certain income level would be used to pay for health care reform. The surtax is 1% for joint filers over $350,000, 1.5% for joint filers over $500,000 and 5.4% for joint filers with … More

    How Ricci Was Buried

    In response to questioning by Senator Cornyn, Judge Sotomayor explained that, “When parties are dissatisfied, they file for rehearing en banc“–that is, a new hearing before all the judges on the Circuit. She continued: “That’s what happened in Ricci,” the case challenging New Haven’s discrimination against white and Hispanic firefighters. … More

    Will the Real Sonia Sotomayor Please Stand Up?

    The reviews of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s testimony are coming in… and they are not good. The Washington Post’s Eva Rodrigues, who initially supported Sotomayor, wrote:  “I’m surprised and disturbed by how many times today Sonia Sotomayor has backed off of or provided less-than-convincing explanations for some of her … More

    Morning Bell: The House's Hidden Health Care Train Wreck

    Yesterday, House Democrats unveiled their much-anticipated health care plan– the same day that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a preliminary scoring of the bill putting a $1.3 trillion price tag on the effort. Weighing in at 1,018 pages, that comes to $1.264 billion per page. But even this analysis … More

    Who Will Pay For Health Care Reform?

    As Congress debates health care reform and how to pay for it, the Congressional Budget Office reported today on something that economists have long known: ordinary workers – not their employers – will be paying for it. How can that be, when employers pay the lion’s share of health insurance … More

    Transformers: Health Care Edition

    Transformers aren’t only in the movies and toy stores; they’re a fact of life in the U.S. Congress as well. And we should beware of them. As Washington’s plans for super-sized health care reform get mugged by reality, beware the fallback proposals that are likely to emerge. Such proposals could … More