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  • Panther Politicization at Obama DoJ

    The Washington Times has published more follow-up stories today and yesterday about the Justice Department’s dismissal of a voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party (a racist hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) – despite the fact that the defendants defaulted and failed to answer the complaint. The new revelation is that Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli approved the dismissal. He is the No. 3 official at Justice and is a political appointee who raised $500,000 for President Obama’s campaign.

    There is no doubt that this was one of the worst cases of voter intimidation the Department has seen in decades, but it was against militant black defendants, not white defendants. This is exactly the kind of situation that upsets the traditional civil rights community, which does not believe that federal voting rights laws should be used to protect white voters. The Department’s weak and belated explanation for the dismissal of this suit is frankly absurd.

    The Department’s spokeswoman says that “the facts and the law did not support pursuing the claims.” Really? Then why is the Department refusing to allow the trial team who actually investigated the “facts and the law” or the chief of the Voting Section who supervised the investigation to brief members of Congress? We all know why – because those lawyers would dispute the spurious claim being made by their political superiors.

    Justice even sent a letter to Cong. Lamar Smith claiming that one of the defendants was dismissed because he was a resident of the building in which the polling place was located, a “fact” that is completely false. The Department’s own pleadings publicly filed in court in Philadelphia, as well as a poll watcher certificate issued to the defendant by the Democratic Party, show that that this defendant did not live at the polling place (a senior living center). This basic factual error shows just how unimportant the real facts were to those dismissing the case. And that defendant, whose MySpace page lists one of his general interests as “Killing Crakkkas,” was dismissed just in time to be reappointed as a poll watcher for the May 19 primary in Philadelphia!

    To try to bolster this political decision, the acting head of the Civil Rights Division even ordered the Appellate Section in the Division to review the Voting Section’s work, something totally unprecedented. She must have been sorely disappointed when, in direct conflict to what the Department is now claiming, the Appellate Section provided an opinion that the case was completely justified. The acting head, by the way, although a career lawyer, is in a political position under the Vacancy Reform Act and was appointed by President Obama. I worked with her for four years when I was in the Civil Rights Division. She talked about resigning when I was there to run as a Democratic candidate in Maryland and is as political as any political appointee at Justice.

    The message from the Justice Department with this dismissal is that if you are a member of a black hate group, you can intimidate, threaten, and hurl racial epithets at white voters and poll watchers, and the Justice Department will give you a pass. We all know that if it had been the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood at the polls in Philadelphia acting in this manner towards black voters, Associate Attorney General Perelli and Attorney General Holder would never have even considered dismissing the case. They would be bragging in the press about their pursuit of a civil injunction against all of these defendants, and would be pressing the Criminal Division at Justice to indict them on criminal charges.

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    37 Responses to Panther Politicization at Obama DoJ

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution's 14th amendment clearly states "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges…nor…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

      This is a bad call by Obama's justice department. They'd be better served by a following MLK's advice from his "I have a dream" speech. Basing judgments on people's character, or lack of, and not the color of their skin. You'd think Obama's need for a beer fest would settle this score. Yea, right!

    2. Jim says:


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      It had been said many times, that the next war is not going to be between nations but between races.It seems that is the vector we are at present times

      I looks that we humans ( the suposely highly intelligent expression of lilfe on the planet) we seems to be DEVOLVING instead of EVOLVING.

      Consider this if you will;

      WAS OBAMA HIMSELF , THE ONE, WHO STARTED THIS FRENZY ABOUT RACISM____And now the entire blasted country is in flames as result;___

      Ever since Obama was tagged as 'president', the shroud of RACISM raised – and continues – at dangerous levels.Obama himsefl was the first one to address / or call upon the RACE CARD …everyone remebers whe he said; – "….I am the skinny guy ….with the funy name….that does not looks ar the other presidents printed in the paper money…."etc, etc, etc___

      Is that forgoten already ?…..well,…I did not forget ….and he emphasized that statementin a number of times.I think that if (whoever has it) has all this moments of our contemporary history on video-tape ar video-disc , should go back to it and examine the events.____

      OBAMA IS CAUSING FURTHER MORE SOCIETY DIVISION IN OUR SOCIO-STRUCTURE AND THAT IS DANGEROUS . This OBAMA GANG (ROGUE CRIMINAL TO THE NATION GROUP , A TRAITORS CONSORTIOUM ) is a menace to our great country.They need to be removed and replaced with real american patriots.

      As expected from any terrorist or from a terrorist friendly-oriented individual, Obama (as well as Holder) seems to give the performance of a REVOLT AGITANT.

      And how your day is going so far?____Opinions welcome.

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    6. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      When referring to "Obama's justice department" the focus was on his cabinet appointee and that individual's collaborative ideologues. I was not being critical of the larger justice organization's good and faithful employees.

    7. Killshot, St Paul says:

      Keep it up Eric and Barry…your admin is the gift that keeps on giving. The hate you are building will be more than enough to resurrect a near-dead conservative movement in the US. You could not be doing a btter job.

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    9. Tyler Frost says:

      This is a classic case of the double standard applied in race related cases. It is time that white people in this country speak out about the hypocrisy that we are caught in the middle of.

    10. Jim Buzzell, ND says:

      In my opinion this justice department, in and of itself, is now an extentions of the ACORN radical left. ACORN should be indited under the RICO Act.

      If you listen to Holders speech on how whites hate blacks, you quickly get the message that Obama wants this injected into the Department of Justice.

      Remember Obama was and still is a Community Organizer, as he was in Chicago, but now covers the nation. We all witnessed his preformance as a Community Organizer in the Prof. Gates arrest. Talk about showing your true colors (not his skin) when you are in trouble use the race card which he taught his community organizers to do in Chicago.

      This man is an embrassment to the nation, and me personally, since I believe he is occupying the Office of the President of the United States as an imposter and usurper. The man has no track record other than the one he tells everybody about and then expects everyone to believe him because his is omnipotent.

      I have lived long enough, seen enough, and learned that when a person conceals his records to the extent this man does, and has done,he has much baggage, and none of it good.

      He is not who he would like everyone to believe he is.

      Senior Chief Petty Officer

      United States Navy

    11. D.L. Hiles, Jacksonv says:

      The corruption in this administration stinks as badly as the dead fish Rahm Emanuel sent to the pollster that ticked him off.

    12. pjdroney says:

      I'm afraid this is only the beginning. With this band of criminals and thugs occupying the highest offices in our country, I am afraid for the direction this country is headed. I truly believe it is only a matter of time before they really start going after the "loyal opposition." I truly fear for the direction in which our country is headed. God help us.

    13. Jim in MO says:

      America made probably the biggest mistake in it's history last November 4th. My only question – - was that mistake FATAL??!!

    14. Darrell Morrow says:

      When are the citizens of the US of A going to get leadership that will help organize a formal (& legal) challenge to the Obama Administration and Congress for the many unconstitutional, treasonous and illegal actions being heaped upon our Country and its people. The D of J support and protection of the clearly illegal actions of the Black Panther Party and ACORN (& all of it "affiliates"; including, in particular AMERICORP) are just two examples of many.

      Surely there is someone, or some group that can help organize and lead the institution of class action suit/suits to restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the basis for the operation of our country.

      The Obama Administration needs to be brought under control through the agressive application of our Constitution.

    15. Dave Chelsea, MI says:

      Are the Black Panthers with ACORN?

    16. Dorothy Gavin, Pas. says:

      I totally agree with most of these comments. I am proud to be white but if I say that I am a racist. It's o.k, to be "proud to be black, hispanic, or any ethnicity but white" and I for one am sick of it. I am tired of standards being lowered to let in any minority, blacks, hispanic, women. We need the people most qualified as doctors, firefighters, policeofficers, para medics, any life saving careers. I am tired of white on black being a race crime but black on white is just a crime. These black panthers should haave been arrested on the spot as would KKK or aryan brotherhood and thats as it should be. Lets have laws for all people!My child hood was no bed of roses either, get over it.

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This is a racial statement, but so be it. Long before Obama, this problem is been on low heat. It is now begining to reach the point of a boil. Very soon it will explode. There WILL be a race war! Most whites have had enough of the out right favoritism shown to less than 15% of our population. Whether it's the New Black Panthers, afirmative action, or "black only" in our society (i.e. beauty pagents, publications, TV programming and commericials, radio stations, justice, politics, etc). For years this has been the policy in many of our universities under the lie of "diversity". We have all seen the decline in our society, education system, and productivity. Our "standards" had to be lowered in order to include blacks, instead of blacks striving to improve themselvies to be included in society, they and liberials are dragging our intire society down since 1964. Who do think will comprise Obama's 250,000 man "private army" that will have the power and funds exceding our military. We have all seen the "real Obama" when race is involved. We have heard Michelle's comments. What do you think his two childern are being taught. We all know what will have to be done to save our country. We all must face the fact.

    18. Ken St Louis says:

      Well, if there's still someone out there who thinks Obuma is a good honest man, you've got to be dummer than a box of rocks! This man hates America, intends to destroy her, and should be impeached and removed from office! If that can't be done I would expect Missouri to be the 1st state to SECEDE from what used to be the " Union of States " There is no logical reason for any state to remain as part of what once was a UNION OF STATES !

    19. Daver Ft. Worth says:


    20. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      Dave Chelsea–yes the Panthers planted the Acorn.

      Only since the tree was planted and nurtured with hate it grew into an Ugly Weed. Choking out all that sought shade beneath it's ugly tentacles. Social Kudzu by any other name.

      Stop it from spreading–make sure and send every unemployed person you know information on performing the 2010 census–we cannot let it be performed by the community haters!

    21. Richard Sobers, says:

      I hoped that the race question was over with the election of Mr. Obama. It is not. The presidents statement in the arrest of Mr. Gates, and the Black Panther

      intimidation shows that it is not. These problems could back fire very badly on President Obama and company.

    22. Jo,Mich says:

      Way back when Holder was nominated for AG I was wary of him and

      wrote and called many Senators asking that they vote NO on his

      confirmation. Did I call it right or what? Boy, were they wrong.

    23. Arturo, DFW Metrople says:

      Elections are coming up! Vote em Out! If they, (the forked tongue congressmen and senators) continue to show weakness and disregard for the Constitution and hard working people of this country, then VOTE EM OUT! The corruption has gone on long enough. Indite the one's that have broken the law and Vote the rest of em out. Just like in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… "Who are those guys"? Here we come!!!

    24. Bj, Ft Myers, Fl says:

      There is no doubt that if in place of the Black Panthers, there had been several older white

      female senior citizens standing there, they would have been arrested and charged with every crime that was applicable by this administration and Attorny General. But hey, this administration is trying to be the bully pulpit (ie Gates). This administration is seperating the races faster than MLK could bring them together.

    25. Frank ans. conn. says:

      This country as we have enjoyed it in the past is going directly to hell in a handbasket with the so called leadership of the DEMOCRATIC radical leftists' in charge.They are slowly taking all of our rights away and are going to tax us out of existince, and give the FREE LOADER radicals a free ride ON YOUR MONEY. Between acorn & the intimadaters groups an honest election is going to be a memory unless America wakes up and smells all of the stink that is out there. Frank, conn.

    26. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The bible tells us that races will fight each other in the last days. Nobody doubts these are the last days spoken of in revelations.

    27. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We have more than enough for impeachment, and the will is growing. Soon we will see what happens when he decides he is in trouble.

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    29. Larry, Montana says:

      So, you're surprised racism is alive and well in the Obama system given his friends and associates? Where are all the conservative lawyers and PACs ready to sue individuals and the system over 'progressive' political choices that run contrary to law. Are attorneys on the progressive left, ACLU, special interest groups, etc. the only ones who take legal action repetitively? Larry

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    31. Jerry from Chicago says:

      And this is the guy that was going to transcend race. He was going to be the great healer among the races. He was the guy that was going to bring us all together.

      Hmmm, let's see now. He sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years and never heard him make hateful comments. Never heard the gracious Rev. say things like "G.D. America" or, in reference to 9/11, say "America's chickens are coming home to roost".

      Most people in America know the recent story of the black Harvard professor who was arrested by local police when it was reported by a neighbor that two men were seen trying to force their way in to the professor's house. Believeing he was the target of racial profiling, the professor gets a little beligerent with the police, which resaulted in the professor being hand cuffed and charged with disturbing the peace. Some of us may have done the same thing the professor did and probably would have met the same fate. However, it is not very likely that had the professor been white and the arresting officer(s) been white or black, that the President of the United States would have chosen to get involved. Here, the chief law enforcement officer of the country, goes on TV and tells America that "the police acted stupidly". This reaction of Mr. Obama's is very telling. It wasn't something he read on his teleprompter, or a speech someone else wrote for him. This was his first gut reaction to a black&white contoversy.

      When Mr. Obama talks about redistributing wealth in this country, to whom do you suppose he wants to redistribute it?

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    35. John says:

      Just to add this bit, for the record: Since the story was first broken by the Washington Times, guess which website has been blocked on DOJ computers? Yes, the Washington Times is blocked on DOJ computers. And it's the only news site that's blocked, too.

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