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  • Video: Rep. Ryan Educates MSNBC on Obamacare


    Posted in Obamacare [slideshow_deploy]

    15 Responses to Video: Rep. Ryan Educates MSNBC on Obamacare

    1. Chris - Van says:

      I highly doubt they want to continue the conversation after getting so masterfully destroyed in that 'debate'. I almost felt sorry for them.

      Now why can't journalists confront the president with such a command of the issue?

    2. Bebic says:

      Rep Ryan is right. Why the big rush to spend $Trillions in a program that doesn' even cover all the uninsured. Let's get the uninsured numbers under control. Talk to US before you go running to spend money we don't have. The $$ cost to us will sink our economy even further.

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    5. Moose2nd, Wheaton says:

      After what Rep Ryan did here those two need medical attention. They need to go to the emergency room.

      Great job of using fact rather than smoke and mirrors to try to address this issue.

      I doubt that those two will be will to debate with him again!

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      Notice how they couldn't answer the meat of the matter? This is disgustingly unfair. Government Majority voted the plan to be the examples of the plan, DOWN! Doesn't that MEAN ANYTHING TO EVERYONE? As this is a "teachable moment," did MSNBC LEARN ANYTHING? WILL THE PRESIDENT? HOW ABOUT CONGRESS?

      This bill is NOTHING BUT CORRUPTION COERCED BY GOVERNMENT. Along with man-made global warming, housing, welfare/social programs, racism…

      Nothing the president has proposed is positive for American people. Since none of what he proposes is actually needed, every bit of it is corrupt and will lead to increased crisis.

    7. Linda Maddox Aol says:

      Rep Paul Ryan has solutions for our country. Lets have him run for President. He is the first politician who wants to solve problems instead of pushing them down the road. He knows we have to rein in the spending or we will be in big trouble.

    8. Jerry, Indiana says:

      Thanks to Rep. Ryan for his work! He is right on the money with his comments. This exposes the bias of the drive-by media. The reason liberals want to push this through is to not allow enough time to mobilize the opposition. I just heard an interview with Betsy McCaughey on Fred Thompson's radio show that I would encourage everyone to listen to on Fred's website. I agree with Linda – Paul Ryan for president!

    9. Nathan, ATX says:

      WOW. Maybe journalist should stick to reporting and leaving the debating to the pros! I think I just heard a school bell

    10. Deborah, Park City, says:

      Of course MSNBC is backing the Pres. Health Care Bill, they are owned by GE who helped buy this guys way to the White House. We need TORT legislation but with Attorneys in Congress' pockets that won't happen. Many citizens around me are getting extremely angry at this Administration cramming so much down our throats. We are also sick of Obamas orchestrated town hall meetings with his hand picked puppets behind him cheering for everything he says. Did you see them cheer when Obama said he put out this huge 757 billion package without one earmark???? Where are the jounalists in this country?????

    11. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      A great example of the bias of the national news media. These brain dead socialist cannot stand up to truth and facts. They revert to showing shock and bewilderment at someone that is intelligent and can articulate the facts without being intimidated. Don't wait for a "follow-up". Any wonder why MSNBC and CNN are loosing viewship by the hundereds every week? If it were not for government subsidences and support from the socialist (George Soros and GE) in this country, these networks, along with NPR, would be out of business within less than a year.

    12. DANIEL CABRERA, MERR says:


      In The Washington Post;____

      "Flu Vaccine Panel Creates Priority List

      A complicated list of who should get pandemic flu vaccine in the fall is now set. When the vaccine starts arriving in September, first in line will be pregnant women; the caretakers of infants; children and young adults; older people with chronic illness; and health-care workers.

      – By David Brown"____


      Boys and girls, this is without 'Obamacare' in place,…can anyone out there imagine how this thing (and others health-related things) would be should the bogus so called 'health care Omama-type' go into effect? Allow your thoughts fly way and they will land in 'DISATERLAND OBAMA-TYPE'____



      If interested, anyone can go into READ, RESEARCH, INVESTIGATE, AND – 'read between' the lines'….and ultimtely ANALYZE, in multiangular way, this monstruosity of proposal…..you may find that the so called 'reform' vectorize promotional roads to ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, AND GENOCIDE. Strange right ?____

      The final result is but one thing, VIRTUAL STERILIZATION ON POPULATION.

      But I will go even further, although the chanted 'socialized medicine' in other countries are in place not doing a great job,….is in here where to set the 'global basis' for a total ELIMINATION OF HUMAN RACE….and which would be the best pivotal starting point to do at great scale this ?,… once the circle is completed HERE the best coutry in the planet ?____

      Ah,….too far fetch?,…..too science fiction? (like aliens have a program of relatively slow program to erase humans from this planet ?).

      Of course, is too speculative, but you know what?… if we do not think the unthinkable, that 'unthinkable' will come to be. Yes, and now – for as much we can see – here now the unthinkable is taking place systematicaly at local level…THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY BY THE OBAMA GANG ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL, ANTIAMERICAN,CORRUPTED ORGANIZATION.____

      And how your day is going so far ?

      Wishing everyone good thinking,

      Daniel Cabrera


    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      You really want to know about 'Health Care Co-op" and what's inside the box? Dead Americans!


    14. ObamaCares, Fremont, says:

      Ryan has raised $475,401 from insurance interests. Add in the money from health professionals ($258,240), Big Pharma ($155,392), hospitals and nursing homes ($136,577) and health services/HMOs ($116,950)…you get the picture! Source: http://www.opensecrets.org.

    15. elle, oregon says:


      Have you noticed there is no talk of Tort reform for the medical industry? You can still sue a doctor to the nth degree and a huge part of their expense is malpractice insurance. How many in Cogress are lawyers? Go do your research on who donated to Obama, the lawyer, and by the way, the nursing homes are listed there too. The multiplication factor is pushing 10x on what Ryan got. Source, same as yours.

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