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  • 'The Death of Representative Gov't...'

    From NRO’s “The Corner“:

    Thousand-page bills, unread and indeed unwritten at the time of passage, are the death of representative government. They also provide a clue as to why, in a country this large, national government should be minimal and constrained. Even if you doubled or trebled the size of the legislature, the Conyers conundrum would still hold: No individual can read these bills and understand what he’s voting on. That’s why the bulk of these responsibilities should be left to states and subsidiary jurisdictions, which can legislate on such matters at readable length and in comprehensible language.

    As for optimum bill size, the 1773 Tea Act, which provoked the Boston Tea Party, was 2,263 words. That sounds about right.

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    7 Responses to 'The Death of Representative Gov't...'

    1. Carrie B, Virginia says:

      I can't imagine Congress being able to say the sky is blue in 2,263 words.

      "This bill shall be called 'The Sky Is Blue Act of 2009'

      Whereas Congress finds that the moisture content of the atmosphere reflects a shade of the light spectrum that…"

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Thank you Gerrit for sharing the corner's piece about representative government. As an Non-GOP Texas Republican AKA independent anti-federalist, I couldn't agree more. The U.S. Constitution's preamble clearly states the federal government is to provide for a common defense. This alone promotes people's general welfare by allowing states and free markets to prosper in a secure environment. Today's federal bureaucracy has and continues toward an elitist socialist driven society. Any government entitlement and welfare program, plus non-defense related infrastructure, belong at the state and local levels. My challenge to law makers is to get America back on track by upholding the nation's independent principles.

    3. Gary - Norfolk, VA says:

      To further illustrate the point of this Blog, I recently contacted my Senators (Webb and Warner) to voice my opposition to ANY Health Care Reform at this time, particularly Health Care Reform being proposed by the House. Below is part of Senator Webb’s response where he states that “47 million Americans {are} without Health Insurance.” Armed with facts from the Heritage Foundation and other sources I followed up with my ‘Representative’ and called him on the “47 million” figure that is being floated out there in the media. My follow up e-mail is posted below Senator Webb’s response to my original e-mail.



      Dear Gary:

      Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views {I have my doubts, this is the second time that he sent me the same Form Letter}.

      As you know, addressing the health care crisis in our country is a top priority for me and my colleagues in Congress. There are 47 million Americans without health insurance and millions more who are underinsured. Health care costs currently consume more than $2 trillion per year and are estimated to reach over $4 trillion by 2017, jeopardizing family budgets and the long term financial stability of our system. Despite these huge expenditures, the United States ranks 42nd in the world in life expectancy, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and our health care system ranks lower than many countries on quality, access, efficiency, equity, and preventative care. We must improve the value and availability of care while addressing the increasing burden health care costs are placing on American families….


      Jim Webb

      United States Senator


      No Senator, there are not 47 million Americans without Health Insurance! At least 10 million of the 47 million you wrongly cite below are illegals! The number is TRULY closer to 8 – 10 million (the Census numbers count people who don’t want Health Insurance and those between jobs), which begs the question, “why are you supporting Health Care Reform that will affect ALL AMERICANS when only 8-10 million are without Health Insurance?” If you want to help fix this small percentage of Americans without Health Insurance, then help them…this Virginian is just fine without your help, thank you!


      P. S. Are YOU and YOUR FAMILY willing to live with a Government-run Health Care System that you force on the rest of us? Stay out of my life please!

    4. Rob says:

      I wonder if Conyers signs personal contracts without reading them first? It seems some in Congress have little regard for the public's finances. Vote them out!

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Bravo Zulu Gary. Senator Webb is quite familiar with this term. I served under the Senator when he was Secretary of the Navy. Although an honorable and well-deserving Marine, he's made a few bad calls. When it comes to the fog of political demagoguery, he's definitely demonstrated short-sightedness per his response. More than likely his reply was drawn up and sent by one of his ideologue junior staffers.

      I too strongly object to the Obama's pitched healthcare plan.

      In an earlier blog I said " The demagogues have demonstrated an unbelievable ability to create currency backed by thin air. …the benefits to cost ratio within the private market will prove far less expensive for individuals than any government mandated 'spread the wealth' tax. My local property taxes already pay for indigent care."

      The congressional leadership and their puppet president are creating far greater problems and solving none. Webb knows very well that the federal's sole constitutional mandate is the nation's security. They need to pull their nose completely out of the individual states, private markets and peoples' personal affairs.

    6. Julia S. - Richmond says:

      The countries economy is the in the toliet, unemployment is almost at 10% and Congress is getting ready to take a month long vacation to supposedly read the health care reform! This is the not the 1800's, where the founding fathers needed a month off to go check on their plantations…NO, why do they get a vacation when so many people are out work. Who cares how long the health care reform is…get back to work!!

    7. markelder Texarkana says:

      Bravo Gary!

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