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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

    The federal government is estimated to run a 2009 budget deficit of $1.845 trillion. While it is true that President George W. Bush handed President Barack Obama a $1,186 billion deficit for the year, Obama has only added to that total to the tune of $659 billion. Worse, President Obama’s budget shows average deficits of $855 billion over the next decade, which would double the publicly held national debt by 2019. And that does not even count Obama’s budget-busting health care spending. But don’t worry; the Obama Justice Department just figured out that paper has two sides: just think of the taxpayer savings from DOJ’s proposed double-sided photocopying!

    The Justice Department’s announcement yesterday that it can save $573,000 through fiscal 2010 by setting up its printers and copiers to use both sides of the paper was part of the Obama administration’s roll out of $102 million in “spending cuts” they announced in April this year. Other Obama deficit savers include: The Forest Service will no longer repaint its new, white vehicles green immediately upon purchase; The Office of Thrift Supervision identified unused phone lines costing $320,000; and both Homeland Security and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will start getting their news free online, rather than renew their newspaper subscriptions. In total, Obama’s $102 million in spending cuts will help cut the deficit by .006%. Problem solved!

    Unfortunately, runaway government spending has proved to be a bi-partisan problem in Washington, as The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Federal Spending by the Numbers shows. Since 2001, anti-poverty spending has surged by 57%, K–12 education spending by 169%, and Medicare, thanks largely to the expensive Medicare drug benefit, by 57%.

    But, finding himself in a $1.186 trillion hole, President Obama has refused to stop digging. Washington will spend $33,932 per household in 2009—$8,000 per household more than last year. While much of this spending is a temporary result of the recession and financial crisis, President Obama’s 2010 budget would replace this temporary spending with permanent new programs. Consequently, by 2019—a time of assumed peace and prosperity—Washington would still spend $33,000 per household (adjusted for inflation), essentially making permanent this year’s $8,000 per-household spending hike. These numbers do not even include the cost of the President’s health plan. These deficits would not only raise interest rates, they would also nearly quintuple the net interest costs of the national debt over the next decade.

    Americans want to go in another direction. Polling by Gallup, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and NBC News all show that the American people do not approve of President’s Obama’s handling of the federal deficit. There is an alternative. Heritage fellow Brian Riedl explains:

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Washington consistently spent $21,000 per household (adjusted for inflation). Simply returning to that level would balance the budget by 2012 without any tax hikes. Alternatively, returning to the $25,000 per household level (adjusted for inflation) that Washington spent before the current recession would likely balance the budget by 2019 without any tax hikes.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

    1. Jacob Feldman says:

      A massive surge in welfare spending taken from hard-working Americans for an insignificant rise in the welfare-receiving population. Sounds like socialist redistribution to me.


    2. Jim Barteck, Marylan says:

      It's not stricly accurate to say that Bush handed Obama a "$1.186 trillion hole."

      First, $700 billion of that was TARP – which Obama supported, so he can hardly lay that solely at Bush's feet. In addition, $350 billion of that money was not yet spent when he took office. Obama could have chosen not to spend that money, but he spent it all and then some.

      As far as the remainder of that debt, Obama and the Democratic Party were the ones who passed the budgets that Bush signed. So they are at least equally responsible for whatever deficit there was when Obama took office.

    3. joseph, jacksonville says:

      I propose a new law. No bill is to exceed 10,000 words. That would eliminate the ability to hide or attach unacceptable amendments.

    4. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      President Obama thinks he is Robin Hood! His so called "redistribution of wealth" simply means "if youse got it, youse a gonna loose it!". He is turning the America into the biggest welfare system in the world.

    5. matthew, queens, ny says:

      although obama and the democrats are the party of tax and spend your article correctly points out that bush and the republicans have a hand in this too. i believe both parties cannot control themselves. what to do?

      let us look at the 16th amendment. the second part changed the wording of the apportionment clause of the constitution. now i do not believe in a total repeal of the 16th amendment is feasible or practicable. nor do i believe one would want to do away with allowing the congress the flexibility the amendment gives.

      i do believe we should look into a cap on the clause. some of the disparity between what the states send to washington and what they receive back could be mitigated. by amending the amendment it is quite possible that some of the outrageous and wasteful spending that everyone seems to agree is a problem could be curtailed. at the same time not all the flexibility needed in these modern times is ended. i do believe the 16th amendment should get a look over.

    6. William H. Freeman, says:

      I personally would like to know what is going on behind the scenes. This is the Chicago thug crowd and the smoke and mirrors before us is hiding something even bigger.

      I would look for a major policy change in American's liberty and freedoms within the next 90 days. This will have to be done before all the men and women in the military return home.

      This guy is a crook and nobody is standing up to him, especially the elected officials in D.C.. They should all be turned out come 2010, if there are still voting rights by then!

    7. Art House - Belfast, says:

      There are so many deep concerns in the overall means and methods of the Obama administration's handling of budget problems that it is frightening. The entire group around OB are reminiscent of a bunch of HS buddies who rigged a Senior Class election and got their guy elected, now won't talk to anyone other than their circle of friends. In this case, the "Most Likely to Succeed" will not, because he is surrounded by idiots who only know how to say "Yes" and have no original thoughts. The talent in DC comes from both sides of the aisle but the children won't play nice and work things out for the benefit of the public. I would laugh at the notion of saving substantial monies as a result of their double sided printing initiative, if it were actually just funny. However, it is both sad and scary because these people really think it was a substantial idea. The vision and sound effects of a BB spinning around in a soda can comes to mind when I think of how these people get these ideas. Like the commercial where the guy says they should , "Blame Storm" their way to solutions.

      In order for a sound government to go forward, and for us to have any faith in these elected fools, we should require them to take a test before they ever vote on a thing. Take the health care bill for example. Give them a week to read it, then give them an exam. Ask them 25 questions about what they read, make them write a 500 word essay on the benefits to be derived from the bill, and then give them a math and economics test. If they can't pass the test, they can't vote on the bill. We could even dummy down the test by giving multiple choice questions, and even provide them with Cliff Notes. My bet is they will mostly fail. Wouldn't we rather know that they have failed, rather than that their lack of acumen caused us to fail in the long-term?

      I say, "Vote every single sitting politician out of office this next term", and continue to do so until they get the message that they need to bring more to a ball game than just a ball, they need to be able to carry, and swing the bat. We have amateurs in office and in very important positions, we as a collective citizenry must stand up and tell the Frat Boys to go home so work can get done. Clean House has a double-entandre in this case.

    8. Bryan Atl says:

      The only way Americans will wake up is next year when taxes go up. then all those people who wanted change will have it. Less money to bring home and a great start for America becoming a third world country and Obama as the head.

    9. Borden Nettles / Fra says:

      Dear Friends,

      I believe the US House of Representatives and US Senators should decide how our health care program should be improved and then set it in place as their new Health Care program. This model will uncover un intended consequences before rushing to changing the best health care in existence.

      Government has proven over and over that it is unamle to manage anything – as examples:

      *Social Security Trust Fund robbed and replace with ussless IOU's

      #Shameful treatment of Veteran Health Care.

      Contact your US Representatives and US Senators today. Please do all you can to stop the Obama admistration for further destruction of our Republic.

      Borden Nettles

      Franklin, TN

    10. J. White, south Jers says:

      What did you expect from an unqualified person in a position of authority? Aside from being a community agitator, he has absolutely no practical experience about running anything. Ergo, this translates to ruining everything that he or his Kool-aid drinkers touch.

      There is no, none whatsover, single word in our CONSTITUTION that says we have a "right" to any form of health care. THIS unread bill, admitted to by the Empty Suit, is another example of the continued attack on our very legal foundations.

      More verbal fertilizer. "Budget cuts" as he has touted are synonymous with using birth control while being pregnant.

      What people fail to know, from reading actual history, that during WW2 [FDR] and when Nixon was in office- they froze wages and prices…as a small tidbit to the folks, they "allowed" helth care insurance as an offset to any wage increases.

      Sort of "let them eat cake." Words from the soon-to-be headless queen.

    11. Borden Nettles, Fran says:

      I believe the US House of Representatives and US Senators should decide how our health care program should be improved and then set it in place as their new Health Care program. This model will uncover un intended consequences before rushing to changing the best health care in existence.

      Government has proven over and over that is is not capable to run any thing – as an example:

      *The Social Security Trust Fund has been continually robbed sice President Johnson to date with useless IOU's placed in the fund.

      * Following years of payroll deductions we are being taxed for Social Security "INCOME".

      *Shameful handling of Health Care for US veterans.

      Contact your US Representatives and US Senators today. Please do all you can to stop the Obama admistration for further destruction of our Republic.

      Borden Nettles

      Franklin, TN

    12. Harry, Illinois says:

      I wonder how these representatives in congress handle their personal budgets at home?? Oh Yah, that's right, they have their wives do it for them and then pass the blame on to them at tax time when they get caught. How can they pass legislation that they won't even participate in? They are U. S. citizens arn't they, or do they come from mars? Can't wait for the February 2010 Primaries. Vote em all OUT.

    13. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      As long as Washington controls (owns) our incomes, they will never be frugal or responsible. It's always been "easy come, easy go" particularly when it comes to spending money on themselves. Running low? Tax more! There is no fiscal responsibility in Washington.

      We need to insist on "Term Limits" so we wont have the likes of Franks, Dodd, Pelosi, Reid, etc., etc., etc. around to screw up things decade after decade.

      What's wrong with the American voter?

    14. Berdena Borum Mount says:

      Read pg. 425 of the health bill and you will see how he plans to cut costs: By planning the death of any Senior Citizen who becomes critical ill and by denying them the proper care to live so the same standard should be set for the ones in Washington but they get their health care free for the rest of their lives.

      Berdena Borum

    15. Cheryl,RN- Texas says:

      Let's put the truth about healthcare on the table. There are many facets to our "perceived" need for change, but the most important facet has not surfaced in what I have read so far. That is, the largest-mega income producing generation is about to face retirement. True it has not peaked yet, but it is going to. There are not enough resources (basic ecnomics) to take care of all of us under Medicare or Medicaid. Just think of the SSA checks that will need to go out to us as well. This is all a sleeping, unpleasant giant. So lets put our brains to use and come up with a plan that preserves our freedoms. Say no to Obamacare because under his plan…I won't have time to care for you as a RN,if you are allowed a hospital visit, I'll be too busy updating everyones EHR (Electronic Health Record), because it is perceived as a "Medical Chart."

    16. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      I live in FL. We have two senators for our state.I have called,emailed,faxed both senators as many of the other residents have done. They vote the way they want. One is a democrat and the other is a republican in name only. Nelson his big passion right now is hunting down pythons in the everglades. Martinez is for any program that gives stuff to illegals. Martinez is retiring and Nelson should be thrown out. Perhaps its time for a "No Bull Crap Party" with regular down to earth people running the country.

    17. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama is not just a fiscal farce he and his agenda are a 100% farce. The sad part he is destroying America.

    18. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      How about all those people who lost their jobs because the Government no longer prints only on one side of the paper, does not repaint its pickups green, does not buy newspapers.

      Obama is like any other criminal master mind, they can only think as far ahead as lunch!


    19. J R--- Cleveland TN says:

      Most Americans want to believe in our elected officials even though it is very difficult due to the many who act so irresponsible after making all kinds of promises to get elected. Add to that fact the amount of immoral and unethical practices which they seem to develop while in office and the percentage of believers drop lower. Add to this awful scenario the fact that they pay no attention to us when we by majority say we do not agree with the bills they vote to pass which apparently they do not read but have staff lawyers write we can see Total CYNICISM is almost here in America now.

      Having lived through all administrations including that of F D Roosevelt it has become increasingly clear that the OBAMA administration is the most profligate America has ever had. That BANKRUPTCY Of America is not only possible but imminent seems to be a reasonable conclusion. Now the fact is that we should be looking at the most logical results that are probable should USA bankruptcy occur….

      Bank Closures

      Credit Cards useless

      Money useless

      Food-gas-services unavailable

      Riots all over

      Martial law


      Dictatorship declared by OBAMA just like

      the Socialist/Communist governments he so


      The question is whether this is OBAMA's big plan or will it be the result of the economic ignorance and total business inexperience of the man.

      At any rate be prepared soon to say GOODBYE America and the Freedoms you now enjoy—

      Maybe we should be prepared too for the country to then be renamed and be called THE United African-Mexican States. The Whites on Wall STreet will be blamed for the collapse. The racial hatred expressed by many leaders of the African American community and that expressed by some leaders of the Mexican ( Illegal Immigrants)American leave no doubt that they would be glad to see Caucasians killed or subjugated. ( Pastor Jeremiah Wright,(FOX NEWS Tapes) Louis Farrakan,(Speech Million Man March)LARAZA (Public Displays California)

      Most of us who have given our life to building America into the great nation we have are sad to see people doing nothing but criticizing it and not really offering any workable solutions to problems. WE ARE APALLED AT THIS DEFICIT SPENDING.

      NO one has a right to health care paid by others any more than they have a right to expect someone to furnish them housing or food or automobiles or recreational good times. These are things we earn and take care of our own selves.


      All Obama wants,more than anything, is to stay in power. To do this he will take from the productive and give it to the non-productive. The state run media won't report anything that even hints of wrongdoing where His Holiness Obama is concerned. Isn't it interesting that Obama's new green job czar is an avowed commie? Why wasn't this reported or even questioned? In addition, this guy is tied to ACORN,Green Peace and the unions,which inturn are all tied to who?,OBAMA.

      This bunch of corrupt commie thugs are about to do major damage to this country,we cannot afford to let this happen. What ever you are able and willing to do to help stop this insanity,do it. You have to ask yourself,why isn't Charlie Wrangle in jail, why does Nancy,I gota have a big plane,Polosi cost us $300,000. everytime she flies home on her special jet,why isn't Chris Dodd and Barney Frank in jail for the housing bust

      and getting special treatment from the mortage lenders? Got your blood pressure up?,good. Now lets get to work and kick all of these bums to the street.

    21. Scott Owen says:


    22. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      At 92, I feel lucky that I won't live to see the outcome of this incredible mess. Obama is the epitome of everything I do not believe in. I am happy that I will be leaving no descendants to suffer the demeaning of America. As a scientist, I deplore the cap and trade idiocy, all over a tiny but vital gas in our atmosphere (CO2). Our scare mongers, Algore, cheerleader of science deficient people everywhere, should be sent to Mars on the first expedition. He will love it, no CO2 in the thin atmosphere, like the moon though, no plant life either and nothing for animals to eat. Over 32,000 US scientists are convinced that CO2 has such a small role in warming climates that nothing can be gained by switching to "Green energy" now. With at least 100 year supply of carbon based fuel left, we have time to develop an adequate source of cleaner fuel. Fusion power is the ultimate power source (our sun). At present it looks like conventional nuclear (fission) will have to fill the gaps as conventional fuels dwindle.

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    24. Mike in Conyers, GA says:

      He is what he is and what he has always been, an ideologue. He can't see past his nose and irrationally believes that what he thinks is the right way to do ANYTHING, IS the right way and will never see it any other way.

      I have the answer to most of our monetary problems and I only need 2 words:

      FAIR TAX.org

      Read it, understand it and know if we can get it passed YOU will control how much tax you pay!!!

    25. Brock, Londonderry N says:

      1./ My GP Doctor, treating me while we both aged for the past 30 years, is about to take a double-whammy: his income limited (while he is second-guessed about decisions), then paying higher taxes on his annual income ("high income taxpayer")

      2./ "Magic pill" to fix health care costs: get the lawyers out of health care! Require much needless testing (self-defense for doctors), high malpractice insurances, and tie up courts in nuisance suits But what chance of that reform ever passing our Legislature/President would that ever have? Rhetorical question, obviously

    26. ella quinn n.c. says:

      What obama is trying to do with the seniors will be murder.Why cant he be tried for killing the seniors? He does not have the right to do any thing like this.I will not stand for this.We need to have more tea parties. Get our words out to everyone we can.I live in between to hard core democrats families.They love obama and think he is doing a good job.I cannot hardly stand it.They will not talk to you about him. The ones who like him are totally crazy.He does not care ABOUT ANY OF US.

    27. ella quinn n.c. says:

      jr, that was a good comment you gave.

    28. Elaine Schiff West P says:

      The congress and the senate seem to be ignoring the fact that other than provide money they will be redundant.Having "tsars " answer only to the president dosnt seem to faze them. Trying to get peoples attention is almost impossible. I'm not ready to throw in the towel. Emails, calls etc. I wont go to the wall silently.

    29. Carol in az says:

      Should there be some health care reform? Certainly.

      Cut the bull and fraud out of Medicare and Medicaid budget as a cost effective measure.

      Force the drug cartels in America also one of the most powerful lobbys'in D.C.to mass produce the numerous generic drug options with-held FROM THE PUBLIC, for mass markets.

      Change the law OR POLICY starting with Ins Co;

      They have directed and dictated policy and precedure for health care in America for decades.

      Start with pre-existing conditions.

      If you have breast cancer and lose your ins. you are still elligble for treatment by another insurer….




      WE NEED TIME AND TESTED IDEAS TO create change that should be gradual not thrown together.

      An NO , NO No, I will not hand over my bank deposit acct information (as stated in part of the healthcare plan I read) as a pre-conditon to getting the care that I require if I chose the Gov't option. You got to be kidding !


      Here for the taking of,the fleecing of America on all levels.

      If that is an issue for anyone out there Let em go to Arnold country, the land of milk and honeyand sancturys.

      I wonder what CA's health care over runs are starting with LA County and octipi mom and her fantasy family.

      Do I, (we) have a responsibility for her decision to have eight kids. Hell no!

      If anyone out there thinks that I'm wrong you can make a check payable to the hospital that absorbed the bill, in the millions, for this fantasy family trip of her's.

      My point ; how many others out there with crazy agendas will line-up be enbraced by the medical commmunity, and this Gov't back health care plan ??? No magic pill here !You decide.

    30. Louise, Waycross,GA. says:

      We have not seen nothing yet, He has not been in office but a few months and look how he has already upstirred the country with his so called 'Change Plans'; if American voters don't do something to stop the way things are going (ex. Obamas "Health Care Reform") we can surely look out for a long time to come. That is unless our 'Loving God comes back and rescues all his children. Lets all Christians pray that God will take care of us all during these troubling times.

      Louise, Waycross, GA.

    31. Voice of Reason says:

      Wow, the misinformation on the facts and spin-doctors on this site are ridiculous, but yet, very frightening. Doesn't anyone here seek further and accurate information besides Fox cable entertainment news like Beck, or Fox contributors like this site, as well as these shock jocks on conservative radio? Glenn Beck himself admitted on the morning show, The View that he doesn’t really do any research on the subject matter, so he can’t claim any accuracy on his reporting. It is the same with the shock jocks on conservative radio. I understand the GOP wishes to win back the congress this coming 2010, so will not stop at anything including tea parties, birthers, conspiracy theories and misinformation to bust the Health Care overhaul by the RNC spending over a million dollars this coming August with anti reform commercials. It just has to be embarrassing to be a Republican today…

    32. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      We as Americans have lived in the lap of luxury for so long. Many have deoended on the "guvernment" to provide their needs and wants, from helth care to houseing and food. This has all been at the expense of the tax payer. Those that have chosen to work have suffered the burden of all the give away programs. I am not aganist helping those that need help, those that are haveing a hard time due to no fault of their own. I am fed up with thsoe that live forever at ny expense. When you go to the grocery store look at those around you, how many are recieving food stamps,not just the elderly, but the young that have several children, see howm many of those children are a product of the "give away programs". generations have grown up and are on the program of the "guvernment". their carts are loaded with the best cuts of meet, the name brands of other things, yet you as a working family are spending for the only those things that are needed to get by for you and your family.This just seems wrong to me, I as a working person fail to see why they eat better than me. Then we see the elderly that are trying to live on a very limited income, they pass up on the medical needs, only buy what is necessary and never complain, yet those that live on the "give away" programs are aleays complaining about the cost of beer and tobacco, gas for their new vehicles and the hight dollar clothes, or the fancy hair style, the fancy nails or shoes. It is time that people realize that you only get what you work for. The give away programs should only be for those that truly need help, and then for those that want to and are physically able to help themselves get over the bad times. The generations of people living at my expense needs to stop.

      The dems and obama think all should depend on the "guvernment" for their needs, not work for what is needed and wanted for a better life. I remember hearing a woman tell a store owner when gas was limited after the hurricans and the cost was up to $4.00 plus, this store was out of regular gas, and only had a limited supply of high test. This female made the statemen while buying gas for her cadillac, "the guvernment needs to do something". She needed to do something, stop buying lottery tickest, beer, tobacco, and then work for what she needed. We are a sad society when the "guvernment" needs to do something for our wants.

    33. Don H, Willis TX says:

      Go figure! I heard a story of what it takes to spend a Billion dollars. Let's say you have a billion dollars, give it to your wife (no interest earned or taxes) and tell her to spend $1000 a day, and not come home until it is all spent. How long would it take? The story says you won't see her for 2500 years. Now congress is talking in the trillion $, which means you wouldn't see her for 25000 years. Are you happy to know that is a pile of money, and there is no way to have that kind of money without taking everything we own to pay the tab.

    34. Lois Schwisow,Meridi says:

      There is so much BULL going on in the US people have a really hard time focusing on any one subject. By the time MOnday morning comes around, what was said and done last week,is already forgotten. We are 60 years old and unemployed! When are they going to get it! There is NOT going to be any CHANGE without JOBS! I never thought I"d see the day that the American people think and do the things they are doing and thinking! Anything goes, no remorse no nothing! These people who are representing each of the states are the worst! All of them should be thrown out. I wish somebody would tell me how Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, and Obama manage to run this country? Who and what kind of people VOTE for these disconnected people? I would also like to mention something that NOBODY seems to comment. Back in November of 2008, Tom Brokaw interviewed Collin Powell on a Sunday morning "Meet the Press" I wish somebody would show that conversation! There are an awful lot of jackass people around here! Brokaw flat out asked,"If it had been decided that there were NO weapons of mass destruction, would we have gone in to Iraq, under George Bushs orders?" Collin Powells response immediately was "NO". Now what does that mean? I get so sick and tired of hearing how George Bush screwed up everything and caused this massive deficit! GO BACK AND SEE THIS INTERVIEW FOR YOURSELF! But no, we can't possibly give the Bush administration any credit for any reason, even tho the democrats were there as well.

    35. ella quinn n.c. says:

      Lois Schwisow, you are right,george bush didnot do this.He kept us safe.I wish we still had him.If he had not had A DEMOCRATIC congress the last 3 years he would of been o.k.and we would.Fox news is great for letting us know the truth and the heritage foundation.

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    37. vern jax,fl says:

      You do not have a choice,when you become 65 yrs old medicare becomes your primary ins and it is becoming hard to find a Dr. that will see you If King Obamas cuts go thru it will be imposible.Poor old Nancy Pelosi opened her mouth and removed all doubt about her IQ, she has single handedly set women back 50 yrs. Everytime these two get a mike available, they talk about the American People, are they not also American People? We do not need the gov to run our healthcare

    38. Jane Hughes, San Ant says:

      It should be obvious to most observers by now that politicians do not have the knowledge or proper motivation to tackle healthcare systemic problems without destroying the quality healthcare we enjoy and adding close to two trillion dollars in added deficit spending. Go to http://www.usaHealthalert.org for one of many plans that are private sector plan templates that could fix what is wrong with the system, preserve what is right about the care, and finally give citizens controll of their health insurance in affordable, transportable plans NOT government or employer dependent- and without adding to the Federal deficit. Let the government tackle the two governmentCare plans that they have that are almost bankrupt- Medicare and Medicaid. It is estimated that they have 34 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlements upcoming…. Hmmmmm

    39. Christopher Popham S says:

      O.K. everybody, calm down. The confluence of remarks, comments and even fear, about the perilous direction in which our great nation is heading, convinces me that there are enough of us

      'out there' to exercise our people power. The fact that this Administration and Congress are

      doing irreparable harm to America is clear.

      The stats of Jim Barteck of Maryland (thank you)

      and the sentiments expressed by Art House of Maine, Richard Cancemi of Texas and JR of Tenn.,

      only serve to reinforce the concerns of tens of

      millions of Americans, who see this country being

      driven in the wrong direction.

      In my extensive travels around America 2007-08, as

      a 3rd Party candidate for President, I spoke with

      thousands of hard-working, patriotic Americans who

      simply do not trust Washington. For more than 30

      years, Congress has been dragging this country down, through greed, ineptitude, corruption and

      malice, to where we find ourselves today.

      In my humble opinion, the time has come for us to

      stand up to the plate for America and its people.

      For if we fail her now, our descendents will damn us to hell for not having taken action.

      We can and must at this critical time in history

      join forces as one family of 300 million Americans

      and show the world, that we are indeed the greatest nation on earth.


      Christopher Popham Smith.
      http://www.breakingnewsjournal.net http://www.simpleamerican.org http://www.popham08.com

    40. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Everybody talks, Even the paid hacks. Everybody knows we must do something. I wonder if everybody who urges somebody to do something is doing anything? Get a bumber sticker that says "Never re-elect any incumbent, regardless of what lie he is spuoting"

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