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  • As They Say On Twitter: SEIU FAIL

    As the old saying in Washington goes: if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger. Nobody knows this strategy better than the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a big labor union known for bullying anyone it disagrees with into submission. And that is why they are turning their “activists” against the Lewin Group, a nonpartisan, independent health care research firm.

    In the past couple weeks, thousands of conservatives have taken to Twitter to say #handsoff and push for health care reform that leaves medical decisions in their hands and not the government’s. Now SEIU leaders are urging their members to tweet “Lewin Group FAIL” to Members of Congress on Twitter, FAIL being the ultimate dig on the social networking site. And by doing this they are showing that without a coherent health care message, they have shamefully resorted to attacking those who crunch economical models for a living.

    In fact, the Lewin Group is an independent and well-respected national health care and human services policy research and consulting firm with expertise in modeling, statistics, and actuarial analysis and more than 35 years of experience. They regularly analyze proposals from Democrats and Republicans, non-profit foundations, associations and for-profit corporations, across the ideological spectrum. While their estimates may differ from the Congressional Budget Office, they are not alone in projecting that millions of Americans will lose their private coverage if there is a government-run health plan.

    In 2007, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) said in a joint op/ed in the Wall Street Journal: “The Lewin Group [is] the gold standard of independent, health-care analysis.”

    SEIU stands to gain handsomely from President Obama’s health care reform, as it currently represents 17% of hospital employees across the nation. Its end goal is to unionize 100% of those employees, and how better to do that than to help President Obama ”reform” the industry in its favor? Our children’s public schools are gripped into submission and substandard care by teacher’s unions, and now SEIU hopes to duplicate this money and power in the health care industry.

    SEIU President Andy Stern will tell you that he wants to “build a health care system that works for everybody.” Hmm, that seems genuine. But SEIU’s history shows greater care for union dues than your health. In October 2005, the SEIU and their sister organization ACORN ruthlessly bussed in vanloads of sick supporters to two Chicago emergency rooms to teach them a lesson for not unionizing by overloading the ER and harassing the doctors and nurses on duty. The result was a very long day and insufficient care for all.

    Even former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala called out SEIU for endangering their members during a hunger strike in Florida saying: “We are devastated that the union is risking the health and well-being of our students and the Unicco employees by sanctioning an activity as drastic as a hunger strike.” Apparently, five demonstrators were taken to the hospital, one with a mild stroke.

    So when the SEIU attacks an independent organization revered by people on all sides of the political spectrum in the name of improving American health care, it stands to reason you should be skeptical of their motives. Resorting to these “Chicago style” tactics won’t bring about reform, and it won’t elevate this debate. What it will do is distract America from the facts: millions stand to lose their private insurance coverage if the President’s plan for health reform is enacted. Period.

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    26 Responses to As They Say On Twitter: SEIU FAIL

    1. JN says:

      You don't make sense.

      I'm no fan of SEIU or the Democrats' "plan."

      But how would any of the plans before Congress benefit SEIU directly?

      Sounds like you're engaging in the very sort of attack-the-messenger hysterics that you purport to deplore.

    2. Ken Waldrop, Mexia, says:

      How can conservatives respond against the tweeter "Lewin Group FAIL” attacks? Please suggest a method for fighting against this tactic. TIA

    3. Gary, Norfolk, VA says:

      If the ACORN-SEIU types get in the way of this one, then they will get run over like our Representatives who attempt to force on the American people Health Care Reform that adds billions to the Federal deficit, eliminates choice, and/or rations care. I sense a ground swell of opposition to any Health Care Reform ideas being considered by this Congress. Hey Congress, your re-election efforts are directly tied to the Health Care/Insurance issue…proceed very, very cautiously. We are watching!

      SEIU Fail!


      Norfolk, VA

    4. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      The SEIU and all other unions benefit in that they are EXEMPT from any government run health care options or plans. This in turn encourages membership which in turn means big bucks for union management by way of exorbitant dues. Remember, as unions negotiate higher wages for employee's, dues go up in proportion to the wage increase. Union costs do not go up, so management can justify large salary increases for themselves. People will be encouraged to join unions if only to get the government off their backs in regard to the proposed 2500 dollar a year fee the government will change anyone not enrolled in a health care plan.

    5. Recruiter, CT says:

      The SEIU is nothing more than a two bit radical leftist group that is so in the tank for Obama. These Obamanists need to be put on a slow boat out of this country. They clearly want to remake America, destroy free enterprise and tax us into oblivion. They need to be squashed like grapes!!

    6. jim smith says:

      ACORN & SEIU are the embodiment of Chicago-style thug politics. To join them, you need the term, "leg breaker" to appear on your resume at least twice. These broken nosed criminals keep re-inventing intimidation, choosing the aluminum over the coventional ash baseball bat, as an example. Burning your house down is called "an attention getter". They use Jesse and Rev. Al as

      their threat police.

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    8. Shawn, Chesapeake, V says:

      ACORN-SEIU practically wrote the bill, I doubt they will stop supporting it. This seems to me as thou they have a conflict of interest here.

    9. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Grand Juries and RICO were made for organizations like ACORN and SEIU.

    10. Tricia, Arizona says:

      I don't think you are paying attention JN. SEIU,Acorn, and Mr. Obama all have the same agenda. To remake America into a Socialist Utopia. In all of his dealings, unions have priority. There is so much that you need to learn. The information is out there. Do the homework. If you love this country, you have a lot to do.

    11. Tim AZ says:

      JN here's how they would both benifit. The Liberals in government would simply mandate all medical personel who take government money through government run health care must join SEIU. SEIU's profits from union dues would increase by 83%. SEIU proudly claimed responsibility for the election of Mao-Bama to president. Now imagine how many more socialists they could get elected in the House and Senate through campaign contributions alone. Labor Unions and Government work together to feed like parasites off of the cintizenry. All the while weakening you the host to the point that you believe you cannot exist without them. Kind of like a crack dealer giving out free samples to create addicts who in turn become loyal customers.

    12. Stuart Reynolds, Hav says:

      Do not underestimate SEIU. Their representatives are now visiting 22 towns and cities in MT, IN AN AMBULANCE, with ice cream for the kiddies to drum up support for federalized medical care. My opinion is that it has to do with making medical personnel federal employees, whom they will unionize and has nothing to do with "Healthcare Reform".

    13. Cheryl Perasso, La V says:

      While millions of Americans are totally in awe of Obama, they are blind to the corruption of Acorn and the SEIU. Obama is closely tied to these organizations. Do the research.

    14. Suzannah says:

      I've never worked for a unionized employer, but all my friends who have, tell me the same thing: you have to pay dues you can't afford, you get bullied into everything their way, and they do nothing for you when negotiating for pay raises. Yet you are required to spend endless amounts of your unpaid, personal time off to attend their bogus meetings. The reason why Walmart is so successful is because they can buy and sell low prices to the people and purposefully stay away from the unions! SEIU is the same, too big, too corrupt and too-MACHINE!! If they take over Walmart, there would be no more cheap prices or competition of products. They would soon be a failure at free enterprise.

    15. Suzannah says:

      Hi, sorry, in previous comment I meant to tie the concept of the failure of many unions to fulfull their original mission to healthcare: to protect the employees from exploitation, underpay, and an employers safety concerns as well. As plagued with problems as our government-run healthcare is now with fraud, and private heathcare is with out-of-control costs, SEIU in healthcare would be a disaster!! We can find a better way because free enterprise is the greatest experiment that ever worked.

    16. Jacqueline Heon R.I. says:

      I'm seriously concerned that this healthcare plan will get pushed through. There are many citizens who are not aware of what is going on behind closed doors, as they are not exposed to anything other than a very biased media. How do we reach these people when we are up against the Obama machine?

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    18. Concerned Nana says:

      Medicare & Medicaid( govt.run ),riddled with Fraud($70 to $120 billion yearly and costing 100 times more than was estimated

      when Lyndon Johnson signed it into law in 1965…Tort Reform

      first…no more govt.intrusion into our lives..Just like Congress

      tried to feign ignorance then anger about AIG's Execs Bonuses

      esp.chris Dodd's phony indignation til he was reminded it was the

      DODD AMENDMENT that insured the bonuses for those who'd agreed to

      stay on working for $1 yr salary and a contract which guaranteed

      them bonuses!now Pelosi & Reid are trying to deflect Americans

      rejection of their Socialized Healthcare plan calling it a

      Crisis because of escalating costs for care due to "greedy"

      gauging ins.companies policies ..so now it is time to demonize

      private ins.companies so people will look to Govt to give a

      better cheaper plan ,increasing quality of care ,at the same

      time adding millions of uninsured(illegals) and without details

      about how it will be paid for and how atleast 88 million will

      lose their ins,and be thrust into the }public option"which as

      Barney Frank says is the precursor to the "single-payer plan

      like Britain &Canada have..wonder if ABC will finally allow John Stossel's segment on the Reality of socialized medicine

      to air tommorrow night?

    19. Cyndi, CA. says:

      One thing I haven't seen on these blogs, is that SEIU is expected to profit from $8+billion in obamas presidency term, of course, in tax payer money. I'm not exactly where I saw this, but it floored me. that would explain why they did everything to get him elected. Including voter fraud and intimidation to those who oppose obama. We are in the fight of our lives if we want to keep our country & freedoms. Don't underestimate, It will be like fighting the devil himself!

    20. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      I've always liked the following when describing the United Auto Workers (UAW) :




      What can we call the SEIU ?





      Sorry folks, the Unions have outlived their usefulness. They were instrumental in the early part of the 20th century in bringing safe work laws and other regulations into focus, but ever since – they have been manipulating their members and stealing their money (in the form of dues) wiht no real tangible benefits. Just ask yourself the simple question – would you want a Union or non-union person working for you ?

    21. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      No one benefits from Federal Health Care! Everyone benefits from Health Care Tort limitations! Except lawyers.


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    23. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      We have enough Laws on the Books,that we no longer need Unions of the last Century!

    24. dixie_heart, la says:

      I'm subject to "fair share dues" by SEIU local 1000. I'm not a union member but I'm still forced to pay these pricey dues, which they don't deserve. They're an ineffectual thug organization who've done nothing for me except take my hard earned $. They haven't managed to provide employees a payraise by "negotiation" in almost 15 years, yet they constantly send out propoganda to its membership on how much they've "achieved" for us. I've filed grievances against them but their "impartial arbitrators" are hardly impartial. I haven't seen a grievance vs SEIU fall into the employee's favor. I've recently filed an Unfair Practice Charge against them but the "impartial" PERB will probably rule in their favor (surprise!) For the record, if I ever mysteriously disappear, I know who'll be responsible.

    25. Vesta says:

      Can Twitter really create real value for site?

    26. Cammy Ward, AZ says:

      The lack of confidence in a publicly run health care option seems odd to me. Make friends with some Canadiens or Brits, they all love their healthcare.


      8mm film to DVD

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