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  • Sex Change You Can Believe In

    The Obama administration’s favorite think tank published a new memo on health care reform yesterday: LGBT Issues in Health Reform. The Center for American Progress goes on to write:

    Transgender individuals with access to health insurance can rarely find coverage that fully meets their health care needs. Most insurance plans, both private and public, do not cover the costs associated with transitioning, or moving from one gender to another. … Current proposals for health care reform incorporate a council comprised of health experts to determine minimum standards for health insurance benefits packages. Congress should encourage the council to develop inclusive guidelines that address the health needs of transgender Americans.

    That’s right: the left wants to add sex change operations to the list of medical procedures that all health insurance policies in the nation must cover. Specific benefit mandates are one of the driving forces behind exploding health insurance premiums. The Council for Affordable Health Insurance explains why:

    While mandates make health insurance more comprehensive, they also make it more expensive because mandates require insurers to pay for care consumers previously funded out of their own pockets. … Mandating benefits is like saying to someone in the market for anew care, if you can’t afford a Lexus loaded with options, you have to walk. Having the Lexus would be nice, as would having health insurance policy that covers everything one might want. But drivers with less money can find other affordable options: whereas when the price of health insurance soars, few other options exist.

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    56 Responses to Sex Change You Can Believe In

    1. albert campbellsvile says:

      Im certainly no expert,but wouldnt that be elective surgery.These people are absolutly out of their minds.

    2. amanda, florida says:

      That is ridiculous. Those types of surgeries are electives not mandatory. No wonder I can't afford health insurance!

    3. Hank, Pembroke Pines says:

      You've GOT to be kidding me, right? I mean … you've got to be kidding me, LEFT?

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Let's see, elective procedures such as cosmetic face lift and female breast enlargement should be covered? The plea "Can't you see?" After all, it's unfair folks age or are genetically flat chested. It's pure liberal logic AKA a "stupidly" thought process driven by scant brain activity. It's not worth the debate except for the fact it's actively being pursued by leftist Beltway demagogues and their flock. The current congressional leadership and their puppet president set no limits when it comes to the absurd. They're totally out of control.

    5. JimBob says:

      Trans-gender provisions are very big in Nancy's district. Have you been to San Francisco in the last 15-20 years? Pathetic.

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    7. ABH says:

      This is no surprise, obama and his liberal clan does everything they can to further erode the true founding fathers direction for our country. the libs are out to make anything ok and to be mainstream from prop 8 to this ridiculous proposal. they continue to try to achieve two things, power and government control over every aspect of our lives. they are nuts!

    8. marcia says:

      zero surprise, it's sick, it will be another death blow against the nation… when will the wound be considered incurable? this might push the US over the threshold

    9. Tsubasa, the interwe says:


      As someone who was born transgender who is also a Libertarian, I'd like to point out that I could afford having a sex change operation myself if I weren't so busy paying into medicare to help diabetic baby-mammas! Type 2 diabetes is completely self-inflicted (not to mention having kids outside of wedlock), so why should I have to pay for it?

      'Course that means maybe this whole socialized medicine/welfare thing is bunk anyway. Don't listen to me, though. Maybe I'll just move to a country where if I have to pay for people dealing with the consequences of their gluttony and sloth I can at least get some help for something that went wrong when I was born… good grief. And I'm not talking about implants.

      Eh, this probably won't get posted anyway. Who am I kidding? This whole country is going to hell in a handbasket. We can't afford a $5,000 operation for 1 out of 30,000 males, but we can afford the extra $15,000 per year per person that being fat causes! Where are the incentives for living a healthy, responsible life?

      Screw 'em all. I work for a living, and I'll be a woman going to college in two years without Obamacare. (…unless you folks get your way and paying for Obamacare screws up that goal. All or nothing folks, and I'd like to hope you'd accept one or another preferring none, but I wouldn't have had to wait until my parents' incomes fell off my FAFSA to go to school if not for your kind of bigot.)

    10. redmexinek says:

      why do we water these things down as though to make them more acceptable, why not call it what it is.SIN in the name of un godliness, the author of such is ultimately out to suceed in the destruction of souls. our creator and heavenly father says he will give these up as having a reprobate mind.God help us all

    11. Aaron new york says:

      I am Trans Gender. and i can't afford the surgery. i have suffered with great over whelming depression. I am 28 years old. and if i could have this done. It would change my life for the best. I would get of social security disability and get a Job. But living the way i am. I can't people judge and are very rude when they don't understand. we have different issues today then the founding fathers of America did 4 century's ago. but this is the land of the free and brave, We must be open to other ways of life. I didn't chose to be like this, believe me. The anger and ridicule i get and the judgment, No 1 would chose to be like this believe me. You can't help what your soul tell you to be. since I was 4 my Mom always knew and everyone around me. Explain that. So make us proud President Obama. He speak for the people who have no voice in the country. It is called Liberty. Don't like it, move. Cause Were not going any where. We are still called the land of the free. and the land of opportunity. God bless all

    12. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      This is obvious pandering to the gay/lesbian community.

      Though they may or may not support sex change operations, I'm sure any group of citizens who really know what OBAMANATION is trying to do to us will not be in favor of his plan. We are all going to be 65 some day.

    13. Jim Beck says:

      Great. If we mandate coverage for sex change, we need to include pastic surgery coverage. Trans Genders aren't the only people with bioody image issues. Imagine how attractive our society will be with no more sagging butts, belly flab, baggy eyes, double chins or small boobs. I can hardly wait.

    14. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Aaron, your soul is not telling you that you are transgender. God created men and women. He did not create the confusion you and so many like you are suffering. Try to see yourself as a child of God. Stop looking for your identity in your sexual confusion. Ask yourself who the father of lies and deceit is, and run away like hell is on your heels, because it surely is.

      Rather, ask yourself who the Father of Life and Truth is, and run toward Him. He can heal your confusion and pain. Give Him a try. He wants you and is waiting for you to come to Him.

    15. Dave, Florida says:

      Everyone has the opportunity to move. If the laws here and those of the founding fathers do not suite you, but those of Europe do, then move to Europe. But I for one do not want to pay for abortions anymore than I want to pay for the sex change operation.

      Get real people, start standing up for yourself and do things for yourself. Should the govenment pay for making all left handed peole be right handed, because that would be easier for them to fit in?

      We are the land of the free and we that means being free to be responsible for yourself and your actions.

    16. Bill Lee says:

      Wow how did we goes so far Left so fast! So an elderly woman doesn't get a hip replacement but a transgender operation is approved? That is what happends when government makes the choices for us.

      DEFEAT THIS HEALTH CARE bill and vote out all liberal Democrates and Republicans in 2010!!!!

    17. Robert Book Robert A. Book says:

      In the strange world of medical policy, "elective surgery" doesn't mean "not needed," it means "not an emergency." So for a lot of patients, something like a pacemaker implantation can be considered "elective" if, say, you're healthy enough that it can wait a week or two. Something can be "elective" and still "medically necessary," and the Center for American Progress, and the Merrill Lynch report they quote, consider transgender surgery and related treatments to be "medically necessary" treatments for a "gender identity disorder."

    18. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Let's not worry about what individual line items are being covered by this ridiculous piece of legislation (transgender surgery, abortions, etc.).

      The main problem is insurance and what it really means. Insurance, in general, is just an insulation between the participant and the true cost of something. Let's use their example – and stick with car/auto insurance. Most states mandate auto insurance. You cannot drive without it or at least legally. You pay your premiums in the hopes that you don't get into an accident or the vehicle gets stolen. The insurance company charges you based on – your age, your driving record, your gender, where you live, etc. Why ? Because they have mountains of data that let's them calculate roughly how much it will cost them to insure you. If you are a good driver – you get a lower rate – it's that simple. If you get into a massive wreck, you pay your deductible and slightly higher premiums, but you have been insulated against having to pay for the repairs or new vehicle.

      Now – let's flip that – and talk about health insurance. If you are younger, in good health and don't engage in reckless behaviour (obese, drinking, smoking, drug-use, etc.) – you should pay substantially less than somebody that engages in those activities. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. But, our all-knowing, all-seeing omnipotent (impotent) Government sticks their hands in to HELP and really mess up the system with their regulations and ridiculous mandates. Why should I pay for someone on Welfare to buy lottery tickets, stay at home, get fat, and drink all day – oh, and now provide for their health care ?

      If the government would stay out of the way, perhaps some private insurers would offer some of these new benefits to encourage members to join. Why are the prices of elective procedures (out-of-pocket costs like Lasik, plastic surgery, etc. that are not part of people's insurance) continually going down, while everything that IS covered goes up ? That's what you can expect from Gov't run health care.

    19. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This entire exchange points out that absolutely

      none of us knows exactly what Obama and his lackeys, on the left, are "hiding" in this pending desaster. John Conyers (a DEM) said it best. "2 days and 2 lawers" to perhaps understand what is in this bill. Yet Obama and the Democrats want this bill passed ASAP. WHY? Before the American people can learn the details. Just one more reason to stop Obama and the Democrats.

    20. FireInsideTheMan, Mi says:

      While I sympathize with members of the Transgender and Intersexed communities, I do not feel sex-change operations should be covered under any national health care initiatives.

      We have enough waste, fraud, and abuse in the system already before adding a whole new level of bureaucracy on top of everything else. That is where the real reform should be, rather than expanding coverage to people who choose not to have any insurance in the first place.

      Personal responsibility, not government mandates, should be the order of the day in Washington.

    21. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Transgender surgeries are covered routinely in Blue Cross/Blue Shield group medical plans in Illinois, unless employers specifically ask to have them removed. UP to this time, employers who pay for these benefits still have the right to exclude such surgeries.

      Personally, I don't care if someone wants to have themselves surgically turned into a parakeet, as long as the rest of us don't have to pay for it.

    22. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Alas, we have transformed from a nation of personal responsibility to a nation of third party "government" responsibility. Sadly, our nation will implode if this mindset continues. Changing back to personal responsiblity will be painful but in the long run much better for our country. Obviously this is NOT "The Change We Can Believe In" per Obama.

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      And exactly how does this have anything to do with reality?


    24. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Robert A. Book — Your comments intrigue me. You say surgical procedures can be both elective and medically necessary. That can be true. When a doctor says you will die unless you have a particular kind of surgery, the decision to proceed with the surgery is still up to the patient, making most surgeries "elective".

      Michael Jackson's numerous facial surgeries were certainly elective. Were any of them really necessary? Perhaps in Mr. Jackson's mind these surgeries were medically necessary. But just because someone wants a surgical procedure performed on themselves in order to feel better about themselves doesn't make it "medically necessary", unless we re-define the term.

      I also read your comments about the Center for American progress and the Merril Lynch report saying that transgender surgeries are (or could be) medically necessary for the treatment of "gender identity disorders". Who decides when gender confusion takes on the proportions of a "disorder"? When people are confused about anything else, should that also be considered a "disorder"? I am confused about why my kids act the way they do. Would this qualify as a "child behaviour understanding disorder"?

    25. lome says:

      Wait a minute,You woke up one day then decided that your sex wasn't right,then file a disability for that?

      Sex transplant at taxpayer expense?

      Abortion at taxpayer expense?

      Our children gay lifestyle indoctrination at school

      at taxpayer expense?

      Christian Democrats listen,Christian charity is not all about the above!

      Sin is insanity!…our Lady

      You may put it this way,the current crises,insanities, in the government,the church,immoral laws,unbelievable legislation's

      could be due to our lack or prayers,and sinning as a way of life?

    26. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      I think the previous comments demonstrate why we should not want anyone in the government to decide what is paid in our health care. We lose our ability to choose. We also lose our responsibility for our health. Take the government out of our health care. These are personal needs that should be met with doctors. Who will pay for the care? The best situation is for the patient to pay, either directly in cash or indirectly with insurance premiums. Without the government, those who need trans-gender surgery, could have more freedom to search for a plan that would cover. Perhaps, without mandates, more insurance companies would decide to cover this. This insurance would be one of many insurance policies in the marketplace from which we could choose. We could have better choices and cost savings if we had a tax credit to by our own insurance. We lose nearly all of our freedoms once the government takes on health care. We become dependents,not citizens of the USA.

    27. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      People voted for the dems and "the chose one", now look at how dumb he really is as well as the dems and their way of thinking. They did give us the "politically correct" way to say anything, and are determined to put us behind bars if we do not use the correct term. That may not as bad as we once though, we would all have "free" medical care, room and board, plus a color TV to watch in HD yet, as well as a place to sleep and live, all at the tax payer expence. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORKING PEOPLE ALL END UP IN JAIL, NO MORE MONEY TO PAY FOR OUR CARE AND UPKEEP.

    28. Samuel Kerns, Lumber says:

      Stand up American and protect yourself our lose your country.

    29. Don H, Willis TX says:

      Duh! Are the people who think up such ideas really thinking with what they sit on and not their brains?

    30. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      I have a simple solution to the cost of health insurance. Pay by the pound- don't laugh yet. For every pound you are over the recommended weight for your age and body structure, you pay extra insurance.Obama and the bleeding heart liberals want me to pay for everbody else! "Bravo Seirra"

      I see them when I go for my annual checkup. Fat, obese(sp),knees going out from the weight; hips need replacement. But don't tell them they need to quit going to the local "hog trough" all you can eatery. I also see a good percentage of our youth going down the same road.

      I'm 67, so Obama and the Health czars will want to get rid of me as fast as possible. All I want is to live long enough to see my Grandchildern live in a free country again.

    31. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Quick question: where were the "born transgender cases", or however you want to phrase it, in 1776 ?!!? Human genetics can't have altered our gene pool so much since then that we can honestly say they didn't exist.

      "Aaron new York": too bad about you, each of us has his/her, or should I say "its", cross to bear. Suck it up, work your you-know-whatses off until you can pay for the ops, and do your thing. Good luck to you, but it's really none of my business, and I don't even want to hear about it.

      Last Quick question: Why should I get depressions from worrying about how to pay the taxes for these "feel-good-about-yourself" treatments, or my kids have to go with less and get depressions from that, and what part of HR3200 has provisions to cover that contingency ? I'd bet exactly you would be the first to tell me it's not your problem. I'd bet almost anything on that ! Whimp!

    32. Mary-Buckhannon,WV says:

      Why doesn't everyone write their Congressmen & Congresswomen

      and tell them " when they are all standing in line to sign up for

      their health care plan, we'll get in line too!" Because then we'll

      all KNOW it must be something special; they pay for nothing!!!

      Did Obama say he'd want his family covered under this plan—

      "NO WAY"!!!!! But we get in line AFTER. they've signed up.

      I too am tired of paying for abortions,especially when I don't

      believe in them—–and now sex change——get a life -!!

    33. Oliver says:

      To be transgender is about gender identity not about sexual orientation or sexual preference.

      Try some compassion and educate yourselves. Think for yourself and not what you hear from the pulpit or the government. What are we really afraid of? That life will be somehow different for you then before? Maybe changing our attitudes to really love our fellow human beings would be a step in the right direction.

    34. Peter LaBarbera, Chi says:

      To Oliver: true love and compassion does not require telling a young woman that it's fine to have her healthy breasts removed, nor a man to have his penis turned into a makeshift "vagina" — all in the name of "transgender rights," of course. This is gender confusion taken to its extreme, and any society that rewards such destructive behavior is surely on the way down and distorting the purpose of government.

      I have talked with people who now regret taking these extreme, body-disfiguring steps. I have also seen young, 20-something "transmen" (women who claim a "male" identity) at a transgender conference showing off their flat chests after undergoing transgender "breast surgeries." It was one of the saddest spectacles I have ever witnessed and a testimony to mankind's limitless capacity for self-destruction.

      It is tragic that "sex-change" mutilation "surgeries" occur at all — but it is absolutely immoral to have American taxpayers pay for something that is, perhaps, the ultimate rebellion against God's created order. — PL, http://www.americansfortruth.org

    35. Vilhelm Black says:

      The real problem is ignorant conservatives blabbering on about medical conditions they are completely ignorant of. First of all, Transsexualism is a MEDICAL BIRTH CONDITION. Second, the treatment of this disorder, known as Transition, is far from just cosmetic. The hormone replacement therapy transsexual individuals go through changes the body at the cellular level, from the brain to the skin. Third, people suffering from transsexualism are one of the most discriminated groups in the world. I pay nearly $5000 a year for private medical insurance that won't cover sex reassignment surgery despite the fact that the American Medical Association has declared it to be a MEDICAL BIRTH CONDITION. That's right you wingnuts, try doing a little research. The rarity of transsexualism makes sex reassignment surgeries a grain of sand compared to the cost of things like gastric bypass surgery which insurance companies will gladly pay for, despite the fact that obesity is almost always a SELF INFLICTED condition – as are most diseases of vice. The rate of suicide amongst transsexuals is appalling (nearly 30%) and much of this is due to the fact that there are NO OPTIONS for transsexuals unless they happen to be independently wealthy. Most lose their jobs if they try to transition at work because of ignorant, bigoted morons like most of you. When properly diagnosed and treated, people suffering from TRUE TRANSSEXUALISM go on to live very happy, productive lives. SRS surgery is approximately $20,000. The cost of this tremendous burden to taxpayers would be PENNIES a year, just to allow a human being to have a chance a happy, normal life, and to contribute to society like everyone else. Nobody questions giving a lung transplant or a liver transplant to people who've smoked or drank their organs into oblivion. Why are transsexuals – people who were BORN with a condition they have no control over – less deserving of treatment? For those of you who think this is something we do on a "whim" or because we find it "pleasant", I dare you to sit in an electrologists chair for 200 hours having your facial hair removed. I realize this post is going to fall on deaf ears, because you can't hear if you don't have a brain.

    36. Krystal Mountaine says:

      Oh and while i'm at it… for those of you who continue to say that my being transgendered is a choice and that science can't prove it's validity… well Honey so is your belief in God and religion. Guess what … you can't scientifically prove him either now can you.

      Hmmmmm I wonder which case has cost the world more in money, death, destroyed lives, and suffering over time, religion or homosexuallity and plagues combine?

      Have a nice Day! Krystal Mountaine

    37. Krystal Mountaine says:

      Told you so

    38. joe ohio says:

      all you people are evil! leave people alone! where were you smart people when george bush used reconsiliation to pass his bogus tax cuts which by the way cost double than obamas health care reform. you people are so warped, if you think god condones your hate speech you are beyond wrong!

      would you want someone you cared about with special needs being the target of such low lifes such as all of you! why does this matter to you, it will cost you all of.5 cents to cover this, but you scream and shout, that you will be paying for this PATHETIC! God Bless All You LOSERS!!! RACIST! TRASH!

    39. melissa sue of oh says:

      i am also a transgender. and to not have the money to have your sex change operation. is like a living hell inside of them. so if there is help out there for them an anyway there living hell would end. then their live would be worth living.

    40. Mattie Logan says:

      Hello I am also transgendered. Every sense I was vary young as a child, I knew something was wrong with me. I didnt fit it with boys, I felt like a girl however, because everyone saw me as a boy I didnt fit in there neither. My entire life, Ive tried my best to succeed, only to have doors repeatedly slammed in my face. I was born with the apearance of a male, how, I was truly female, however, most people fail to relize that. they throw their little hate speeches. Ill tell you something. I dont know what God you choose to worship, but the God I know and worship is a loving God. I honestly do not believe God would punnish us for a birth defect that we did not ask for.

      Currently I am almost 5 years into hormone replacement (HRT). Ive already completed hair removel. Ive been treated by dozens of therapist and phychiatrist. Because I too, wanted to know why I was feeling the ways that I do. Ive seen 15 medical doctors and discussed my issue with them and they all agree that I have gender dysphoria, and it is a medical disorder from birth.

      Ive always felt this way. I am a woman at mind and at heart. The NMA recognizes, this a medical bith defect. why cant everyone just leave us alone and back off. stop discriminating against us. we are human and we deserve medical insurance that will support and cover our needs. I understand that you do not understand. And fact is, it is impossable for you to understand because you have never experianced what many of us experiance. I cant say that I understand cancer. Ive never had cancer. but I still support health care for it. I believe that we deserve the same. Life for us as transsexuals is a living hell. We each feel as if we are trapped in our own bodies. and all we want is to be set free. and finally try to live a happy life. to be transgendered and receiving help with our health needs, will not hurt any one. how ever, it will help many to live better lives. my self included as Im a transgendered woman.

      Love you all,

      God bless,

      Mattie Lee

    41. Ryan Williams, Flori says:

      Trans gender individuals are unAmerican and as such should be done away with. Their problems are a burden on society and in no way shape or form help America in any way. Any trans gender that even attempts living has only one goal in mind, to destroy America.

    42. Jolyn blue says:

      Wow people!thats why the world is messed up look at all the hate and blame.I'm a transsexual untreated.This is not a cosmetic procedure.What I can write here for others to read and explain until I'm red in the face it won't count.God makes us all different,souls come with us how can you say change the soul?It is who we are.And ryan,destroy america?I served in the armed forces,come on with me during a fire fight,guess I'll have to save you,or let you go.America will be here for everyone to destroy,not transsexual people.We are angels to save you from yourself.The bible as been written over and over for thousand of years,believe god not the man who reads it wrong.

    43. Dani Nicole says:

      God created us as transsexuals to go through the suffering that he intended for us to deal with so we can be reborn through sex change. I definitely have to agree with Jolyn. The ones who will destroy this world are the ignorant that condems those who are trying to find themselves.

    44. Desere United Sta says:

      How can our government allow these insurance companies to discriminate against transsexuals ? I have been one for many years and have been able to hide it well until the last few years. I have had all relationships and one marrige fail because of my gender dysphoria. I thought that I would have all my bases covered so that I would be able to make the transition in another year or so . I got hit with a major blow and set back. My insurance company will longer cover it. The thing that really bothers me is inmates are having these surgeries and we , the taxpayers are picking up the tabs. They have the most qualified and expensive Drs in the field doing it ! Our government should not let these insurance companies pick and choose who can or cannot have the surgery! I thought that once a convict was to be locked up ,he or she should not be allowed such special treatments !You have to be a criminal !How many more transsexuals have to commit suicide because they can no longer live in the body they were born into ,or afford to pay out of pocket for all of it ?

    45. Desere United Stat says:

      By the responses of some of these people , they think transsexuals want to be transgender . That is so far from the truth. Does anyone know the amount of pain and suffering one goes through ? I will tell you first hand , you have no idea ! How do you think you would handle being born a boy , but with a female brain ? You cannot change the brain no matter what you think ! When the body is going one way ,and the brain is going in the opposite direction , how do you think you would cope? That is where most of the suicides come from ! Thoughts of wishing you were never born run through your head regularly ! Don't you think we should be allowed to have corrective surgery ?

    46. MVA, Texas says:

      Firstly, I'd like to address the 'sex-change' part of this. I really fully.. that some things in this life are just too un-fathomable, too difficult to believe.. much less understand for some people… but, Transsexualism, Gender-Dysphoria and GID (gender identity disorder) is very real. It's biological.. in fact, it's yet another form of "Intersexualism" (PC for "hermaphroditism").. as it's not visable at birth.. because it has to do with an inconcruency of brain and body, ie. male brain/female body.. female brain/male body. People born with this condition usually suffer in silence for most of their lives.. until they reach the point, after praying in beseechment to God Almighty to "take it away".. that one reaches "the end of their rope".. and decide to transition from one sex to the other.

      I'm not talking about sex-erotica driven transvestites.. or the occasional weekend crossdresser.. of these gender-'bending' freaks with beards and a tutu and combat boots marching in a gay-pride parade. No no no! I'm speaking of the 'real-deal'… people who don't CHOOSE to be born with this anomaly.. but, whom choose to finally have enough courage to follow their life-long convictions and do something about it. One cannot change the brain to match to body.. as the brain is very intriquitely "wired" by birth. One's 'brain' is who they are.. not what is between their legs. Makes all the sense in the world to leave the brain alone.. and correct the body. We can live w/o certain 'body' parts… gotta have a brain.

      Secondly, I'd like to touch on the "sin" aspect of it. IF one is a born-again Christian, ANY sin is covered in the precious, shed Blood of our Dear Lord and Savour Jesus Christ. He died on the Cross @ Calvary, for the sins of the whole world.. yesterday, today and forever. That is what is known as God's Gift of Grace, by Faith in Jesus Christ. It's a GIFT.. and you simply cannot 'work' for it.. nor 'earn' it. Now… those of us who ACCEPT the gift, have it. We are forgiven. Those of us who choose to REJECT the gift, do NOT have it.

      With that having been said… sin is sin is sin is sin is sin in the eyes of the Lord. There is NO DEGREE of sin in God's eyes. It's all the same to Him. A "white" lie.. and a 'musder' are the same to God… and without having accepted God Gift of Grace, one does NOT inherit the Kingdom of God (go to Heaven).when they pass away.. if we've accepted it, we are forgiven for ALL sin. Please keep in mind.. that doesn't give us "Carte` Blanc" to go out and live like the devil… but, we as humans.. will sin.. we will "miss the mark'… no doubt about it. Once we become Christians, we are still humans.. and we are still indeed 'sinners'… anyone who says differently is lost. So… how many people get sex-changes… or are gay/lesbian (which have nothing to do with one another, btw) vs those who have gotten a divorce for reasons other than 'infidelity'.. and have re-married another? Thats not just "Old Testament Law"… but, that is in the New Testament… under the Covenant. Those who divorce for reasons other than one's spouse being un-faithful.. and re-marry someone else… and that person has been married before, that makes BOTH parties 'adulterer/adulterous'…. and I know, personally… many who have done such.

      So, what I suppose that I'm saying is….. people who don't know beans from lug-nuts about a certain subject/topic at hand.. really shouldn't try to form an opinion.. unless they gain some knowledge about it.. or else their "opinions" are totally shallow and of no substance.

      Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Knowledge is power… get some today!

      Much love…. MVA


    47. Carolann Shoemaker, says:

      hello, transgender persons do not wish this! they suffer with these issues , just as heart patients and stroke patients. WOULD YOU WANT HEART ATTACK OR A STROKE? Well for your info, I have had them both and i did not ask or want them, just as having GID is no difference. andy medical coverage is scrutinized to deny any ins coverage to to either corect the issue or repair the damage! this is a medical issue not mental issue. the AMA has also said this.

      Carolann Shoemaker

    48. Pesyevinype says:

      Growling, he braced on his arms and shifted his knee to get better leverage. Hed tried to get his men to turn back, then, when they wouldnt, to fight. Stay where you are. Radins mental warning didnt help. Someone was there to help her. Her accustomed method of casting, she would likely have caused a worse cavein. She and Radin dined with Hyle and Gala in their rooms. He bent his legs underneath her arms, drawing her tighter to his groin. Would he think she was taunting him now? This was harder than she thought. She barely restrained the urge to push up and seal her lips to his. Tykirs soft words stopped her. She snapped back down to look at Brevin. Brevin moved easily with him, holding one leg as he lapped at her throbbing sex. It sparked the flame, and she dropped to scream into the mattress. It didnt look like any of the stone or woodcarved trees. Without my presence, would Eyrhaen have been such a danger? I never thought Id be allowed to raise children when I was with Aletone. Her hands grasped his immediately. She freed her other hand so she could wrap both arms securely around his neck.

    49. Jennifer Gable says:

      So, yeah, mandating otherwise unpaid procedures to a policy WOULD cost more, especially if the individual already knows they will need certain procedures covered, such as sex reassignment surgery, etc., but why can't the insurance industry find a way to compromise on these things. Make it an ELECTIVE addition to a policy, much like disability care or vision care, instead of adding it as a mandate- therefore, if an individual knows they have and have been diagnosed and will need proper medical and psychological treatment for GID, then they can OPT to add the coverage for such procedures to their own policy and pay a slightly higher premium or replace some other less important precluded coverage so as to off-set the cost.

      Different people have different medical needs. In fact, in every company, let's say a company who employs 10,000+ people, maybe 3 or 4 will end up wanting sex reassignment surgery. The cost to the insurance company and to the employer is minimal at best… with proper health-care coverage for such procedures, individuals would diminish the need for heavy medical bills for heart problems related to stress which leads to MANY MANY MANY medical problems including cancer. Covering a heart transplant or an extended hospital stay or triple bypass for someone who might otherwise have avoided those conditions had their stress levels been minimized will end up costing insurance companies and employers FAR more over the long run than simply covering a $15-20K surgery.

      When people get stressed, their bodies react poorly, they get overweight, which causes heart problems, intestinal problems, colo-rectal problems, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, etc… all of which, over long period of time, would cost $100s of thousands of dollars in claim payouts. If the person's stress was minimized and their quality of life maximized by being able to financially have their gender transition costs covered by insurance (which, for the most part, have been deemed medically necessary by the AMA already anyway) then their future need for coverage for much more expensive procedures could be minimized if not prevented entirely.

      Insurance underwriters and execs just aren't looking at the big picture. They're simply discriminating based on religious or some other kind of beliefs that have no medical or scientific basis anyway. Sure, religious beliefs play a huge part in someone's decision-making process but what the hell was the point of separating church from state of we allow the church to drive our decisions when it comes to state policies and procedures. I'm so sick of all the holier-than-thou execs in charge of whether people live or die or have any kind of quality of life. I mean, I know it's morbid but has anyone not seen Saw VI? The whole point was about one man's retribution against such tyrany and letting people who've never had to sacrifice anything in their lives make the decisions for the poor, downhearted, and dying while never having spent one day in their shoes. It's a legitimate concept even IF it was a crude movie plot. Can someone say "hipocritical oath please?

    50. joshua says:

      is a sex change a sin to god? i want to know cuz i hate my body so much

    51. joshua says:

      is sex change a sin to god? i want to know cuz i hate my body so much

    52. uplongtime says:

      you article really help me, thanks

    53. Natasha (Rene) Nevad says:

      Ok, I am transexual (female to male) and I do feel that it would be too much to expect insurance to cover "cosmetic" costs (yes, most of us would like it, and at the end of the day it would solve a lot of mental anguish, but it's not "needed"). I would like to see, however, them cover at least therepist cost since that would be a neccessity to keep many of us from committing suicide (the rates are far higher in the transgender community). Many decide not to go through with the change, or at least not all the way, but having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

      It would be nice to think (since so many others who see therepists have medication covered) that hormone therepy would be covered as well, but one step at a time I suppose. I understand that many people (I've known and disapproved of a few of them) live off of welfare for what I consider very pointless trivial "medical" reasons that yet many others live with just fine and if they didn't, maybe it would be possible for us to get some sort of minimal help.

      The last thing I would like to point out is that this all has to do with legal issues, not religious. I find it very offensive that people are telling me to "find God" and trying to explain "Gods will" when the bible clearly states that God will be the one to judge, not man, and never does it say we aren't allowed to feel wrong about our sex roles, though it encourages us to love ourselves and others (come on, I'm not feeling the love! Just kidding, but there are a few who are judging harshly). I do love myself and others, so I don't see how people can hate me for not liking everything about my body! Stated above, there are a lot of people who don't like their body (chest size, nose, etc. though maybe not full body), so are they in trouble too? It really would be silly to blacklist everyone who has appearance issues.

      As I do believe everything happens for a reason, and God (or whatever higher power) put me here as I am, for a reason, maybe I needed the lessons I've recieved as a female to prepare for a life as a male. Could that be the case; maybe, just maybe? Sorry, I'm really not trying to be rude; I'm just trying to give a decent fight for what I believe to be true and give people who don't understand (or who think they understand) my "identity issue" something to think about.

    54. Pingback: Transgender senior can't be king

    55. Destynie says:


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