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  • Pelosi Continues to Deny Vote on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

    Bart Stupak, Democratic representative from Michigan, stated in an interview last week that Democratic leadership in the House has blocked all amendments to spending bills that would ban federal funding for abortion. “We are not even allowed to offer the amendment on the floor. And there are members who are not pro-life, who are pro-choice, but who think it is wrong of leadership to deny me and others the opportunity to express our judgment on this issue,” Stupak said in the CBS News interview.

    Stupak, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition claimed that a “minimum of 39” Democrats would vote against any health reform bill that did not contain specific language excluding abortion from public funding. Earlier, Stupak and eighteen other pro-life Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying that “plans to mandate coverage for abortion either directly or indirectly is [sic] unacceptable.”

    Democratic health care reform bills pending in Congress have called for an administrative body, such as the Department of Health and Human Services or an appointed national health board, to determine which health care services must be covered as part of an essential benefits package. Through new regulations on private insurance, a public plan, or a health insurance exchange, taxpayers would end up subsidizing whatever medical procedures are mandated by the health board. The nineteen pro-life Democrats and other pro-life members of Congress such as Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pennsylvania) argue that this is a back door mandate for taxpayer-funded abortion. “History has demonstrated that unless abortion is explicitly excluded [from health care legislation], administrative agencies and the courts will mandate it,” Pitts said in a statement before the Energy & Commerce mark-up.

    Pro-life Democrats are under extreme pressure from members of their own caucus and the Obama Administration to compromise on abortion and other issues in the health care legislation. So far, committees in Congress have rejected all attempts to exclude abortion from coverage in nationalized health care. During mark-up of the Kennedy-Dodd health care bill, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee approved provisions to require insurance plans to contract with organizations that perform abortions. In addition, several amendments were rejected that would have preserved states’ laws regulating abortion, prohibited federal funds from being used for abortions, and provided conscience protections for health care providers for not providing abortions.

    While President Obama himself has remained noncommittal on the issue of mandating taxpayer funding for abortion, he has gone on record opposing current federal laws that restrict federal programs like Medicaid and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program from funding elective abortions, and he has moved to overturn existing regulations protecting the conscience rights of health care workers who object to performing abortions.

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    33 Responses to Pelosi Continues to Deny Vote on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

    1. Steve Phillips says:

      I am so tired of the "gimme – gimme – gimme" attitude of certain elements of our society. If there is a health issue or other understandable dilemma, we are all willing to help. To just give them a "free pass" on their moral shortcomings and absorb what should be their penalty/cost for a deplorable lifestyle is absolutely astounding to me. It's as if Obama is telling them to go and have all the fun they want and those of us who pay taxes and adhere to certain moral standards will absorb the costs, and possible other consequences, for their new-found freedoms. This is not the way to lower the number of unwed "mothers"!!!

      This is also just another step on the road to something my wife fears greatly (she is an RN). The fear is that when the government gets into the health care business and ultimately controls the health care institutions and employees, she can be dismissed/fired for refusing on moral grounds to participate in government funded elective abortions. I'm glad she is retiring, but there are others like her, and there are more than one might think.

      Another government caused tragedy coming our way, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. I have lost all of my optimism about our future if the present congress and president are not turned around or somehow harnessed.

    2. Mike Turner, Rosevil says:

      It's absolutely shameful that our leaders, such as Speaker of the House Pelosi, President Obama, and the Democrat leaders would seek to shove this down the throats of all Americans, especially when recent polls show that most Americans oppose abortion!

      And they thought that it was just the Republicans who felt they could deny basic liberties for the sake of national security during the Bush years.

      I really, REALLY wish that the Democrats in power would stop trying to shove abortion and sexual deviancy down the throat of every public agency and program out there. This is tyranny at a whole different level.

    3. Brenda Triggs, Black says:

      I Do Believe in Freedom of Choice.

      I do not believe taxpayers should in any way be held financially responsible for anyones sexual activities.

      This is not an illness, injury or any other type of health issue.

      Also Health care providers should not be required by law to participate in procedures they oppose. THEY ALSO DESERVE "FREEDOM OF CHOICE."

      Guess if this passes, perhaps as a group "AARP" we could demand Face Lifts because this is a natural physical issue (aging) and it's not something we went out and did to our self!

    4. Paul Rinderle says:

      Is it not ironic that the people who support the ending of a babies life will now get a health plan that will shorten their life on earth. Abortion devalues all life. We are moving to forced Euthanasia, Eugenics and assisted suicide. All shorten life and all naturally emanate from abortion and total lack of respect of life (all life)

    5. Tony Voigt says:

      As a father who has lost a baby to Congenital Heart Disease, it pains me to think that I would actively be paying for the death of another potentially healthy baby, due to the mother's careless "accident." With so many couples in this nation for whom pregnancy is either too risky or simply impossible, it is, quite frankly, malicious that this bill is providing an easy-out button for women who could give these willing parents a chance at a life they cannot conceive. It's an abomination, and it is despicable that the American taxpayer would have no say in how his or her hard earned tax dollar is spent. There is no allowance for personal conviction with this bill. This is socialism at its most fundamental aspect, and I fear for the futures (or lack thereof) of our children.

    6. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      All I can say is I am keeping a list of those congressmen and senators who are allowing my tax money to go for abortion. And when they come up for re-election I will vote against them. And I will vote for their opponents and donate money to the opponents and work for them for free.

    7. Perry Donaldson Farg says:

      Politicians have made abortion a political issue.

      It is a spiritual issue and is front and center

      concerning our creator. The Pres. and house speaker are trying to get po-life democrats to

      compromise. When our top leader does that, I believe God takes a greater notice of that, then

      what we might think

    8. mb, Virginia says:

      Freedom of choice? what choice does the baby have? and what choice was it when two people decided to hook up and fornicate. You can't get pregnant froma water fountain! Freedom of choice in neither.

    9. Vickie Falk, Orlando says:

      As upset as I am with the democrat controlled Congress, Senate, and White House, I am even more upset with the citizens of this country that ignorantly elected them to office. Find out who and what these people are BEFORE you go into the voting booth. Stop voting a party and vote your conscience instead. We have created this liberal government to rule over us and they are quickly taking away our freedoms. This so-called "health care" bill is a lie and based on a lie. We will be sacrificing the unborn and the elderly to pay for care for the illegals and the moochers that live here. Ask any veteran how VA hospitals treat you and you will get an excellent idea what government run health care is like. May God forgive us for putting these immoral and greedy people into office.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I'm a "Blue Dog Democrat" myself, otherwise called a Dixiecrat. If you choose to believe that it is okay to murder an unborn child but not to kill a Terrorist, that is your right as an American to your opinion. However, If you expect me to pay for the murder of your unborn, that is where we part ways. You pay for your own killing! If you do not believe in the killing of People who murder Innocents, (those who have harmed no-one in words thoughts or deeds), then you are entitled to your thoughts, but step aside and allow our fighting Men and women who believe that what these people do is wrong, rid them from this World. We, as Americans shall always support the cause of Freedom in every manner, even the utmost drastic!


    11. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Lynn DeSpain – Bravo! I too am generally opposed to abortion, except in the case of rape, or to save the life of the mother in delivery. I do not believe that a rape victim should be forced, against her will, to carry and bear a child. But that aside, I believe abortion to be wrong, but will leave that matter to the women involved and their God.

      But, with the above exceptions, I don't want to pay for this, whether in taxes or insurance premiums.

    12. lome says:

      Dismembering a partly born child and crushing its skull

      Federal appeals court upholds Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortions

      Richmond, Va., Jun 26, 2009 (CNA) — The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 6-5 decision on Wednesday, June 24, upheld Virginia’s partial-birth abortion ban. In his concurring opinion, one judge wrote that the law protects the “weakest” and “most helpless,” and condemned the use of the constitution to justify “dismembering” a partly born child and “crushing” its skull.

      All six judges who upheld the law were appointed by Republican presidents, while the five dissenters were Democratic appointees.

      Abortion laws are a result of judicial activism, not the will of the people.

    13. Carol in az says:

      Here we go again! Since the 1960's

      Abortion rights , or the legal right to choose is a personal choice allowed in almost every western society in the world.

      I do not care about my personal convictions, nor yours.

      I, you ,do not represent women who make this choice.

      It seems to me that with all the moral out- rage out there to control what goes on in-between a woman's legs, we have allowed our anger to seep into unchatered waters.

      Regarding "the history of woman,"it is clearly documented that women of all races and creeds have find many ways to abort unwanted pregnancy's throughout the world for cenetury's.

      When this subject continues to come up (since the 1960's )no one ever discusses the thousands of woman who died because of illegal abortions thoughout the world or self induced abortions.

      Many judgemential people have sited the un-wed teenage mother issue..

      But many married women also seek -out abortions.

      Do we really want to go back to the dirty, back room non- medical abortions?

      Like it or not I do not want to see this law changed nor will I pass judgement on those women who feel this is their personal choice.

      Who are we to judge.

    14. lome says:

      What's the use of talents when you can't find your directions?

      A 1970 California Medicine editorial acknowledged that a form of pathological lying called semantic gymnastics is an essential strategy for dehumanizing individuals before and after birth in order to promote abortion and euthanasia. The editorial stated, “very considerable semantic gymnastics” would be required to avoid “the scientific fact which everyone really knows that human life begins at the moment of conception” and “to rationalize abortion as anything but taking a human life.” (“A New Ethic for Medicine and Society," California Medicine 113 (September 1970): 68)

      Scientists are always learning, never finding the truth?

      Christian democrats always saying that they know all about the truth but never finding the lies?

      Despot for a leader, blinds leading the blinds!

      This Administration is hurting our pockets, railroading our religious beliefs our freedom of speech, disrespecting our constitution, planning to put away our elderly before their time thru counseling killing our young, the helpless. Is this not enough?

      These misconceptions about Christian democrats forever appeasing, dumb and just plain party loyalist have to stop.

    15. lome says:

      Anthony G. Martin, in an article published by The Washington Examiner, gives perhaps the best description on what is going on right now:

      "It doesn't take an enormous amount of digging to see what's going on here. The self-styled 'rulers' who now run Washington seem intent on ramming through legislation that no one has read and that even Barrack Obama had great difficulty explaining… The ultra-liberal Democratic leadership, along with the 'blue dog Dems' and the RINOS (Republicans in Name Only') would like nothing better than to foist upon an unsuspecting public a multi-trillion-dollar healthcare fiasco, complete with rationing, just so they can fulfill some sort of ideological obligation in their demented, brainwashed minds that 'government must take care of ALL of the needs of the people."

    16. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      this is not hard to belive, pelosi is as stupid does. She has denied the CIA told her what was happening, she will deny this bill as well. Californis needs to wake up and put her and reid in the street.

    17. Samuel Kerns, Lumber says:

      Abort Pelosi by unelecting her. Allow children to be born. No taxpayer funded abortions.

    18. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      I do not want my taxes going for abortions because two people can't figure out what "protected" sex is all about, or better yet just don't!! Lynn is absolutely correct in all her statements.One other little point! Only the minorities are popping out the babies, we who pay the taxes, go to work ,etc. won't have a choice who we vote for because the minorities will rule the country. What part about "illegal" does Congress not understand? The part that says " they'll vote for us if we give them amnesty". Where is a politician with a set of cajones?

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    21. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      Anyone who supports murder of Americans (whether pre-borns, or elderly, or other) has no place in American politics.

      These people speak of "rights" to this and that. It's all business to them.

      Maybe what these people need, is a pile of 'aborted' children, in a glass box, placed in the middle of the House and Senate floors. They are participating in the murder; they should have the results in their faces EVERY DAY.

      Pelosi et al, are so high and mighty about "Health Care", all the while calling for everything unhealthy for our nation.

      By the way, every abortion is a death sentence. The pregnancy, caused by rape, is unfair to the mother, but is execution of the child fair punishment to fit the child's crime????

      Planned "Parenthood" is guilty of purposeful genocide of the black population. The ghouls which support them, are also guilty. They are co-conspirators in the murder of American children and human children around the globe. Violation of Constitutional Rights, is not the privilage of the elite in government.

      The "pro-choice" majority is not fit for public office. Their opinions are effectively driving crimes against humanity.

    22. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      All the messes the liberals are creating and created, are allowed, by Americans who have been taught for two or three generations, that there are no absolute truths.

      The United States of America, is a nation of Laws.

      Laws must have a moral basis.

      Morality must have a religious basis.

      Religious neutrality of the laws, is an impossibility, because there must be a settled-on truth.

      Our Constitution is an absolute, clear and settled truth, the anchor of our society. Proper understanding of the Constitution requires a moral framework, which, in-turn requires a religious foundation.

      The liberal majority in the Houses of Congress, the current president and all his appointments (i.e. "Czars") AND a simple majority of voters, are operating on their own definition of ethics and proclaiming government to be free of morality and religion. God warns man not to proclaim our independence from HIM. God is not a burden, to be thrown off. God is the source of right and the power behind the USA for nearly two and a half centuries. (and yes we have not been perfect at implementation, but HE has been perfect in HIS patience with us.)

      Man's wisdom is God's foolishness and God's wisdom is foolishness to natural man. We (Christians/Conservatives) are attempting to reason with creatures of a different 'dimension', with different 'realities' from our own. It is similar to adults attempting to reason with 2 year old children; the battle is one of endurance and faith.

      Americans needs to return to dependence on God, our Creator, who endowed us all with the inalienable rights, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as proclaimed and protected by our Constitution (and supposedly defended by our government.)

      President Obama stated that the Judao-Christian beliefs (Biblically based), which are the foundation of this nations system of government, are obsolete; the old ways, which we are now beyond. Obama's lack of public denial, when referred to as "messiah", is akin to acceptance / proclaimation of his deity. Ceasar proclaimed himself a god and the Roman empire destroyed itself, rotting from within. Shall we join them, either like those they enslaved; or like the Romans themselves?

      Is this relevent to the subject?

      I'll ask my Mom.

    23. Perry Donaldson, Far says:

      To Vickey from Orlando you had refered to the VA

      health system with a broad brush. I was in Army

      when Pres. Reagan got elected.I have been using

      VA system in Fargo for 15 years,I can not think

      of one thing to complain about.My primary DR.

      spends alot of time during my 6 month examines,

      talking on personal stuff. I have had 2 MRIs

      colonoscopy,complete blood work done 6/months

      appendix out, hernia I don't have enough time

      for complementing VA.

      It is obviously geographical , ND folk tend to

      more personable ect. than the other parts the

      country , just my observation……..p

    24. Perry Donaldson, Far says:

      Yesterday I responded to Vicky from FL.

      She insinuated that the V. A. would be no different than NATIONAL HEALTH CARE, I have been

      getting my HC done at a V.A. in ND and All the times I have been there I do not have 1 complaint

      after having 3 surgurys and dozens of complete

      physicals, Drs. are always pleasant and personable

      no waiting,and Dr. will stop in hall and talk,

      My post was not accepted ,I understand it may be geographical, and the nature of the people up here makes some difference ya know but delete me

    25. Perry Donaldson, Far says:

      Jeff from WA, I am conservative christian and I agree with your comments and others, But Apostle Paul did not talk with that tone towards the leaders of Rome, the problems we are having in this country is a result of Christians prayerlessness, If we the church would pray more 5 minutes aday as stats. show this country would be alot different Politics is not the answer man.

      If we believers would cultivate a prayer lifes we could pray 2 or 3 hours a day things will change.

      It is not by might, nor political power but by the Holy Spirit

    26. randy,sa tx says:

      why is it only now that the republican care about health care? they where the majority in '96 till '06.

    27. randy,sa tx says:

      how long does it take to post a blog

    28. randy,sa tx says:

      the goverment already censor a lot of things, dont tell me you also censor.

    29. Chuck Kansas City, says:

      To Jeff Brodhead, of Wa. You say it so well in so many solid correct ways, thank you. Please publish your comments so millions can read and learn from. You are obviously a very well educated, honest moral man. We need you as one of our leaders, if you are not already involved.

    30. Dave, Japan says:

      To Jeff Brodhead of WA. I am going to have to disagree with you about this comment,

      "Our Constitution is an absolute, clear and settled truth, the anchor of our society. Proper understanding of the Constitution requires a moral framework, which, in-turn requires a religious foundation."

      because the historical facts and backgrounds, such as the lifestyles of those people involved in the process of its writing don't stand up to such scrutiny.

      In fact, many of the ideals in the constitution came from other philosophers who were either friends with the founding fathers or from literary works which they were familiar with.

      The very notion that the Constitution of the United States came about by divine revelation is false although I don't rule out God's influence because obviously we as humans are unable to discern the human-mind of the founding fathers and what they were thinking or feeling at the time will remain a mystery until God himself reveals all.

      I am a "God-fearing" man myself and I believe it necessary to seek after truth but the main ordeal with involving religion in the governmental process is that everyone's "religion" is not the same and each belief system has a separate set of ideals and moral standards. Looking at world history in general we can see that many of these religions have led to major bloodshed and loss of life through senseless wars time and time again.

      If God, or Jesus Christ for that matter were here directing how people should live then I don't think we would find ourselves in a mire of confusion as we always have throughout history because we could always trust in the Lord to give us an answer without fail. I am sure this is why many Christians and Muslims (although their beliefs are slightly different in this area) look forward with hope to the "Second Coming."

      Personally, I think the entire American legal system should be tossed in the trash and burned because it does not benefit the people. There are laws constantly being made behind our backs which enable our freedoms to be further encroached upon and to be honest, I am tired of the constant police brutality occurring solely on the basis of race in America. I have seen this shameful chapter in American history unfold and worsen over the decades and the so called "promised land" has now become "ripe for destruction."

      Unless people can learn to conduct themselves "with an eye single to the glory of God" there really is no hope for the future of America and the field must be burned.

    31. Dave, Japan says:

      That aside, I absolutely DO NOT support abortion in any way shape or form. I think that even in the case of rape or incest that abortion is still wrong because you are still literally "KILLING" a child who was given "NO CHOICE" about "THEIR OWN LIFE." This is not our life to be making decisions about, it is the child's life.

      Even if a mother's life is in danger, I still cannot support abortion. God has numbered our days and we must accept his will.

      In addition, these children our not "OUR" children, they are "GOD'S" children, and a stewardship given unto us to see if we can fulfill our second estate.

      Women who have an abortion feel guilty, depressed, and often suicidal as I personally have encountered and know many such people who have gone through with this abominable act.

      However, I guarantee that the men who have defiled these young women and people who have left them without support in this most trying time in favor of spreading heinous rumors about their sexual lives and such are even more so in danger of God's wrath.

    32. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We Must have true political reform We Must Eliminate the career politician. They are destroying everything our fathers fought for. Set Term limits at ONE.

    33. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Jeff brodhead

      Repeat that everywhere . You are 100% spot on. Shout it from the rooftops continuously. The ONLY thing I can add is, "NEVER re-elect ANY incumbent" I have no fear of keeping good people from doing good things by setting term limits at ONE>

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