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  • In the Green Room: Rep. Camp

    Rep. Dave Camp came to Heritage’s weekly bloggers briefing today. He made specific recommendations for health care reform that leaves the individual in charge and actually reduces costs without raising taxes.

    “80% of Americans have health care, and they don’t want to see it change in a fundamental way,” he said, adding that reform should include 3 things “that get the cost out of health care.”

    1. Common-sense liability reform that reduces doctors’ need to practice defensive medicine.
    2. Regulatory reform, so small businesses can group together in insurance pools.
    3. Strong anti-fraud provisions.
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    5 Responses to In the Green Room: Rep. Camp

    1. Gary, Norfolk, VA says:

      I recently contacted my Senators (Webb and Warner) to voice my opposition to ANY Health Care Reform at this time, particularly Health Care Reform being proposed by the House. Below is part of Senator Webb’s response where he states that “47 million Americans {are} without Health Insurance.” Armed with facts from the Heritage Foundation and other sources I followed up with my ‘Representative’ and called him on the “47 million” figure that is being floated out there in the media. My follow up e-mail is posted below Senator Webb’s response to my original e-mail.



      Dear Gary:

      Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views {I have my doubts, this is the second time that he sent me the same Form Letter}.

      As you know, addressing the health care crisis in our country is a top priority for me and my colleagues in Congress. There are 47 million Americans without health insurance and millions more who are underinsured. Health care costs currently consume more than $2 trillion per year and are estimated to reach over $4 trillion by 2017, jeopardizing family budgets and the long term financial stability of our system. Despite these huge expenditures, the United States ranks 42nd in the world in life expectancy, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and our health care system ranks lower than many countries on quality, access, efficiency, equity, and preventative care. We must improve the value and availability of care while addressing the increasing burden health care costs are placing on American families….


      Jim Webb

      United States Senator


      No Senator, there are not 47 million Americans without Health Insurance! At least 10 million of the 47 million you wrongly cite below are illegals! The number is TRULY closer to 8 – 10 million (the Census numbers count people who don’t want Health Insurance and those between jobs), which begs the question, “why are you supporting Health Care Reform that will affect ALL AMERICANS when only 8-10 million are without Health Insurance?” If you want to help fix this small percentage of Americans without Health Insurance, then help them…this Virginian is just fine without your help, thank you!


      P. S. Are YOU and YOUR FAMILY willing to live with a Government-run Health Care System that you force on the rest of us? Stay out of my life please!

    2. jim sardis,ms says:

      with the billions in fraud currently,in Medicare,Medicaid and VA why doesn't government reform the systems it already runs?there are enough savings to improve the system dramatically.

      also,what plan is AARP paying the government government for?their name is everywhere a discussion is being held on the health care plan.

    3. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Dave Camp speaks for me. He speaks for people who use logic, are not on the government Dole, and pride themselves in being American!


    4. Jerry from Chicago says:

      If there are 47 million uminsured people in the U.S., 8 to 10 million of them are illegal aliens. They don't belong here. Of the remaining 30 million or so there are most likely several million more who would rather spend their money on something else, rather than insurance. I couldn't care less about them either. For the poor and working poor who are legal residents of this country, I believe that they can be provided health care through a revision of Medicaid eligibility.

      It isn't reasonable to impose a government run, national health plan on all Americans when 80% of us are happy with the health insurance plans we have. I'm sick and tired of submitting to the tyranny of the minority. Contrary to the preaching of Reverend Obama, the rest of us don't you insurance (or a living).

    5. Jack Cannon says:

      The whole health care issue is a fraud. There is no big problem.. The government can buy a basic insurance plan for the 10,000,000 people that don't work and don't have insurance. Approx: 50 billion a year. Just leave the rest of us alone.

      So far Obama gave ACORN 8 billion dollars-that should and will become a chargeable offense.. We need to get the vote out -2010.

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